March 15, 2006

Swang Song 'like German Strain"

Updated April 8th

UK bird flu 'like German strain'
The swan found in Scotland with H5N1 bird flu had a similar strain to one which infected more than 100 birds in Germany, says Scotland's chief vet.
Charles Milne said tests on the dead swan found in Cellardyke, Fife, showed the infection was close to that found in Ruegen island in February.


Blogger eugene said...

Has a commercial been made yet with Sex Pistols song? This would seal the apocalypse and the total sell out of antiestablishment to the system.

Has Jimmy been knighted yet as well?

Are we about to go massive hermaphroditic?

Wed Mar 15, 05:20:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...


this is just the start of a piece. I haven't had the time to put it together .. but

But , yes .. I would say there is a connection with Page. He had recently met the queen. But more important is the investigattion into Diana's death is called 'operation paget' with paget meaning 'little page' , page itself meaning roughly 'knight'

I am also taking the overall connection with the stairway to heaven theme and the may queen.

there has been a steady "may queen" and specifically "fairy" theme running .. with 'fairy sacrifice' and 'queen sacrifice' in the mix .. if it is combined then 'fairy queen sacrifice' .. is in the works .. and 'fairy queen'is a nickname for Queen Elizabeth I ..

Since this is Elizabeth II .. she is similar ..

that is where the sex pistols come in .. I have been noticing a sex pistol theme for a while .. and Jonny rotten is doing a documentery on the royals' ..

but when they 'boycotted' the hall of fame .. it equates to sex pistol blackout .. which immediately made me think
"god save the queen" blackout .. or 'don't save the queen'

on top of that .. there was a movie about killing the queen of england made called naked gun ..
and a naked gun would be a sex pistol

sid and nancy .. always seem interesting because of the drama at the dakota ..

but sid vicious .. tied to the queen in sydney .. made me think of Sydney vicious ..

and that is Opera .. as in it aint over till the fat lady sings .. type of thing ..

But the queen was just at the opera house 'she opened' 33 years ago ..

33 years ago .. roughly within days of each other ..
queen opened the opera at sydney
Pink Floyd release Dark side of moon
and WTC opens ..

now , this past week ,
the Queen was back in Sydney at the Opera house ..
David Gilmor has new music out , and Roger Waters is in the news with his OPERA ..

and the memorial of the wtc is started ..

and also .. if you harken back to the Sydney olympics .. then we just passed through the period of days from 2000 - 2013 .. from those olympics .. which were very OZ

so .. this is just the beginning of what I am hoping to develop ..

and this leads up to the Eclipse coming up Mar 29th ..

Fri Mar 17, 04:05:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

fight in 'vegas' in news with fighter judah and 'floyd'

roger waters is going to play in Israel

also during live 8 I noticed that the darkside album spinning is a triangle .. but when it spins it looks like the star of david

'been over jordan and i have seen .. things are not what they seem
silently passing your time in the grassland away

Sun Apr 09, 11:12:00 PM CDT  

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