September 25, 2006


"Nothing has greater power to alter our perspective of ourselves and our place in the cosmos than these images of Earth we collect from faraway places like Saturn."

A perfect follow to Anji's comment in last post. Beware I checked out Anji's google reference...three came up...clicking on the neverending one has the power to crash your browser. How fitting!

Potential to Perfection.

Thus and ever Aleph is in Tav and vice versa. Fornication yet without sin:) "Mater materia" has perfection (or where it wants to arrive) in mind before it even sets out on the journey. No worries mates, God will be all in all, and already is, its a matter of perception. See the speck, be the speck, ye monad of monads. All is bound by the if this needed to be said? So dont say it, you'll only fool yourself and there are enough fools around as it is.

Imagination loses magic when spoken,

so the B in belief is as the knife in Escher's 'Hell',

Mona Lisa only smiles.

September 22, 2006

How P-luto morphs to B-luto is how Uncle Samson is buried "Plumbum"

Janus and Epimetheus ride the same course and these have just given a new ring! A harbinger of the Saturnian Song and the final Melan-ecolia! Oddly Epimetheus bears the same wall around the middle that Hoagland cracked out on the egg Iapetus. Chicken or egg is oh so new beginnings...Saturn rides and the final day of "Sha-ba-tai" may be at hand...barring we pass the sicklish division.


Iapetus revisited

"Love and Theft" the all time catchwords of "Promethean Fire" and "husband of Pandora"

Theres a big gap between 6 and 7

and it is the death of forms/bodies

Popeye is Horus after Set has done his transmutational work. Samson like Popeye always has one can of spinach somewhere...doesnt he? Even after the shearing and fleecing of the so cunning Delilah (or is it Olive Oyl?) last call to on high brings the pillars down. The sweet-meet of heaven and earth adorn the table of God at rest.