January 15, 2013

Metathesis of IHVH

The Badge of the House of Winsor

The Queen of the South Seas                   The First Son of the House

The King                                                 The Dog

The Juggler

The Pickpocket                                        The Clowns


The Innocent

April 29th of last year was the 119th day of the year when She wedded the First Son of the House. The Feast of Epiphanies this year shined on Her birthday darkly displaying the adoration of Apophis. Apep did not destroy the earth on Her birthday as feared but it did shed two seeds. The two Supernals one hand clapped their response to the cosmic duat'd blessing with a show of their own. A show aptly named Kooza, with its seven lower Infernals and its closing act the wheel of death, is one off from His name, the imminent Great External King.

The Great External King, still in utero, lays his hand to the sword in the stone through the words of the all knowing forerunner. Only the King may wield the iron implement which has, is, and will smash the nations. All others who touch the sword are "imbeciles" and are to not touch the sword, not being of the blood, the lineage or the oaths that bind Him to it.

These imposter sovereigns are not worthy of iron swords, or life, or home, in any fashion. Their rights are in some "little book" of no consequence, their claims laid nullified by babble of the forerunner. Their own children will betray them and hand them over to the all knowing forerunner, who is only working out the machinations of the Great External King. These children have specially formed ears and minds that only hear and believe "slavery is freedom".

The stone that sheaths the sword before its emancipation is the peterfied mind of man. Only the Great Dragon of 88 stars holds the right to wield magnetic iron. Being the jealous god that He is, the Great Dragon through its forerunner mouths and utterances, will not stop until a new magnet arises and displaces Him, or until he has subjugated the wandering knights to His sword. The contest for who may hold the iron is not in the strength of the hands of men. The real contest as Pliny the Elder wrote of was the cutting of the mistletoe with the sickle shaped, Gold knife .. Iron was strictly forbidden. The panacea of all hangs in the balance. The golden dagger is inside and its purchase price is 30 pieces of silver. Hand yourself over.


Blogger Eleleth ר ק D said...

Helen of Troy's reflected image is unveiled within the Darkness, but the portrait is in external form only, and is thus lifeless. Cosmos is Son of God, and the moving image of the imperishable Aeon. The Solar Son, Adam, is made in the image of Anthropos, and slays his children in an act of rebellion against his mother.

"We're making bulletproof faces, Charlie Man-Son, Cassius Clay."

"A number of people, none of whom knew Short, contacted police and the newspapers, claiming to have seen her during her so-called "missing week"—a period between the time of her January 9 disappearance and the time her body was found on January 15."

These are, so to speak, all merely the delusions that arise upon the surface of Veronica's Veil (Massey).

"In the apocryphal gospels the woman who had the issue of blood is identified as Veronica, she who received the likeness of the Lord pictured on a napkin or kerchief, which is still on view in Rome. Veronica, as Vera-iconica, indicates the true likeness, but the Gnostics, who were the authors of the Christian icons, knew better. The Christ imparted a figure to her, but not a living likeness, and this corpse-like portrait has been preserved by the Italian and Spanish painters[267]."

Wed Jan 16, 01:55:00 PM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

Lizzie's body as the mass of the Eucharist! The mouth stains on the napkin. Amazing.

Had done piece on Lizzie before when grasping the dark pool at St. Monica's pier .. end of Route 66.

I too noted Her unveiled face. The critics noted fangs .. I couldn't see them. But I do feel them.

I did add active content and reshape some ties in this.

Wed Jan 16, 03:20:00 PM CST  
Blogger Eleleth ר ק D said...

The Dahlia is slain in 1947, meaning that the End actually precedes the Beginning; or, rather, the Omega Point is already conceived in the Mind as it initially gazes into the Dark Reflection. Marilyn Monroe (d. 1962) moves forward in time, pregnant with illusory possibilities; but Jackie O[mega] already stands at the end, ready to gather together the brains of the slain King Osiris.

This eucharist is that of our unseen Hostess who undertakes the Great Party in which we live and move and have our being (snack cakes and twin keys), as was said precisely 1900 years before.

The Hierophant visibly displays the invisible Mystery, combining in himself the functions of the Magician and Emperor; but this is only another veil in the face of Truth.

Wed Jan 16, 07:49:00 PM CST  
Blogger Eleleth ר ק D said...

David Chaim Smith notes that from Binah = Ben Yah, the Son. (Vau = the Hierphant.)

Ben = Bane.

(Cats eat Bats.)

The first and second Adam, or, Yaldabaoth and the Aeon Christ.

Thu Jan 17, 04:46:00 PM CST  
Blogger Dennis/87 said...

You folks are hard to understand sometimes. Dennis

Fri Jan 18, 06:34:00 PM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...


Its not rational nor understandable.

It is felt and wondered at.

Its not sense its non-sense or riddle speech of rishis, meant to draw out of, rather than come into.

Bottom line...

The struggle over iron, ie guns, is a layover story of the coming KUZU or one off of IHVH (in KTR's belly) who alone is worthy to put its hand to the sword in the stone.

The Great Magnetic Lord cometh.

Iron as 26 is the rod of iron in the hand of one who will smash the nations to dust. Iron is magnetic to the north pole which is pointing to Draco. The symbol is who is worthy of being master of the sword in the stone. The answer will be the new age and its new pole, ie the holder of sovereign power.

The throne of Tara is magical and holds the ley power of the earth from ages past .. it is reshaping a new world backwards from its supreme nothing point of Ain Soph. The present sitters are struggling to keep the magical current in their court. The dead bodies in the ground cry out for justice. The tension again who will draw and hold the sword.

Tue Jan 22, 01:38:00 PM CST  

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