November 30, 2007

Terraplane Membrane Meet Zoe Zayn

Pulses are coming in tighter and tighter groupings. Like getting your shots patterned at a bullseye. Alderbaran like, you see the bull, the bull sees you. He has horns, do you? Moshe like, the veil and its terrible shining face is held up by these horns. Israel was founded on these horns, terrible to behold, and so promising..hey its your land, go and kill everyone and take it...its yours! They didnt kill everyone...too bad says the you'll have to mingle your seed with the survivors you didnt kill. Poor Israel mingled its pure seed with Amalekites and eventually lost itself and got trampled under foot...couple of times were told.

Lost tribes of Israel, Judah not included as these are still plain to see, will come to their skin. Will it be in color, black or white, none or all of the above? My bet is the house of Shem and Ham are of color and the sons of Japheth are white. You work it out. Someone is wearing someone else's skin in this Buffalo Bill game of get your girl friend by hook and flaying crook.

ZOE ZANE = Life's weapon ... the womb is the foundation of all the skins. This game afterall will be get whitey. Charlie again knows this is so and it aint whitey as in corporate whitey...all though these necks deserve to be gotten. Oh no the white race has been marked entoto and the single item to capture is always the same. Judah doesnt want the other tribes to wake up to their skins. It wants them to remain in the dead skin of that snake who shed its skin at the ole woodshed. Nehustan was carried by the infected to Europe where it overcame all previous wisdom by force and the resulant zombies are still infected. These same zombies would be the carriers of Nehustan to the new world where it would be foisted anew. Now the descendants of the all the infected are getting the same medicine dished out. Can you say Immigrant Song?j Can you say the Princess of Swords is Ill on the Hill?

In America once you turn 18 your free to make all the porn movies or join the army, as you will. You can dress as the Tin Man on the Kansas plain in coup OZ-carian racer, asleep or awake at the wheel... Hope you cross the Paseo bridge!

Chariot is 7 which is ZAYN, ie weapon. Zayn plays game with Nun and Nun final which is 70 and 700. Zayn's game is 777. We built you a car that will run out of gas in hostile territory. The ladies never ride with bums and whitey is the new bum. The ladies wouldnt ride into hostile territory. Their soft curves and childish ways are meant to be under the wings of security. Hence the Bayt of women and children. The ladies hearing Israel's song dont know its not in their best interest. Judah foisting itself as Israel is making a gambit that Japheth never figures its skin out.

Highway I-35 (ie, Minnesota falling bridge) runs smack dab through the heart of America through the Paseo bridge. Paseo as per previous blog is 'path' and 'ritual before the bullfight'. The old path will be destroyed so the new path may be laid. The old path is white America. The new path is in the interest of peace and safety we must build a secure future. The new Paseo bridge is a spear point (nay an inversion of V that captures the white wombs to new dark masters) deep into the heart of America. A capture of the seat (bottoms up ladies) of the white wombs.

ZOE ZANE was a girl enthralled with making easy money. ZOE ZANE met the Boys from Brazil. These boys and their buddies also happen to sit in the Whitehouse parading as White even as they 'hand over' white America. To get pregnant or to bear the fruit of getting pregnant is to in now and zen like fashsion get your MEMbrane popped. You water gets told to hold a different form as water never holds its own form. Again, how the women are molded is how the cradle gets rocked. Zoe in Tinman like fashion parodies a heartless America under mass control by MK Ultra/Delta trauma programs. Do average young girls wind up in porn movies and dress in Wizard of OZ costumes becuase they just need some extra cash? Rats called Bankers and Porn Kings say OY VEY! Its afterall just a CARtoon!

White Christian America has a new Vision, a new sign post on the road. Its right in line with zombie thinking and the same ole same ole Nehushtan worship. Christians are claiming Isaiah 35:8 is I-35 and that the new NAFTA super highway is Gods answer to the dark hordes threatening peace and safety as well as the bad things white America presently loves. You know 'the word of sin is restriction'. Believers in Jesus will believe almost anything, well 2/3 is close enough.

Isaiah 35 is MEM. MEM is flood. Mem is death and 13. Mem is Maat and this is METIS, the terrible woman/serpent wisdom. METIS is MEDUSA. The hidden metis of the woman shows its only clue as eye of the Vesica Piscus, ie the clitoris. When you see the eye of Medusa and do not approach it through reflection you become dead as stone. And this is is to be castrated or to lose the power of generating ones line. Again someone or something of extreme cunning is dressing in someone elses skin when you consider Germany was the very heart of white power and that the Holocaust then is cloak for holocaust now. Medusa is AL GOL, the demon star of the constellation Perseus. January 22 2008(as Goro notes) will be the merge of comet HOLMES P17 with AL GOL. As with all things timing is paramount. No one could touch Jesus till his 'hour had come'. This hour like all hours is marked by the timing of the stars, the sun, the planets, the moon and little ole earth. His hour had come and it was fixed by the mechanics of the stars. AL GOL as MEDUSA as Satan's head is no different...

"The head of the Medusa, on a Greek gem. The night sky was a living history, because the heavenly bodies were seen as the material bodies of spiritual beings or gods. The ancients blieved they had the ability to communicate with these beings and felt their influence. For instance, it is no coincidence that the star Algol - associated with the head of the Gorgon Medusa in Greek tradition - was felt to be a malignant influence in all cultures of the ancient world. The Hebrew astrologers named it after the dark spectre Lilith, and even before this Hebrews of the desert had called it the head of Satan, while the Chinese named it by a phrase meaning 'piled up corpses'. Diverse cultures were experiencing the same spirtual reality when they looked up at the same area of the sky." - from 'Secret History of the World' by Johnathan Black, page 86, notes beneath Medusa head icon

The head of Satan! Satan is "Sheen Tayt Noun" or the "wind that blows the female cell to its potential". That serpent that "sheened" woman at the tree. Serpent is to be more naked, ie cuntingly cunning, than any beast of the field. It shows you its nakedness and you wind up naked. Fun ehhh? It also plays on once it happened you are dead. And this is seen in 'piled up corpses'!

Paseo Bridge Is Broken down
Dance over my Lady Zoe
Paseo Bridge Is Broken down
With a Captained Lady
How shall we build It up again
Dance over my Lady Zoe
Build it up with Gavel and Talmud
Dance over my Lady Zoe
Gavel and Talmud wont wash away
Dance over my Lady Zoe
Build it up with Steel tried and true
Dance over my Lady Zoe
Hudson Iron and Steel will bend and bow
Dance over my Lady Zoe
Bait it up with Silver and Gold
Dance over my Lady Zoe
Silver, and Gold Will be stolen away
Dance over my Lady Zoe
Then we’ll set a Neo-con man to Watch
Dancing with Israeli movers over my Lady Zoe
Then we’ll set an Immigrant man to Watch
With a dead Lady

"NOUN (700) symbolizes the principle of indetermination or hazard, raised to the highest degree. Anything can happen. When the archetype of all structures of potentiality (ZAYN) (7) is pojected into existence as AYN (70) it opens up some structure of potentiality. It might well be expressed in English as "look out" when raised to its cosmic intensity (700). An achievement of enormous signifciance become possible." Carlo Suares, Tree II

MEDUSA is 105. Holmes P17 is 105 (8+15+12+13+5+19+16+17). AL GOL is 105. 105 says coincidentally this is a cosmic event being announced on the super speaker of the cosmos and it says "look out"! and then....

CRASH! Well unless your a faux fella like Beatle Paul dating an ARKquette. Our "five petaled box cutie" starred as Gabrielle in Crash described as "a beautiful woman whose legs are clad in restrictive steel braces, and who has a vulva-like scar on the back of one of her thighs". Vulva like scar (or mark) is very Paseo bridgish in Puscifer code. Wink. Old restrictive paths must be done away with! Crash's plotline is very Oz-carian and very very Zoe Zayn meets membrane as seen in this excerpt:

"Though Vaughan claims at first that he is interested in the "reshaping of the human body by modern technology", in fact his project is to live out the philosophy that the car crash is a "fertilizing rather than a destructive event, mediating the sexuality of those who have died with an intensity that's impossible in any other form"."

Fertilizing rather than destructive event! And in Satan's woodshed there is always more to it then meets the eye. Satan is the adversarial resistance that makes one's garden grow you know oh oh oh! Medusa as Metis is SERPENT WISDOM and this is at first very deadly. Once overcome by reflection (as if the mirror in Venus' hand is for vanity) this same head will be key to Perseus' victory! In same fashion once Qaheen becomes what he is, Hevel (same word as Vain) pops due to his brother's presence. The inversions and perversions pile on top of one another at this point like news coverage of Paris or Anna or Britney or Lindsey, etc.. The point being all these women have something very penile going on. White women made Drudge this week with "I cant get no satisfaction" aka no white GUYish action. To not generate a line is to be castrated, aka off with his head, or conquered and bred out of existence. And of course I cant help but bring up again GUIDO FAUX aka Guy Fawkes aka "false fella".

Goro has noted that AMOR is ROMA (previously stated here numerous times) and that LOVE in Ron Paul's "it will go over like a lead balloon" campaign is EVOL in rEVOLution. These play-ons may be seen as will you chose a different path rather than rotating around the same ole star. To revolt is to change course. All these are related to old order versus new order. Something very clever is in the covers with us...wanting wanting wanting a new decision. I point these out because they are inversions, like old White Women and new Young Black Men.

Guy Fawkes is the origin of all uses of guy, fella, chap, bloke, dude, etc. used in modern times. He is the effigy burnt on the Night of the Bonfires, aka November 5th. As pointed out here before this person seems to be a revolutionary...but is really a statist! Guido himself was a revolutionary and planned on using an act of terror to change it to his desired path. He and his "cell" failed. The establishment, aka the Monarchy, used this PROPOSED act of terror to reinforce its position. The English celebrate this day with fireworks, feasts and song...

Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
I know of no reason
Why Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.
Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, t'was his intent
To blow up King and Parli'ment.
Three-score barrels of powder below
To prove old England's overthrow;
By God's providence he was catch'd
With a dark lantern and burning match.
Holloa boys, holloa boys, let the bells ring.
Holloa boys, holloa boys, God save the King!

Guy Fawkes act is not remembered for its attempted overthrow of the KING but in inverted like fashion "Gods providence he was catch'd" and "God save the King!", ie reinforcement of the State. In similar fashion America celebrates its freedom with fireworks on July 4th....better get your permit first! Wink. The Freedom it celebrates however is a hollow shell, a carrot dangled that is never truly had. Afterall its the "pursuit of freedom" not freedom itself. Present America is being led down a Paseoean Path to some limited freedoms for itself, if the tyrant in Chief says its okay of course, and our freedoms dont apply to others at all, white or not. Wink again. Someone very crafty is fashioning the clothes this crowned lady wears. The point being all thoughts and actions of revoltion get coopted to serve what the revolution wants to destroy. You want to be a hero and overthrow corruption. So you plan and plot and then bam your Patriot discussion group is infiltrated and your a poster boy for "homegrown terrorism". No wonder so many British agents were found to be in the IRA. No wonder so many acts of terrorism are really carried out actively by government agents or by useful serves the same purpose...reinforcing the STATE. Like a dog with its crumbs the pawns dont know the two edges of the King's steaknife. It wants to bite the tyrannical master's leg but barks its intentions to soon and winds up in the pound.

V for Vendetta of course is based on Guy Fawkes and plays heavily in Ron Paul's campaign symbolism. The VVVVV's have it in the motto "Vi veri veniversum vivus vici" ...which is who will truly be ...its the one who crosses the bridge or the abyss!

"While still living, I have conquered the universe by dint of truth."


In the wind of the mind arises the turbulence called I. It breaks; down shower the barren thoughts. All life is choked. This desert is the Abyss wherein the Universe. The Stars are but thistles in that waste. Yet this desert is but one spot accursed in a world of bliss. Now and again Travellers cross the desert; they come from the Great Sea, and to the Great Sea they go. As they go they spill water; one day they will irrigate the desert, till it flower. See! five footprints of a Camel! V.V.V.V.V."

Those who dont cross the bridge are but dust and to dust return ...they are in vain have no real person ...Hevel of Hevel all is Hevel ...well unless you find yourself all alone and yet all one. Every single speck that is not is a false fella! GUY FOX! The corruption of the hero to a zero! Captain America is dead zombie! Be a patriot bear a piece of meat for future wars! You can fight over there for US but you cant fight US over here...its against our new law! With a sharp prick...Pop goes the balloon that has no substance! Thats right fellow ballooner its a identity crisis, hangs on a thread.

Poor faux fella! No words in his or her life added up to a single sentence. A book that has no meaning, no soul, no interiority, no compassion, no empathy, no love. Cant take Guido Fawkes word for it? Well ask the good Jesuit Father Henry Garnet. A constant reminder of the war of those who dont want to go along with those who have the throne. Book of Life vs Book of Lies. Your skin is on the line. Unless you get-a-way through Essex like this "tessalated Ozcarian" friend who poses as Mr. Verdant"! Wink and Oink, Oink and Wink! Green-a-way, a life of desertion by faux fellas.

While were in union with Essex lets ride the same, yet different balloon. We do have the blues. Dead bodies, raped cultures, vampires everywhere. Death and taxes. Death and taxes. Of W and Texas. You know the story, its not then, its here and now. No one sees, no one knows, no one says. Why? Were all dead. PILE OF CORPSES. The living streams in the desert are only after you become real. Them crossroad blues. You start with nothing. You make a deal with someone at the great Y, the great X, and then it costs you dearly. Your voice may float like a feather or strum melodies that touch light and shade or play bass in a great band or drum like theres no tommorrow. These gifts came from deals with the Devil. It happens with every JOHN, John Johnson or Robert Johnson, take your pick and play. You too are at the same Y and X and only the Meatus of Persephone will do. At this point sex with the Queen of the Dead is the answer. You want to know? Union union union with she who is Black Widow, Praying Mantis style. Let her in.

"Be Baptized for the Dead" as in an ancestral flood...its all coming back to me now.

The Blues, Hudson Terraplane Blues. What goes up must come down. It may look lite as a feather, it will fall and wind up stiff as a board. Im bored. Your bored. Were dead. It hasnt flown even yet. We as a species that is. We wont till the great reflection, ie you see who you are and who it is! The stone will roll away. The hardness of our hearts will melt. The ancestors will share the serpent wisdom and we will know again. To not...carries a most sure result. A fall into Snake River and you dont come back, a new piece of dust in the shell layers of detritus, a place called 'trodden under foot'. T Rex knows who the Children of the Revolution are and what the Rip-Off is. Its a city that makes one stumble. To know her is to be her. To not know her is to have to face a certain direction all the time in obeyance to some custom, some dead shell you heard, swallowed and bought, about some city over there, or over there, or over there, or over there.

Filled to its tin can brim with masked citizens, zombies, shells, this most evil chariot carreens down the road, speakers wailing, blood blood blood everywhere...

What is less well known is that another enemy was at work on the other side of the world. There an initiate wielded a blacker, more powerful magic than that wrought by the Caesars. This magician had, according to Rudolf Steiner, worked to build his supernatural powers over several incarnations, and now threatened to pervert the whole course of history. He had achieved this power on the back of mulitple human sacrifices. Jose Ortega y Gasset, the Spanish philosopher, talks of the release of spirits that the spilling of blood brings. Blood is a frightening mystery, he says. It carries life, and when it is spilled and the ground stained, the whole landscape is maddened and excited. Occultists know that humans can be killed in a particular way so that the human spirit is harnessed. We saw how great initiates like Elijah fashion their own vegetable and animal selves in such a way that they can become chariots with which to travel through spirtual worlds. In occult circles it is also known that black magicians can use the souls and spirits of others, their sacrifical victims, as chariots. The great enemy, a magician, was therefore able to control people from beyond the grave. By sacrificing great numbers of victims, he created an army for himself in the spirit worlds. - excerpt from pgs 224 and 225, Secret History of the World, Johnathan Black.

Can you feel the metis?

November 21, 2007

Wombs Away!

"And make straight roads for your feet, so that the feeble may not be turned out of the way, but may be made strong." - Hebrews 12:13 per Basic English Bible

"Make straight paths for the Piscean age, so that the DNA challenged may not be turned into Tophet, but may be made Ragnar Red Beard." - Hebrews 12:13 per Eugene

"Trekka" is a path! March on Tophet Soldiers! Clothed and armored, just doing our job, a veritable table of meat, directed some elite sob. Naked and not ashamed, just enjoying God's beauty, a veritable heaven on earth. Those Sethian gnostics knew to eat the pate first is to not become the pate later. Either way dinner will be served. We should learn the lesson of one's tail in one's mouth, agony or ecstasy. Such is the beginning and end of the fishy table. Oh Vey!

I don't know, but it's been said,
"You do or don't, and then you're dead."
So climb away, get a higher sight.
Never stray, just move ahead.

Never wander on the grass,
sniff the dope and act an ass,
just a soldier marching to
the golden rule of puff and pass.

So pardon me, I'll wrap up.
If I was speakin' out of class,
I'm just a grunt who's groovin', too.
The golden rule of puff and pass.

Work my little one/love

I don't know, but it's been said,
"You do or don't, and then you're dead."
So climb at will, or crawl around,
never stray just move ahead.

Work son work

I don't know but it's been said,
"We'll rest forever when we're dead."
I don't know but it's been said,
"We'll rest/War is forever when we're dead."

Work my little one/love

I don't know but it's been said,
"We'll rest forever when we're dead."
I don't know but it's been said,
"We'll rest forever when we're dead."

Work my little one/love
Work Son Work

Your left shoulder,
Your right shoulder
Your left shoulder,
Your right shoulder

I don't know but it's been said,
"We'll rest forever when we're dead."
I don't know but it's been said,
"We'll rest forever when we're dead."

We'll rest forever when we're dead.
We'll rest forever when we're dead.

lyrics of Trekka, Song 7, off Puscifer.

Path is paseo.
Paseo is paseillo.
Paseillo is ritual before the bullfight.

Paseo is also a bridge.
Heart of America style.
The toreros are lining up.
Bullshit smells to high heaven.
Forget it, theres a football game on.
No need to worry....
The great blimp in the sky
will catch all the action

What a hat the illustrious lady wears! What an airline, its headed by Tipper Mohel (see the fella with the locks and crossed arms on Puscifer cover). Hey nice tie Tipper and that logo on the plane...killer. We love peace, err war, err peace, err war. Tell us about our flight will you?

Tipper says (off Puscifer's inside cover)...

"Here at Vagina, peace of mind and the safety of your family is our top priority. In the event of an "emergency landing" in uncharted or hostile territories, steps have been taken to insure there will be NO survivors. Take comfort in knowing that your children will not be sold off for medical experiments or auctioned off as sex slaves on the third-world black market. That's our promise to you." - Tipper Mohel, President

The drums beat the war chant incessantly shouting 'don the bars, raise the gates, wield the weapons, defend our tyrant'. The still small voice of the serpent whispers you can be like God, eat up, be naked and unashamed.

(For Anji...who can right me anytime.)