January 29, 2010

Cup of Underground Stream

A devil of a friend of mine sent me this jewel, enjoy...

"The whole thing is so cunningly easy...


V for Vendetta is "Guido Fawkes". In recent years it was found that he signed his name "guy faux" meaning "fella false". He is the very source of all references like "guy, chap, bloke, fella, dude, man, etc." when generally referencing a man in English.

Ole Guido is burned in effigy i.e. the straw-man or wicker man on November 5, Gunpowder Plot Day. While celebrating this the English give their ascent to the Crown, the Oligarchs, with a "God save the Queen", a hearty thank you to who the hell knows for saving us from this terrorist. A terrorist which they then burn in as consummation of this yearly ritual. A ritual which only fastens the chain of loyalty to the Crown tighter and the debasement of this proto revolutionary and well all revolutions farther down.

So far down and so effective is the ritual that all the people have been made paper and the corporation has been made persons. Almost on the very same day that the Uncle Samael's Supreme Court said corporations need a greater voice because they are persons, they also said the detainees at Guantanamo are not persons. It also came out that US Citizens who fight against US, or join Al Qaida, or other radicalized groups, will be deemed enemy combatants and are therefore not persons as well.

All men who have paper identity are straw-men aka false fellas who cannot carry out a gunpowder plot. To "breathe together" about dethroning them or watering the tree of liberty is of course "conspiracy" and this is of course not within the law. A burning bush once demanded take off your shoes, dont throw them at me, and we will not tolerate wild conspiracy theories!

Obama said it openly with lauding our Founders as saying all men are created equal and in the same breath de-fanging it with "as long as you operate within the law". Our Founders said God created all men equal and that this creation is what makes the rights intrinsic. The stand-ins for God, i.e. TPTB, have inverted our intrinsic nature as humans through the straw-man, and have bound us to operate within the power of the law. And the law says don’t question, don’t touch, don’t shoot, be polite, don’t ask, don’t threaten us, you can vote for now, write civil letters, etc. Any of these things deemed too much will be considered not within the law.

As Corinthians so plainly says "where the power of law is, there is sin and the power of sin is death" and "where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty". This is the great hoodwink of the straw-man or the Spirit of Anti-Christ. It’s not a single human being; it’s a condition of being anti-human i.e. a straw-man, false fella, guy faux. The paper people by mob rule, the hive mind, enforce the subjugation of all persons to identity and the ever fluctuating as we draw it line called sin. Thus when the Conquistadors came they were accompanied by census takers and priests. The algorithms for managing the cattle had long been actuaried so that the pens of tithe and taxes would squeeze. So great is the gravitas of taxes it has gained co-equal power with death, i.e. "death and taxes". A supreme mockery of natural power.

The greatest weapon ever invented is the mail box and the wallet. They are both the same thing. The plan is to plant one in the soil of one's flesh, to monetize the cattle to the eye of Sauron the sky. And with the collapse of the world economy and all paper money, coupled with the Carbon Tax, i.e. the 6th element of the periodic table of elements, the result will literally fulfill the mark of the beast. It’s really though only the end phase of the ritual that began with the straw-man. And all straw-men eat divided bread, the "you can't condition me" man has a morsel filled with wine.

The ultimate proto of all freedom fighters and all straw-men is found in now infamously literalized myth of a Sun that crystallizes on a wooden stage to pay for another Suns orbital transgressions. You know "he died for your sins". Its only for the good of all, at least this is what we tell ourselves. For the good of apple pie, the flag and God, sacrifice is the highest form of straw-man. Fill these boots, wear this uniform, obey, obey, obey, ad infintum. It takes the heroic response and subverts it for slavery and slaughter by invoking the hero with lies. Moo moo goo goo. Don't get me wrong, the light is a liar and this is the truth and in saying I do so love the story, but not the man. Exo vs Iso. The light is a liar because this is its reveal, blindingly so. The Ancients, mostly matriarchal no less, knew that the darkness held the salve to the wounds of the days rays.

Smedley Butler arrived at the conclusion of only the women can set us free; men are incapable of breaking this cycle. Barring her paps she leads us forward! Should you want to see this paradigm see "The Meat Show" by Mark Ryden or "The Garden of Earthly Delights" by Hieronymus Bosch. Both dance to the same symbol logic. A logic that is the "red thread" of history and all heretics, calling, tugging, pulling, alluring all to search and find what we really are. Woman will one day emerge from her nightmare, her debasement, her time as chattel, and as the greatest carrot/tool for men. She will live it and be it and all the children will be so much the better. Virgin again and yet also interacting, you figure it out.

When we do not embody or live as immortals in these mortal coils, then Immortality, the very fountain of where we came from, blinds our eyes and says "Poor sad mortal, here take this skin and wear it, what was your name again poor sad mortal?".

Hence VVVVV is so very very true and as Crowley mocked in Liber OZ "let the slaves serve". AC as agent 666 served the aforementioned Crown claiming to be Irish. Jokes on US! The ultimate dust devil, this fruit of the windbag is the straw-man, the fella faux. Blown into existence by give me an L, give me an A, give me a W. Yes its a trick, its BC the other W. To see it in cartoon form see Hell by MC Escher.


In the wind of the mind arises the turbulence
called I.
It breaks; down shower the barren thoughts.
All life is choked.
This desert is the Abyss wherein the Universe.
The Stars are but thistles in that waste.
Yet this desert is but one spot accursed in a world of
Now and again Travellers cross the desert; they come
from the Great Sea, and to the Great Sea they go.
As they go they spill water; one day they will irrigate
the desert, till it flower.
See! five footprints of a Camel! V.V.V.V.V.

Hierasolyma Est Perdita! A motto for the coming time and a ward against "the Synagogue of Satan" or "the Jews who say they are Jews, BUT THEY ARE NOT!".

These usurpers sit on the King's Throne. And who then are the real McCoy? Well the question has the answer Mac! I would say it but its too phonetic. I would write it but its too hieroglyphic. I would speak of its history buts its too mega-lithic. I would reference a book but its to Stirling. I would tatoo it in my flesh but that would be too ancestorish. Aren't Phoenician women beautiful? All that creamy white skin covered in frecklish stars, crowned with kinky red hair. Racist? Clearly not if you know how the read the trunk through the branches.

Is this a little white lie? To what depths has the seed fallen? The nadir becomes the phoenix' zenith. This is the real and only hope of Guy Fawkes!

I digress from what I've been saying all along."

What a fool!


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