March 8, 2006

Welcome !

Eugene, Jim, Human Being,

Thank you for registering, and welcome to our new home, which we envision to provide a cozy forum for the exchange of our less than "orthodox" ideas. Our inaugural post by the way, is courtesy of Jim, back from an extended sabbatical. Welcome aboard Jim!

I trust Eugene will be joining us shortly, and I hope Eugene can formulate and post the "mission statement", or the "vision" thing, to formally indicate our minimum expectations for the site; and to more or less serve as a handy guidepost when we need most reminding along the way.

The blog site administration is open to all four, and I hold no special privileges not shared by the rest.

I will replace the default email address (currently my personal email address), to one tailored for the website, and disseminate the userid/password to all. Please remind me within the month if I fail to do so. This email address is required for official "Blogger Communication", when requesting assistance on file recovery, username/password maintenance or recovery, unlocking/unblocking the site, and other housekeeping matters. I doubt that your personal email addresses would receive official "Blogger" communication, though you all have admin privilege.

Allowing everyone admin access, ensures that the absence of one doesn't bring the whole production to a halt.

Anyone wishing to earn income thru "Ad-sense" may explore activating that feature. ( ! ) :)




Blogger Human Being said...

Sounds kick-ass, Garfield!

Guys, this is the right time, and the right place...
We're gonna tame this beast, or skin it if we gotta.
I feel like diving deep into the date pattern thing.
But whatever you guys are into, I'll help if I can!

Wed Mar 08, 09:47:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

Human Being ,

sounds good ..

.. once I am on my feet I will try to reproduce what I have been working on ..

any ideas on date pattern you have will be welcome :)

Thu Mar 09, 10:01:00 AM CST  
Blogger Garfield said...

Well HB, here's our baby; and it's all up to us to determine if and how it should grow.

Thu Mar 09, 02:38:00 PM CST  
Blogger Garfield said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Thu Mar 09, 04:39:00 PM CST  

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