October 15, 2009

I wanna be an Airborne Ranger...

“Do you want to play a game?” - Wargames, the movie...PSSSSSST

“I will give you all the kingdoms of the earth. Well err, except Israel. I got big plans for that place.” – Satan, pinnacle of the Temple.

“Want a million dollars, just push the button?” – The Box

Button, Button, no big deal. Here you can see by “normal light” one King “Arthur” asleep. She beguiled by a “Steward” goes dumpster diving for treasure. This episode is preceded by “Profile in Silver” and followed by “Need to Know”. Surely this “normal light” cannot be sold for silver pieces nor go to school of hard knocks. Surely knot.

Wisdom is only a push away. Its easy, go ahead.

Dick Matheson seeded “Button Button” in Playboy. Inspired by new information sent into the membrane of remembrance, a "Logan Swansong". His Wiki Bio on who he has influenced is a dead ringer. A zombie dance that throws one for a LUP, he learned it from his daddy. Homage to a Dick that spewed such things is a “daily" deal for "Disney Imagineers". And what would such "persons" have in mind? little lost girls named "Norma Lewis", or Norma Jean, or hell any ole box! Right?

The other half where? The fourth dimension? The fifth? Perhaps. They never found the answer. Despite a battery of research physicists equipped with every device known to man, electronic and otherwise, no result was ever achieved, except perhaps a little more respect for and uncertainty about the mechanisms of the Twilight Zone.

Every device known to man, produced in every kingdom of the world. No result was ever achieved. Push the button, it will make everything better. Push the plunger, you wont ever get the flu. Push the red button, its only football. Take the box, its full of money.

Push the LHC button, its only one in a million card game.

But NN have an ingenious suggestion for saving us from future accidents at the LHC — which, as they warn, could endanger lives. They propose a card game with more than a million cards, almost all of which say “go ahead, no problem.” But one card says “don’t turn on the LHC!” In their model, the nonlocal effect of the imaginary part of the action is to ensure that the realized history of the universe is one in which the LHC never turns on; but it doesn’t matter why it doesn’t turn on. If we randomly pick one out of a million cards, and honestly promise to follow through on the instructions on the card we pick, and we happen to pick the card that says not to turn it on, and we therefore don’t — that’s a history of the universe that is completely unsuppressed by their mechanism. And if we choose a card that says “go ahead,” well then their theory is falsified. (Unless we try to go ahead and are continually foiled by a series of unfortunate accidents.) Best of all, playing the card game costs almost nothing. But for it to work, we have to be very sincere that we won’t turn on the LHC if that’s what the card says. It’s only a million-to-one chance, after all.

What does it look like you say? The little ole LHC pine cone button. Its well pink nestled in blue hair. Look around clown before you succumb to...

Future Influences. Future Influences. Future Influences. Future Influences. Future Influences. Future Influences...

“Just take the damn shot!”

Dear White Girl,

Before your royal Highness exterminates her subjects you should ask yourself about the little white beast you hold. A Mr. Silverman after conversing with Mr. Devil's Time, Keeper of Prints and Drawings, has concluded your eyesight is bad. Hell, you cant even see the middle finger I hold in front of you, let alone your own artwork "Woman in Profile".

Anonymous Citizen (fan of Davinci)

I want to be an Airborne Ranger
Livin' a life of sex and danger

Caller: I said RANGER!
Runners: DANGER!
Caller: DANGER!
Runners: RANGER!

Well C-130 rolling down the strip
Takin' off just like a rocket ship
Grab your weapon and grab your pack
clip the static line and it's out the back

Now if my chute don't open wide
I've got a second one by my side
If my secondary don't open true
Well look out ground 'cause I'm coming through

If I die in a combat zone
you can box me up and send me home
pin my metals upon my chest
And tell my momma I did my best!

Its all good. Its right there in front of you. Push it. Sign it. Buy it, its cheap. Drink it, its only kool-aid. Stand in the little yellow footprints right here atop the temple.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you drop acid?

Fri Oct 16, 01:50:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Unknown said...

That's a great Twilight Zone episode. So, if they push the button at CERN it will destroy the parallel world where the LHC doesn't work as planned, while at the same time creating Higgs Bosons here; that is, unless the next parallel universe does the same!

The temporal temple of modern day templars tempts fate! Tepus Fugit!

Fri Oct 16, 04:02:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Eugene said...

Twins figting to be the one.
Same ole story, first is last, last is first.

No acid involved .. can you spare a blotter?

When will the levee break?

Tue Oct 20, 05:16:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great take on infinite regression as a side effect of vampire infection - the final result is damnation.

The Button becomes the Box.

This is worthy of a comparison to Lewis's Voyage to Venus - inverted as pleasure cruise to Pluto. In VTV a man goes to Venus in a Casket. The implication is the resurrection of the body through the Mother and into the Sun.

Button Button opens a black hole and The Box carries us through this maelstrom, in the opposite direction.

If you carry the Theories of Moral Sentiment to a conclusion, pressing the Button in Button Button doesn't really kill someone but creates a series of unhinged connective resurrections. The ground image of the story is starkly diametric to its seeming Moral. To press the button is to at once bond the fortunes of all humanity into a single aim.

And the terrible consequences of The Box becomes a medial image of what happens Outside the Box as the dreaming minds inside travel at Warp 9 through a hyper dimensional Wormhole.

This is really fucking interesting, because in this light, one can more easily receive the underlying message of the Grand Oedipal story as a reversal of itself.

Here is what I mean...

Let's say there are two choices, one very good the other very very bad. Each is programmed to extol it's own virtues and oppose those of the other. Pascal's Wager is fraudulent. Only inverted does it provide a sound advice.

If the salvation of the soul is so damned important not only would this salvation be impossible to resist, but it would enfold that which naturally rejected it, and nurture it in its own environment.

Therefore the profoundly logical solution to any open problem is to initiate. Drag the Light of Heaven into Hell.

Politically, this reflex is seen in the actions of nations and corporation to support the outlandish conquest of space and by way the LHC - Time itself.

Let the wars wage and the innocent perish. They're gonna anyway. The mission of The Human is to solve this problem outright, not to mediate it through the mindless degeneration of social heritage. The Grave is the Grave - it doesn't matter how you get there. The question is, how do you get out!

Let's push the button. We have nothing to lose and the worst possible disaster is a million times behind us.

Fire all of the guns at once...

- Steppenwolf

Mon Oct 26, 03:57:00 PM CDT  
Blogger annemarie said...

Brilliant Eugene. Depressing as all hell, and trippy too. But brilliant.

Mayhaps that Mr. Silverman of that painting is this one? Bet you 30 pieces of silver ;)


And get this, he's a certified fraud fighter. What a friggin' joke everything is!

You just know that countless people would readily and unhesitatingly push that button.

Related, just saw this Woody Allen flick, Cassandra's Dream, last night. Eerily coincidental theme. Two brothers who sell their souls, murder a complete stranger, for filthy lucre.

And that damn flu shite. Man here they're ramping up the fear factor by the second. Gag n puke.

I'm guessingthat the same ones who'd push that button are the same who will be lining up to get a flu shot. Zombies galore.

oh yeah, that actor in the Box movie, Frank Langella. First time I recall seeing him he was Dracula. And a creepy one at that.

fuckin media. mean stream mother fuckers. fuck fuck fuck. Blood suckers one and all.

and that youtube video is a great catch. am gonna forward it to a few folks.

take care dude, later...

p.s. Only now had time to read this. It's 4:44 a.m. here. Damn am tired, must sleep. Tallk to u later

Wed Oct 28, 04:05:00 AM CDT  
Blogger annemarie said...

What about Lord of the flies? Is there a Lady of the f-lies?


See the comments underthe photos. What was that about being shellacked?!

btw, Ahnold's veto letter to Ammiano says "I fuck you". But you only see/read that if your eye is in the gutter. Still, it's not very manly for someone who mocks (other) girly-men, nicht var?

See this: -------
"Only days before the letter was sent Mr Ammiano had heckled the governor when he turned up at a Democrat event at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco.

Mr Ammiano shouted "You lie!" and did not deny reports that he had also told the governor to "kiss my gay ass." His innocuous bill, number AB1176, was to do with the financing of a shipyard redevelopment in San Francisco.

Mr Schwarzenegger's response was posted on the governor's website. The text of his seven line letter did not address the bill specifically. Instead, it lamented the fact that major issues were being overlooked while unnecessary bills came to him for consideration.

Mr Ammiano, a member of the California State Assembly, is also a stand-up comedian and played himself in last year's film Milk, the biopic of California politician and gay rights activist Harvey Milk, for which Sean Penn won and Oscar.

He has taken the incident in good heart and suggested it shows Mr Schwarzenegger and his staff "have a sense of humour." Mr Ammiano said: "I think it was very creative. They probably think they are even now and it's time to bury the hatchet." ---------

An excerpt from:

Oh and everywhere I look, Sarah P's forthcoming pop-up book is being advertised. Wow. The he and she of anti-christs together, on the same page? Now what are the odds of that. And this being the day of tag, you're it:

"This is it", Swine influences and all?

My oh my. Just little ole me connecting the dots...72 per inch...bizz buzz ...

word veri: gendabra

Wed Oct 28, 09:25:00 PM CDT  

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