December 19, 2012

Salt shaker and sugar plumbs in the sand box

Eleleth D plays out 26 or 27 and the looking of her at herself in the mirror. She sees, will we see? I think so, after all, there is only eye.

PE final is 26, a play on of the two waters (2 x 13), where water is the one and only eater, both above and below the event horizon.

"Phay in final (the 80 becoming 800) is its own projection of Hhayt (8) -- Phay (80) to Phay (800). Here we find that the alternatives of living energy beginning in the pool of unstructured energy -- coming into life -- comes ultimately into cosmic or universal energy, literally all is possible." - Carlo Suares, Spectrograms

Suares maps Empress to PE. Empress is Venusian poisoned heirarchy ruling over the Emperor .. no wonder the blind of Star = Emperor has been so effective.

TZD final is 27, where one drives the two waters ((2 x 13) +1)), and the driver is Sh of B'reShit, meaning "with beginingnessess".

"Tsadde in final (the 90 becomes 900) is the ultimate realisation and accomplishment of the universal structure. It progresses from Tayt (9) the primary cell to Tsadde (90) -- the living cell and female principle of coming together -- to the ultimate Tsadde (900) the sign of transfigured female and supreme beauty." - Carlo Suares, Spectrograms

Suares maps Star to TZD. Star is astral or airey intelligence, beneficient or malefic and its effect on the pool or 888.

The cosmic mouth of the Queen, eating and consuming all potential in the pool of potential, which is limitless, becomes the filled out structure of Her cosmic body. The "transfigured female" is the end of the name game of the Abram to AbraHam, where the window of H makes Abram pregnant, and of Sarai to SaraH, where the window of H is made from her hand/penis. The Royal couple are aged 90 and 100 at these momentous points .. which of course in union = 190. 190 + 1, this latter being the sphere, i.e. the finite/infinite "platonic solid", when shown in the entire story hierarchy of the platonic solids ... reveals its cosmic body.

Jared Loughner da'ated that our new number and symbol were coming. Noted in past U'Stream piece the symbol he spoke of. This symbol is none other than Raysh, the container that births to wind of Shin, the wind that divides the waters. Divides being the judgment of how we little waters touched the pillars. Reaching to either side is the distance .191. Raysh and it airey dialing in were contained in the STS 133 patch. The decode is easy to see below...

191 + 808 = 999

If the 808 and 191 are seen as a pyramid and this pyramid is doubled and inverted as though it is both above and below its own event horizon of a single point = ((999 + 999)+ 1) this miming the 190 and 191, the result is a "Party like its 1999".

The end of the tail of a tale of the time loop. Sugar, salt and sand are the three holy cubes where 666 x 3 = 1998 or 999 x 2, all in one.

ALP becomes greater, so must each sliver of ALP. How the great escape is made to Nirvana or nothingness is your problem. The wheel keeps turning, the world of embodiment keeps generating "with beginingness" and recycles the detritus of the last year as its food for "with begininess". The 808 or 88 stone in its very shape, its pooling and whirling that its nature is perpetual. As Herakleitos said "the only that is constant is change". ALP wants to hold fast in BYT but the big bad wolf of ShN says "I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down."

Forcing change, making new. Petrefied minds, dead structures. Nothing lasts, nothings broken. Word riddles endlessly rippling in the pool. Life is sweet forawhile, life is bitter forawhile, life is shifting like sand in the ocean of changes. All is with begingness.