September 15, 2012

Samael Bacile's Sunogram - Revised PS

The children of the Ishmael, or as the Jews would frame them ... off-spring of the wild donkey, were whipped into a frenzy of riots, black flag raising, embassy burning, and murder, by a mock-up Hollywood (nee California) film by one "Sam Bacile".

"Sam" being short for Samael or Samuel means adversary and in the Testament of the Jews was the prophet who anointed their first, head and shoulders above other men, King Saul. "Bacile" is from bacillus meaning staff, stick, wand, or scepter. Bacillus occurs in the word imbecile meaning one who should not hold a stick. All those who set their hand to Excalibur and could not draw the sword from the stone were imbeciles.

Drudge intimating staff, stick, wand or scepter, and the fire of the Sons of Ishmael.

Le Streghe's bass-ack-wards spell has been cast and the void of voids has answered the calling of the One who will fuse the three into one. ALP as 111 via 1+30+80 is the source energy of 1 becoming 1000, or greater ALP. In order for ALP to get there, it has to be goaded or driven or initiated to its greatness. This being the LP of ALP. L as LMD is the goad or driver. Saul becoming Paul was goaded on the road to Damascus leading to his serpent wisdom when he saw scales falling from his eyes. The road to Damascus is fraught with peril and the initiatic cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. The first being the test of charity and ass mistaking; the latter being old salty mothers and Daddy on the sweet mounds of his two daughters. To not pass the test in either and wallah your an imbecile dancing in flames.

Borrowed from the most insightful Loren Coleman of "Twilight Language".

Being haunted, prodded and possessed of the riddle of ALP, I have shared the riddle over and over, of the name game of Sarai to Sarah, and Abram to Abraham. I was blessed to read the "Cipher of Genesis" by Carlo Suares, who fleshes this riddle out over and over and over. He points out that Sarai becomes Sarah (yod to he) at 90, and that Abram becomes Abraham (insertion of he) at 100, totaling 190. Some water here from Ign's well will make your eyes see..

The name game of all name games is really about your name. Cutting to the chase ... when you are not you, ie possessing your center, another comes from outside yourself, and is made King over you. When this happens in the course of time with the proliferation of bodies, bodies that are not possessed of Self, the kings become more numerous and the emptiness of the desert grows. The magic or flexibility or youth of the world dries up and the world becomes real or rigid or an old imbecile enrolled in a school of hard knocks. Well my friends, the world has filled up, and the King knocks at the door. He doesn't knock with his hand, He knocks with a stick, more specifically, a scepter of iron. All the imbeciles can't wait to see Him, whether He be Maud'dib, or the second coming, or the first coming.

When did this happen you say? When men stopped running around chasing game, knowing plants, and chasing pussy, pussy that also ran fast. The spirit that inhabited these persons was wild, free, strong and long legged. Then one day, after the course of aeons of time, the seasons changed, the water turned 90 degrees, the hand framed a window and men became pregnant with the idea of .. agriculture and cities. What did this? Qaheen's foot turned from being of plants, to undoing Abel, to being the first city builder or in a nutshell Iron did. Iron is the scepter of a Dragon King who spins the earth, and all of the other dancing BB's, as a magnetic top in the whirl of the impossible possibility made possible. When He falls as raindrops and the shell cups that hold Him do not know Him .. He makes a King for Himself to rule over His non-knowing Self. All the cups and the fictions that the cups have made are smashed into dust back into the ground from which they came from and the world becomes new in magic again. The King is the Kingdom and all is one again. Blessed be ALP the greater.

Hhamah (Sun) formed by Khaf-Kaf is behind us (West) as we face the East. We do not see the sun, but only our shadow cast at our feet. We cannot look at it fixedly: it would blind us. We cannot stand the power of its emanations. It provides all energy: it destroys, burns and calcinates by its power. Its elemental Hhayt has to meet the elemental Mem of the Waters, and only then does it give forth its third Aut, Hay (life), and fertilise our actions. Its two formations are both in Arieh (Leo). By Khaf Hhameh it is O'ser (richness) and by Kaf it is O'ni (poverty). - excerpt, page 133, "The Sepher Yetsira" by Carlo Suares

Khaf-Kaf, the letter K, as in KING KONG. Khaf is soft sunshine. Kaf is hard sunshine. The sun is shining hard because the Mem that holds it is Kelipot. The hardness of the Sun is a response to our hardness of heart because we are not possessed of the Supreme Self. What are we possessed of? Guy Faux. Why? Our left ear is not working and in turn our right hand touches the pillar of severity, afterall were imbeciles.

The Great External King is the fruit of our collective action of emptiness, and yes nature abhors a vacuum. Am I the Scare-Crow? The Tin-Man? The Lion? Or Toto? These all being the questions of Abram. Am I the untouchable, yet sharing Virgin? Or the untouchable, never sharing wicked Witch of the West with my winged monkey minions? These being the questions of Sarai. The fruitlessness of these two AP-parent sets of identity questions, is the foundation stone of His Black Iron Prison Kingdom. It is built on the knowing disclosures by PKD:

"The Empire never died" and "To fight the Empire is to become infected with the Empire" - tractates Gnostica Scripture, PKD

ALP becomes an APL and this APL is the poison of Samael Bacile.

LMD is 12, an object, a whip, a perceived thing. What is revealed is 5, a Hay or HH. As you can see, this HH or 5, is a broken representation, miming Saturn, the King who eats his children. Peer closely at this comic sonogram. The light that is not shown is PE or 17. The mouth that made this little light shine is our collective empty unbounded hunger. Guy Faux makes only one meal "Iggy in a basket" and by now you will instantly think "babe in a manger". "Its almost here" was played out this week reinforcing the spell of 911. 119 and 191 and 911 are all masks of the Square of Saturn, the Devil's telephone.

The goad of LMD driving driving driving into the mouth of the Empress of Adamah is inverted .. the mouths of the little beasts everywhere resist the whip, and the flames of Khaf ignite on the earth. The heart of each is inflamed, the test of charity, ass mistaking, salty mothers and sweet daughters, becomes the wood pile that Iesou Christou has been waiting for, to come again. You either die alone daily inwardly or you die one day externally altogether. Those who die daily are garbed or robed in a light that is not of the external Sun and the reach of His iron scepter. The test of the King is always will the stone be alive in its heart? Or will the stone be hard, empty and possessed only by its god, the stomach? Will the stone know itself past the shells of its parents, the shell of its skin, its bodies, all seen in the light of the external sun. Life or Hay or HH is inward and always and only in the kernel of the Self. The shells, always with fruit outside, are food for Chronos or Time or Saturn .. and he is the cookie monster.

The coming of the Great External King was heralded this past week in the showing of the teats that will pap this little Monster to its destiny. The closing trick of this is that you too have seen the teats! This also a sign of little monsters everywhere. Open mouths of unbounded hunger needing, demanding a J-O-B to get PE'd. Monarchy and Anarchy wrestling to get through the door last.

X marks the 640 acre palatial estate where Katherine has unveiled herself. Having already shared many times .. Katherine is Katrina is Erika is Kali is Shakti is Kor, the foundation stone of mouths in hell. While she barred her paps, William was talking on the phone or some such.

While visiting a Malaysian cemetery for World War II dead, the Royal couple smile for the munchkins. Feigning furiosity, they beg for your sympathy. Tea and milk?

The parents of the Great External King are the iron tools in the hand of the Supreme Self. A tool cutting a stone cut without hands; silent in the Temple. A stone with mysterium measurements of:

1 : 4 : 9

1 x 4 x 9 = 36

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 = 36


19+20+21+22+23+24+25+26+27+28+29+30+31+32+33+34+35+36 = 666

The slivers of the ShMsh enter your eyes blinding you to his dark, enigmatic, fixitaing presence. Light acting on waters birthing twins, a lesser light with attendant shadow. What if there are twins in there? As ever, from before the aeons of time, only one of them will be Samael Bacile; I'm the other. The rod of iron being twenty-six in length is the only length able to hold the seat, to anchor the line between the square of a number, being five, the cube of a number, being three. There is no other number with this property in all of the numberdom.

5^2 vs 2 x 13 vs 3^3

I + H + V + H = 26

The devil in the blue dress has no head. Its again only the Great External King, its head covered in the anointing oil of Baphometis, will deliver all the shells, itself included, to a world remade and illuminated only be the light within. The fishes, diametrically opposed to the world above the event horizon, the world of water, of or in the air, will be tested as to breath in the net of Peter. If the fish breathe, once past breath no more, and speak "no man may take my life, I lay it down and I pick it back up again", Peter vanishes as dust in the wind. Petrefecations principle will have ovened and the nested the seed intelligence therein to its shatter moment, its sure trajectory standing straight up to its waiting crown. The way will open and the event horizon bride will bleed.

The excerpt below should pry your eyes wide shut wide blind.

Chateau D'Autet, the 640 acre estate in the south of France is the reveal of the coming union with the Great External Sun King. William on the I vs APL phone is communicating to all down in apron-ville, Katherine focusing on her sunbathing is to be overshadowed by the Holy Ghost. The tremors caused by merely showing the paps that will feed Him were world-wide, tick-tocks that the countdown to His day is on.

The monolith is sending out the waves to call all the monkeys to shine in anticipation. Mr. Higgins shows how "396" is the "40" or logos of the philosophical universe, meaning the word that upholds the box container .. on all a levels. 396 as seen below from pictures taken deep in Ign's well show that 369 is "6" or "union" and wink the concept that a new Brashith (create 6) will issue from the Great External Sun King's mouth. Chateau D'Autet also reinforces the metallic message with AUT. Considering the story line would it be any surprise if William had an accident? Down in MALaysia all the pics of her strolling with William in the cemetery have her under her parasol.

"The hotel in which they were staying is set in 640 acres of rolling countryside in south-eastern France and is owned by Viscount Linley, the late Princess Margaret’s son."

A 26 page spread to be published tomorrow by an Italian Magazine is ROMA AMOR sending the smell of the iron scepter over the earth.

The smashing of the Guy Fauxian fictional lines, pigs ear wallets with 30 pieces of silver in every pocket, and the world of boy in city is going "BYE GOOD". The event horizon is the SSSumation all of what is above it in the world of expansion, and what is below it in the world of compression. High - middle - low. Middleton has no head just as all the shells have no head. They do share one common head, A-Bram, the negation of Brama, surmounted by a giant dunce cap. The gravity of the internal Sun that makes the Universe go round is going to negate the A back to Bram, a self correcting flagellation if you will.

Happy Jewish New Year!

Post Script; more confirmation of the KTR spell:

Katherine is crowned the "Queen of the South Seas". Ha! It's a "half" naked truth.

China prepares to possibly nuke Japan over senKAKU sea or "south sea".

And to cinch this ruby-ruddy deal .. well need some shoes!


Post Post Script - for the those steeped in Tea and Milk .. a universe size cookie from Carlo Suares:

Three Mothers: Aleph Mem Sheen. Be-Schinah (in transformation): Esch and Maim and Rouahh. The word Schinah or Schanah (Sheen-Noun-Hay) signifies transformation or change. In current language it means "year", doubtless as a measure of duration, since time is the measure of change. Next we read Hhom (Hayt-Waw-Mem, translated as "heat", although heat is Hham: Hhayt-Mem without Waw) is created by Esch; Qor: Qof-Waw-Raysh (translated "cold") by Maim and Ruaia (Raysh-Waw-Yod-Hay), translated "surfeit", by Rouahh "knelt down" between the two.

Read in everyday Hebrew, and all the more so in translation, this verse is superficial. But the cabalist's attention is drawn to the Waw of Hhom, which should not be there if it only conversns Hham, heat. Is it not a question of the transformation of the Autiot? And must the sky and the earth be explored to state that fire engenders heat?

The Three Mothers, Aleph, Mem, Sheen summarise the whole process of energy. They beget themselves mutually, project themselves into existence and, first and foremost, into the human individual. This is the central concern of the Sepher Yetsira, which considers man the as teh focal point of all cosmic energies. Aleph, Mem, Sheen express simultaneously the essence, appearance and movement of everything. It is important to see these at work in the totality of everything that it is possible to mean. For the authors of the Sepher Yetsira the most important thing to show how the two poles of energy (essence-appearance, spirit-matter, etc., etc.) are One. As follows:

Fire, Esch, 1.300, transforms itself into Hhom, 8.6.40; water. Maim, 40.10.40, transforms itself into Qor, 100.6.200.

Esch, beyond our conception, becomes substance 8, undifferentiated, fertilising (6) the Mem (40), Maim becomes cosmic Aleph, 100, fertilising (6) the cosmic 200 (Raysh, as we have seen engenders Sheen). In short, Aleph becomes Mem and the two Mem become cosmic Aleph. We are here in the whirling round of the Autiot which we come to feel in our minds and even in our bodies. By Raysh-Aleph-Sheen, Aleph-Sheen enters the head (Rosch), Maim enters "the dwelling house", Bayt-Tayt-Noun (2.9.50), of the abdomen and Rouahh, the breath, unites the two through Guyia and Waw-Yod-Hay, the three Autiot of YHWH brought by Ghimel, 3, archetype of organic motion (in the order in which they seal the 9th Sephira). This verse opens up endless opportunities for contemplation." - Carlo Suares, The Sepher Yetsira, pages 100 & 101, Shambala

Ghimel 3, as archetype of "organic motion", uses in time Lamed 30, LMD, the whip as the tool of delivering YHWH into the torso. The 9th Sephira per Carlo is "Depth of the North". The Great Dragon, mouth agape, magnetically pulls the iron into its maw, a red running river of KFC chicken.

September 1, 2012

Le Streghe's Bass Ackwards Spell

"They do not go around hot dogging it." - Clint Eastwood, RNC speech

So they do if they are not going around?!

Celt, awhile back made the connection to "hot dog", which is the intro song to Limp Bizkit's album "Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog flavored Water", as being anal sex related. Celt fully explored this rabbit hole, as he ever does.

"Hot Dog" is also a song by Led Zeppelin on "In through the Out Door", covertly covered in Monkey Bizness 191.

Hot dog, if you read the lyrics of either song, will tell you the method of the mark that keeps Cosa Nostra operating. Once you've become a "made man", you remain in the spittle of the "obscene kiss" in whatever mafioso cult you may be oathed to. There is no crossing the line back, and those still on the non-knowing or non-acknowledging side of the line .. remain un-kissed. Just because you can't see the lipstick doesn't mean there's nothing going on. Pictures at eleven.

The two songs "Battle of Evermore" and "Carouselambra", inset above, per Robert Plant, are related with the admonition "to partake of the fruit, but guard the seed". Chasing the right game and avoiding the machinations of the Corybantes come to mind. Men be men, women be women .. and hell on earth will not result. Were not listening, instead following the carrot of pseudo freedom, we launch like Icarus to a dead end, indeed "In Through the Outdoor".

Practical suggestion ... study the three panels of "Garden of Earthly Delights". The symbolic keys that serve as threads interlinking the descent into hell: what the hands are doing, what the birds are saying, what fashion is doing. A veritable PHD thesis on "guard the seed". Its one thing to dig in the ground, its another thing to plant seeds in the ground.

Musing on the six frames the message in a bottle is that the waters of "Cooter" have become commercialized and the falsely empowered box is in command. As if the puppet could make the strings do something. The real music is coming from the man at the piano. See Monkey Bizness 191 and you'll know who the Attis is. Our carousing stupor has filled the table of Gehenna with plenty to eat. Can you not feel your feet on the table? Can you not see your children's faces, your kin's faces mirrored in the hexa-faced salt in the shaker, imprisoned in the middle of the table? Such is the presence of the spell. You look in through the outside and realize those empty seats are not for some comedy stand in .. they are for you, they are you.


A study of hands at the table intimates. The father's hand in the daughter's head. The son's hand under the table reaching or touching the daughter's knee. The Mother's hands folded on the table. Maritime law just outside the window, the 1:4:9 dictating seasoning.

We used to sit on the chair, the throne, the height, same as every man and woman. In the days when anarchy was understood for what it really means. Consider anarchy versus monarchy and it becomes plain. The laws of men are not real, an anarchist is not a serf to the laws of any king. Nature stills screams the message everyday to everyone "Anarchy is still yours, if you want it bad enough.". If you will not be King of Kings .. any idol you shape with your own hands will answer you, enslaving and binding you to your own end. Kisses in the garden xoxoxo.

"We own this country." - Clint Eastwood, RNC speech

And how true it is Clint, you and yours do indeed own it, lock, stock and barrel. The Presidential spell of 11, 22(23)24, 33 and 44 was easy enough to crack, if you can really read a "Book of Lies".

A Presidential Primer:

1 = PANTOCRATOR, Town-Destroyer = George Washington.

11 = the GLOW WORM, west-ward Aurificer, homage to Pantocrator with 555 = Jim Poke.

President James K. Polk laid the cornerstone on the Fourth of July, 1848, in an elaborate ceremony conducted by Freemasons. He was a Mason and wielded the ceremonial trowel used by George Washington – a Grand Master Freemason -- when laying the cornerstone of the Capitol in 1793.
- An invitation to the feast of Tammuz.

22(23)24 = DESPOT skidooing to HAWK and BLINDWORM = Grover Cleveland.

33 = BAPHOMET, the two headed eagle; builder of the temple in three parts: pillar of fire, gentile court, fiat priest-craft Israel = Hairy iS Trueman.


A black two-headed Eagle is GOD; even a Black Triangle is He.
In His claws He beareth a sword; yea, a sharp sword is held therein.
This Eagle is burnt up in the Great Fire; yet not a feather is scorched.
This Eagle is swallowed up in the Great Sea; yet not a feather is wetted.
So flieth He in the air, and lighteth upon the earth at His pleasure.
So spake IACOBUS BURGUNDUS MOLENSIS; the Grand Master of the Temple;
and of the GOD that is Ass-headed did he dare not speak.

44 = MASS OF THE PHOENIX, eat the dead, bankrupt corpse, Barak Obummer.

1 + 11 + 22 + 33 + 44 = 111, Blessed be ALP

Did you know that Alvin and the Chipmunks attend "West Eastman" school, having an eagle mascot, being founded June 15, 1928?

Mentionables that are not Eleven markers:

16 = the Emancipator and Unifier of these United States = Abraham Lincoln


Death implies change and individuality,
if thou be THAT which hath no person,
which is beyond changing,
even beyond changelessness,
what hast thou to do with death?
The bird of individuality is ecstasy;
so also is death.
In love the individuality is slain;
who loves not love?
Love death therefore,
and long eagerly for it.
Die Daily.

The water of sweet freedom was made bitter water by a proclamation of emancipation. Did you hear me say you're free? So sayeth a mouthpiece of monarchy. An anarchist cannot be proclaimed anything, his or her sovereignty is within. Such is the knife with a "B" thereon. Abra-melin's most famous speech heralding the fight amongst the hearing ears was given .. wait for it .. June 16. The day after the girl chipmunks and the boy chipmunks fight it out on the stage.

35 = VENUS OF MILO, hot wife, a babe a day, challenged the Fed = JFK


Life is as ugly and necessary as the female body.
Death is as beautiful and necessary as the male body.
The soul is beyond male and female as it is beyond Life and Death.
Even as the Lingam and the Yoni are but diverse developments of One Organ,
so also are Life and Death but two phases of One State.
So also the Absolute and the Conditioned are but forms of THAT.
What do I love?
There is no form, no being, to which I do not give myself wholly up
Take me, who will!

JFK was absolute, Jackie O was conditioned to pull the trigger, as A-ferris-moon would say! This little lie was brought to a head and scattered as bread, on a Stripper's platter .. to every dreaming mind.

In the school of Aleister Crowley, apron wearing boy, and spy for the British Crown, in this "Book of Lies" says that the numbers are false breaks of one thing. To see the Presidents as false breaks, one Whig, one Federalist, one Democrat, one Republican, one Freemason, one Catholic, is not to see the narrative. The narrative is ONE ONE ONE.

Take note the 45th Lie is CHINESE MUSIC. For those of you who think you peon's own the country, who may say "were mad as hell and gonna take it back", may I remind you of the Biblical adage...

"The debtor is slave to the lender."


"Explain this happening!"
"It must have a 'natural' cause."
"It must have a 'supernatural' cause"
Let these two asses be set to grind corn.

May, might, must, should, probably, may be,
we may safely assume, ought, it is hardly questionable,
almost certainly - poor hacks!
Let them be turned out to grass!

Proof is only possible in mathematics,
and mathematics is only a matter of arbitrary conventions.
And doubt is a good servant but a bad master;
a perfect mistress, but a nagging wife.

"White is white" is the lash of the overseer;
"White is black" is the watchword of the slave.
The Master takes no heed.

The Chinese cannot help thinking that the octave has 5 notes.

The more necessary anything appears to my mind,
the more certain it is that I only assert a limitation.

I slept with Faith,
and found a corpse in my arms on awaking;
I drank and danced all night with Doubt,
and found her a virgin in the morning.

This being a study in "bass ackwardness", we will take note that as slaves, we are to know "white is black". An anarchist, like the Master of the lie, would take no heed. The two east-woodians we have introduced are both bass ackwards. A third for your consideration:

"When someone isn't doing the job, we've got to let him go." - Clint Eastwood, RNC speech

1976 King Kong was produced by Dino DeLaurentis, who died November 11, 2011 (everyone else was asleep). King Kong is the "doer" of a job, as broken down in Monkey Bizness 191, due to his appetite. Animals who only obey appetite are easily yoked and led, say by the carrot of freedom that any Monarch offers.

Clint is speaking to an empty chair, stand-in of Obummer. Its not so. Obummer tweeted the very next day "this seat is taken". Clearly the narrative of ONE tells us his ass is already owned. So who is in the chair?

You and I are, see your presence at the table above. Once the money goes poof, divined so long ago in "Ten Dollar Bill is a Patriot Act", all of America, nay all of the world, except for that which oathed and known by the crown, WON'T have a job, and won't be "doing a job".

You'll have to be let go.

Just like King Kong, the lure of a girl, a car to backseat in, and the Petrox gas needed to get to "heaven by the dashboard light", will lead you up, up, up .. the stairway to heaven, surmounted by the Asar of Spades, the Queen of Heaven.

An appetite for a "j-o-b" will pay you with a ring in your nose...

Have you ever wondered why the cult of Kybele, who is Kore, who is Katherine, who is Katrina, who is Erika, who is Kali, who is Shakti, worships the Bull? And how the bull gets the bull onto the table, ready to salt shakered?


Its simple, we become beasts by appetite; we're slaughtered for following the lure of external freedom. A carrot spoken often of, enshrined everywhere as, parroted as worth dying for, and yet .. imprisoned in every imaginary lined nation on earth, right down to the numbers on your mail box, the identity in your wallet. A wallet filled with 30 pieces of silver.

Imagine Americans beholding Clint, dreaming to pull the trigger on some punk, to ride high in the saddle as a vindictive ghost, to police the city of golden gated transvestites, and yes to husband Miss Rome .. while Dino isn't looking.

KING KONG = 11 + 9 + 14 + 7 + 11 + 15 + 14 + 7 = 88