October 28, 2009

Bar Fly

zZzZZzetup = *thoughtzZzz*

Dead meat cannot be organizzZzzed, that would be Queen Debbie'zzz job. Zzhe'll take one for the team anyday anyway. Bitch! Hey Dude, I'm outta here, gotta buzzzz at the Zzzz Bar. Tell Hizz Buzzz to zZZzend me...

zZaid Fly X to the "Zoopreme EzZztractor" of the CelezzZzzztial RegionzzZ (zZZZzent by the LORD HisZZelf) before hizZZ prezzent ImmininenZzy cruzzZZzhed Fly X into goo.



MC Fly zZaid "Without adieu, let'ZZZZ welcome the new band "A Pile of ZZZZZhit!""

*zzZZmell the occupantzz, zzzmell their pantzz, zzmell that azzz*

One fly zaid to another "ZzZmell any differenze?" (pause) "Neither do i."

One fly zzZaid to another "Pazzz on by the pantZZz and azzz, the LORD awaitzZz in RezZZzt Room #7. YezZz thatz'z it. Pazz on by, He iZzzZ the firZZzt of all thingzZ. He muzzt not be forgotten! Why do you Zzuppoze He remindz uzzZZ zo often? You do hear the buzzZ dont you?"



The FirZzt Principal Zzpirit is a King ruling in the EazZt, called BAEL. He maketh thee to go InviZzible. He ruleth over 66 LegionzzZ of Infernal zZpiritzz. He appeareth in diverzzZ Zhapezz, zometimezz like a Cat, zzZometimezz like a Toad, and zzZometimezz like a Man, and zzometimez all thezZzze formzZz at onzzZe. He zZZpeaketh hoarZZZzely. This is hizZz character which is uzzZed to be worn aZ a Lamen before him who calleth him forth, or elZze he will not do thee homage.

Fly noteZzz in Rezzt Room:

InvizZZible, ohhh yeZz, like our Daddy
66 LegionZz
'thizZZ iZ' it no lezz

One fly zzaid to another "I hear the porzzZelain God iz a real niZze plaZze to eat."

One fly zZZzaid to another "Watch that you dont zZay LORD."

*ZzZZzpies are watching*


"For our encore, we've got a really zZpecial zet of tunezzZ, really magical..."

"The firzZzt is the zZecond from our zZeventh album Recall the Beginning A Journey from Eden..."

*oh wait that'zZz wrong*

*dude, iv'e got a buzzZ on, zzhouldn't have taken that zZhit backztage*

"err, I mean our eighth album..."

"I enter again. Can you guezzZZZzz my name?"

"ThizzzZZ izZ it afterall..."

"Or have I zzZzzhown you my fazzZe before?!"

"Did the glazzZzes throw you off?"

*every fliezzz very favorite song*

"Their uZZZZed!"

*A liar won't believe anybody elzZe.*

*A friend iZz zZomeone who letzz you down.*

*I make prank callzzZ all the time.*

*This crowd zuckZZz!*

"Did I LozZe you or what?! Come on you flieZZZ LETZZZ ROCK!!!"

"And for the final tune...pleazze direct your attention to the tree at the zzide of the zzZtage. YEzz izz true, itzz all right there folkzz and fliezz.."


Fly Notezz from the Zztage:
Journey out of Eden...eazzZt
Enter MauriZZe
PompetouzZz and EpizzZZzmetology
The Fly chopped down the JozzZzhua Tree, well only for zzhort time
BlackZZploitation izz a mirror effect
Caution Baby B'zidezz Alezz deZzcendzz into hell for glazzz of milk...
Got titzzzZ?

*hee hee I'm hoarzzze fly*


Wanting to be zzZent. To pour forth all over. OooozzzZZZinnngggg. Floooowingggg. Drippingggg. Here I am zZZzend me. Here I am zzZZend me. Me me me me me mememememememememememe! Damnit MEmememememememe! ZZZZennnddd MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMe!

Then BAAL heard from on high the pleazzz of the fliezzzz. ZZo He zzzent them azzz they wizzZZzhed...

I wizzzh to be ZZZent!

"No more fear all we want is moanZzz, moanZZZz, more moanzzZ! And NO we have no fear-a-moanZZZ!!!" None. Fun, we want fun, goo, zzhit, dead flezzh to eat, candy to lick, titz crackerzzz, prick chick, give uzzz your young, YYYYUUUMMMMYUYYYY!!"

One fly zzZZaid to another "Hey left nut."
One fly zzaid to another "Hey right nut."
"Who'zzZZZ the peniZZzz between uzzzz!"

*who carezzZZzz, let'zz f*ck*

One fly zzaid to another "They got mintzzz in here."

ZZZuddenly the loud zzpeakerzz blared...

LORD BAAL hazz a major announzZzement for all you maggotzz down there. Your zozo young, dumb and full of cum, He can no longer leave thizz important job to you mindlezzZ robotzZz! He has erected Bubbaz Lab!"

"Bubbaz Lab is the newezZzt Terra Department. A new world wide taxzz on perfume will be levied to pay for the new HeadquarterzZz."

"Bubbaz Lab will create all kindzzZ of goodnezzZ the LORD BAAL hazz in mind for all you maggotzzzZ. BUZZZZZZ Hizzz Holy Name! BUZZZZZZZ! Afterall itzz an inzZzide out upzZZZide down world. Hizzz LORD hazZ zzZhown uzz the power to make maggotzzz at will."

The Zzzpeaker zztopped buzzzing after a long interval. Who notiZZzed? No one. The rezZulting BUZZZZ after the announzzzement drowned everything elzze out.

The dark corner wazz awazzzh, a flood of ezzchange, no one remembered thing. Drowning, drinking, zwallowing, wallowing. The all zZZeeing Dizzzco Ball awheeling...

Fly Notezzz in the Dark Corner:
zZZmell that honeycomb
Those Arabzz
Only our LORD could do thizzzZ
My little fly brain can't remember zZtraight
Evolving Zzwarm Intelligenzze by MOEZILLA


Three beerz and Three beerZZZ only, each only $0.66!

Zabul Hoh No Moe.
Old Zzzhit.
Ho White.

Fly Notezzz on Beer:
Marine is the new AquariuzzZZ, zzZcent of yellow foot printzz
From belly of zzZtingless extinct bee
Zzzmoke em bitch, you earned em in a lightning flazZzh!


*drank too much, wazz it a ZZubmarine movie?*

*phere izz the mind killer, i will mona-lizzZa*

*i uzzed to have a zzizzZzter named kitty; until alexzz and i found our milk in hell*

One fly zzaid to another "Do you know Midge? ZzZhe comezZ in here often. When that clown Homer izzZzz not around. I think the children look a lot like their real father. Keep thizz a zzzZecret but he lookzz a lot like our big Daddy."

*do i zzound like Darth Vader?*

zzZo the children learned how to function az a zZociety,
and eventually they were rezzcued by, oh, let'z zZay...Moe.


*room a 1000 yearzZzz*

"Dont get Zzzmazzzhed by the 'Benevolent DictatorzzZhip'!"

*buzZZz off!!*

"Thizzz izZz my dead body! ItZZZ all FOUR LORD BAAL!"

October 15, 2009

I wanna be an Airborne Ranger...

“Do you want to play a game?” - Wargames, the movie...PSSSSSST

“I will give you all the kingdoms of the earth. Well err, except Israel. I got big plans for that place.” – Satan, pinnacle of the Temple.

“Want a million dollars, just push the button?” – The Box

Button, Button, no big deal. Here you can see by “normal light” one King “Arthur” asleep. She beguiled by a “Steward” goes dumpster diving for treasure. This episode is preceded by “Profile in Silver” and followed by “Need to Know”. Surely this “normal light” cannot be sold for silver pieces nor go to school of hard knocks. Surely knot.

Wisdom is only a push away. Its easy, go ahead.

Dick Matheson seeded “Button Button” in Playboy. Inspired by new information sent into the membrane of remembrance, a "Logan Swansong". His Wiki Bio on who he has influenced is a dead ringer. A zombie dance that throws one for a LUP, he learned it from his daddy. Homage to a Dick that spewed such things is a “daily" deal for "Disney Imagineers". And what would such "persons" have in mind? little lost girls named "Norma Lewis", or Norma Jean, or hell any ole box! Right?

The other half where? The fourth dimension? The fifth? Perhaps. They never found the answer. Despite a battery of research physicists equipped with every device known to man, electronic and otherwise, no result was ever achieved, except perhaps a little more respect for and uncertainty about the mechanisms of the Twilight Zone.

Every device known to man, produced in every kingdom of the world. No result was ever achieved. Push the button, it will make everything better. Push the plunger, you wont ever get the flu. Push the red button, its only football. Take the box, its full of money.

Push the LHC button, its only one in a million card game.

But NN have an ingenious suggestion for saving us from future accidents at the LHC — which, as they warn, could endanger lives. They propose a card game with more than a million cards, almost all of which say “go ahead, no problem.” But one card says “don’t turn on the LHC!” In their model, the nonlocal effect of the imaginary part of the action is to ensure that the realized history of the universe is one in which the LHC never turns on; but it doesn’t matter why it doesn’t turn on. If we randomly pick one out of a million cards, and honestly promise to follow through on the instructions on the card we pick, and we happen to pick the card that says not to turn it on, and we therefore don’t — that’s a history of the universe that is completely unsuppressed by their mechanism. And if we choose a card that says “go ahead,” well then their theory is falsified. (Unless we try to go ahead and are continually foiled by a series of unfortunate accidents.) Best of all, playing the card game costs almost nothing. But for it to work, we have to be very sincere that we won’t turn on the LHC if that’s what the card says. It’s only a million-to-one chance, after all.

What does it look like you say? The little ole LHC pine cone button. Its well pink nestled in blue hair. Look around clown before you succumb to...

Future Influences. Future Influences. Future Influences. Future Influences. Future Influences. Future Influences...

“Just take the damn shot!”

Dear White Girl,

Before your royal Highness exterminates her subjects you should ask yourself about the little white beast you hold. A Mr. Silverman after conversing with Mr. Devil's Time, Keeper of Prints and Drawings, has concluded your eyesight is bad. Hell, you cant even see the middle finger I hold in front of you, let alone your own artwork "Woman in Profile".

Anonymous Citizen (fan of Davinci)

I want to be an Airborne Ranger
Livin' a life of sex and danger

Caller: I said RANGER!
Runners: DANGER!
Caller: DANGER!
Runners: RANGER!

Well C-130 rolling down the strip
Takin' off just like a rocket ship
Grab your weapon and grab your pack
clip the static line and it's out the back

Now if my chute don't open wide
I've got a second one by my side
If my secondary don't open true
Well look out ground 'cause I'm coming through

If I die in a combat zone
you can box me up and send me home
pin my metals upon my chest
And tell my momma I did my best!

Its all good. Its right there in front of you. Push it. Sign it. Buy it, its cheap. Drink it, its only kool-aid. Stand in the little yellow footprints right here atop the temple.