April 27, 2009

Milk Toast aka "Sepr Tit Es"

Upon seeing this pic I was immediately struck by the phrase...

"AL of the Esident of the UN ED STAT"

While ferreting out the phonetic cab-of-alla of the phrase...

A "Lame Cherry" beat me to the prize.

Nice Lame Cherry, really nice. Its a MUST READ piece yielding this most amazing synch..

"The god of the star we see of the performing the fragmentation of the nation."

Here is another "tit" bit from this pic...

The missing letters " Se Pr T it es"

Seprtites = cipher code of titties...

All tits come in pairs.
All sons are born for division.
This is the single lesson of the adversary...

...Mother's milk, the big squeeze...

The recent Italian earthquake, centered in L'Aquila, in Mother's milk context, was overshadowed by this Great find from U of L'Aquila. So with the find that some have, some dont ... when did the female of the species split into two groups? And when did we stop noticing? In not recognizing the flowers for what they are ... surely the sync of Urning Uranus in L'Aquila as the modern source of "calling a rose by some other name" makes for a ...

on an "above as below scale" its about to be a watery, upside down world.

Since we no longer as a species worship on high places, under the green trees, naked and unashamed, eating the fruit of our bodies ... We eat the fruit of our bodies in Soylent green fashion, or in sending 'it' abroad for workship to our Patriotic Pater Familias, ever since the demiurge said to Israel (with its bastards sons Christianity and Islam) "Dont worship under the trees, cut em down, kill the naked worshippers."

The table of Gehenna will always be served as it metaphor is the cycle of seasons. Light ascends to the lip of darkness and plunges in, undaunted by its season in the abyss. Dont worry its only ROTA!

"Dear Bitch from Hell,

They're fake, your'e fake!

Your paper sons are, well, paper.

Just like their Paper Pater.

All fiction, no diction.

Drop dead,

In hate,

Faux Fella"

Its okay to know your time and season....

"Time for love and FOR HATE!" ... a return to urning like it was when the bees worshipped the flowers instead of "fairy" Queens!