February 15, 2007

Its Good to be the Gander, Shoot the Goose

My premise was simple, I summarized the article, saying, "It is okay to be a peeping Tom in the armed services, but not to be naked. In fact, it is worse to be photographed naked than to be a sexual predator. Nudity may result in discharge, sexual misconduct is disciplined administratively, with a reduction in rank or forfeiture of pay."

I also stated that it is a double standard that men are allowed to freely watch nude women in the military with no consequences, sexually assault women, with only minor administrative consequences, yet when one of their own drops her clothes she faces discharge. Two serving women have posed nude in the past, both from the navy. One woman was discharged another woman had already been honorably discharged before her pictures appeared.
excerpt from this article

The Goddess has been surpressed for so long that TPTB have stuck a proverbial cigar in our eye! Playboy Bunnies and Perfect Angelz and Presidential Models are merely supposed to titillate till we discard them like a blow up doll with a leak in it. This farce is as American as apple pie and football.

When will raging phallic man, ie the Piscean age, get washed away? Hierodule as prophetess has become hire-a-drool for lotsa profit. Michelle Manhart is "She who is like God is present man's heart", a heart of darkness, petrified, dead. Michelle Manhart was a staff sargeant now fallen in rank to senior airman. (Editing this as of 2/19, Goros mention of hair less Brittney and heir less Brittania, demotion from staff to air ties this bunny up!)

Mother Goose WILL shake the detritus off. "Honey is sweeter than blood" just as true Israel eradicates pseudo Israel once the dam breaks. The dam is a construct of words, a hoax/fox/foisted by the whore on all souls who arrive in the matrix. One can cut the mental innards away and give birth to oneself. Write your own birth certificate. The buzz of the present order is going to give way to a different sound, a call from on high. Its ever promised...