May 6, 2010


Trader pushes “B” key instead of “M” key and a 1000 point drop in the stock pen market ensues.

ALP the supreme potential is captured or made manifest in BYT. ALP in its exalted state is 1000, that is after it has passed through its own resistant shells or cups, the BYT. It travels the road of 1-ALP to 10-YOD to 100-QOF to 1000-ALP. - Carlo Suares and the Cipher of Genesis.

Your here reading this in time and space, that means you, an immortal spark, has fallen into a container. Don’t worry it will all come back to you … someday real soon.

“1000” year reign of the rod of Iron, smashing down the nations, is the end phase of our present time story. Iron is 26th element of periodic table of elements. Our entire world, the OIKOS, house of man, not the world itself, but the kingdom of man is only possible because of iron.

Tanks, bombs, airplanes, knives, cars, trucks, buildings, keys, guns, lamps, ships, solder, circuits, nuts, bolts, nails, screws, paper clips, printers, pencil sharpeners, oil tankers, oil wells, motors, wheels, pipe, on and on, etc. etc.. You get the sharpened point of this belief inducing dagger, don’t you? The entire OIKOS is held up and held together by iron. It started with good ole gold intentions and ends with bad bad bad dirty old men toes stuck in your arse looking for more gold. This Tyrant makes it all possible with Iron.

This house or body is pictured in the dreaming image of Nebuchaddnezzar. The penis of this arrangement unveiled itself 2000 years ago. His smelly empire, Roma Amor, is entirely iron, law by might, law by priestcraft. A Constantinian Hippo of sorts. This body is with its toes of clay is about to meet an ben-box agent from outside its holdings who smashes it, grinds it to dust and blows it away. Billy bones above is holding the dark gate at the abyss. Bye good Billy.

Trader and Traitor are homo-phones and for good reason…ur mynd duz knot here the diffrinse.

Judas “handed over” Jesus. Hand is YOD or “I”, keep this in mind. The supreme action of YOD in the bible is to take a piece of bread, take it through the door and out into the night. It is presently miss-under stood as “betray”. MLK without its YOD is no King at all. MLKI is the one and only King. We are going to see very very shortly the end game of the King on the grand tessalated chessboard.

“B” or BYT in Phoenician/Hebrew is "house, box, container". B is 2.

“M” or MIM in Phoenician/Hebrew is "water". M is 13.

Specifically, water that is below the event horizon, not Shmim, which is waters above the event horizon, or “heaven”.

213 then is "box in the waters below". The box is not the active agent of the hand over, YOD is. BYT YOD MIM spells BIM. Ohhh yes my friend, a little iron bun-e in the depths of the oven. His name is 26 or 2 x 13 or two waters. You and I the reader live in the middle of this fish bowl at the event horizon of seven. You and I are the yod of MIM. This is the kernel of truth in the water wheel of "Aceldama's Shell Game in the Forest".

Scroll down to 213 is "slaughter, loaded", by colel or +/- 1, "spread out, harlot, enclose, a secret chamber (BOX)" and "whiteness (arya)".

BYT is 2 and MIM is 40 and by digit sum gematria = scroll down to 42 or "God terrible and strong, assessors of the dead (straight to BIM or BUNE), terror, calamity, loss, destruction, to cease ... the Earth our world". The OIKOS bye good.

Note all the news lately about dark skinned, illegal immigrants crossing into Arizona. Ari-zona is place of light. Compare to Gulf of Mexico with its dark dwelling denizen, MIM, invading the mouth of Miss-issippi / Miss-ouri. This is to capture/pollute/soil/poison the orifice that ends the waters of the heartland of America. This river mouth opening lies on the gaze line of the Sphinx, the watcher of the sphincter/mouths of the waters. This being is the judge of the waters because it has MEMory ... judgment day has come for this missouri.

This box is the work of British Petroleum. BP is owned by none other than the Oligarchs of Great Britain, god bless em. British Petroleum operated the modern eras first oil well in ABADDAN Iran, right in the MIM mouth of the Tigris / Euphrates. Yes the same Sphinx line. ABADDAN is also the “king of the bottomless pit” of Revelation 9:11.

Now to take you in hand to some very relevant dots that were also today’s news…

Archbishop of the Boys from Brazil notes kids are spontaneously homosexual and that society today is pedophile. The finger man says it’s the child's fault, it’s your fault. Dot dot.

The B for the M key was in regards to stock pen trade of Procter and Gamble where a “fat finger” touched a spontaneous no-no place. Do you feel the rubber gloved finger of the Holy Roman See yet? In your wallet? In your soul? In the depths of all things? All things, even in your children? The YOD commandment is to not covet and to gamble and spill all our lives away. Dot.

If you want to see the “give over” of this Pied Piper Peter you need to go no further than here. Fits Peter to a homo-phone T doesn’t it? (Eleeth noted) These Uno-Romans, freemen one and all, for all US Slaves to serve, have so degenerated man we offer our children to them. This is one and only message of Gehenna or Valley of Tophet. Tophet means drum or the beat of offering meat in love service to an idol. To hear and obey the drum of obedience, no matter the cost, no matter the body count, no matter how far down down down it goes in the sea of blood and misery. Hear and obey the message of the hand.

Couple of "handy" verses: "Thy hands, have made me and fashioned me (to be a good slave): give me understanding (I'm so stupid massah), that I may learn thy commandments (and be a good little slave)" - Ps 119:73, and "The adversary hath spread out his hand upon all her pleasant things (and all her children too)" - Lam 1:10, and "The hands of the pitiful women have sodden their own children" = Lam 4:10. Amen Sisters. Dot.

Pied Piper Peter loves this little tune … 213, playing it incestantly in His apartment all the time, square.

213, a Slayer Song, from the Album "Divine Intervention", by Tom ARAYA

Driving compulsion morbid thoughts come to mind
Sexual release buried deep inside
Complete control of a prized possession
To touch and fondle with no objection
Lonely souls an emptiness fulfilled
Physical pleasure and addictive thrill
An object of perverted reality
An obsession beyond your wildest dreams

Death loves final embrace
Your cool tenderness
Memories keep love alive
Memories will never die

The excitement of dissection is sweet
My skin crawls with orgasmic speed
A lifeless object for my subjection
An obsession beyond your imagination
Primitive instinct a passion for flesh
Primal feeding on the multitudes of death
Sadistic acts a love so true
Absorbingly masticating a part of you

Death loves final embrace
Your cool tenderness
Memories keep love alive
Memories will never die

I need a friend
Please be my companion
I don't want to be
Left alone with my sanity

Erotic sensations tingle my spine
A dead body lying next to mine
Smooth blue black lips
I start salivating as we kiss
Mine forever this sweet death
I cannot forget your soft breaths
Panting excitedly with my hands around your neck

Shades are drawn
No one can see
What I've done
What's become of me
Here I stand
Above all that's been true
How I love
How I love to kill you

Peter Pied Piper has boxed the world up by walling the pink up, see 26 above. He did it by floating His airey message to the four corners, and by stage craft. He uprooted the Aryan gnosis and boxed Her in by prophet for profit.

His message is "mystery of the mystery is created out of nothing", his Ganeshian power is to trumpet 683 or by gematria "Keter, Crown, attack the others". "King" is to create a bullshit, made-up condition of feudalism. You give up your personal sovereignty to a made-up sovereign. This is the magic of Guy Faux, strawman, effigy, paper identity, and corporate fascism/feudalism. And all Kings need crusades and children to draw swords from stones to fight them. Jump right into those little yellow footprints, we'll roll out the red carpet.

This "MEAT SHOW" is "SE TO HAWM" or "see/sea to/two Ham/Hawm"...

Hawm planted a tree on a high place and called the letters down to play in the land of the PHOENICIANS Later when the Kingdom of Iron came along it said "cut down the green trees on all the high places and slaughter the people there.". The Kingdom of Iron still holds the uprooted tree in its hand. It has usurped the natural world, the world of Arya, and made it into a KID milk bottle, a world of faux teddy bear enemies, boxed events, stage craft, boys who are girls, girls who are boys, redrum and labryntine miss-mess-ages. Its airey agents of duelism are winged monkeys who serve the red shoed, divided female power.

"Danny won't you come and play with us?"

It lives in Apartment 213. It has three sons, Chris, Jude and Muhammed, three kings who eat, rape and pillage, the child in the manger.

Our eyes will see the Return of the King. One by one, all will see Him, each in its mirror of fire, and the dark beastly denizen of Apartment 213 will go bye good in a cataclysmic bursting forth.


Blogger Dennis/87 said...

Dark times indeed, Eugene.

Sun May 09, 10:08:00 PM CDT  
Blogger aferrismoon said...

213 = 3x71 which gives IVNH - Jonah; Dove and also ANK , a plumb-line, or lead, the metal of Saturn.

'Weigh down inside'

Going the other way we get 639 which reveals OTz HDOTh , the Tree of Knowledge

' Going back to my roots, weigh down inside'



Fri May 14, 04:33:00 AM CDT  
Blogger annemarie said...


what does it mean?

a rogues gallery?

rhoguri, that's the word verification, and I'm guessing that it is precisely what you are talking about. n'est-ce pas.


Fri May 14, 08:35:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I never thought I'd agree with a Roman about anything, but on this snipet, he is dead right: "he believed paedophilia was on its way to becoming as accepted as homosexuality in society at large." Spontaneous homosexuality? Methinks that and spontaneous combustion are somehow linked.

And I learned something else today ... the origin of the word "proctologist." Seeing that a proctor is an "official agent of a church or holy order" ... well, you do the math. Hm, that Segal speech was actually the surprise.

Coincidentally, today I was made aware of this number resonating movie. This image says a lot.

Fri Jun 18, 11:40:00 AM CDT  

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