March 27, 2006


I found this unique

This was a promo for the new Omen remake due out 6-6-6

Emergency service agencies received several complaints about the banner. And the Volusia County Sheriff's Office investigated it -- and discovered Thursday the banner is promoting a new movie from Twentieth Century Fox. A remake of "The Omen" is scheduled to be released June 6.
Through a Fort Lauderdale promoter, the company producing the film released this statement, "This weekend, Twentieth Century Fox will introduce 'The Omen' to a whole new generation, telling spring breakers, You have been warned! from the sky. We're thrilled that the college students in Daytona have responded so enthusiastically to the sky banners."

The promoter was instructed to alert the local FOX affiliate, a News-Journal competitor, about the reaction.

"Everywhere we are, people are jumping up and down," Mansfield said. ". . . Keep telling yourself, 'It's only a movie.' "

This idea of SKY and OMEN should relate to the eclipse this week


Blogger jim said...

This piece contains what are direct quotes from the article ..

I was trying to indicate quote but don't seem to have it working yet ..

Mon Mar 27, 06:17:00 PM CST  
Blogger Human Being said...

Thanks for posting about this, Jim... it's very very very very interesting. TPTB are "dry-running" a MAJOR psy-op. Gauging reactions and reaction times, while delivering disinformation, while getting in some serious eye-winking. They want us to know that they know something we don't. But we'll find out, sooner I hope.

Mon Mar 27, 08:37:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

HB ,

Hi .. by the way .. always good to see your moniker :)

were you able to re-invite AMJ ?

Mon Mar 27, 10:39:00 PM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

This pic has the three cars:
15 - Argent, Buddy Rice as driver
16 - Argent, Danica Patrick as driver
17 - Etahnol, Paul Dana

Two torches, one can of oil and now its gone! Its the story of the virgins and the missing lamp oil!

The Ethanol sign on Paul Dana's racing outfit looks like 'Underground' sign of circle bisected. 'Underground' sign was in Matrix, V and Goro has touched on it recently.

The Star as the Emperor is an intriguing line. Fits with crossing the event horizon of Pisces to Aquarius...a collosal switcheroo. Judgement as Shin as the 'tooth' or 'fire' is the given. The two variables being Star and Emperor. As noted Star is 'fishook' and hints at the mechanism of change over event horizon. As you noted Emperor is 'window', this may tie as the perspective gained once one crosses the event horizon or the two variables trade places. 'Tzaddi' to 'He' would also entail :) the 'daughter who touches the shells' or the manifestation of the supreme hidden into the world of appearances. Its interesting as a thought line...but its also an unresolvable riddle. Aiwaz only knows....

Some great notes on the Tzaddi:

The banner on Omen release...definite ping!

You guys seen 'Exorcism of Emily Rose'?

Hi HB...yeah when is AMJ gonna show her face in here?

Tue Mar 28, 10:18:00 AM CST  
Blogger jim said...

a couple of other notes

recently Terminator 4 movie in news

Ocean 13 in news yesterday

God father Game came out

I also have just seen the movie Inside Job and that seems important

Australia facing Huricane Glenda ready to hit tommorow ..

This will actually map to the piece I have called "Untitled" ..

Glenda is the 'good witch' in the Wizard of Oz ..
Interestingly enough .. the 'appearance' of Glenda is the exact scene of Wizard of Oz featured in Sky Captain and the world of Tommorow

Where I am going with the Untitled piece is .. Queen Elizabeth and the visit to OZ .. was connected with the OPERA house in Sydney ..
I am going to Connect Sydney Olympics and OZ in particular to 911 etc .. and the Queen was in OZ emphasising the number 2012 from the sydney olympics .. This will tie back into Live8, London 2012, and the 7/7 Terror bombing .. which Occured while Prince William was 'in the air' over NZ

going back to inside job .. that was denzel and jodie .. very intriging .. a spike lee joint with a grunge nazi vibe ..

denzel made another key movie called man on fire ..

this movie was loaded and was another Superman and Lois Lane type of movie ..

Back in 2004 I did this whole thing on the mexican situation which is simmering at the moment ..

This movie was part of it, as was an event called 'a day without a mexican' which was 5-14-2004

This was timed with the release of the brad pitt movie TROY ..

anyways .. these are just a few tidbits ..

Tue Mar 28, 02:35:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

shampoo terror plot at the old bailey .. check it out ..

forget the gunpowder plot . this is the shampoo plot ..

Shampoo and Terror .. that is HAIR or the Age of Aquarius ..

I've been researching the Age of Aquarius connection to this Eclipse ..

The Dramatic Solar Eclipse of March 29
While astronomers and sky watchers around the world are enthusiastically packing their bags to view the total Solar Eclipse this coming March 29, astrologers might anticipate it with a bit more alarm.

According to traditional interpretations, a Solar Eclipse in Aries foretells war. And the Lord of this eclipse, Mars, is found at 21º Gemini, the exact same location as the U.S. natal Mars.

When the eclipse chart is set for Washington D.C. at 5:16 am, Mars is found near the foundation of the horoscope, while Pluto is passing overhead.

The Mars-Pluto opposition and its association with military conflict becomes the dominant vibration by virtue of its angularity over the nation's capital.

In addition, Pluto is extraordinarily potent here since it's simultaneously turning retrograde while conjunct the Galactic Center.

The action around March 29 might have global significance* since the eclipse degree hits critical points on many world leaders' and national horoscopes. For example, the eclipse lands on China's Sun, Hamas's Mars, Turkey's Mars, the UK's Ascendant (1801 chart), Israel's Twelfth House Neptune, the U.S. Mars/Pluto midpoint, Jimmy Carter's Sun, Bill Clinton's Mars-Ascendant, and Pope Benedict's Midheaven.

One likely hotspot was foreshadowed last week during President Bush's State of the Union address. At the time, transiting Uranus was exactly opposite his Mars, an extremely attack-oriented combination. While he personally was not attacked, he did single out Iran as an immediate threat.

As it happens, the eclipse takes place only three degrees from Iran 's Sun, while the Mars-Pluto opposition squares Iran 's Mars, all of which is a powerfully dynamic, volatile mix.

this is interesting .. I was trying to figure out how mars plays into the eclipse .. and duh .. i'm not too quick ..
the eclipse is in Aries which is Mars the War god ..

and Mars is at a particular spot on America's birth Chart ..

what is more is that the andrew Card resigning and being replaced by bolton ..

back with John Bolton going to the UN I made the comparison of BOLTON to BOLT of LIGHTNING striking the TOWER ..

and andrew CARD with BOLTON .. is the same thing .. it can denote the TOWER CARD or WAR .. the tarot Card ruled by MARS ..

Andrew Card as WAR or TOWER .. was also the wisperer in prezs ear on 911 ..

so in light of this MARS connection to DC and AMERICA and tommorows ECLIPSE ..

also the eclipse will start at NATAL BRAZIL .. NATAL as in BIRTH ..

I did a little snooping and Natal was associated with an american military base in WWII and what was termed 'PROJECT RAINBOW" ..

PROJECT RAINBOW .. that connects to the idea of the philadelphia experiement ..

and ads another OZ dimension to this ECLIPSE ..

and check out this oddity ..

The MOVIE "V" came out on ST PATRICKS day Mar 17th 2006 .. day 1648 from 911 ..

I mentioned the Rabbit connection to Leprechaun and the little green men from mars ..

now .. this is interesting ..
taking 1648 * .618 ends up at something like 1019

This ends up equating to June 26th 2004 ..

now it was precisely on June 25/26th of 2004 that the following occured ..

the Mars Rover encountered a POT OF GOLD on MARS ..
on friday June 25th and IRISH REPORTER gave bush a crazy interview .. this was termed the leprechaun interview ..
this was followed by bush flying to Ireland on saturday morning June 26th .. and then to turkey that afternoon. I watched all of this on TV .. he appeared in turkey in the afternoon beneath the famous bridge ..

now in turkey Bridge and Rainbow is the same word ..
so Bush was at the Rainbow Bridge ..


and this Eclipse which I have been talking about will start in NATAL BRAZIL and reach Turkey .. and this is connected with PROJECT RAINBOW .. and MARS and TURKEY ..

meanwhile the good witch GLENDA is about to hit OZ ..

and there is a shampoo plot at the OLD BAILY

Tue Mar 28, 08:55:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

following the watergate theme ..

All the President's men

past 2 days

Lyn Nofsinger - dead
Cap Wienberger - dead
Andrew Card - Resigned ..


cap wienberger is associated with STAR WARS

so going back to STAR WAR = RACE CAR = RACE WAR

Paul Dana = Race Car Death
Cap Wienberger = Star War Death
???? = Race War Death

The idea of the death star is also at play here ..
The Death Star is like an Ark so it is also like a Death CAR
and of course it is used or planned to be used in the destruction of whole planets as in "Race War"

Also just dying .. on the day V came out was a man named Cassini
so that would Cassini Death

There is Buck Owen .. the Rhinestone cowboy ..
Rhine - germany
Stone - Philospher Stone


But also the director of 20,000 leagues under the sea just died as well .. that connects with the neptune concept that is very important ..
neptune and the walrus's converge in another 50 first dates with adam sandler

also the winkler murder is interesting

Winkler was the name of the scientist who discovered Germaniun Chemical .. named for Germany

Wed Mar 29, 06:36:00 AM CST  
Blogger jim said...

I think the death star theme is in play .. and this relates to the eclipse and the Rev 12 stuff I explained ..

But taking Cap Weinberger - Star Wars Death = Death Star

and Paul Dana driving the 17 car which is the Star then
that is also Death and Star
Death Star

then take Eugenes' Star Collides with Judgement .. and rearrange it

Judgement Star or Death Star ..

With the Car theme added in .. the Ark .. which coincidently is reinforced by the Carpenter as ark builder as Eugene noted ..

and the theme is DEATH STAR

this maps theologically to the Revelation Game and the Eclipse

It also fits the overall Judgement Day theme which had a "RACE CARD"
feel since Johnny Cochran died on 3-11-05

A death Star can also imply perhaps the planet Saturn or Pluto.

I have a lot of stuff on Pluto that is very important and I think that may acutally be the aim here .. Pluto as Death Star ..
But Pluto,Uranus,Neptune all seem important

and lastly the idea of a new found power satelite which is a weopon ties to the idea of the 'death star' which is a weopon that could be used in a world wide 'race war'
or 'eugenics'

Wed Mar 29, 06:45:00 AM CST  
Blogger jim said...

This is a link on Charles Taylor ..

going back to Live 8 .. which was about africa .. and I said I felt it was a trick .. in other words .. not about helping africa .. but about a genocide in africa ..

I have other comments that regard what I see as the role of Robert Mugabe ..

This story of Charles Taylor is in the news at this time .. he disappeared from Nigeria .. and now has been caught ..

He is a war crimal that possibly fostered genocide or war crimes in several areas of Africa ..

The point is although not 'dead' he fits the 'race war' concept ..
and this ties in with the idea of the war criminal who looks for asylum .. which matches the nazis in brazil theme ..

This Eclipse .. starting in Natal Brazil will sweep right through africa ..

so the Charles Taylor Drama fits in with the overall concept of Race War and Eugenics Nazi's and Boys from Brazil .. pointing to Africa as a place where this will occur in some way ..

going back to live 8 .

Wed Mar 29, 08:16:00 AM CST  
Blogger jim said...

Live 8 featured Paul McCartney and Bono ..'leading' the mass of people on a journey or road to 'edinburah'

this was termed the 'long walk to justice'

there is a lot to this .. and it connects to crowley and 911

but there is this long and winding road theme ..

one of the things I came up with from live 8 was the Sgt Pepper concept .. which is the song that started the show .. with Paul and Bono .. and Arnold by the way inserted into the middle of the frame ..

Pepper connects to Piper via the Latin

Taking the ideas of Piper , leading people on a journey , and taking the Walrus .. as deceiving the oysters that were easily 'led'

This also ties into the idea of helter skelter or race war

.. so the timing of this connects with the Africa theme .. and the 'cull' theme ..

McCartney and the seal cull .. that can't be stopped ..

and then again Carpenter and Paul with the untimely death on sunday

Wed Mar 29, 09:33:00 AM CST  
Blogger jim said...

I will try to work up more detail on this ..

but the Danish Cartoons .. I have felt were part of this helter skelter thing

where a cartoon can be
a CAR TUNE which can be a BEATLE SONG ..

Paul McCartney was in California at the grammies and played Helter Skelter .. this was significant .. because it was exactly 6666 + 6666 days after Manson Family killed Sharon Tate et al .. to 'start' the race war

the movie Helter Skelter was just remade , and it was a real good job , and released on TV on May 24th 2004

that is day 986 from 911

the Danish Cartoons which erupted in Feb 2006 actually were published on Sept 30 2005 which is day 1480

986 / 1480 = .666

the helter skelter theme was part of the 1st Patriot Superbowl at New Orleans superdome .. where both Bono and Paul McCartney played ..

The Katrina Hurricane , centered on that very same superdome .. had a real racial element to it .. with images of the poorer and blacker people being abandoned

the city has sense had a population shift with an influx of mexican workers and a decrease of black population

at the same time as this there were prison fights and riots in LA that featured Black vs Mexican Racial gangs ..

in light of this .. check out the article from Prison Planet

'Immigration Protests' Cover For Racist Ethnic Cleansing Movement'

RACE WAR .. with the immigrant March in California ..

Wed Mar 29, 09:44:00 AM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

'Shampoo' the movie was THE debut for Carrie Fisher of Star Wars!

Shampoo was also heavily tied to Watergate as the movie is set on the 24 hours of Nixons first election and was released during Watergate! At this I am reminded of the spaceprogram and its direct Apollo time ties to many of the Vietnam a direct manipulation of the 'chauvanist' mind. The fool Patriots are led by forces they have no comprehension of, ie March Madness. They may seem the champions but are really chumpions. A golem who like Ialdaboth thinks he is in control of the Universe.

A little Hoops Hysteria..March Madness, Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight and Final Four or M S E F...or FEMS!

See the wikipedia reference...note that it boils it down to sexual politics and this is none other than the original 'watergate':) or control of the feminine! And the flood is result of the Gods entering gates they shouldnt have! Does this mean the fire is a result of men not entering gates as they should have?

It really is all about the whole nut! We are really just a silly script of talking heads attached to prime mover, who at present is veiled over in clothes and controlled by law..."You shall not touch thyself or others" screams Ialdaboth...meanwhile back at the batcave, Atum jacks off on the primal mound and creates the Universe. So much for veils!

Hieronymous Bosch (thanks Garfield!) sees the future...

Great stuff Jim! The pot of gold on Mars deal is way too see through as well...Thanks!!!

Wed Mar 29, 09:45:00 AM CST  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

thanks .. all over the shampoo movie .. nice ..

also speaking of nasa ..

I noticed an article on space

this article is titled LUNAR LOST AND FOUND ..

that should click immediately with 2001 .. and the monolith .. the object hidden or 'lost' on the moon waiting to be found ..

and speaking of Appollo 13 .. Eugene we have talked about expedition 13 .. which leaves today .. funny I have been tracking this ex 13 bigtime and I didn't even notice it was going to launch on 3-29 total eclipse day ..

this features the first brazilian astronaut Marcos Pontes ..

this all ties
Nazis - Boys from Brazil - Nasa Space PRogram

Eclipse - Brazil Natal and a bridge and rainbow connection with Mars ..

Marcus Pontes .. warlike bridge .. or Martian Bridge .. or bridge to the little green men .. leprechaun bridge .. Mars and the pot of gold etc etc ..

tying back to brasil as Bres and the Irish Mythical Land ..

and then as you are saying the movie shampoo is watergate tight :)

Wed Mar 29, 09:55:00 AM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

What was lost to be now found!

Lunokhod...a portmenteau or Luna and Hod or Yesod and Hod and the path that connects is the sun! Eclipse, lost and found. Daddy that was lost to daughter in 'Contact', finds/touches daddy on the other side of creating/going through the stargate, ie the sungate. The nazis in this movie provided the evil impetus that propelled the entire need to go there, ie the adversarial current. - Normal GD as Resh - Suares has as Kaf and explains why. (Suares has alot on the blind of reversals found in GD attributions, ie Crowley...fwiw and fyi:)

And this is none other than Yod as hand in 'open palm' form. The open palm form is where riches or poverty is found. Riches in sense of the magician who creates its own and poor in the sense of I need a handout. - scroll down to 20 Khaf Phay

In seeing it as 20 which is 11 it ties nicely to previous thoughts!

Wed Mar 29, 11:01:00 AM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

Pontes as both sea and bridge.

Marcus as Mars...warlike.

A bridge over itself is destroyed?

Great associations Jim.

Wed Mar 29, 11:06:00 AM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

Drudge like you said Jim is handwriting on the wall...

Today's 'Felix the cat', which we have discussed before, ties to offspring of WOMBGATE with 6 fingers 6 toes, like the after flood Nephilim of Goliath, his Dad and brothers. This cat LEWIS is no less than "terrorist of Sunset circle"!!!

Lewis is under house arrest, ie MARtial law, this after his bridges, ie relations to neighbors have so to say 'burned down'.

Maybe the owner should send him off to WHITNEY HOUSTON so she has a reason to live...TOTAL HANDWRITING ON THE WALL...


Wed Mar 29, 11:25:00 AM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

'Crazy Cat' afterall is 'Hoops Hysteria' aka 'Pussy Galore'!!! This would tie to SPRING BREAK and the lessening of sexual mores...

Hey what better time to seed 666 seed, in young fertile minds! Hence 'his banner over us is love' and Hes(e)ed is evil afterall...

Maybe all the 'jumping up and down' of the bodies is merely a devilish basketball game afterall.

Whitney's 'Drug Den' would equate to being in the illusion of the material womb and its coming collapse, flood or fiery release therefrom. Hysteria does tie the hag at the end of the female triad of virgin, mother, hag. Hag being the last step to virginal reversion, this only after the gate of the collapse of watergate, stargate, into the primordial chaos, the dissolution of forms!!!

The eclipse it would seem has a giant crack of revelation in you not get this feeling as well!?!

Wed Mar 29, 11:42:00 AM CST  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

good stuff .. Lewis Cat .. sounds the Chesire Cat in Lewis Carroll .. who knows ..

speaking of Ludwig and burning bridges .. you have the V movie in which the song in the novelet is Ludwigs Fifth ..

Ludwig is also .. featured in Clockwork Orange ..

and Ludwig .. wasn't that the name of either the killer or the family that was killed in that PA killing where the kid [ i think he was ludwig ..] killed his teen girlfriends parents and then they drove away together .. I will have to go back and check that out ..
but I remember at the time that I had connected Ludwig with Lewis .. and I think that connected to the Katrina Hurricane .. with Louisianna Purchase connotation ..

Ludwig and Lewis go back even farther and end up at CLOVIS .. which goes back to France and the bloodline stuff ..

anyways .. almost right on cue .. here is prince harry completing his exercise .. "spring victory"

When I included the picture of Page in Nazi regalia .. I also wanted to include Prince Harry from 2005 new years day .. I just never got to it ..

but he shows up right in cyprus .. which is in line of the eclipse ..

Wed Mar 29, 11:49:00 AM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

How did this get missed? Sept 2004

And this is really telling!

Wed Mar 29, 11:50:00 AM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

Prince Harry's 'spring victory' mates with 'Bush joining Spring Breakers in Cancun'

a sort of anti eclipse viewpoint if you will:)

Wed Mar 29, 12:01:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

also .. Eugene .. maybe you have some ideas on Buck Owen ..

there has been a lot of Tennesee and Nashville and Memphis stuff lately ..

the caller to the Larry King show about Immette Gillian .. that seemed to indicate the Hair and the Law School were the reason she was taken .. [which by the way just answered one of our questions :)

he was from NASHVILLE ..
NASHVILLE .. I connected that to NASH which ties to ASH .. and the idea of the ASH TREE .. which is the place of protection from Fairies and Fates .. which tie to the Imette Murder , V , Oscars , etc etc ..

this is also the still place .. or the Rock and not to roll place ..

I believe the Winkler murders might have been tennesee .. I need to look at that closer .. I think I heard the town was called selma or selmer ..

either way .. the MLK thing is still in play and that is memphis ..

there is the tie in with the august shooting of Elizabeth Vargas Husband .. singer of Walking in Memphis ..

Then there is this whole GRACELAND thing .. Gale Nortan [North Wind??] is stepping down and she and her husband will be heading WEST .. anyways .. she was in GRACELAND on monday to make GRACELAND a national heritage or something .. a lot of talk about the jungle room ... but also wierd was the mention that Elivs was the only person who ever met pres Nixon in a cape .. and nixon deputized him ..

not that it means anything ,, but just funny how Nixon - Cape fits in with the Watergate and Superman theme ..
Eugene , your point about the Appollo program and Vietnam is intriging ..

especially in light of some of my connections between godfather, superman, and apocalypse now with the oscars .. and the 'apollo' concept ..

remember we even had Gary Glitter getting sentenced in Vietnam ..
with the idea that all that glitter is not gold ..

now you have me thinking the vietnam appollo thing is deeper ..

Imette St Guillen was a female student of Justice at John Jay in Ny who was supposedly killed by a man named 'littlejohn' who happened to shave her head ..

I've been working on this idea of the May Queen and the hair apect ..

one thing I found was that Loki steals the Hair of a goddess in Norse myth .. and that leads to the creation of the Hammer of the Gods ..

Another concept was the shornmaiden ritual which is tied to the idea of taking a sykle to the corn and the last corn taken down represents the mayqueen ..

But writing this ,, and I'm not sure how i missed it ..
this idea of Hair and Justice .. is precisely this Aquarius and Judgement or STAR and JUDGEMENT or DEATH STAR ..

which I am thinking will tie to PLUTO and the age of Aquarius ..

The connection of the Imette St Guillen Murder to V for Vendetta is strengthened ..
the V for Vendetta movie starts by V blowing up Lady Justice statue on top of the Old Bailey ..

This same Old Bailey is the place where this 'terror shampoo' case occured .. which we have tied to hair ... and the age of aquarius ..
[Eugene .. in fact this stuff is so tied together .. I am feeling like Stephen Rea in the movie ]

so this idea of Hair and Lady Justice .. this ties back to the Immette St Guillen Murder

also .. following the fate angle

Destiny Child in the news

Enron trial rests ..

Beyonce and Enron .. goro developed both of those themes involving the idea of fates or norne [enron backwards]

the fates or nornes are again a type of Lady Justice or Judgements

in play today .. in fact Enron 'resting' today is uncanny ..

and here is the storys on Kelvin Sampson .. another Basketball for you Eugene..

this one involves Sampson .. who was a judge in the bible .. whose power was connected to his HAIR
HAIR JUDGEMENT .. again ..

this in INDIANA ...

this seems to map with Paul Dana who was driving Car 17 thus the Star Judgement theme Eugene developed ..

the Ethanol angle .. is ethanol derived from corn ?
As a fuel
Main article: Ethanol fuel
The largest single use of ethanol is as a motor fuel and fuel additive. The largest national fuel ethanol industries exist in Brazil and the United States. The Brazilian ethanol industry is based on sugarcane; as of 2004, Brazil produces 14 billion liters annually, enough to replace about 40% of its gasoline demand. Most new cars sold in Brazil are flexible-fuel vehicles that can run on ethanol, gasoline, or any blend of the two.

The United States fuel ethanol industry is based largely on corn. As of 2005, its capacity is 15 billion liters annually, although the Energy Policy Act of 2005 requires U.S. fuel ethanol production to increase to 7.5 billion gallons (28 billion liters) by 2012. In the United States, ethanol is most commonly blended with gasoline as a blend of up to 10% ethanol, nicknamed "gasohol". This blend is widely sold throughout the U.S. Midwest, which contains the nation's chief corn-growing centers.

In 2005, the Indy Racing League announced its cars will run on a 10% ethanol - 90% methanol blend fuel, and in 2007, the cars will race on 100% ethanol.
This associates him with being 'green' as in environmental friendly ... but he also is said to have may a 'rookie mistake' ..

anyways the idea of the green man sacrifice is there ..

furthormore with the Aquarius Judgement of Hair Judgement
theme .. this ties in with the Corn concept .. cutting down the corn and the shornmaiden ..
this is part of the Mayqueen Sprinkling I've been tracking

Wed Mar 29, 12:26:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

German meaning of the boys name Selmer:
divine protector

The winkler case is from Selmer TN

as I mentioned Winkler in relation to Germanium

Selmer can also come from sell meyer .. meaning Hall Steward ..
like a bailiff or mayor ..

which is interesting because Selmer is the setting of Buford Pusser and Walking Tall ..

Winkler seems to derive from wynkal which is flemish .. as in Rip Van Wynkel ..
he of the GOLDEN SLUMBER ..

Wed Mar 29, 12:58:00 PM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

Long hair on women is the sign in Corinthians 11 as related to how angels, these being sons of God, message prophecy to or through them. It sets the HAIRarchy!

This paper exhaustively deals with uses in bible. IMO it relates to the shearing of the sheep and he keeps his mouth shut...this would be to NOT utter prophecy!

In most cab-of-allah fashion it goes all the way back to when Adam and woman noticed they were 'naked', ie the aur casing left them and they descended into shame, same context as being shorn in Corinthians, and God the tailor made them coats of skin from animals, ie 'hairy' and so like ESAU! Its further and further down the ladder into material descent!

The blind is not that we are now clothed, its that humanity left a higher dimension, clothed in light, and descended into this skin of shame...which makes us clothe ourselves, not to mention the now pesky elements and their effect on the used-to-be- impervious-to-the-elements gardeners. The temple in plain sight is now the temple in shame sight!

The bells should be sounding!!! 'Silence of the Lambs' is none other than 'Buffalo Bill', tailor of skins!

This is none other than the great reversal of appearances and the real twist is 'I was naked and you did not clothe me'...Both the lambs and the goats HAVE NO was acta non verba that mattered!

Wed Mar 29, 12:59:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

Irish troops ensure Taylor faces war crimes trial
29/03/2006 - 18:53:17

Irish troops are aiding in the transfer of the former President of Liberia, Charles Taylor, to face prosecution before a war crimes court in Sierra Leone, it emerged tonight.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Dermot Ahern said he was proud of Ireland’s involvement in the repatriation of Mr Taylor from Nigeria to Monrovia in Liberia.

“I understand that Irish members of the UNMIL Quick Reaction Force will provide an air escort for Mr Taylor from Liberia to Sierra Leone and I am proud of this further important contribution by our Defence Forces on UN duty,” Mr Ahern said.

Mr Taylor is being transferred by helicopter to Freetown, Sierra Leone for prosecution before the UN-backed Special Court, which has indicted Mr Taylor for fuelling a war there.

honestly i'm not making this up ..

as if almost from out of nowhere here come 'irish' troops to 'transport' Charles Taylor ..

Another Headline I saw which I cannot now find was 'Charles Taylor PORTED TO JUSTICE"

PORTED is Portare .. to carry or ferry ... to bear ..


which matches exactly the role of the IRISH TROOPS in Transporting Charles Taylor to Justice ..

The Irish Troops can be the leprechaun's or little green men .. or fairies ..

This connects well with the idea of Brazil Natal Eclipse .. and the Fairy conept we've been working ..

this also connects to the martian connection ..

This furthormore connects back to Live 8 and the Long walk to Justice ..
Charles Taylor goes on his long walk to justice with the help of the IRISH ..
that matches Live 8 where Bono and U2 .. sometimes refered to as the IRISH .. helped lead the Long Walk to Justice ..

Justice is Tarot Card 8 ..
Crowley in crowleys system

he switched 8 and 11 ..
he has
8 = Lamed = Adjustment [Justice]
11= teth = Lust [strength]

so Live 8 and Justice go together and this connects back to crowley and 911 ..

back at the time of the concert I made the connection as well with the live 8 white bands and the lance armstrong Live Strong yellow bands ..

this was connecting with the idea of 8 and Eternity .. or infinity .. and then Live 8 = Life Eternal ..
and also Infinite Justice .. which by the way was what bush first called the operation that was switched to ENDURING FREEDOM ..

now Freedom is Liberty .. and we have Liberia and Monrovia .. founded on these concepts of Freedom and Liberty .. it was an african country founded by former american slaves ..

This is where Charles Taylor is from ..
now Liberia has recently elected a black female president nicknamed the Iron Lady .. this maps to the Lady Liberty concept .. statue of Liberty ..

they are talking about 'repatriating' Charles Taylor ..

for added measure Taylor is Tailor which is a sewer of thread ...
which connects to the idea of the FATES

Wed Mar 29, 01:18:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...


interesting ..

just watch silence the other night after getting home from inside man .. jodi and jodi

jodi is miss white in inside

but there have also been some
scarlet sightings ..

Scarlet women had valiant run

Angelina Jolie has been unseated as the sexiest women alive in a recent FHM poll. Taking her place at the top is the smoking Scarlet Johansson who displayed her sexiness boldly with a revealing red dress at this year’s Golden Globes.

the scarlet woman idea connects to Kali which connects to Justice again

Wed Mar 29, 01:32:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

Tom Jones is knighted by Queen Elizabeth today at Buckingham Palace .. Mar 29 th 2006

Tom Jones does have song called Delilah ..

Delilah is the one who cuts Samson's Hair ..

Hair and Judgement again ..

Wed Mar 29, 02:01:00 PM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...,5478,18637094%255E1702,00.html

Agent Orange victims from both sides, Vietnam and US, make case for compensation and say we are still poisoning the environment with DU in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, etc.

Defoliant is to take off clothes!

Here is an article I shared along time ago called 'Wagging the Moon Doggie' which has a great timeline of Nixon, Watergate and Apollo.

Wed Mar 29, 02:04:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

thanks .. just read thru the Whitney Houstan stuff .. yikes ..
this definitely maps to "houstan we have a problem" .. and the pictures are in the Sun
Sun and Moon and Apollo 13 ref maybe ..

Bush at Cancun with Spring Break ..
yeah Spring break seems to be in play .. this 6-6-6 omen is spring break as well

But Cancun Today is real important ..
Wilma hit at Cancun and that little island just off the coast ..

that is the site of where it is said that an asteroid hit that wiped out the dinosaurs ..

but that site is loaded with key aztec temples based on the sun and the moon ..

the little island is dedicated to the moon goddess .. and that connects to the rabbit and the moon .. which is a were-rabbit which connects to the movie Wallace and Grummit and the curse of the were-rabbit which displaced Jodi Foster's Fligtplan back at the time of wilma ..

so bush shows up there today . but not for spring break .. he is there to meet with the 3 amigos .. Canada's Harper [last year was Paul Martin] and Mexico's Fox
with the importance of today's eclipse for our countries future . this could be a clear tip to the merging of Usa , Canada , and Mexico ..
this seems to map to the idea in the alex jones article where much of the west is seen as mexican .. or AZTEC

also here is prince Charles today in India

Prince Charles inaugurates Asia Pacific Water Meet
Jodhpur (Raj): Amid the beats of traditional music and dance, Britain's Prince Charles today inaugurated the two-day Asia Pacific Water Conference here by watering a 'tulsi' plant along with other distinguished guests.

The music of famed 'Langa' artistes and the traditional 'Paniharan' dance enthused the Prince and others who were present on the occasion, including erstwhile ruler of Jodhpur Gaj Singh and UNDP Resident Representative Maxine Olsen.

In his address, Maxine said UNDP is working on awareness campaign about conservation of water in Asian countries and have launched several projects to educate people about issues of availability, sustainable supply of water, future complications and quality management of water.

The UN agency was working in Pakistan and India to improve the quality of water management, he said.

Later, the Prince of Wales left for Aratia village in Pali district, about 50 kms from here, to witness water harvesting by the villagers.


You've heard of peak oil .. get ready for "PEAK WATER" ..

Amid the beats of traditional music and dance, Britain's Prince Charles today inaugurated the two-day Asia Pacific Water Conference here by watering a 'tulsi' plant along with other distinguished guests.

Wed Mar 29, 02:17:00 PM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

A culdesac on the Judas ball of yarn I have yet to plumb is Mary with oil, anoint Christ feet, with her hair. It clearly ties here and yet the meaning is still elusive.

Mary anointing the lamb, read feet ie Pisces, for his silent slaughter, is a reversal of anointing prophets in OT, namely Samuel, who was a man. Also the ties to Judas and the purse and the whole episode of 'stealing' from the purse in contrast to 'wasting of the oil' on Jesus' feet. Gospel relates Judas as saying 'it would have been better to sell it and give to the poor.'...this so he could steal from the purse.

A clue might lie in the use of purse. Purse relates to borse as money bag (ties to Ten Dollar bill and rise of Euro) and as made from skin of animal and this is right back to God the tailor. Also purse is sow's ear and this is ISIS on pig's back and is also PUDENDA, or vagina. The only other most taboo subject other than vaginal flow, moon cycle, is eating of swine and kosher. Swine/pig flesh in the past being used as code word for menstrual blood, vagina and sex during menstruation. Crowley as you know advocated eating mixed white (vaginal) and red (semen) tinctures, elements in the cakes of light, as THE eucharist.

Have wound my way around this one bunch of times but the distillation and its tie to the anointing of Mary eludes me....

thoughts, help, ideas?????

Wed Mar 29, 02:24:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

Tulsi: The Holy Power Plant

The holy Indian basil is a miracle plant
The 'tulsi' plant or Indian basil is an important symbol in the Hindu religious tradition. The name 'tulsi' connotes "the incomparable one". Tulsi is a venerated plant and Hindus worship it in the morning and evening. Tulsi grows wild in the tropics and warm regions. Dark or Shyama tulsi and light or Rama tulsi are the two main varieties of basil, the former possessing greater medicinal value. Of the many varieties, the Krishna or Shyama tulsi is commonly used for worship.

Tulsi As A Deity
The presence of tulsi plant symbolizes the religious bent of a Hindu family. A Hindu household is considered incomplete if it doesn't have a tulsi plant in the courtyard. Many families have the tulsi planted in a specially built structure, which has images of deities installed on all four sides, and an alcove for a small earthen oil lamp. Some households can even have up to a dozen tulsi plants on the verandah or in the garden forming a "tulsi-van" or "tulsivrindavan" - a miniature basil forest.

Places that tend to inspire concentration and places ideal for worship, according to the Gandharv Tantra, include "grounds overgrown with tulsi plants". The Tulsi Manas Mandir at Varanasi is one such famous temple, where tulsi is worshipped along with other Hindu gods and goddesses. Vaishnavites or believers of Lord Vishnu worship the tulsi leaf because it's the one that pleases Lord Vishnu the most. They also wear beaded necklaces made of tulsi stems. The manufacture of these tulsi necklaces is a cottage industry in pilgrimages and temple towns.

Tulsi As An Elixir
Apart from its religious significance it is of great medicinal significance, and is a prime herb in Ayurvedic treatment. Marked by its strong aroma and a stringent taste, tusli is a kind of "the elixir of life" as it promotes longevity. The plant's extracts can be used to prevent and cure many illnesses and common ailments like common cold, headaches, stomach disorders, inflammation, heart disease, various forms of poisoning and malaria. Essential oil extracted from karpoora tulsi is mostly used for medicinal purposes though of late it is used in the manufacture of herbal toiletry.

According to Jeevan Kulkarni, author of Historical Truths & Untruths Exposed, when Hindu women worship tulsi, they in effect pray for "less and less carbonic acid and more and more oxygen - a perfect object lesson in sanitation, art and religion". The tulsi plant is even known to purify or de-pollute the atmosphere and also works as a repellent to mosquitoes, flies and other harmful insects. Tulsi used to be a universal remedy in cases of malarial fever.

Prof Shrinivas Tilak, who teaches Religion at Concordia University, Montreal has made this historical citation: In a letter written to The Times, London, dated May 2, 1903 Dr George Birdwood, Professor of Anatomy, Grant Medical College, Bombay said, "When the Victoria Gardens were established in Bombay, the men employed on those works were pestered by mosquitoes. At the recommendation of the Hindu managers, the whole boundary of the gardens was planted with holy basil, on which the plague of mosquitos was at once abated, and fever altogether disappeared from among the resident gardners."

Tulsi In Legends
Quite a few myths and legends found in the Puranas or ancient scriptures point to the origin of importance of tulsi in religious rituals. Although tulsi is regarded as feminine, in no folklore is she described as the consort the Lord. Yet a garland solely made of tulsi leaves is the first offering to the Lord as part of the daily ritual. The plant is accorded the sixth place among the eight objects of worship in the ritual of the consecration of the Kalasha, the container of holy water.

According to one legend, Tulsi was the incarnation of a princess who fell in love with Lord Krishna, and so had a curse laid on her by his consort Radha. Tulsi is also mentioned in the stories of Meera and of Radha immortalised in Jayadev's Gita Govinda. The story of Lord Krishna has it that when Krishna was weighed in gold, not even all the ornaments of Satyabhama could outweigh him. But a single tulsi leaf placed by Rukmani on the pan tilted the scale.

In the Hindu mythology, tulsi is very dear to Lord Vishnu. Tulsi is ceremonially married to Lord Vishnu annually on the 11th bright day of the month of Karttika in the lunar calendar. This festival continues for five days and concludes on the full moon day, which falls in mid October. This ritual, called the 'Tulsi Vivaha' inaugurates the annual marriage season in India.

Wed Mar 29, 02:27:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

Jodhpur is also called sun city because sun can be seen shining almost in all seasons.

interesitng connections with Sun City and Moon River

and the region was called MARWAR

At least thematically this puts prince charles in a region associated with Sun and Moon and Mars and War ..

that ties thematically to the Solar Eclipse in March

this Water theme seems intense ..

The water 'meet' and water 'supply' theme seem to tie with the watergate or Aquarius theme ..
especially with Charles as Man bearing the Water .. pouring it ..
Water Bearer .. Aquarius

Wed Mar 29, 02:39:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

here is another Charles Taylor story ..

Wanted in war crimes, 'street fighter' vanishes
Liberian warlord slips away from Nigerian sanctuary before standing trial in deaths, maimings of half-million

Former Liberian president Charles Taylor, still considered among the most powerful warlords in Africa, absconded from his luxurious Nigerian sanctuary days after his hosts agreed to hand him over to face a war-crimes trial.

The flamboyant fugitive -- wanted for his role in the murder, rape and sadistic maiming of more than half a million Africans -- and his entourage vanished from his walled villa in the southern Nigerian town of Calabar on Monday night, according to Nigerian officials.

The news infuriated international human-rights groups such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, which criticized Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo for not earlier having surrendered Mr. Taylor to a United Nations-backed tribunal in Sierra Leone.

"Taylor's disappearance on Nigeria's watch is a disgrace," Human Rights Watch said in a statement, echoed by Amnesty International, which demanded that any country providing him a haven immediately transfer him to the special court in Sierra Leone.


David Crane, a law professor at Syracuse University and founding chief prosecutor of the Special Court in Sierra Leone, told the House panel that it was important to hand over Taylor as soon as possible because as "a street fighter, a thug and a survivor" he could return to power one day "when the international community is challenged by other crises" that distract their attention from Africa's problems

here is a reference to Charles Taylor as "street fighter" ..

this is intriging because I mentioned the connection with the Mars - Ireland - Rainbow concept and how June 26th 2004 mapped to Mar 17 2006 and the V for Vendetta movie released on St Patrick day .. often associated with pot of gold and Leprechaun ..

it turns out that V for Vendetta ends with the Rolling Stones and the song "Street fighting man"

also On 17 March 2006,

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the new democratically elected President of Liberia, submitted an official request to Nigeria for the extradition of Charles Taylor. This request was granted on 25 March, whereby Nigeria agreed to release Taylor to stand trial in the Special Court for Sierra Leone. Nigeria agreed only to release Taylor and not to extradite him, as no extradition treaty exists between the two countries.
so this current Charles Taylor Saga started on Mar 17th ..

Bush Says Charles Taylor May Be Tried in Netherlands (Update1)
March 29 (Bloomberg) -- Former Liberian President Charles Taylor, who has been indicted on war crimes charges and was deported today by Nigeria to Liberia, may be tried in the Netherlands instead of Africa, President George W. Bush said.

``There is a process to get Charles Taylor to the court in the Netherlands,'' Bush said. ``Such a process will require a United Nations Security Council resolution,'' he said in response to a question after a speech on foreign policy to Freedom House, a non-profit organization in Washington.

Taylor, 58, was captured early today while trying to leave Nigeria and was transported to Liberia and then to Freetown, Sierra Leone, where he is in the custody of the UN-backed war crimes court there, UN spokeswoman Marie Okabe said in New York. Bush said Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told him she thought the relocation of a Taylor trial to Europe could ``happen relatively quickly.''

The Hague which is in the netherlands .. leads to Judgement in Netherland .. which is again peter pan and Fairys and judgement

also check this out

He was briefly arrested in 1979 after threatening to take over the Liberian diplomatic mission in New York and was accused of embezzling roughly $900,000 as head of Liberia's General Services Administration. On May 24, 1984, two US Deputy Marshals arrested Taylor in Somerville, Massachusetts, on a warrant for extradition to face charges of embezzling $922,000 of government funds, intended for machinery parts, into a New York bank account. Citing a fear of assassination by Liberian agents, it was announced by Taylor's lawyer, former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, that Taylor would fight extradition from the safety of jail. He was detained in a House of Corrections in Plymouth, Massachusetts. On Sunday, September 15, 1985, sometime around 8:30 pm, Taylor and four other inmates escaped from the jail by sawing through a bar covering a window in an unused laundry room. After dropping 12 feet to the ground by means of a knotted sheet, the five inmates climbed a fence.

This guy is one of the most feared warlords in Africa .. responsible for torturing , killing, and maiming 1/2 million people ..
and Ramsey Clark was his attn in 1979 and helped save him ..

This is the same Ramsey Clark currently calling for Innocent Verdict for Saddam and who was also Milosevic Lawyer ..

who is Ramsey Clark ????

Wed Mar 29, 03:05:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

back to Prince Charles

The best-known myth identifies Aquarius with Ganymede, a beautiful youth with whom Zeus fell in love, and whom he (in the guise of an eagle, represented as the constellation Aquila) carried off to Olympus to be cupbearer to the gods. Crater is sometimes identified as his cup.

Aquarius generally resembles the figure of a man, and when considering fainter humanly visible stars, it takes on the image of a man with a bucket from which is pouring a stream. Aquarius was also identified as the pourer of the waters which flooded the earth in the Great Flood, in the ancient Greek version of the myth. As such, the constellation Eridanus was sometimes identified as being a river poured out by Aquarius.

It may also, together with the constellation Pegasus, be part of the origin of the myth of the Mares of Diomedes, which forms one of The Twelve Labours of Heracles. Its association with pouring out rivers, and the nearby constellation of Capricornus, may be the source of the myth of the Augean stable, which forms another of the labours.


it takes on the image of a man with a bucket from which is pouring a stream.

This would map to Charles Inaugurating the Water Conference by Pouring Water ..

in this Charles is Aquarius ..

also interesting is that Prince Charles is Inaugurating ..

because .. although I am all over the board here .. this piece is called SKY OMEN ..

and the concept of OMEN is most connected with the Roman role of AUGER .. reading the signs of the birds .. AUGERY .. which is were the word INAUGURATE comes from ..

so on this day of Total Eclipse which I am saying should relate to both 6-6-6 and the Omen .. hence the timing of the Omen Spring Break "warning from the Sky" .. the main character so to speak is involved in AUGER or OMEN .. involving AQUARIUS ..

while in the background this STAR JUDGEMENT .. or HAIR JUDGEMENT theme seems to be pretty extensive ..

my next question is where is will ?

Wed Mar 29, 03:13:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

In a very outspoken interview, Morrissey has lambasted Kate Moss saying that she’s dragged Pete Doherty down.

Mozza blasted: "I think it is unfortunate that he is more associated with the media and the press and hoo ha and the silliness than he is with music. It's a terrible trap and he's jumped straight into it.

"And Kate Moss has just dragged him down to her level. I don't honestly have an opinion on him. I don't care."

In the interview with Uncut magazine, he turned his attention to the Brit Awards saying: "The Brits are ghastly and there has never been a time when they haven't got it wrong.

"For me to ever accept a Brit, well, I never would. It would be like Laurence Olivier being happy getting a TV Times award."

While Tony Blair also got a good kicking: "I don't like his face, I don't like his expression. I don't think anybody else does. And I can't stand Cherie Blair's face, I just wonder if there can ever be a photograph of her where she has her mouth shut."

Other famous faces that Mozza annihilated were Prince Charles and Camilla, Jordan and the Beckhams. Good man. Reader comments


this story was called Tony Blair, Beckham , Prince Charles also get a kicking ..

but the story itself is about Kate Moss ..
the Kate Moss angle .. I was dealing with in correspondence with Eugene .. but it connects to Dianna ..

Kate Moss major book came out 15 days before Dianna Died .. and I connect that with the death ..
Then Kate Moss seems to be involved in this scheme involving the moon landing and the rolling stones .. I will have to explain later .. but she fits into an overall pattern I will call By by Miss American Pie ..

Also uncanny was the gratuitous mention of Lawrence Olivia .. the very Nazi Hunter from Boys from Brazil .. weird ..

Wed Mar 29, 03:18:00 PM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

Well to put it all together:

You gotta use water AND shampoo to get your hair clean or you may go bald and kids may laugh at you. Like Elijah who sicked two she bears on the rotten punks who laughed at him for being bald:)

Ramsey Clark was the 66th United States Attorney General!

His Daddy was Attorney General as well and a Supreme Court Justice!

Reading the section 'controversial activism' in Ramseys wiki entry is a grade 'A' list of events and persons -

Wed Mar 29, 03:26:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...


ISTANBUL Turkey's talks to join the European Union began barely six months ago, but already the mood in Turkey has begun to sour. The initial jubilance has been replaced with alarm, and even anger, as skepticism about admitting a relatively poor, Muslim country into the bloc has spread across the continent.

Turkey was involved with the 1999 Eclipse and Earthquake ..

and the Eclipse today will go thru turkey ..

so here is a story that was headlined "honeymoon over" ..

this is about the EU and Turkey ..
Turkey again is really the bridge between Europe and the Middle East ..

This story today I think is important and .. also remember I am connecting back to Bush's appearance at Turkey and the Bridge on June 26th 2004 ..

This was a for NATO SUMMIT

Membership went on expanding with the accession of seven more Eastern European countries to NATO: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Romania, which were first invited to start talks of membership during the 2002 Prague Summit. They finally joined NATO on 29 March 2004, attending their first NATO meeting on the following month, and bringing NATO's membership to its current extent. In addition, a number of other countries, also express the wish to join the alliance, including Albania, the Republic of Macedonia, and Croatia.

these 7 countries joined on mar 29 2004 and then attended the 17th summit on June 28th ..2004

anyways .. this meeting was right on the heels of the venus transit and g8 ..

in June 2004 the Worlds main Leaders were together in Normandy for D-day 60th anniversary ..

then many travelled to DC or California for the reagan funeral ..

then Many were in georgia for the G8 .. this was during the Venus Transit ..
and on June 8th 2004 .. the UN was totally UNITED on IRAQ out of the blue ..

Then the 17th Nato summit in TURKEY which featured the very ritualized Bush trip ..

this culminated on 6-28 when Iraq was turned over 2 days early ...
and Condi slipped bush the note that said "let freedom Reign"

anyways .. today is a day to keep an eye on turkey and .. it seems the jist is there may be a problem with EU membership ..

so in a way .. Turkey touches on 2 themes .. War in the Middle East and United Europe ..
moving to Israel .. there Ehud Olmert has declared victory and they are talking about "FINAL BORDERS" and "FINAL ISRAEL"

see JUDGES 3 for EHUD ...

Israel , having taken Jerico is now set to take the promised land following the steps of Joshua ..

this would then lead to the attempt to build a temple ..

there is a lot there as well

Wed Mar 29, 03:57:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

thanks .. I was just reviewing the Shampoo stuff .. that is interesting tie in with Nixon and Watergate ..

Warren Beatty as well .. he is kind of like the Arnold opponenet in California

Wed Mar 29, 03:59:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

thanks for the ramsey stuff .. A list indeed

Wed Mar 29, 04:11:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

also a lot of judgement stuff today ..

1) Jack Abromoff sentenced to 70 months ..

2) abu ali .. bush plot sentenced to 360 months ..

both of these striking because of the sentencing in months .. on a day of Eclipse

also .. the reistating of the Dawn Mission ..
this should be a 2001 space oddesy tie in ..
Dawn of Man = Dawn of Aquarius
Eclipse figure in 2001 movie ..
so 'dawn' could connect ..
this ties in with the lost object on moon.
[Eugene .. interested in your comments .. do you have any thoughts on the path 32 on the tree ? .. I think it connects 9 to 10 ..]

also the Moussaoui trial rests ..

there has been a mouse theme that goes back to 4-21 and i was connecting it with moussaoui ..

today also noticed mouse or rat stem cells test

and drudge featuring mickey mouse and ZERO ..??? what is that ?

Wed Mar 29, 05:44:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

story on abramoff ..

he was sentenced yesterday ..

he was involved with SUNCRUZ gambling boats


which harkens back to 1999 August Solar Eclipse and Grand cross formation

Thu Mar 30, 08:01:00 AM CST  
Blogger jim said...

also yesterday ..

Eugene .. its a game of Lewis the Cat and Mickey the Mouse ..

Lewis Carrol and the Magic Kingdom

anyways .. the David Lee Roth thing seems important .. and that points to 1984 .. one of the Van Halen Albums ..

also Prince released 3121 on 3-21-6 and it hit #1 yesterday ..

This one will be loaded ..

and the Apple vs Apple thing is amazing tie in with the Carpenter and the Walrus ..

just to top it off ... last night on fox they featured 'pigs that fly' ...

also Barbara Striesdand book released yesterday .. talk about her affairs with Prince Charles , Bill Clinton , and Dodi Fayed ..

Thu Mar 30, 10:06:00 AM CST  
Blogger jim said...

no time today .. but everything we said yesterday is in play ..


at mayan ruins today .. remember the Mars and War aspect to the Eclipse and the Mars in the Natal position on the USA chart from 1776 .. and the Bolton and Card analysis that points to WAR or Destruction ..

today Mexican flags are being waved and actually flown in USA ..

This ties into the developing Mexican theme ..

Bush is at

The Maya name "Chich'en Itza" means "At the mouth of the well of the Itza (people)". Although this was the usual name for the site in pre-Columbian times, it is also referred to in the ancient chronicles as Uucyabnal, meaning "Seven Great Rulers".

Mouth of the Well .. that would tie to the WATER GATE theme ..

Dominating the center of Chichén is the Temple of Kukulcan (the Maya name for Quetzalcoatl), often referred to as "El Castillo" (the castle). This step pyramid with a ground plan of square terraces with stairways up each of the 4 sides to the temple on top. Great sculptures of Plumed Serpents run down the sides of the northern staircase, and are set off by shadows from the corner tiers on the Spring and Fall equinox. It was practice in Mesoamerican cities to periodically build larger and grander temple pyramids atop older ones, and this is one such example. Thanks to archeologists, a doorway at the base of the north stairway leads to a tunnel, from which one can climb the steps of the earlier version of El Castillo inside the current one, up to the room on the top where you can see King Kukulcan's Jaguar Throne, carved of stone and painted red with jade spots.

Bush is at El Castillo with Vincente Fox today

On a neighborly sightseeing jaunt Thursday with the leaders of Mexico and Canada, President Bush said the three were working to improve vital relationships that can better the lives of all their people.

Mexican President Vicente Fox treated Bush and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to an hour-long tour of the ancient Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza before they began two days of talks amid spring breakers in this Caribbean resort city.

"This is a good start to a very important series of discussions," Bush said, standing alongside the other two with the massive pyramid called "El Castillo" in the background. "We've got a vital relations that matter to the future of our people."

The three leaders gazed up at the famed archaeological site while Fox, wearing a white shirt and brimmed hat, and a guide motioned at different points. They listened to a traditional band play music for colorfully dressed dancers, strolled around a large plaza and climbed about half a dozen steps of the pyramid at the center of the site. They paused briefly so photographers could get their picture before coming back down.

After their tour, each leader spoke in his own language. Harper said the ruins were "a symbol here of our determination to build a new future for all inhabitants of North America."

Bush doesn't typically get in much sightseeing on his foreign visits, but the tour began two days of talks, designed to showcase North American unity, in this beer and bikini mecca .

Bush, who wore his cream-colored Hawaiian shirt untucked, and Harper, in an open-neck shirt and a safari vest, were all smiles for their first meeting since Harper took office two months ago as Canada's new Conservative leader.


Thu Mar 30, 01:30:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

Notorious is a 1946 thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Ingrid Bergman plays Alicia Huberman, the American daughter of a Nazi spy. She is recruited by government agent T. R. Devlin (Cary Grant) to infiltrate a group of Germans who have relocated to Brazil after World War II. Claude Rains is Alex Sebastian, one of her father's friends and a member of the group.


police errors
LA agrees to pay $1.1 million to Notorious B.I.G. family

His family's lawsuit against the city and LAPD claimed a corrupt LAPD officer arranged to have Wallace killed at the behest of Death Row Records founder Marion Suge Knight, and officials covered up his involvement.
The city of Los Angeles has agreed to pay $1.1 million (euro920,000) in legal costs to the family of slain rapper Notorious B.I.G. because of police errors during a wrongful death case brought against the city and its police department.

Christopher Wallace, or Notorious B.I.G., was shot and killed March 9, 1997, after a party at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. The murder has not been solved.

His family's lawsuit against the city and LAPD claimed a corrupt LAPD officer arranged to have Wallace killed at the behest of Death Row Records founder Marion Suge Knight, and that LAPD officials covered up the officer's involvement. Knight has denied involvement.

U.S. District Judge Florence-Marie Cooper had sanctioned the city after learning that a police detective withheld documents that were pertinent to claims made by the rapper's family. She declared a mistrial in July. A retrial of the wrongful death case is expected later this year.

The payment represents the cost of legal fees and other expenses incurred by the family's attorneys. City lawyers told the council an appeal was unlikely to overturn the judge's ruling. The council approved the payment Wednesday.

"It's unfortunate, but we don't have any choice,'' Councilman Dennis Zine said after the 11-0 vote. "We had a case here where an experienced detective made a mistake and the city and its taxpayers have to pay for it.''


ok .. so here is the explantion ..
Notorious BIG ..

He was killed Mar 9 1997

This Trial was coming forward last April and May and then started in June .. and then was declared a mistrial

Now yesterday it is 'settled' ..

here is how it fits in ..

First off Notorious BIG is known as Biggie Small and he is a Hip Hop Artist ..

Back with Live 8 [which I am saying pertains to right now ] first most of the acts were white .. then black acts .. most notably HIP HOP acts were added ..

for me at the time .. I thought that this is White Rabbit and Jefferson Airplane

White = White acts first
Hip Hop = Rabbit

On June 28th episode of Lost , I believe it was called White Rabbit and involved the book watership down ..

and then the Notorious Big tril was at the same time .. Biggie Small making me think of Jefferson Airplane album .. white rabbit with one pill makes you larger .. one pill makes you small ..

this white rabbit and 2 pill scenariou is part of the Matrix movies as well

Also .,, the headlines back in 2005 were Biggie Judgement Delayed .. which could translate into the BIG ONE which is what the devastating Quake in California is called ..

now this case is settled yesterday ..

and to top it off last night I surfed to see what might be playing and there was hitchcocks notorious ..

a movie about NAZI's in BRAZIL ..

and I forgot to mention yesterday but the idea of Hair and Rabbit intersect .. Hair as HARE ...

Also Jill Carrol has been released and that is something Eugene and I were tracking .. in reference to Lewis Carrol ..

Thu Mar 30, 01:51:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

there is a guy name carl munck that has a lot of interesting theories and this pyramid where bush is today is very important
The Pyramid of Kukulcan - a Precessional Alarm Clock

When the Toltec people moved to Chichen Itza, they merged their own zenith cosmology with the Mayan system, and the result was the Pyramid of Kukulcan.
This has been designed so that every year, on Spring Equinox, the afternoon sun causes a shadow play so that it appears that a huge serpent is descending from the sky, down the pyramid. However, John Major Jenkins shows that the pyramid is much more than an equinox indicator. It is a ‘PRECESSIONAL CLOCK WITH ITS ALARM SET FOR THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY’.

From John Major Jenkins' essential book,
Maya Cosmogenesis 2012
- The True Meaning of the Maya Calendar End-Date

The moving snake on the Pyramid is an annual reminder of a conjunction of the zenith sun with the Pleiades over Chichen Itza, but this is an event which will only occur during a 72-year time window, from 1976 to 2048. Right at the centre of this time window is the year 2012, when the Great Cycle ends. On May 20 2012, the zenith passage combines with a solar eclipse, on the Tzolkin day 10 Chichan, which means serpent. The winter solstice end-point will be 4 Ahau in the Tzolkin calendar, meaning Lord/Sun, and 3 Kankin in the Haab calendar, which means ‘snake-day’.

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this is just the begining of looking into this angle .. but this is real important

Thu Mar 30, 02:06:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

it is actually a litte strange that I put this piece together based on the omen and spring break and 6-6-6

and how I thought the timing of that with warning from the sky would pertain to the eclipse ..

and this pyramid is set up specifically for the spring equinox .. or spring break where the sun traces out a serpent on the steps ..

Thu Mar 30, 02:09:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

eugene ,

I really appreciate all your imput from yesterday day .. thanks :)

Thu Mar 30, 02:10:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

prepare to be amazed ..

ya know how you have the Star collides with Judgement ..

which I was saying could be Aquarius and Aeon as in the Age of Aquarius..

check this out .. you mentioned the other driver was called EDWARD CARPENTER ..

Edward Carpenter and the Age of Aquarius


Definition: [Astrological Ages] Looking for the first mention of the Age of Aquarius is rather like opening a series of Russian dolls... one reference leads to another. The work of Paul Le Cour, and later Jung, seems to rest in turn on work in the 1920s by the English author Edward Carpenter [1844 -1929 AD], now better known for his openly gay life style [unusual at the time], than for his works on astrology. [And in turn Carpenter's work seems to rest on that of another Englishman, Gerald Massey [1828 – 1907 AD]]

In 1929 Edward Carpenter published the following in Astrosophie

In 1936, the Sun will enter the constellation of Aquarius, the sign of electricity, the air, ether and in religion, of the supernatural beings, the spirits, the phantoms; many people think of seeing in this moment, in the material discoveries like the etheric waves of T S. F ( = radio) and in psychic and spiritistic research of our time the beginning of the new sign on the Equinox of Spring.

By considering that the sign of the Fishes comes at once after the Bull and the Ram in the succession of the signs of the zodiac at the Spring Equinox and that it is currently the constellation in which the Sun is held at that time of the year, it does not seem impossible that the astronomical change was the determining cause of the adoption of this new symbol.

It is easy to imagine that the change of the worship of the Bull into the worship of the Lamb which incontestably took place among various people was only one ritual modification emanating of the priests for restored the harmony with the astronomical situation.

anyways .. here is Edward Carpenter and the Age of Aquarius from the Spring Equinox 1936 ..

and does that tie with Contact and Hitler at the olympics ??

Thu Mar 30, 02:43:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

I mentioned that yesterday Drudge featured Mickey Mouse image

and Eisner ZERO ..

Do you know of any star or constellation related to rodents or mice ??

I am thinking it could be a reference to PLUTO .. who is connected Mickey

Pluto was at the galactic center for the eclipse yesterday ..
and I had mentioned how it was important ..

so this Eisner Zero could be Pluto at Zero Point

Thu Mar 30, 04:56:00 PM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

I am amazed!!

SYNCH as Enki speech and as Tahuti showing you a card in his hand in the card game is SUPER INTRIGUING and also SCARY EXCITING.

For awhile now, the fear I had about THE MAN and the END OF HISTORY, no longer scares me. It has become transparent. I mean it becomes obvious at some point that everything is exactly as it should be..."nothing lasts, nothing is lost".

The serpent shadow is really cool...have watched video of this event.

To know that the alignment speaks of a greater SNAKE DAY is even more...


Your comment on Stephen Rhea was on...its like looking at the clues, you follow along blind, and when you get there, UNDERGROUND that is, you merely stand and watch EVE touch the fruit...except this time its an inversion of the chiasmus of descent into matter! WE as a planet are at a SINGULARITY that has been seen by all who have eyes.

The fall of the previous year is the foundation of the next spring!

Jim...I salute you, am glad you are here, thankful for your sharing, wish we could share a Guinness...fairys drink and all:)

Thu Mar 30, 05:08:00 PM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

Will check sources on mice or rodents in constellations.

Carl Munck information is interesting has well. Have seen this before at

His code is taking lat and long of sites and giving each a boiled down # if you will and then showing the harmony between sites worldwide!!! This means at one time man on topside was congruent as a whole and built accordingly. It points of the golden age before, when we understood ourselves, vibration and literally interacted with the heavens.

Alas I babble...

Thu Mar 30, 05:34:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

Jill Carroll

Eugene and I had connected this 'kidnapping' to a theme coming out of the superbowl revolving around Kali ..

The appeance of Carroll in all green in front of the Flowery Tapestry seemed out of place with normal kipnapping ..

I was working on various goddess angles with the green aspect connecting to various hindu and buddist concepts primarily connected with kali ..

Kali ,as dealt with in superbowl , involved the conept of Kali Yuga or 'ages' ..
this seemed to be shown through repeated Rolling Stone and AGE issues .. esp with the issue of no one who was old being allowed into the tongue for the superbowl ..

this combines 2 ideas .. fountain of youth .. with Rough Justice .. of Kali and the Stone Age or end of an Age ..

this concept connects to the idea of a bull and how many feet are touching the ground in hindu thinking ..

at the time of the superbowl a bull in mexico leaped into the stands .. hence no feet .. hence beyond the 4 hindu ages ..

so these concepts connect with the Age of Aquarius theme we are talking about this past week

furthermore .. what is strange is that Carrol's release is right on time ..

check this out

1579 Jan 7th - kidnapped

1611 Feb 9th - the green flower video and the idea of 'timetable' for judgement and setting a 'deadline' .. which coincidently was Feb 26th .. a major day in all of this

1629 Feb 26th .. the deadline ends but no word on Carroll .. Hope is still alive

1661 Mar 30th Released ..

This maps to Phi

1579 to 1611 is '32'
1611 to 1629 is '18'
1579 to 1629 is '50'

1579 1611 1629
-- 32 --- 18 ---
----- 50 -------

50 * phi = 32
32 * Phi = 18

now she is released on day 1661
day '82' ..

1579 1629 1661
50 32
---- 82 -------

82 * phi = 50
50 * phi = 32
32 * phi = 18

so the 4 key dates of this 'ordeal' are timed regarding Phi or .618

also , if you were able to follow the concept I had about the 911 day count and how counting back from 2920 i was mapping these days right now to the NYC gate dayes of Feb 2005

the eclipse = 1660 = 1260 backwars
Mar 29th 2006 = Feb 22nd 2005

Feb 22nd was a day an earthquake hit Iran ..

Mar 29th - Mar 30th : Iran Nuclear issue comes to conclusion in UN
Iran refuses ..
Iran threatened with sanctions
Iran Rocked by Earthquakes ..

pretty coincidental ..

Fri Mar 31, 08:30:00 AM CST  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

thanks :)

kind of like 'apple vs apple' hmmmm

also when i was looking at the apple stuff yesterday .. i saw another lawsuit between microsoft and apple that was titled 'look and feel'

that is 'look and touch' which goes to the apple as well

Fri Mar 31, 08:33:00 AM CST  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene .. this ties in with several themes .. just to run through it

last year MJ trial is tied to the Oz theme via MJ's role as SCARECROW .. ie .. the one looking for a brain .. which maps to knowledge .. gnosis .. apple .. eternal life ..

goro had asked what we thought of the ring movie and mj and I came back with the eternal life theme .. and it didn't really meet with any acknowledgement or con ..

but MJ left the trial immediately and went to BAHRAIN .. which sounds like BRAIN .. if I only had a BAHRAIN ..

Bahrain , you will find , is assocaited with the tree of life or parisdise and the fountain of eternal youth ..

the entire MJ thing which is shutting down Neverland .. touches upon the idea of FAIRY and JUDGEMENT ..

one of the aspects of this is the idea of beltane and the mayqueen and the fairy godmother .. cinderella and the slipper etc

Dana Reeve .. where Dana means god mother .. I mapped to this concept ..

Paul Dana race car driver killed ..
i think you said paul means small
that would translate to small god mother .. or fairy god mother ..

this ties in with a whole spate of 'ferry disasters' ..

and there is a connection with ferry - fairy - ferre - carrie - port as well

---- from the bbc link ---
"many die in Bahrain Boat disaster"
At least 67 people were rescued from the al-Dana vessel, which capsized in calm seas not far from the shoreline.

that is correct .. it is called

AL-DANA vessel ..

Just yesterday the Prince album 3121 was #1 .. and he released a single on Feb 3rd .. that was the Egypt Ferry Disaster day .. also known as day 1604/1605 from 911 [guy fawkes : 1605 ]

using a Phi breakout of 35-58-93 ..

there is a mapping like this

1605 Feb 3rd - ferry disaster

35 days

1640 Mar 9th [Patriot Act]
[also bush 1912 - titanic day]

1663 April 1st

1698 May 6th - ?

this is a set up where a 93 day period is broken down with 2 golden points .. 35-58 and 58-35

taking these dates and enlarging the overall period gives something like this

1602 - 1608
1602 is like 1318 so very important .. Coretta Scott King and State of Union and Princess Diana Death news
1608 was Kali Superbowl

1637 - 1643
mar 6 - mar 12th
this period was the oscars followed by the death of DANA
and then the patriot act etc
MRO arriving at mars ..
life/no life at saturn moon etc

1660 - 1666
Mar 29th - April 4th ..
This this the Eclipse .. and all of the stuff happening right now ..

1695 - 1701
May 3rd - May 9th ..

anyways .. look at this pattern and have a go at it ..

the observation is this

1604/5 Ferry accident

1637 Dana dies

1661 Dana Ferry Accident

point to early may and the May Queen - Fairy concept

Fri Mar 31, 09:03:00 AM CST  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene , here is a link on that green man concept you and i have been talking about for some time .. remember this connects to the goldem dome explosion and susa ?? right


-here are 2 quotes -----------
[13] Bahrain, an island in the Persian Gulf, has been identified by many scholars with the Sumerian Dilmun, where dwelt the gardener Tagtut after the flood: see Delitzsch, Wo lag das Parodies, p.178, and Langdon, Sumerian Epic, pp. 8ff.

this idea of Dilmun .. also sometims called Tilmun .. this ties into the whole Pat Tillman and heaven's gate .. thing which connects to the Dubai Port deal and UAE Spaceport conept as well

In the Qur’an (Sura XVM, 59-81) occurs the legend of Musa’s search for the Ma’jma ‘al-Bahrain,[13] which is probably to be understood as a ‘place’ in the far west at the meeting of two oceans; Musa is guided by a ‘servant of God’, whom the commentators identify with al-Khadir, whose abode is said to be upon an island or on a green carpet in the midst of the sea?

This story can be traced back to three older sources, the Gilgamesh epic, the Alexander Romances, and the Jewish legend of Elijah and Rabbi Joshua ben Levi.[14] In the Gilgamesh epic the hero sets out in search of his immortal ‘ancestor’ Utnapishtim who dwells at the mouth of the rivers (ina pi narati), like Varuna whose abode is ‘at the rivers’ source’, sindhunam upodaye. Rg Veda, VIII, 41, 2; his object being to be informed with respect to the ‘plant-life’, prototype of the Avestan haoma, Vedic soma,[15] whereby man can be saved from death.


the idea of green man and green carpet ..

we talked about paul dana and his car both being green in terms of environmentally friendly and 'rookie' green

MJ who 'flew' to Bahrain .. is associated with PETER PAN .. another little green man ..

this is called an image of the '400 hundred year old tree of life' in bahrain
----from wiki -----------
Bahrain has been populated by humans since ancient times, and has even been proposed as the site of the Biblical Garden of Eden.
The islands of Bahrain, positioned in the middle south of the Persian Gulf, have attracted the attention of many invaders in history. Bahrain is an Arabic word meaning "Two Seas", and is thought to either refer to the fact that the islands contain two sources of water, sweet water springs and salty water in the surrounding seas, or to the south and north waters of the gulf, separating it from the Arabian coast and Iran, respectively.

A strategic position between East and West, fertile lands, fresh water, and pearl diving made Bahrain a centre of urban settlement throughout history. Some 2,300 years BC, Bahrain became a centre of one of the ancient empires trading between Mesopotamia (now Iraq) and the Indus Valley (now the region near India). This was the civilization of Delmon that was linked to the Sumerian Civilization in the third millennium BC. Bahrain became part of the Babylonian empire about 600 BC. Historical records referred to Bahrain as the "Life of Eternity", "Paradise", etc. Bahrain was also called the "Pearl of the Persian Gulf".


also Bahrain the host of its formula one race on 3-12-2006
this was kindof the kickoff of formula one and so should map to the IRL in Miami ..


Also .. The Ring II came out around 3-11-2005 .. and had the tagline "terror comes full circle"

I made a lot of the ring movie at that point and the connection of 911 and 360 degrees etc ..

also at that same time .. Drudge reported Circulation Drop for both NY TIMES and BOSTON GLOBE ..

I was taking that as "the CIRCLE DROPS" and connecting it with the ring and "TERROR COMES FULL CIRCLE"

this is the point at which goro's concepts come in .. he has all of these circles and stuff .. which seems pretty good observations to me ..

he also connected the ring movie on abc to the MJ trail .. and this the RING concept to the ECLIPSE last fall ..

--- so taking all of that combined to right now ..

Mar 29 Abu aLi sentenced to 360 Months ..
that combines the idea of Al-queada and TERROR .. and Moon and CIRCLE
so TERROR comes full CIRCLE ... ie the RING .. on a day of ECLIPSE

and the MYTIMES CIRCULATION issue is right back on drudge at the exact same moment

Fri Mar 31, 09:32:00 AM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

Cartoon fights involving Mickey has roots that go farther back than we know! Very funny! - Mohammed meets Mickey Mouse

The 12th prophet or 'the one to establish peace and global Islam' is known as Mahdi which In Frank Herbert's Dune Paul Atreides is MaudDib..'the mouse'.

see in above url the section 'Mahdi in Fiction', we have noted this before.

Paul Atreides would relate to Paul theme and even more interesting would be his inner secret name of 'Usul' meaning the 'strength at the base of the pillar'...which would map to Yesod, moon...eclipse!

"Muad'Dib is wise in the ways of the desert. Muad'Dib creates his own water. Muad'Dib hides from the sun and travels in the cool night. Muad'Dib is fruitful and multiplies over the land. Muad'Dib we call 'instructor-of-boys.' That is a powerful base on which to build your life, Paul-Muad'Dib."

quote from Wiki -

Creates his own water, hides from the sun, etc...all ties.

In looking for mouse/mice in constellations...nothing.

But I did find that mice has SINGULAR occurence in Bible...1 Samuel chapter 6. Five GOLD mice, five GOLD tumors...odd, so odd. The five relate to the five 'victorious' Phillistine Kings and the taking of the ARK. My muse says it also relates to the five kings defeated by Abraham and the blessing of Melchizedek.

I highlighted VICTORIOUS becasue of the association wiht HOD and NETZACH which are BASES of right and left pillars. The path noted earlier in thread as SUN connects HOD and YESOD, base to base. Their victory was really empty and got them tumors on their private parts. Hod and Netzach are forms of victory that are empty and off center unless they join and emanate YESOD.

Qabala wise from 1 Samuel passage..mouse is akbr or ayn, kaf, bayt, raysh or 70, 20, 2 and 200 or Devil, Sun, World, Magician. Three of these four are all houses 2, 20 and 200 and the ONE playing carpenter with these houses is the DEVIL. Its an 'eye' that takes 'open hand' with 'house' to 'head'. The last being cosmic realization, ie "the sun and the world realized"!

No wonder the elephant is afraid!

Fri Mar 31, 09:45:00 AM CST  
Blogger jim said...

the cat and mouse theme is also something I have seen before on drudge .. and I think it was on 4-21-2005 which is like a very key date in the 911 scheme ..

and here is a little weirdness

4-21-2005 .. is day 1318 from 911
1318 is important because of Rev 13:18 and 666 which connects to 911

lately I have been seeing all of these things from April 2005 come back in the news .. and I'm thinking that , ok .. this is like 421 , but why ???

I could find no pattern or justiification for it .. until Mar 29th .. when a whole host of things related specifically to 4-21-5 came due ..

1318 which relates to 666 is also related to 1984 ..

1984 = 1318 + 666

the eclipse came on day 1660

1318 + 333 = 1651
+ 333 = 1984
1651 was March 21st 2006 or the Spring Equinox [spring break] that now seems so important

1318 + 342 = 1660 + 324 = 1984

this is 'weird' because 342 is also associated with 666 ..

so the Eclipse day seemed to coincide with the all important 4-21-2005 1318 day .. and pointint to 1984 day ..

to further emphasize this relationship

both Prince hits #1 with 3121 ..
Prince is associated with Purple Rain .. his big hit from 1984
3121 features purple tickets
like charlies golden ticket ..

and then there is the mystery of David Lee Roth ..

He took over for stern .. and on Mar 29th .. the Eclipse DAY .. he was blacked out

1st it appeared that his show was cancelled ..
then that was denied and called a rumor .. saying that Roth was in Miami at a music convention and ended 'up all night' and needed rest ..

anyways .. here is david lee roth .. playing the role of Apollo and being 'blacked out'

and what is Roth assocaited with ..
1984 .. the big van halen album released on new years day 1984 ..

there is an apple computer 1984 angle as well ...

Fri Mar 31, 09:46:00 AM CST  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

wow thanks .. yes .. Mice and the ARK .. I remember that now .. thanks

I was searching on Mickey and found the connection OZWALD THE RABBIT ..

he was involved in a 'trade' for AL MICHAELS right after the superbowl I think ..

also there was some connection to ozwald and mickey and the WINKLER years ..

also Eugene ..your noah ark stuff seems important

Fri Mar 31, 09:55:00 AM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

Phone is communication, magician.
Bahrain is brain.
RAdiation is from Sun.
Head is the house holding Bahrain.
Cell is containers and DNA.

Were about to be hammered with radiation? Get in the ark? The mouse hides from the Sun...

Fulcanelli's warning to hide in caves as the wrath of the 666 pours down? From sun, galactic center...what cometh? Big, big, big change in the waves?

The tumors and the mice!!! This is so spooky with the diary note of Crowley on the day the atomic bomb 'Christy' was dentonated at Trinity site. He cryptically related it to 'cancer' ie Typhon on rampage. In Egyptian (per Rolleston) Typhon is Mars and heralds great wars, destruction, shattering shells, houses, cells...

Flood is orgy or dissolution of forms, into primordial chaos, and is breakdown of walls, barriers, identity. With this...the revealing of QAHEEN or Cain, which means SPEAR...the barrier breaker, Suares notes as 'the great destroyer of illusion', which makes mass multiplication possible.

THE BIG FINGER IS FINGERING! Seems as though the clues point to Babylon, while feasting on the implements it doesnt know, ie its own temple, is about to be totally undone through of course...


Fri Mar 31, 10:33:00 AM CST  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

any info in crowley and trinity bomb .. would be appreciated...

do you have links ..

or if a book , which one .. and maybe a few blurbs typed in ..

The Ark thing is big ..

the Solar Eclipse was big in Turkey which is home of the ARK

you linked to the Sept 8 2004 Ark on the Moon concept .. and that was linked in another bbc article about a man in holland I think who has built an ARK ..

the Bnai Brith Bus crash atop the andes .. also matched because Bnai Brith means brothers of the covenant .. so the bus is like and ARK of the Brothers of the Covenant .. Ark of the Covenant ..

if you take the Ark theme out of its biblical context and use it as a type of technology like the nazi's .. then that bus crash hints at nazi technology in south america ..

this is where the mouse and Disney getting a ZERO becomes interesting ..

The Mouse as you say connects to ARK and with ZERO .. then that is that hunt for ZERO POINT book .. which is the nazi anti-gravity stuff goro talked about

furthormore Mickey Mouse and Disney and the TOMMOROW land featured the design of Werner Von Braun .. who should come up in any nazi tech or zero point discussion ..


the ark on the moon from sept 8th 2004 .. is Project Genesis Day ..

Genesis Crashed ..

This should connect to the movie Sky Captain ..
Noah's ARK and DOOMSDAY device ..

and as I mentioned , in that movie they feature the OZ movie and the scene where GLENDA the good witch appears ..

and all of this happening in this same time frame .. GLENDA hurricanes hits OZ

The Celluar thing is right on
and that actually should connect to the movie CELLUAR released 9-10-2004 .. which featured area code 457 which is prime '88'

At the time we talked about how this pertains to Mercury and Communication ..

This Celluar phone and cancer theme we have also discussed ..

cell phone = communication = Mercury

Cancer or Danger = Poison

Mercury Poisoning .. which is ORANGE

the idea of the bad communication or the deadly wave as in Tsunami or the DEATH RAY or Death RADIATIOn of a nuke or a nazi tech weopon like 'star wars' which is part of this weeks theme

this theme of the lying messenger ties back to the apple theme where satan seduce eve by lying ..causing her death ..

this maps exactly to MOUSSAOUI who is charged with LYING WITH LETHAL INTENT ..
the jury asked for a definition of Weopon of MASS DESTRUCTION

MASS DESTRUCTIon taken to be ANTI-MATTER .. ties right back to the ARK or NAZI WEOPON and MOUSE ZERO POINT ..

it is all very very tight !! :)

have good weekend .. Eugene :)

Fri Mar 31, 10:51:00 AM CST  
Blogger jim said...

the werner von braun things seems to be the deal

note this 'disclosure' article by someone called makow was on 2-6-5 .. that is the Patriot superbowl .. which is where McCartney signalled 666 and 1318 on April 21st 2005 .. which projects into Mar 29th 2006 via the 342-324 break point in the 666 days from 1318 to 1984 ..
[1984 is important precisely because it is 1318+666 - that is my opinion anyways ]

further more .. and this is something to keep an eye on..
these 3 numbers connect to these 3

1318 + 666 = 1984
1332 + 666 = 1998 [666 * 2 + 666 ]
1346 + 666 = 2012

last year
april 21 = 1318 relates to 1984

may 5 = 1332 [5-5-5] TonyBlair
Day and Disnland 50th anniversary day relates to 1998

May 19th = 1346
Star Wars Revenge of the Sith ..'titanic in space' ..
relates to 2012 ..

anyways ..
there is a whole lot more to this ..
but the t3 terminator movie will come due on April 3rd ..
April 3rd should connect somehow to the t3 movie

Fri Mar 31, 11:34:00 AM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

Tight indeed as like a noose around one's neck!

Goro in last Strug article mated Edwards AFB and its landing strip arrangement as identical of Champs de Elysses and Eiffel Tower.

EDWARDS no less...the DEVIL is the carpenter! - overview pic of landing strip and surrounding area - the worlds largest compass ROSE

This is the eight points of Solstice/Equinox and Cross Quarter points. Also relates to this weeks news blurb...Charlie Rose operated on in Paris! - The ties one could make from here are almost endless...but there is one that sticke right in the ole eye -

The HAPPY BOTTOM RIDING CLUB!!! This is none other than the cartoon ORGY above, its known as "Rancho Oro Verde Fly-Inn Dude Ranch"...


Jim, my boy, this is way down the rabbit hole! Even farther down I hear this music, its from the OMEN

GOLDSMITH...he died, like Kubrick, in his final GREAT WORK composing music for this BOMB - - read the plot

Please tell me the universe is real. What an awesome killing joke, a divine comedy, a pack of rotating cards, LOONEY TUNES.

"The group then discover a mysterious monkey temple which contains the Blue Monkey. Granny, Sylvester and Tweety then unzip bodysuit disguises, to reveal themselves as Mr. Chairman (the film's second act of crossdressing), Mr. Smith and Taz. The Chairman tells Mr. Smith to teleport himself and the heroes to the ACME Headquarters using a disintergrating pistol. Taz roars at Mr. Smith who reveals himself to be a female Tazmanian Devil. The two get married and start roaring.

The heroes and villain arrive back at the headquarters and Mr. Chairman reveals that he will kill Damian Drake with a ACME Train of Death and a bunch of TNT Barrels. DJ hands over the Blue Monkey to the Chairman who gives it to Marvin the Martian who takes off to the ACME Satellite which will be used to turn everybody into monkeys. Daffy and Bugs pursue him, while DJ and Kate go to save Damian. They run into a giant robotic dog, who battles them.

DJ manages to save his father and blows up Wile E. Coyote (and the train) at the same time.

Bugs and Marvin fight in space, but Bugs loses. Daffy becomes Duck Dodgers and saves the day by turning the Chairman into a monkey. Bugs manages to blast Marvin into space. Daffy and he venture back to Earth. Everything returns to normal, but at the end of the film, Porky Pig's finishing line is cut off by the closing of the studio."

This quote alone from the plot tells all we need to know...the pigs final line is cut off with the closing of the studio...


Fri Mar 31, 11:43:00 AM CST  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene .. wow ..

and that ties about a dozen more ways ..

I will check out all those leads .. but right off .. Bugs Bunny and Marvin is something we have hit on before .. connecting to Martian Invasion .. and 1947 ..
Bugs Bunny is the first alien abduction ..

Charlie Rose .. yeah saw that ..

remember also this mexican angle ..
it is invasion usa aliens ..
hinting at 'alien invasion' ..
this connects with , Charlie Sheen, and his conspiracy theory which is that the idea of MARS TERRAFORMING is a reverse lie that JPL was working on meaning actually the Aliens were coming to Terraform Earth ..
this involves MEXICO ..

Charlie Sheen - Crazy conspiracy nut
Alien Invasion
Mexico ..

this ties to the Mars Invation concept ..

Bush who was part of the MARS/USA Eclipse pattern .. goes to MEXICO ..

Tony Blair talking about CLIMATE REVOLUTION ..
and all the GLOBAL WARMING ..
this is THE ARRIVAL .. a movie spiked out as important by goro in halloween 2004

Notice that Alien conspiracy theory and JPL .. that is right back in the lap of Werner Von Braun .. the 5 enemey cars .. Russia , terrorist , crazies , asteroids , and aliens ..

all to develop the space weopon ..

what is intense about this is you look at cap weinberger .. he dies at 88 .. he fits the star wars message and the all the presidents men theme which connects to watergate .. and then watergate and Star Wars .. that both point to Age of Aquarius ..

I mean that is intense isn't it ?

blue thing makes me think 'blue devils' which is the duke rape thing .. the La Cross team

and of course David Lee is also "running with the devil"

Also here is a quick nexus .. ROME - and NAZI's were attempt to creatre 3rd Reich that ties to Rome
NAzi's and Brasil ..

Brasil soccer star ROMARIO headed to Miami .. that is from last week ..

the Brasil Astonaut brought his brazil soccer shirt into space ..

and on Eclipse day in Germany there was a story about the world cup coming up with a man in a red devil costume riding a large BI Cycle made with soccer balls ..

World CUP soccer ..
and that usually involves Brazil , Germany , and Italy ..
I just noticed that AC MILAN was in the news as well ..

Fri Mar 31, 12:17:00 PM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

Tried to get Goro to let me develop Bugs, Route 66, AL BOO QUEER KEY, but no...

See it all relates...I mean it takes your breath away to see the finger on the wall. Maybe it was too much for makes my head spin...

Qof is the 'blow to back of head' the hammer fall in Freemasonry that initiates the cantidate to the other side.

See the TAU cross, this being 900, the final 22, at the back of the bald head? It is the X of FOX or 6,15 and 24 or 666.

See the Pentagram at the back of the hairy head?

See the FORD in betwixt? The crossover of hands? This always being a reversal of fortune...the blessing of the first as last, last as first.

See the contrast of attirement, light and dark, and the myriad of bubbles, so Crowley star sponge like behind them?

This pic accompanied the article on Idol wearer's attire being a 'cacophany'...this being the crescendo of noise, the orgy of sound...

I know this reference sounds TOTALLY MAD...but with this weeks themes...the shoe fits!

Fri Mar 31, 01:02:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

makes sense ..

also the villain in Sky Captain is totenkoph .. which means death head ..
koph .. sounding like qoph .. back of the head .. which is the moon card ?? right .. that has a value of 186 .. like flight 175 + 11

anyways .. here is another angle ..

The beatles and Golden SLumber juggling video craze on the web with criss bliss .. did you follow me on that ?

anyways .. it points to the hidden song "her majesty" and then points to Thomas Dekker and the Elizabethan Age ..

this is about masonry influence on Elizabethan poets ..etc ..
of course .. mason came out in 1717 .. so he must really mean rose cross which is like kelley and dee .. and then the people they touched like Bacon al ..

anyways Thomas Dekker is interesting and this connects to the idea of 1605 and the gunpowder plot ..
where 'guy fawkes' could have been a straw man .. set up because of his name .. [falcon guide] and also 'guy' as in the robin hood and 'guy' anyways .. if you read thru that article .. you will come across

--------- quote from cited article --

Among the stream of anti-Martinist pamphlets that slewed into the book-stalls in October 1589 was one by John Lyly the dramatist, who used the sobriquet of "Double V", and in which, for no obvious reason, he inserted an direct attack on Gabriel Harvey, whom he reckoned a pedant "full of latin endes", who "cares as little for writing without wit as Martin doth for writing without honestie".12 Harvey composed a reply, the Advertisement for Papp-hatchett, before the end of the year, which he did not publish till 1593. In it, he wrote of "Nash, the Ape of Greene; Greene, the Ape of Euphues; Euphues the Ape of Envie… three notorious feudists, drawe all in a yoke."13 Euphues was Lyly's most famous work.
This person Lyly wrote using the pen name "double V" ..

This caught my eye because of V for Vendetta and the combination of all these things at the same time ..

I didn't think much more about it .. until today with Werner Von ..

He is associated with the V-2 .. which is double V .. V-2 ..

This rocket ..

The V-2 rocket or Vergeltungswaffe 2 ("Retaliation Weapon 2") was an early ballistic missile used by the German Army during the later stages of World War II against mostly British and Belgian targets. It was the progenitor of the rocket race that developed during the Cold War, and ultimately put men on the moon and probes that have left our solar system.

Vergeltungswaffe : retaliation ..

retaliation is Vengence .. which is the root word of Vendetta ..

V for Vendetta .. is roughly the same as

Vergeltungswaffe for Retaliation ..

the Double V ..

the elizabethan time ...
the nazi's
V for Vendetta

all connecting with the Fairy Queen and little green men concepts .. strange times indeed ..

Fri Mar 31, 01:18:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

the mickey thing ..

I got curious about the disney name ..
turns out it is norman french ..

Normandy French Anciently written D'Isney or D'Eisney, and originally De Isigney, from Isigney, a small village near Bayeaux, in Normandy.

According to this site:
Isigny is from the Romano-Gallic personal name Isinius (a Latinized form of Gaulish Isina). I have not been able to trace an etymology for Isina -- a wild guess could be the Goddess Isis, ad with Isidore.

that is interesting because that is like Eisner ..

headline was Eisner Zero

Isigny ..

this is supposedly tied to ISINA ..

no clues as of yet ..

however ..and this is a big however ..

perhaps the clue is bayeux france ..

this makes a lot of sence because now we connect with Normandy and D -day ..

this connects back again to the idea of the Normans and the battle of hastings in 1066 ..

this is the graal bloodline that goes back to Rollo the Viking and Normandy in 911 ad

there is a famous tapestry depicting the battle of hastings called the bayeaux tapestry .. which is right in this little town that connects to Mickey and Disney

Now Crowley 'died' 12-1-47 at Hastings .. .. a big big clue ..

and the idea of 911 coming full circle on 3-29 spells it out ..
911 is a refernce to D-day and Normans and Vikings ..

Crowley's locale of his 'exit' .. hastings leaves a clue

as i have said many times .. 911 is prime 156 .. and 911 + 156 = 1067 which is roughly 1066 .. the battle of hastings ..
[yes .. i am saying this 911 plan was known a long time ago .. and may have been concocted by crowley himself .. it certainingly is laid out that way .. ]

anyways it is precisely hastings and bayeux that pinpoint both 911 and 1066 [1067] .. which is 1067

1067 was Aug 12th 2004 .. the Start of Athens .. and that is roughly PHI to 1729 which is 6-6-6

Fri Mar 31, 02:26:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

this is interesting with the connection to the pleiades ..

April Fool can associated with the fool or green man ..

it is worht remembering that the Danica Car which is 16 .. maps to the devils tower ..

this theme also ties to the ark and 911 .. but focus just on devil tower and that is acutally a myth about the pleiades ..


Fri Mar 31, 02:50:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

drudge page featured video of indiana politician giving nazi salute ..

this again ties with the

Indy Car Race = boys from brazil
and the latest Star Judgment ..

Indy Race and Race War and Star Wars as connecting to space weopons ..

Indiana and Indy Jones and the search for the ARK and the nazis ..

and this , as I just mentioned.. connects to close encounter ..

in other words map the ARK scene from INDY jones to the close encouter at Devil Tower and they match ..

this gets into the idea of CONTACT FROM BELOW and the close encounter movie , Jaws , and War of the Worlds

also popping up at this time is this elephant man story .. perhaps as you were saying,,2-2006140654,00.html

He said scientists told him before the test at North-West London’s Northwick Park Hospital that he would not be put at any risk.

The TGN1412 drug developed by German firm Te Genero had already been trialed on two monkeys which suffered no ill effects.

And the boffins insisted the six men taking part would be given just 1/500th of the amount of the drug given to the animals

injecting druges developed by german firms to see the effects .. isn't that what mengele was doing ..

Fri Mar 31, 03:00:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

in connection with CELLUAR and area code 457 which is prime 88

here is drudge story on 457 lb woman ..

Fri Mar 31, 03:04:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...,0047.htm

This is story about Prince Charles and the PETA bear ..

the Bear is imporant because Arthur means bear

Fri Mar 31, 03:21:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

"Hair" back in action in toronto

On April Fool's Day, the joke is on George Mason
Knight Ridder Newspapers
INDIANAPOLIS - George Mason awoke Saturday night and became George Mason again.

The carriage was a pumpkin. The horses were mice. Here was the team that had lost to Wake Forest, UNC Wilmington and Hofstra - twice.

Florida's 73-58 win against George Mason in the Final Four on Saturday pushed the Gators into the NCAA final and the Patriots out of the tournament. George Mason finally flopped.

I had an unusual vantage point for George Mason's defeat. By happenstance, my press row seat was no more than 10 feet from the Patriots' bench, and I could hear much of what George Mason coach Jim Larranaga said to his team.

Larranaga tried everything. His earsplitting whistles worked just as well in the RCA Dome as they do in smaller arenas - at least in terms of getting his own players' attention. But Larranaga's strategy failed. George Mason put much of its effort into controlling the game inside.


Indiana .. also doing the timewarp this weekend for first time ..

also .. forgot about the horses turning into mice ..


this concept of the mason's "patriot" being the 'fool' whose 'magic' trip comes to an end ..

that is the same thing I am saying about america being the 'fool' and the saturnalia .. sacrifice of the fool .. and this is the 'national treasure' .. I connected national treasure to the PAtriot Superbowl .. which I connected to APril 21 2005 which I connected to right now .. so this maps ..

also ties to the Indy 500 themes ..

and the 'time' element as well ..



it's almost unreal .. but yes that is both "hair" and "john Dean" seemingly coming from out of nowhere yesterday ..

Sat Apr 01, 09:47:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

florida gators have joakim noah ..

joakim means "God will Judge" ..

also San Fran Giants signed Noah Lowrey through 2010 .. I think ..

so that is a double "God will Judge" and "noah" with "giants" and "noah" ..

and the sf Giants also have the current Barry Bonds thing .. which connected with Giants and altering phys attributes to be superior ..
that connects as well ..

Mon Apr 03, 06:48:00 AM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

looking at st petersburg race yesterday ..

helio castroneves .. [brazilian i believe] wins ..

he beat out dixon whose 'fuel stratagy' failed

at same time ICE AGE .. opens ..
ICE age and Age of Aquarius together ..

then look at Helio castoneves ..
helio = sun
and castroneves may be castro = castle and neves = snow


interesting ..

and all of this on top of GLOBAL WARMING and the melting of the ICE CAPS ..

But taking the boys from brazil angle and Snow Castle ..

makes me think in terms of NAZI and ANTARTICA .. style stuff

also ..
story last week about Sun Screen lotion .. being simply snake oil ..

SUN AND SNAKE .. that maps to BUSH at CANCUN ..

EL CASTILLO .. which is a SUN CASTLE as well ..???

Mon Apr 03, 07:03:00 AM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

also feel free to develop the bugs bunny thing ..

I found a connection between Da Vinci Code , Route 666 becoming route 491 , Jerry Goldsmiths death , Deep Impact and Dana Reeve ..

so .. I think you are on to something

Mon Apr 03, 07:05:00 AM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

yes .. of course .. ice is water ..
so Age of Aquarius .. and Ice Age have a connection ..

as well as the precession of the equixon .. is assocaited with both ideas ..

Mon Apr 03, 07:19:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Eugene said...

Guy Fawkes = Guy Faux = Strawman
Lends itself as being the heart of the matter

Adding this to 'Vengence is mine' says the LORD and you have the issue itself. Fighting against tyranny = be a lamb or be the man!?! Who is who and what is what! There is a blind in this setup, ORA reveal in this setup.

I see what you mean on Crowley with his death day. Seen in the light of Liber Oz's "There is no God but man" and "to die when and how he will" and "man has the right to kill those who would thwart these rights". WHOmanity has itself a cosmic case of who and I, who are we, bigtime! AC seems to have added his weight to a hidden current that will reveal man, not as we presently hold shackeled religious thinking, etc. but as man as he really is, without the blinders.

IMHO - Its the death of the shell, ie Peter as ROMA, no love:), as civil and ecclesiastical, ie law and religious sole authority. The shell is always the resistance to the meatus inside that will only blossom when the season, its time is right on schedule.

Disney references:

Disneyland - as in 'were going to Disneyland' associated with the winner of championships, means 'land of make believe' essentially AREA 51...Dreamland!

Norton Disney - the seat of Disney family at

Isigny as root of Disney - has two 'communes' or areas created at revolution (and the very magic of naming may lie here with Masonry as source of revolution here and there), one called -Buat, the other -Mer

The -Mer is in CALVADOS and is famous for apples and for the beaches of D-DAY! Mer is noneother than Mary, Sea, etc.

The -Buat is in MANCHE and was also a big D-Day landing site.

Check out the popular literature reference to Calvados Spirit...

James Bond tastes a 10 year old Calvados Spirit in "Her Majesty's Secret Service"...aka John Dee:)

This is the one where Bond gets married and she dies on the way to the honeymoon:

"Moments later, a motorcycle policeman finds the grieving groom cradling his dead wife; fingering her wedding band, Bond turns and tells him, "We have all the time in the world"."

'We have all the time in the world' is a most popular song at weddings, and was written by 'one of the big four' composer's John Barry, who also did the theme music for television show 'Vendetta' -

Mssrs Harry Mancini, John Goldsmith (our Omen fella) and John Williams (Star Wars, etc.) round out the 'big four composers'.

These associations just keep going and going and going, energize bunny like...

You noted the Al Michaels trade and this is none other than Mickey Mouse as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. This ties to trickster rabbit theme.

So so bizarre...

"Oswald is definitely worth more than a fourth-round draft choice. I'm going to be a trivia answer someday." says Al Michaels

and Oswald was of 'Ub iwerks' who was from Kansas City! See this

and noted here 'iwerks is skrewi backward'

This is the riddle of ORA, the play of sound and how it creates! The heart of the alchemical riddle...what is Kansas City? WTF!

Mon Apr 03, 11:23:00 AM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

thanks for a very good piece of sleuthing ..

1st .. disney

the disney stuff is good .. you tie it to nottingham and d-day .. and that is perfect ..

2nd .. jill carroll recap

I am saying that her '82' days .. are significant ..
I mapped her abduction , her 'green message' , her '2-26' deadline , and 'her release' to 'freedom' , 'alive again' etc ..

on her flight home mention was made of her holding a rose ..

she has a twin ..

she was warned not to go back to the green zone .. that it was infiltrated with terrorists .. she went anyways

there was talk of wether she suffered from 'stockholm syndrome' ..

first off the 82 is important ..
quickly 911 is based on the 2 dates 4-21 and 9-11 .. [like twin posts each 111 days from New years]
911 is prime 156
421 is prime 82

both 82 and 156 are emphasized with the 1660 day Eclipse ..

this reinforces the concept and I would add 156 + 82 = 238 which is important because it is part of the design of 911 and it equates Uranium 238 ..

although I do not have a good grasp of it yet .. I am relating the 'green' outfit with the flowery tapestry .. to the idea of 'green tara' type of goddess figure ..
tara means 'star' .. and so this idea may connect to Nuit and the Star card .. or might not ..

although I can not find it right now .. I found a connection between the green tara type and something called 'black wind' ..

another key concept is that she is being called a 'bright light at a time of darkness' ..

my gut instinct is to say this is all very important and bright light at dark time is 'dawn' .. so I would map this to the dawn of the age of aquarius .. but perhaps bringing out some angles prob not considered ..

working with my vague understanding of some eastern religions and egypt perhaps .. there is a certain feel of this green goddess connected with blue hands or blue flower or blue jewel ..
blue power and whatever that may mean ..

one of the Dalai Lama wrote about the green tara and the blue flower ..

dalai lama in drudge today for saying if you eliminate Bin Laden .. 10 more will spring up ..

this connects again this concept that includes eastern mysticism and then 911 terror and also note the hydra reference ... 10 heads will spring up if you kill off one ..

you may remember that 911 has been compared to the eleventh labor of herucles ..

so here is this hydra and also there is a financial story about a company called cerebus .. that is another hercules labor ..

cerebus taking bite out of gm ??
in the "AREA OF 51%" :)

The sale of a 51 % interest to a consortium of investors led by Cerebus Capital Management will bring a total of $14 billion in cash over three years

GM is like a 'giant' or 'strong man' .. which can maybe ti to hercules ..

This 'cerebus' theme is reiterated on 'lost'

Finally, near The Flame hatch, is a reference to 'Cerebus', the three-headed dog who guarded the entrance to hell. This plays to the theory that the Losties are all in hell. The writing on the wall says, 'Cerebus station believed to have been abandoned to an .mgd incident of 1985', and 'possible catastrophic malfunction of cerebus system.' Is the black smoke (aka the island's security device) Cerebus?

thai election ..
the 'strongman'

Chaotic fall from strongman to 'square-faced tyrant'

WILL MASS protests succeed in ousting Thailand’s would-be strongman ruler--who was publicly embraced by George W. Bush just six months ago?

The series of mass protests against Thailand Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra somewhat resemble U.S.-backed “revolutions” in which mass protests forced out governments in Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Georgia in recent years.

furthermore Hercules is CONTACT .. right ..
CONTACT .. the message is sent to the M13 cluster which is HERCULES .. which is right near VEGA and CYGNUS ..

ok .. so this is a contact message involving Giants , involving multiple events real and fiction , and also touching upon Bin Laden and the Dalia Lama .. 911 Terror and the Age of Aquarius

now what is blofeld ? BLUE FIELD .. what is that ?

is it bloodlines ..?? in bond Blofeld is trying to pretend to be in a certain blue bloodline in switzerland ..

anyways .. you connect disney to town in france to the bottle of wine bond drinks in HER MAJESTY ..

HER MAJESTY is a current theme and then you worked up Looney Tunes back in Action .. the looney tunes character were created by Chuck Jones who was understudy of UB ??

going to the Looney Tunes movie ..
you have ELMER FUDD ..
you have a spy named damien DRAKE played by TIMOTHY DALTON
the 'object' is the BLUE JEWEL ..

so here is a BLUE POWER connection and .. checking back with the Bond Moive HER MAJESTY .. you find that it is at least said that Brocolli asked TIMOTHY DALTON to play bond in that movie ..
Marc-Ange Draco, head of the Union Corse, the biggest European crime syndicate. He believes the only way to save his daughter is for Bond to marry her. To facilitate this, he offers Bond a great dowry—as well as Blofeld's whereabouts; Bond refuses the offer, but agrees to continue romancing Tracy while her mental health improves.

if dalton would have been in that movie he would have been wedding a 'draco' ..

drake can mean both 'duck' and also dragon

now lets take a look at that song .. "all the time in the world" as played by Loius Armstrong composed by Barry but lyrics written by HAL DAVID ..
HAL DAVID is the usual lyricists for BURT BACHARACH .. and also wrote "what's new Pussycat?"

this is interesting because BURT BACHARACH came out of nowhere again .. actually a time warp from OCT 20th 2005 .. to update hit antiwar in iraq song with and x-rated twist ..

and I think the pussycat song was sung by tom jones who was just knighted on ECLIPSE day by the QUEEN .. in other words he is now ON HER MAJESTIES SECRET SERVICE ..

so , Eugene , your connection of the DISNEY name to the BOND MOVIE .. seems to not only reveal the connections between them and the looney tune movie you mentioned .. it also seems to be reflected in the Bacharach and Tom Jones themes .. which point to the ECLIPSE and HER MAJESTY SERVICE ..
and this again points to both the BLOODLINES spiked out by the DISNEY and NORMAN connection , right back to William and 1066 !!!
but also hinted at with BLOFELD ..

and culturally Burt Bacharach , Tom Jones , and James Bond
are all part of the age of aquarius 60's revolution ..
kind of the Austin Powers thing ..

on top of that .. Ian Flemming connects what ?? amoung other things he connects Aleister Crowley and NAZI's ..

and you also have SPECTRE and how that relates to all of this ..

Mon Apr 03, 05:48:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

headline on sports page this morning is NOAH and the ARC

also the plane crash in DOVER relates to DOVE CRASH ..
that relates to my theory the flight 93 is the DOVE or ARK out of NEWARK ..

Flight 93 trailer 'pulled' yesterday ..

researching 1666 came across little fact that newark was settled in 1666

also new jersey is the GARDEN STATE ..

interestingly enough .. this will relate to gay marriage ..
back in 2004 I had written to goro about how the NJ govenor 'comming out' on Aug 13 2004 was not a distraction but was a part of the Aug 13 2004 set up
.. relating to the adam and eve in the garden and the painting by
by Durur which is reportedly 2 men in the garden of EDEN ..

anyways .. this relates to NJ as the Garden State
this story just resurfaced

also new film 'adam and steve'

So this is a part of the flight 93 theme from 911 developed on Aug 13th 2004 and now manifesting more

signified by the DOVER CRASH in the GARDEN STATE

also interesting is all of the Apple Stuff ..
but the Jobs angle as well

the Paris riot is about JOBS ..
and Apple computer is STEVE JOBS ..


Tue Apr 04, 04:12:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

this story of porn sting nabs homeland security agent

this matches the theme discussed above involving the NJ governor

that aug 2004 case involved his gay relationship with NJ Homeland Security cheif

so it reinforces the idea of homeland security - sexual scandal

this connects the NJ Garden State to the durer adam and eve picture

Wed Apr 05, 08:45:00 AM CDT  

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