March 9, 2006

'Don't be alarmed now .. it's just a spinkling for the .."

for the May Queen

.. part of the Stairway to Heaven theme

Eugene pointed out the Pole Dancing on Drudgepage ..

and I was thinking ..

pole dancing is right on time .. actually I was just saying ..I'm surprised there is not a pole dancing theme worked in and pow .. there it was ..

the Imette case with LittleJohn .. that ties into Robin Hood .. which makes her Maid Marion .. May Queen .. it's just a sprinkling for the mayqueen ..

the robin hood .. littlejohn theme .. connects back to the Cheney shooting and 'DICK WHITTINGTON' .. Eugene has a good piece of work on that

This 'shooting' incident is part of the graal legend .. with percifal the fool accidently shooting the swan ..

the Swan Theme has been prevalent .. with Jonny Weir and the Swan .. Michelle Kwan Song .. and many others including Swan Bird Flu which showed up during the olympics ..

I'm also told that during the Oscars .. there was a reference to Cheney mistaking Bjork for a Swan because of her costume, so she didn't come .. afraid of getting shot ..

this theme ties with Robin Hood and some other 'outlaw romances' which go back through to France .. It also connects with the HollyKing and OakKing ..

And Right now I'm seeing May Queen everywhere .. like it is late April - Early May.. right now !!

this is rampant .. but it ties into Judy Garland and Dorothy .. as the May Queen and Garland are connected ..

Garland means Victory which is what Nike is in greek myth .. Shoes of Victory .. = Ruby Slippers = Nikes = there is no place like the level above human .. [the heavan's Gate moniker]

this idea of April 30/May 1st ..and the Fairy Queen and Fairy King ..

one form of May Queen is the 13 year old taken to a mysterious place .. and text messaging mom ..

The Girl with the text messages .. "I don't know where I am .. I don't know how I got here ? " ... and her name is natasha brown ..

this is the same theme .. where the Beltane seems to have started early ..???

Brownie is a type of Fairy .. so this ritual where the fairy queen is abducted or kidnapped .. and taken to the 'other world' ... and then returns ..

Natasha Brown .. that is Natasha = Rebirth = Natalee ..
making contact to her 'mother' but not knowing where she is ???

this should connect with the Natalee Hollaway situation in Aruba .. which means "window of Heavan" .. from Gen 7:11

Much like dorothy .. who travels to Oz and then tries to get home ..

there is a lot of sexual license element to the story as well .. a 13 year old girl visiting websites .. where she shouldn't have .. etc etc .. that is mayday type stuff ..
going a mayin round the pole .. which is another period of license

even the loss of the movie Brokeback .. brokeback is about gay culture and gay is also called fairy ..

the sacrifice of brokeback mountain .. fairy sacrifice ..

like for instance .. kirby puckett ... little PUCK .. Puck = Robbin Goodfellow etc etc ..

the Godfather theme for the Oscars .. has come through .. and it is actually mapped with a godmother theme ..

interestingly enough the whole Brando as Godfather as Jorel as Father of Christopher Reeve .. and as God Father as well .. ties in with the death of Dana Reeve .. whose name Dana means Mother of the Gods' ... Ie GOD MOTHER ..

to top it off Jake Gyllenhaal .. and he becomes very major here .. he is godchild of Jamie Lee Curtis .. and he is also godfather to the actor who played his gay lover .. that makes him a type of either fairygodfather/fairygodmother ..

and if you remember the importance of Jamie Lee .. She is 'female' counterpart to Arnold going back to True Lies - Dimebag - and the Jordan Bombings [which denote baptism and thus 'godfather' ] .. pointing to Arnold as the 'secret godfather' .. of the Oscars .. Oscar meaning Divine Spear as well .. the fight over the Oscars is the fight to Control the Spear of Destiny .. which took on extra special Nazi significance this year .. with the added dimension of SUPERMAN .. Nazi's ..

we talked about the rug, the tongue, Kali , judgement day , and the 'red carpet' ..
teri hatcher .. on the red carpet was 'slated' by joan rivers .. this was a big story at the oscars ..
teri hatcher is Lois Lane to Dean Cain's Superman .. so she is another type of Superwoman .. or another DANA REEVE ..

Reeve by the way means Bailiff .. which is like Lord of the Manor .. or perhaps Major Domo or Mayor as well ..

and Bailiff .. at least sounds like Baal which connects to Beltane .. which is juxtaposed on this time frame ..

there is a lot of talk about Dana as a 'Perfect Woman' .. and she is also the 'Steel' woman .. this connects to OZ which means strong and Dana Reeve actually was in the tv show called OZ ..

but .. back to natasha .. that is similar to the Natalee Holloway thing .. which just turned around so now Joran .. [which connects with both Jordan and Jorel .. the 'superman' 'godfather' ..'fairygodfather' ..etc ] is now speaking .. and the hollaway family is making a law suit that alleges 'kipnapping' ..

this kidnapping theme is important as that ties with the idea of abduction .. which fits in with the current scheme .. in a sense .. Dorothy was abducted etc ..

Also .. the crash thing .. with Dana dying .. that connects to the idea that Danica could be killed in richmond like I was saying .. and it connects to the idea of the Diana Car Crash .. in connection with 'revealing' and 'spear of destiny' ..

now the kidnapping theme will connect to Hunanan .. the monkey god whose hindu temple was attacked on Tuesday .. I don't have much time .. so I'm just winging this .. but the name of the temple if you check means 'problem solver' .. this gets weird in a hearbeat here ..

the temple means 'problem solver'
hunanun is a monkey ..
hunanun is also a 'problem solver' ..
most notable is he ties with Shiva and 'problem solves' the problem of retreiving his 'abducted' consort ..
this connects the monkey with the idea of 'kidnapping' and 'abductions' ..

now .. cnn and anderson cooper .. the night before the attack .. showed a monkey riding a dogs back .. I joked because .."monkey on my back" means a drug problem and I was like does that dog have a drug problem ?

and I was told that "monkey on my back" can mean any problem ..

so and attack on the Hindu temple is both a destruction of the 'problem solver' and also a 'getting the monkey off my back' .. it is a solution at the same time ... yikes ..

furthermore .. the hindu temple with 'problem solver' . is like Nasa and Houstan .. because of the Appollo 13 [see i worked your 13 theme in nicely :) ]
"houstan we have a problem" ..

now connect Houstan with the Hindu god hanunan .. and you have space monkey's ..
and we are back to the idea of Don Knotts , and Jerry Lewis and the reluctant astronaut and the Fool ..

so now we have .. Superman .. Spear of Destiny .. May Queen .. Space Program ..
so the paperclips can be connected so to speak

also .. it looks like the NYSE exchanged just changed to NYX .. that is NYX .. a sprite .. that would make a NYX CRASH = FAIRY SACRIFICE .. and they have a new BEL ???

also the Jake Gyllenhaal connection leads to Donnie Darko and the Rabbit ..
The V for Vengence movie by Matrix movie guys connects to White Rabbit via the Matrix .. and the V for Vengence = guy fawks = Robin Hood connection connects with the Imette case .. and the Falls bar .. and that whole thing can be mapped to Brer Rabbit which connects to the story of Budda .. and the need to be a 'rock and not to roll' ..

Dana Reeve - sick Aug 9th .. Discovery Shuttle .. "groundhog day"

Jan 12th .. Dana Reeve sings at madison Square Garden ..
'now and forever' .. ceremony for retirment of number 11 Mark Messier [who helped the rangers win the cup and overcome the '1940 forever' curse ]

March 6 (7) Dana Reeve Dies ..

March 7 is 'roughly' 6 weeks after Jan 12 ..
the groundhog , on Feb 2 comes out and looks to see it's shadow .. and that determines if there will be another six weeks of winter ..

Dana Reeve Final Days

March, 8, 2006 — Six weeks ago, Dana Reeve looked happy and healthy as she belted out Carole King's "Now and Forever" at New York City's Madison Square Garden during a ceremony honoring her friend, hockey legend Mark Messier.

which is spring in 6 weeks after groundhog day ..

March is 6 is 53 days from Jan 12 and roughly 6 weeks from Feb 2 Groundhog day itself

Thus I am equating the timing of her death with Spring and the April 30th/May 1st concept of the Beltane and the May Queen

The timing of Jan 12th as 'shadow' day is equally curious because that lines up with Venus and the Sun conjunction similar to the Venus Transit .. but with no SHADOW .. this time ..

?? her shadow taller ??

who shines white light and wants to show
that everthing still turns to gold ..

a few additions

this year the groundhog saw the shadow meaning 6 more weeks .. perhaps that eliminates the venus-sun shadow .. but I think it is important anyways .. esp in connection with the upcoming eclipse

in fact the movie groundhog day came out Feb 12 1993 .. 3133 days before 911

and From Dianna's death to the Eclipse on Mar 29 , 2006 will be 3132 days .. so I find that interesting

The film explores existentialist themes (cf. Camus's essay The Myth of Sisyphus), showing how one's own choices influence and dictate one's future; in this respect, it parallels the life of George Bailey in Capra's It's a Wonderful Life. In contrast to Bailey, Connors gets to manipulate the variables, and then to see the many different outcomes, which seem to repeat countless times.
The concept of the Eternal return, especially that posited by Friedrich Nietzsche, has also been cited as a philosophical inspiration for the film, though Connors' eventual redemption runs contrary to Nietzsche's grim outlook.

This is interesting because Dana sang 'now and forever' ..which would equate to bill murray and groundhog day scenario .. like sisyphus

also .. I mentioned Reeve = Bailiff .. and George Baily is the Character in It's a wonderful Life

the mere proximity of neitzsche to this discussion is strange in light of ubermench or superman theory from neitzche thru to hitler to ?

changeging gears

Greeks blame ancient god Enceladus for quake
ATHENS, Sept 10, 99 (Reuters) - When a deadly earthquake struck Athens earlier this week, Greek newspapers splashed banner headlines reading: ``Enceladus strikes!''
Among the countless deities the ancient Greeks worshipped, Enceladus was feared and revered as the god of seismic tremors and volcanos.
Greek mythology says he was the leader of the Giants, the sons of heaven and earth who fought a battle with the Olympian gods for control of the universe.
Zeus, father of the Olympians, stunned Enceladus with his thunderbolts and, in one version, hurled the island of Sicily over him. His struggle to free himself has since been the cause of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
05:07 09-10-99

I need to do a little research but just quickly ENCELADUS ..

he is a titan who is trapped underground

when he 'stirs' or 'moves' he causes earthquakes and volcano's

his name means "battle cry"

High-resolution Cassini images show icy jets and towering plumes ejecting huge quantities of particles at high speed. Scientists examined several models to explain the process. They ruled out the idea the particles are produced or blown off the moon's surface by vapor created when warm water ice converts to a gas. Instead, scientists have found evidence for a much more exciting possibility. The jets might be erupting from near-surface pockets of liquid water above 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit), like cold versions of the Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone. "We previously knew of at most three places where active volcanism exists: Jupiter's moon Io, Earth, and possibly Neptune's moon Triton. Cassini changed all that, making Enceladus the latest member of this very exclusive club, and one of the most exciting places in the solar system," said John Spencer, Cassini scientist, Southwest Research Institute, Boulder

this story about 'life' on this moon .. seems to point to yellowstone and old faithful ..

anyways .. there is a lot to cover with this ..

but the idea here is in juxtaposition to 'heaven gate' or 'stairway to heaven' .. this is more like highway to hell ..

the connection back to the turkey earthquake of 1999 is very important because I have been focused on that in connection with the upcoming eclipse Mar 29th 2006

and at the same time

dubai port deal 'closing' and I relate that to 'heaven gate' and 'spaceport'

Workers barred from neverland .. tommorow is the anniversary of MJ 'flight' ..

Neverland is a type of fairyland .. so barring the 'gate'

this brings back that 'conduit closing . bell sound' and the NYX bell ..

this last link is to a vast array of stories about vesuvius and pompei and volcano.

This is the exact place of the 'burial' of Enceladus

and .. I might add .. that makes Enceladus sicilian .. like the godfather ..

Here is some background on the Oscars

7-2-2004 Death of Marlon Brando and Ray Charles : Marlon Brando is the 'best actor' and won 2 Oscars .. He associates readily with the Goldan Man which seemed further reiforced with Ray Charles where Ray denotes Sunray .. Sun God = Golden God = Oscar Statue = Appollo. For me Brando quickly is Superman's Father, the Godfather , and also Colonel Kurtz from Apocalypse Now.

this is followed by the release of RAY

Oct-10-2004 Chris Reeve Dies.

7-2-2004 = 1025 days from 911 10-10-2004 = 1125 days from 911.

that is a 'hundred' days between them .. curious as 100 relates to 'century' and 'hecate'

2005 Oscars : dominated by the Movie Ray

Leading up to this Oscars , they're seemed to be a convergence of Godfather , Superman, and Apocalypse Now

For instance , the russian skater took GOLD to the theme of the godfather movie. He later crashed his car leaving the country.

Appollo Ohno won gold in what he called the 'perfect race'

Mel Gibson gave a message to the Oscars in the 'Mayan' Language for his new film Apocalypto.

looking at Dana ..

1428 = Discovery Landing = Aug 9 2005 = Dana Cancer. Cancer is the the Chariot of the Sun. This is the Tarot Card = CHETH = 418. I have talked about this a lot in the past but I will one more time mention that 418 is very important in 911 and it is the CAR or Chariot. In Psycho the Plate on the car is 418 NFB.

So Dana death by Cancer equates with Dana death by Chariot = Diana death by Car Crash etc ..

Dana last appeared in public on Jan 12 2006. This is the anniversary of Deep Impact being Launched which hit on July 4 2005.

Deep Impact = Jan 12 2005 = day 1219 1219 + 418 = 1637 = Mar 6 2006

In other words Dana died 418 days after deep impact was launched and 1219 + 209 = 1428 + 209 = 1637 , meaning that the Shuttle discovery landing was the midpoint between Deep Impact launch and Dana death by cancer. The same day that Dana revealed she had cancer.

Superman and Nasa .. again

When Chris Reeve , Superman , died on 10-10-2004 , this was right after Oct 4th which saw the flight of Spaceshipone , the death of Mercury 7 astronaut Gordon Cooper age 77, the death of Janet Leigh age 77.

Janet Leigh is Marion Crane from Psycho , the woman placed in the trunk of the 418 car. She is Jamie Lee Curtis's mom.

Now that Superman's wife has died, notice the Jamie Lee connection to Jake Gyllenhaal.

Notice that 'Gordan Park's died the same time as Dana. Gordon means 'Giant'

So we have matching Gordon's dying with the Superman and Superwoman

and Gordon cooper is Nasa again.

Nasa and Giants .. like Titan and Enceladus and Nasa.

If you ever saw Twin Peaks, there are 2 fbi agents , 'gordon' , and 'cooper'. What is very strange is this gordon cooper tie in with superman Chris Reeve death and on the nigth that Dana died, the actor who played the 'Father' from Twin Peaks shows up on 24 as the VP who is ready to establish Martial Law because of mass casuality terror attack.

so look again at the 'deep impact' Jan 12 2005 to Aug 9th 2005 to Jan 12th 2006 to Mar 6 2006 connection.

Then Deep Impact 'lands' on Indepence Day .. and at the same time the Dana Death is rougly timed with the Patriot Act being approved by the House

Also , if you remember, Jan 12 2005 was followed by Huygens Landing on Titan on Jan 14th 2005 .. like hitting the titanic

Now, if we map the Deep Impact Lauch to the 418 number via Dana , then merely 2 or 3 days after we have another potentially huge story about a Saturn Moon.

This Saturn Moon story of Enceladus is on Mar 9th 2006. This is the same day that President Bush signed the Patriot Act.

This day , Mar 9th 2006 is exactly 1912 days from 12-13-2000, the day Bush was declared winner of the 2000 election.

1912 was the year the TITANIC sank

just a quick note to try it with my id ..

Usa today has 2 stories on front page

Soprano's Mafia on Shakey Ground and beneath it the story of Enceladus and Saturn..

that actually maps to the idea of GodFather and Sicily on shaky ground being a reference to Enceladus buried beneath .. using the Oscars with Arnold as 'secret godfather' that relates to California being on shaky ground


Blogger Human Being said...

I think this NYX thing is big, pun intended.

NYX was primordial Greek goddess of the night.

...and the mother of NEMESIS.

Will "NYX" give birth to an economic "nemesis"? :-\

Thu Mar 09, 08:00:00 PM CST  
Blogger Garfield said...

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Fri Mar 10, 06:42:00 AM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

"Spring clean for the May Queen" = equals the sprinkle is really a flood, a deluge, a visit to the TOOLshed and definitely involves the Sunsquare 666.

Awesome bits Jim!

Short on time right now...

Fri Mar 10, 10:00:00 AM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

Heres the rub with this blog or at least with the way it appears...maybe this is a setting.

I save all information to pdf...since the comments are not shown on same page as blog post/article...the comments are not shown on this a setting ie screen view issue that I can change or am I sol?


SK has a blog setup (the Flying Shit Hook of Death :)) with eblogger and when I look at his page, specifically opening the comments if the comments are more than one page in length...they begin to jumble up all over each other on the screen. I dont want this to happen when we have lots of comments this a setting issue/view screen issue too? I asked SK about this and he said to hit 'open in new window'..have tried and its still jumbles.

Fri Mar 10, 12:03:00 PM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

Mission statement added to blog...hope it meets your teeth...
Shin on.

Fri Mar 10, 12:20:00 PM CST  
Blogger Garfield said...

You can click on an item in "previous posts" on the right column, and this will display the post with inline comments.

I'm experimenting on condensing the blog posts so we can click on "read more" to view the rest of the post. This will also show the comments as inline text.

Fri Mar 10, 01:21:00 PM CST  
Blogger Garfield said...

Thanks for adding the mission statement, Eugene.

Fri Mar 10, 01:31:00 PM CST  
Blogger Garfield said...

Oops! I was testing out the "read more" function, and affected some attributes of Jim's post. Will fix it later.

I'll also have to find a way to automate the "read more" fumction, so that it doesn't appear on all posts regardless of length.

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when I look at my view blog settings in my edit profile section it only gives me a dummy blog i created called 'how to anamnesis my amnesia' not 'the underground stream'...why is this?

and I am getting 'not authorized to view to access' messages...ideas?

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Re: "Blogger Status"

Pls see:

Some users are currently getting “403 Forbidden” errors when viewing their blogs, and “Permission Denied” errors (or variations thereof) when publishing.

I've encountered this problem twice myself, and all I did was to wait for about 5-10 minutes before things got back to normal. "Blogger" claims they've fixed this but apparently, not.

Will look into the other issue.

Fri Mar 10, 05:10:00 PM CST  
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I'm not sure what your problem is Eugene. I tried to simulate the registration steps by creating a new Blogger account (No need to create the blog. I aborted the procedure after the first page, but it doesn't matter if you have your own Blog or not). Then as administrator, I issued the invitation to the new email address listed in the new Blogger account. When I received the invitation, I then followed the url link and accepted the invitation, and finally logged into the new Blogger account.

Next, when I got into the blogger dashboard, "The Underground Stream" was already listed as my blog. "New Post" was available, while "Change Settings" was grayed out meaning another user was logged in on another account which had sole control (my original id).

I will now delete your name from the member list, and reissue the invitation, so you can once again follow the steps as outlined. Someone has to login to the "domeoftherock" and enable your admin privilege, after you've accepted.

Jim, I received your email earlier but I didn't have time to read it. Now I can't even access my email so it'll probably have to wait till Monday. If you're having the same problem with the blog name not being listed, and that's the reason you posted using "domeoftherock/garfield", then I'll have to look into that next week. Otherwise, if you're in a hurry, you may of course access "domeoftherock", and delete your username, and then reissue the invitation, and follow the steps above.

I hope HB's not having similar problems. :)

Fri Mar 10, 06:42:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

orca luna killed in gold river seattle

There are still many, especially in the research community, who prefer the original name, believing it to be an appropriate description of a species that does indeed kill many animals, including other cetaceans. These supporters of the original name point out that the naming heritage is not limited to Spanish sailors. Indeed the genus name "Orcinus" means "from Hell" (see Orcus) and although the name "orca" (in use since antiquity) is probably not etymologically related, the assonance might have given some people the idea that it means "whale that brings death," or "demon from hell."

that means .. roughly

luna = moon
whale = monster
orcinus = from hell

moon monster from hell

that maps to Enceladus and Saturn Volcano moon god ..

Sun Mar 12, 10:15:00 PM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

Woman caught smuggling human head, one Myrlene Severe –

Myrlene means ‘blackbird’ or phonetically ‘peace’ as in Myr and lene as in lean, no peace,so altogether ‘lacking peace greatly’. Blackbird as in
nigredo phase of work...She was using in ‘vodoo’ as protection equals a magical work, an allusion to John the Baptist head and even more importantly the ‘Shroud of Turin…the napkin specifically, the
face cloth.

Meaning of ‘Myrtle’ - - the blackbird

Woman Smuggling Head -

Blackbird / Nigredo Phase of work –

“The nigredo, as the alchemists understood (and experienced), is a black affliction of soul, a melancholia feeding on death and flying through Underworld in the guise of the the raven, who is black as the eyes of the dreamer's predatory bird. The dreamer
mentions, as well, the bird's yellow beak; in Celtic lore, the Blackbird, for instance, has
a yellow bill, which symbolizes its power - as a link to Otherworld - to dig into the
blacksmith's gold - just as the leaden heart of the nigredo precedes the gold of the risen
Sun of new insight.”

Quote from

The theme also touches the ‘Paul is Dead’ Hoax, hocus pocus in comparison to Davinci Hoax, ie
Shroud of Turin, and Blackbird which is found on the ‘White Album’ by the Beatles -

And also in cover of ‘Revolver’ album with Paul’s head to the side
apparently marked in Indian way as ‘dead’ -

Face cloth of Christ – Sudarium -

and the Templar Baphomet, a mysterious cloth and/or head, revered by the Knights:

“During The Trial of the Templars in 1307 Brother Jean Taillefer of Genay gave evidence. He "was received into the order at Mormant, one of the three perceptories under the jurisdiction of the Grand Priory of Champagne at Voulaine. He said at his initiation 'an idol representing a human face' was placed on the altar before him.
Hughes de Bure, another Burgundian from a daughter house of Voulaine, described how the 'head' was taken out of a cupboard, or aumbry, in the chapel, and that it seemed
to him to be of gold or silver, and to represent the head of a man with a long beard. Brother Pierre d'Arbley suspected that the 'idol' had two faces, and his kinsman
Guillaume d'Arbley made the point that the 'idol' itself, as distinct from copies, was
exhibited at general chapters, implying that it was only shown to senior members of the
order on special occasions.”

Quote from

This ties to the face and the napkin are tied to man shot, Harry Whittington, by VP Cheney at ranch
owned by Katharine Armstrong (? Katrina or Lance)

Harry means ‘head of house, warrior’ per

So head comes to play again. The history of Whittington as a surname is rare, yet the name rings huge in the history of ‘Lord Mayor of London’ with Richard
Whittington, aka Dick Whittington –

“The Lord Mayor is a member of the City of London's governing body, the Corporation of London (incorporated as The Mayor and Commonalty and Citizens of
the City of London). The Corporation comprises the Court of Aldermen and the Court of Common Council; the former includes only the Aldermen, while the latter includes both Aldermen and Common Councilmen. The Lord Mayor is a member of and presides over both bodies.” -

The CORPORATION OF LONDON is presided over by ‘The Lord Mayor of London’, a person who
wears the SS Collar, highly symbolic in nature with SS and alchemical rose as pendant. SS Collar was seized from Sir Thomas Moore, Humanist and author of ‘Utopia’, who wore it (and presumably crafted it) until his martyrdom for ‘treason’ against Henry VIII -

The Lord Mayor of London comes from one of two persons, a Sherriff, who is elected on
Midsummers Day, aka Feast of St John the Baptist. Thus two persons are the cantidate for Lord
Mayor as two persons, John and Jesus, cousins, have ties to head, one on a platter, the other on a
napkin. Both are heavily woven into esoteric threads, Davinci, Baphomet, etc. The election of Lord
Mayor is on Michealmass. The Lord Mayor is sworn in November during the ‘Silent Ceremony’ and
then leads a procession to the Royal Courts of Justice. This is clearly the ‘long walk to justice’ aka Janet Jackson and ‘Poetic Justice’.

“The Lord Mayor performs numerous other functions. He serves as the Chief Magistrate of the City of London, Admiral of the Port of London, Chancellorr of City
University, President of City of London Reserve Forces and Cadets Association, and Trustee of St Paul's Cathedral.” – wikipedia quote

Note the trustee of “St Pauls
Cathedral” as in Sir Paul/Faul is dead. The Corporation of London is also the Temple -

And of course worship is clearly the function in the Temple –

“The 107 Livery Companies are trade associations based in the City of London, each known as the
Worshipful Company of the relevant trade or profession.” Quote from Wikipedia -

The Greatest Show on Earth as PT Barnum would say is truly about a hoax, a game of how many suckers! Watch the bouncing head, it may sing a Jill Carroll or ‘a warrior song’.

This last is pure Lewis Carroll down the rabbit hole to Wonderland. Its designed to trap incoming souls in a game of
slavery as they watch the shell game of whose WOUNDED HEAD. The head theme is tied to the
body below it, the corpse of Christ. If the head is alive and moving around, gameishly, what is the body doing?

Following as always!

Magic is about the head, the prime mover, making unmanifest manifest. This head game leads right to the heart of the Templar Temple. A whale of a show came there just
last month Enki!

Well see if it makes ripples...thoughts...other ideas
any thoughts on the related 'no peace in susa' related to torch diversion and to 'kuzestan
gambit', aka susa?

Fri May 26, 04:34:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi Garfield, nice to read you. i missed this before:google eyes had me tied to the bed post.....

here goes

not too clean i hope:)

Sat Jan 05, 12:37:00 PM CST  

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