January 28, 2014

Fe Brew Aire by CoupBeBe (Click on each pic to enlarge)

It was all (everywhere in greek is also 440) evident the day when the doughnut rock on Mars (written by one Deborah Netburn no less) appeared as the Rover worked its arm/hand at Elizabeth Peninsula; and Prince Charles took over the throne for the Queen Elizabeth and promptly Perry'd a faux fella. Rover at its 10th year on Mars is playing Jared/Yod as it should. This same baker's hand timed the Abe'ld Chris Christy deflation at George Washington pontiff gate. "Chrestos chrestos" is twice brewed nigredo and thus we have our jelly. As posted long ago the iron knife makes deep fried sacrifices of dough-boys. The minimum wages needed to pay for this Baker's dozen is no less than Barak Lightning Boyz reference to women being paid $0.77 for each $1.00 a man is paid. You did catch my highlighted reference to how much our virgin Nun paid for her Francis boy? You did also catch my highlighted reference to this wage as being $10.10 or "wet work". In the coming kneading men and women alike will all play out "enemies in thine own household" .. as long promised when the Noetic Fire returns to the woodpile. It's all hot air and murder in the People's Wagon now anyway! Ride on Choom Gang forever dude!
"The idea that rebellion is at the margins of society - that's false, it's far more interesting to be mischievous from the centre." - The Jelly Doughnut speaketh.

Homer being the inky cover of Odysseus' initiatic "bau-king", the division of shell and winged, shows Exo as fight for Helen (god bless the dough-boys), and Iso as fight for Penelope (Eleeth D noted awhile back she is a much better mother). The horse of course still carries all who return with the sword of His mouth, the silent still obey silently.