March 15, 2013

Ring Around the Bathtub, Don't Drop the Pope Soap

Tell-Tale of Franciscans

The covenant made by the First Francis with the water long ago .. will be paid, in fool. The great ship of fools has now filled up, just like in the days of Noah, and will be scrub a dub dubbed by She who cannot be fooled. The great ship of fools was forged by Francis of Assisi, the 44th Doge of Venice, by the marriage of Venetian Merchant Banksters, the Papacy and the English Crown. London Crown Temple Corporation has even made French news recently as more and more people want to know about whats behind the curtain. The Emblem of the Ship of Fools is shown above. Francis' vision from a Seraphim, showing its origin to the Red Lion, and his earthly marks of Stigmata will lead mankind to its "hour" on the cross (see previous post). The Emblem clearly shows the Crowns of Rome and the Crowns of the usual suspects. I can hear the Mask of God whispering .. "the Green Lion will devour the Red Lion". The Cult of the Corybantes is the Red Lion right down to the new Pape Francis, even if he won't wear the red shoes.

Tell-Tale of the Republic of Venice, the Red Lion

The Green Lion will devour the Red Lion

The Sun sinking in the waters is the fiery wedding ring thrown into the waters by the Doge as He married the Sea.. Reading the official version of St. Francis; does not lead one to believe anything of the sort. However the heretic with an eye will note that his Grandfather was Domenico Morosini;, he being the 37th Doge. Note his emblem below...

The 37th Doge's Tell-Tale

His Daddy was Pietro Bernardone dei Moriconi, a very wealthy cloth merchant,; whose business was very far and wide. The Cult of the Corybantes, with its many 'Troy' branches, is symbolized as the whore of Babylon and also as the purple clad Lydia of the Book of Acts. She being a seller of purple cloth ties nicely with Pietro and his beastly semenation ... then along in a manger came Francis....

She even staged the birth of her son in a stable built for the occasion on the ground floor of their home to honor the birth of Jesus. Later the stable will be known as “stalletta” or “Chapel of baby Saint Francis” and it is located in the main square of Assisi.

Holy Jesus is right!

Here is one official entry for the 44th Doge;, note "we don't know much about him", just like the other 44 and all the other "Guy Faux".

Here is another official entry for the 44th Doge Tell-tale-ing is it not? Read it before it changes.

Others have seen the blood red footprints across the corridor of time of the Cult of the Corybantes and have written extensively about them. One most fascinating find reads as follows...

The proposition to his fellow Venetian was simple--so long as Venice attempted to be neutral between the wars of Christians vs Christian and Christian vs Muslim, Venice would continue to face imminent danger. But if Venice supported the Urseoli (Pierleoni) descendents and their Roman Cult in holding power from Rome, its future could be assured, so long as the Roman Cult held control of the Catholic Church. Giovanni then proposed that the Doge and the Longhi grant permission to found a christian academy of priest-navigators both loyal to Venice and to Rome that the Roman Cult would then enforce as a religious edict for all Christian nations. Thus, the church would help enforce the monopoly of Venice in controlling of shipping and navigation, in exchange for the loyalty and profit share with Venice. While Doge Pietro Zani probably did not believe such an audacious plan was possible, he agreed to grant him the future site of St Mark's Basilica next to the Doge's Palace as well as the site of San Francesco della Vigna, near St Mark's Square as the first Franciscan Monastery and Finance/Navigators school.

Using his newly replenished family fortune (thanks in large part to the raid on Constantinople), construction began almost immediately on the immense Basilica as the future site for the remains of St Mark, stolen from Alexandria. Giovanni then left Venice to Spain and England to recruit the best navigators he could find for his new school and religious order in Venice. In 1215, Giovanni returned to Rome to attend the Fourth Lateran Council. In 1216 Innocent III died and was succeeded by his son Honorius III who took a keen interest in the plans of Giovanni. By no later than 1219, he assigned some of his top advisors as protectors and oversight on the progress of the Friars Minor.

Similarly, the Venetians continued their keen interest in the success of their joint-venture with the Roman Cult, the creation of the Holy See - a monopoly of trade across the known world, by controlling the very tools of trade, navigation knowledge, maps, charts as well as ships. The first partnership between the Venetian Friars Minor Order was with England, the Venetians and the Papacy which saw huge knowledge of all manner of technology such as ship building, metals, education and military skills to England thanks to "Francis of Assisi". Such was the success of the actions of Giovanni (Francis) that in 1249 he became the first Christian Doge of Venice (1249-1253). It is why later forgers of the Roman Cult saw it important to sever all possibility of "St Francis" the Moroconi/Morisini also being the Doge "Marino" (Mariner, or of the sea) Morosini in 1249-1253. In his first year in office, works on St Mark's Basilica was expanded and the very first Bucentaur (state galley) was constructed. Doge Giovanni then called upon Anti-Pope Innocent IV (1243-1254) to give him is papal ring--his symbol of authority.

Then in 1250 upon the Bucentaur, Doge Giovanni (St Francis) and Innocent IV went off into the sea near St Mark's Square's square and Doge St Francis threw the Papal Ring into the sea during a formal Roman Cult religious ceremony at which point St Francis was the first to ever usher "Desponsamus te, mare, in signum veri perpetuique domini" "We wed thee, sea, in the sign of the true and everlasting Lord" declared Venice and the (Holy) sea to be indissolubly one--thus the Holy See was first born as the first "fully christian" joint business venture between the Roman Cult, the Venetians and the Crown of England. With the aid of the Venetian trained Franciscans, Pope Innocent IV promoted new centers of learning in Rome attracting the very best and most talented such as Thomas Aquinas. It was under Thomas Aquinas that the Roman Cult developed its most potent weapons for fighting to dominate the world in the form of legal words, legal forgeries and the concepts of law and justice. The Venetians had the most sophisticated of all legal systems in its maritime edicts, passed down from Doge to Doge into a consolidated codex since the end of the 10th century. This was consolidated into Admiralty Law, the law of ownership and debt--the law of money, land, sea and property. Thus using the Venetian maritime laws as the skeleton, Aquinas weaved a new set of laws given to the Crown Corporation of England called the Admiralty laws which considered all non titled living men and women to be human (animals) represented by an upper case persona (fictional character) which deemed them the legal property of the crown to be treated in the same manner as "vessels".

William Blake on the Feast of the Assinzion

William aptly putting on display the 'Feast of Ascension' as the tale of the table of Gehenna and who the meal is. The meal is our children, ourselves, in service to giving ourselves over to the idol. The doll-r in your pocket has been collaterized against your physical body. The law of vessel-dumb was, as has been iterated above, was the beast-child of St. Francis, Doge 44 (Mass of the Phoenix), and will be echoed in a finale by Pope Francis. Anywhere and everywhere that the mail box and the birth certificate has gone, and yes all governments pass these out like candy, the false fellas (Guy Faux) have been created via exchange of real being with paper being, real being with fictional identity, real being with corporation as personhood. It is all the idol's answer. Finis.

Post Script - 4/3 .. right on time ... NAVIGATORS to shepherd the vessel sheep!!! Afterall its just business and shoah business wants noting more than "healthy" sheep for sacrifice.


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vessels-can float with the wind, Dennis

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Married to the Sea: "She-of-the-left-hand (as opposed to Christ, understood as her husband and he of the Right Hand)"

Lunar pillar, the Green Lion, Veronica: the Jewish girl under the veil of the demiourgos, holding the Book of the Monomyth (Jennifer Law)

Solar pillar, the Red Lyon, Betty: the gentile Messiah, he who full-fills the Law

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