March 7, 2006


Superbowl = Rolling Stones Tongue = Kali ..
Indy Jones "places you will go .. people you will meet " pregame = Temple of Doom
today's 3 bombings in Hindu Holy City = Varanasi
this will associate with Shiva and Kali ..
This city is also another type of the "gate of heavan"
this ties to the general "heavan gate" theme I have been working ..
by the way .. i have been researching the connection of the death of pat tillman .. phoenix cardinal turned soldier .. because of the word TILMAN .. which figures prominently in Zech Sitchin Stairway to Heavan book .. about ancient SPACEPORTS ..
TILMAN is the name of one of the SPACE PORTS or HEAVEN's GATES ..
Coincidently , Pat Tilman Death re-entered the news .. seemingly out of nowhere .. just 2 days ago .. new investigation into his death ..
in regard to Zech Sit .. Both the Sharm-elShek terror attack of 7-23-2005 will tie to this concept .. as will a mountain at Sinai called MT KATRINA ..
yes that is KATRINA .. a SPACEPORT .. in SINAI .. that will connect the Hurricanes and NO and Houstan .. to the idea of Space Port and Sinai ..
that brings in EXODUS .. or in the case of RITA , they called it TEXODUS .. remember ..
Temple of Doom movie is about a cult that seeks to bring the world under dominion of KALI .. by starting a World war to attack first the MUSLIM , then the JEW , then the Christian ..
This is the Helter Skelter theme I have been following ..
Goldendome = shiite vs Sunni ..
Varanasi = ??? vs Hindu
Church of the Announciation = Jew vs Christian
France = anti-semite vs Jew
Cartoon = Secular West vs Muslim
Chapel Hill [ie another heavan gate .. ] Muslim vs American ..

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