March 16, 2006

Ten Dollar Bill is the Patriot Act

The new bill has a large egg on the right side that contains 'People' and a hidden watermark inside of Alexander Hamilton's face which is also the main bust on the bill.

If folded in half the large torch falls inside the large egg setting fire to the 'people'.

If one looks at the back of the bill and views through to the bust side the small torch sets the US Treasury on fire at its right pillars.

There is also a small egg on the back side that nests in larger egg. The small egg when viewed through to bust side, contains the 'eopl' of 'people'. This is intriguing as the only anagrams of 'eopl' are 'pole, opel and lope' or in Goro's STR, which so often touches on Danica and peaking, and the theme 'the car that runs around the pole'. The letters left out of the small egg but contained in the large egg are p and e, Pe, the tower, the mouth which surrounds the entire course, car and drivers. Its a tower that builds itself and casts itself down so as to build itself higher, not wanting to spill the seed before its most perfect time. "A washing by water, a purification by fire and then the real ceremony begins" as Aleister Crowley so said..says it all. Opel reveals no less than Oz, Liber 77:

Adam Opel is owned by General Motors which maps directly to Detroit, Renaissance Center the HQ of GM, Superbowl XL, Chevrolet a GM product boasting an ‘American Revolution’. GM could also hint at God and Magdalene and M GM as in the 'Great Work'. Adam Opel is interesting as an allusion to Adam as a vehicle or a passenger on the way to becoming. Becoming what? I would say 'Qaheen' or in Eve's words "I have gotten a man who is fully YHWH" a statement that has Charles written all over it.

The new bill is hued in red on both sides of the note and this conveys the 'red carpet' and the 'red tongue' of Kali as alluded to in Rolling Stones halftime show and Oscars. The small torch is Orange and Yellow and ties to Goro's STR Orange alignment as abduction. Since when the bill is viewed through with the small torch setting fire to the Treasury it may herald abduction of the nations money supply, caused economic collapse, the oil to Euro dollars, etc. The large torch is surrounded by a very unusual clue that solidifies the Euro rise and American dollar decline.

The EURion constellation is a ‘portmanteau’ of the EUR (Euro dollar) and Orion (none other than the torch bearer himself). EUR is very close to the word Aur for light, which is intriguing. The symbol in itself is five rings apart, a possible allusion to the recent Olympic spirit being broken and also are very, very close to the Anu mark, the mark of Cain. This being a circle around a cross or four right angles, another oft touched subject of Goro's when viewing Orange alignments, cross quarter days and solstice/equinox times. The EURion constellation surrounding the torch and over shadowing the eggs when viewed through is ripe for association to the heralded events. - which ties directly to Alice in Wonderland and the concept of mixing or alchemically changing two into one. EURion is clearly the destruction of the American system and the rise of the Euro and goes to the heart of the designed collapse of America and the revealing of the true face of the New World Order.

As if the clues weren’t eery enough, Alexander Hamilton was shot dead by none other than the Vice President of the United States, Aaron Burr. Dick Cheney's 'accidental' shooting maps to the Neo-Cons as the weapon that kills Hamilton, ie the watermark of Hamilton's face in the egg is a stand in for 'people'.

Hamilton "is often regarded as the Founding Father who advocated the principles of a strong centralized federal government and loose interpretation of the Constitution that would become the hallmark of the early Republic. This was due to his support of strong national defense, strong business institutions, regulated capitalism (Report on Manufactures and what was later called the "American System"), and a commitment to economic growth through protectionist tariffs, subsidies to industry, and other measures recommended in his Report on Manufactures to the U.S. Congress. He stood opposed to the laissez faire capitalism, weak central government, and free trade philosophy of the Democratic-Republican Party founded by Thomas Jefferson." (from Wikipedia)

This maps directly to the death of America as its now framed, the right wing pillar, from within by the Bush cabal. The small torch sets fire to the right pillars of the Treasury thus ending the entire façade. The left wing of America, Democrats, being already functionally dead, coupled with the fall of the right and the whole roof collapses. Again reinforcing that Hamilton is a stand in for the people, as America has developed if you will directly from Hamilton's ideas. His 'Implied Powers' doctrine led directly to the Louisiana Purchase, ie the expansion to the West, and to the elasticity of powers in Congress and most pointedly the Executive branch. We see this clearly in the 'recent' use of the 'Unitary Executive Theory' as bandied about in Samuel Alito's confirmation and in wiretapping scandal.

Hamilton's tenure as US Treasure Secretary began on September 11th, which also maps directly to the Bush Cabal's riser to power via 911, the egg that had the Patriot Act waiting to fly inside.

The seal of Hamilton College is none other than initiation to 'Know Thyself' by 'Light and Truth' and shows Lady Justice imparting the scales of justice to the initiate’s head. The foundation of the work is none other than the broken pillar of Boaz, the dark pillar, the lost feminine. Hamilton means 'from the beautiful mountain' showing this is a from the top down afair, like sweat as dew falling from the locks of Adam Qadmon or like thunderbolts from Zeus on Olympus or the hammer of Vulcain on the base metal forging it to nobler purpose.

Considering the intense 'justice' issue swirling around the Patriot Act, the Missouai trial, corporate scandals, Washington scandals, etc., the errant 'Carla J Martin' in the Missouai trial makes for synchronous clues. Carla is a mix of 'Carol' meaning 'song' and 'Linda' meaning 'pretty one' and/or the feminine of 'Charles' meaning 'full grown man'. The 'J' stands alone and is none other than the Hebrew tenth letter, Yod or 'the hand'. 'Martin' means 'warlike' and is a small swift bird. So her name may be read as 'the beautiful song crescendos as/to full grown war'. The ten as 'the hand' is the means by which all is accomplished. In the history and struggle for freedom the Patriot Act and its implications for all people, not just Americans, is at the center of the storm, the Missouai trial and in comedic fashion, the Saddam trial, show the crisis of justice. They are mirrors of the farce of obtaining justice. When people march the long road to justice they end up as terrorists, nay sayers, revolutionaries...hanged men. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer as fools march to justice. Will this ever stop?

The clincher is that both the renewal of the Patriot Act and the release of Ten Dollar Bill occur on the same day, March 2nd 2006. Clearly they are the same thing, a prelude to fire, a dragon conjured who whirls around the center, devouring chariots and occupants alike and in so doing, leading all the little participants to see from its perspective, through its eye.

Humanity is passing through the small door, the hour glass singularity, the looking glass of the eye of God, and will be illuminated. As the book of Hebrews says ‘Our God is a consuming fire’ and in Corinthians 'God will be All in All' mate nicely with the promised ceremony of Aleister Crowley. Prometheus lights the way for Atlas as he carries the world to its destination. Atlas with face downcast and burdened, so Cain like, will chuck the burden to walk free. All those who have artistically seen the torch and its two fold light, one of leading, the other of burning away, come to the same conclusion, their minds full grown and manlike, after suffering a ‘no name Maddox’ like event. Clearly the destruction of individual identities, which cannot cross the abyss, to the one identity, the eye in the triangle, is the one thing of all vision, to be 'full grown YHWH'.

More to follow on the Ten...


Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

nice analysis ..

the '10' is also the card 'fortune' which is 'jupiter'

if the link above works. I believe the 'opel' reference has a nazi link or flavor ..

if you are thinking of rising Europe .. then you have Jupiter and Europa .. that is Space Odyssey 2010

This ties into the discovery mission .. which I mentioned ties to Dana Reev .. which is Superman and Nazi type of conotation ..

the Movie Failure to Launch .. is interesting because .. it has Mathew M from Contact .. which had a nazi element to it ..

and Failure to Launch .. if you go to the root of the words ..

Failure relates to Deception
and Launch relates to Lance ..

Failure to Launch = Lance Deception ..
= Spear Of Destiny Deception ..

nice job !!

Fri Mar 17, 04:24:00 PM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

I did send Goro a copy of this...he has no idea we exist...unless of course he has psibirds aloft:)

Slap me if I need correction. Should you not want to mess with Goro, I will go along. Goro does have a unique perspective and a unique presentation. If I am out of line here....slap me. I dont want to hang with G again..but it would be nice to lead him around once in awhile. He surely cant expect to be the only symboligist in the world:)

It may be deeper down the rabbit hole than he is willing to share...hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Saw V this weekend and IT WAS SUPREME! Loaded and so subtle. Its not built on flash or action, although it does have these. Its main line is the 'marriage' of V and Evey. It should add some real fodder to minds everywhere. It has so so many subtleties...I need a couple more viewings to even begin to summarize. V was a remarkable character. Portman (teau) as the coming of Eve was good as well. Morpheme of Lewis Carrol was not lost in picking this actress.

I applauded and reveled in its clear speech. Its reveal will shape response of either entrenching the blind or enlighteneing the eye, maybe both.

Mon Mar 20, 10:03:00 AM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

Charlie as 'full grown man'

and Sheen as 'breath of God'

make for great synch tie!!!

Also yesterdays 'peace just a BREATH away' by Sharon Stone

makes for double the fun with associations!!!

Tue Mar 21, 01:24:00 PM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

The synch just keeps rolling with CHARLES MARTIN shooting the boy on the lawn.

This reeks of the standard reading of (death of Cain) by Lamech who said my punishment will be 77 fold for killing a "young man" who wounded me. The kicker is why would it go to 77 fold? and what is the reason for killing in regards to "he wounded me"?

The deeper reading is that Lamech killed Cain and as a result of being himself in the line of multiplies exponentially!!! God does not speak to Lamech so his reference to mutilplied 'curse' is not what it appears to be.

Its really about the projection of all that Cain is by breaking membranes, ie the door with its crouching beast, etc. His descendants after all fill the world up with music, arms, etc.

Charles Martin relates to earlier reference with Charles as "full grown man like YHWH" and Martin as in 'warlike' from Carla J Martin!

The subtlety of about to get really warlike amongst neighbors seems to be the tie...Ya think?!

Tue Mar 21, 04:23:00 PM CST  
Blogger Human Being said...

Great stuff, guys!

I'm wondering about the kid's last name, Mugrage.

Mug Rage? As in, a "muggle" from Harry Potter? That seems to match up with what happened, human rage.

Or... Mu Grage? According to what I've been able to deduce, "grage" might be German for "question". Though, I Google translated "question" from English to German and I got "frage". Yet, a Google search on "grage" gives many German pages. I was wondering about this breakdown of Mugrage because of what "Mu" is... the boy's last name could mean "lost continent question".

Tue Mar 21, 06:11:00 PM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

Mug rage is an mad as hell cup.

Have looked like a fiend for mugrage, muggeridge, dice!


The SYNCH of this event compared with what I wrote is alarming.

Wed Mar 22, 10:22:00 AM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

Lateral move...

Batavia was the former name of Jakarta, capitol of Indonesia and

the ancient name for Holland

these in some facets have already been points of ENKI speak (flood, ohio, holland) and maybe bigger trigger points for whats coming

Larry means 'laurel-crowned' and could represent the spring king, or greenspan (jims oft touched).

the 'well manicured lawn' has allure of yod with fingers on hand (ie manicure) and "could utter one word in the palace of the Kings Daughter, but instead chooses to be gardner" of Crowley.

(I sent Goro a small note on CHARLES MARTIN shoting as a dig for sending him 'ten dollar bill'...and his lack of response. Can you honestly deny the SYNCH of this event with what I wrote..that is came through the synch clues?)

Wed Mar 22, 11:09:00 AM CST  
Blogger jim said...

This story is bizarre to say the least ..

But it reminds me of the woman from last year .. that was kidnapped and the captor convinced her he was the good guy .. I think Eugene and HB were both onto it ..

The guy called it stockholm syndrome ..

interesting thematic tie in with the V movie ..

Thu Mar 23, 04:18:00 PM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

Since we virtually have no action in here...

and since HB is posting on Stargate Zero...

and since jim wants interaction with others...and I do somewhat as well...

lets do Stargate Zero instead?

Fri Mar 24, 09:31:00 AM CST  
Blogger jim said...

a couple of things ..

star princess cruise ships fire ..
star princess blaze .. makes me think of blazing star - princess ..

and star wars princess ..which ties to natalie portman ..

if I get time , I will try to work out the Star Wars stuff from last may which I tied to the phantom .. and now that will tie with V for Vendetta ..

as for the queen stuff .. I heard on the radio/fox or cnn .. a story about a fla teacher not going to jail and they joked about a movie deal .. and someone said .. and "reggie jackson will make a cameo" .. I thought that was strange .. cause he makes a cameo in Naked Gun .. where he wants to Kill the Queen ..

I was just talking about this movie in connection with Naked Gun and Sex Pistol connotation ..

also there was a story about a internet video that has gone around the world .. they interviewed the guy .. I think his name is chris bliss .. some sort of juggling video he made 20 years ago .. to hear him tell it , he had this video and put it on his site and then somehow people starting emailing it people and it is out of control .. he was getting emails from africa .. telling him people start their day with his video .. makes em happy ..
the kicker is .. it is to beatles music .. so I was curious as to what song ??

it turns out is is golden slumbers melody .. Chris made a point of saying 'it was the last thing the beatles recorded' ..

this is interesting because it is abbey road .. recorded last but released sep 26 1969 ... prior to let it be .. released may 8 1970 ..

the golden slumber thing is interesting because it is on a side of the album that is really one long song which has as its last song "Her Majesty"

This could be another reference to the Queen and the idea of Golden Slumber ..

The Golden Slumber song itself is taken from a thomas dekker poem .. Thomas Dekker is interesting because he is from the 1600 London time frame .. which connects him to the Queen Elizabeth I - and then James ..

This makes him contemporary of the 1605 Gunpowder plot ..

and in fact he wrote a story called "whore of Babylon" .. in connection with that ..
his tract is an anti-catholic piece .. but this is where is gets interesting ..

because .. in crowley .. the whore of babylon is his scarlet woman .. the lust card .. ie 9-11 etc
and that is Kali ..

the Superbowl just played was on day 1608 just a few days after 1605 days after 911 ..

2 movies from this time frame of NEW WORLD about Virginia .. and events in 1609 and the V for Vendetta movie advertised during the superbowl .. refers to 1605 ..

the superbowl itself highlighted Kali and the Scarlet woman theme ..
babalon ..

so the phenom of this golden slumbers thing is interesting ..

This day of the patriot Act and the 10 dollar bill was also a special Paul McCartney Day ..

I will publish soon the events of this day in connection with Russia , Paul McCartney , and the new england Patriots ..

this day saw Paul McCartney in Canada to protest the seal cull ..

this ties .. a seal is of the same family as a walrus .. pinoped or finoped .. it means feather feet ..

so three themes emerge ..
1) Paul and Walrus
2) Cull or killing
3) feather feet

Paul and the Walrus .. the Walrus is a poem by lewis carrol .. remember Alice etc ..
the walrus and the carpenter .. where the walrus tricks the oysters and then eats them ..'culls'

walrus and seal as feather footed denote the winged feet .. like Mccartneys "wings" .. of mercury ..

this theme actually ties in with the 10 dollar bill concept .. with setting the torch to the egg ..
with the walrus being also the eggman koo koo ka choo

The sid and nancy references .. will also tie in this way .. as they were both killed in the Dakota ..

the site of the Lennon Killing

These themes for right now ..
esp important is the end of the beatles and apollo 13 in April of 1970 ..

This was made into a movie by Ron Howard and Tom Hanks .. the same combo putting out the upcoming Da Vinci Code movie ..

This movie will tie in with some of these things and the recent trial of the author ..

because of this connection , I am very interested in Expedition 13 .. to ISS which could some how relate to Apollo 13 ..

also .. caught a 1/2 second of news the other night and noticed on one of the news tickers that they had "homer's oddyssy" .. Homer simpson signed for 2 more years ..

this seemed noteworthy .. Apollo 13 involved the Aquarius, the Odyssey , and Fra Mauro ..

any thoughts on this ?

Fri Mar 24, 11:11:00 AM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

The abduction for 10 years story was bizarre to the max as you say jim...

The title of an article I say on it was 'Ten Years Gone' and of course the first thing in my LED HEAD was

"Then as it was, then again it will be. An' though the course may change sometimes, Rivers always reach the sea. Blind stars of fortune, each have several rays.
On the wings of maybe, down in birds of prey. Kind of makes me feel sometimes, didn't have to grow. But as the eagle leaves the nest, it's got so far to go

Changes fill my time, baby, that's alright with me. In the midst I think of you, and how it used to be.

Did you ever really need somebody, And really need 'em bad? Did you ever really want somebody, The best love you ever had? Do you ever remember me, baby, did it feel so good? Cause it was just the first time, And you knew you would.

Through the eyes an' I sparkle, Senses growing keen, Taste your love along the way, See your feathers preen, Kind of makes makes me feel sometimes, Didn't have to grow, We are eagles of one nest, The nest is in our soul.

Vixen in my dreams, with great surprise to me. Never thought I'd see your face the way it used to be. Oh darlin', oh darlin'

I'm never gonna leave you. I never gonna leave. Holdin' on, ten years gone. Ten years gone, holdin' on, ten years gone"

Allusion to return to golden age! Its all in the midst, ie the center of the world as rejuvanation or omphalos! All the eagles have one common soul or resting place...the center again.
Could read as abduction and now return to center...the history of being hijacked by two fish or two streams and return to common center.

Thanks for the threads jim...:)

Fri Mar 24, 11:22:00 AM CST  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

interesting you should mention the 10 years gone theme ..

that is actually tied into the piece I call "untitled" ..

the picture of Jimmy Page is from Chicago 1977 where he wore the Nazi SS hat and I think a few other pieces of the modified nazi uniform ..

These shows took place on April 6,7 9, and 10 ..

It is my thinking that this time was a very important time in the Crowley timeline .. and I find these 4 shows to be significant ..

one of the things that happened was that on apr 9th .. Jimmy collapsed early in the show and the concert ended .. in fact it was immediately after the song Ten Years Gone ..

a year is usually 365 days .. but a year can also be thought of as 360 ..

10 years = 360 * 10 = 3600 days ..
anyways .. wondering what 10 years gone could be in reference to crowley .. I subtracted 3600 days was the Apr 9th Show ..and it is June 1st 1967 .. the day that Sgt Pepper Lonely Heart Club Band was released .. an album which features Aleister Crowley on the cover .. and I would add is really about Crowley ..

and Sgt Pepper song refers to "it was twenty years ago today .. Sgt Pepper taught the band to play "

using this same logic .. 20 years ago becomes 7200 days .. [there is that pesky 7200 again :) ]

7200 days from Jun 1st 1967 is Sept 14 1947 ..

Seemingly inoccuous at first .. but in actuality .. Sept 14 1947 is 1/2 way between Roswell and Crowley's 'death'

furthermore .. proceeding roughly 666 days from the Jimmy Page 'collapse' in Chicago .. is the death of Sid Vicuous Feb 1979 ..

This is interesting in that just 4 days after Sid dies .. Joseph Mengele Died .. although not discovered until 6-6 1985 ..

that ties in with the Nazi element and sid's death ..

This brings in another element which is the boys of brazil ..
Sid .. who died at the dakota .. which connects to Rosemary Baby - Lennon - Helter Skelter - etc etc

The same Author , Ira Levin wrote both boys from brazil and rosemary baby ..

The Boys from Brazil came out in fall of 1978 .. a few days prior to death of Nancy Spungeon ..

The boys from Brazil seems to be a theme ..

speaking of mengele .. you may remember last year at this time the Red Lake murders on 3-21-2005
it was by a kid named jeff weise who called himself todenengel .. aka angel of death ..

This is one year after that and I am talking about the mengele boys of brazil theme ..

interesting is the bus crash that killed tourists .. I'm not suggesting anything other than an accident .. but the theme is interesting as it was a group of people associated with Bnia Brith .. travelling on a Millenium Cruise ship .. taking a side trip up to the Andes ..
the site of the crash was basically Chile/Peru/Bolivia .. intersection ..

Boys of Brazil is about Nazi's escaping to south america .. nazi's went to brasil / paraguay argentina .. and also chile-peru-bolivia ..

these poor people were from monro township in jersy ..

Bnai Brith .. is one of the oldest Jewish orgs going back to 10 - 13 - 1843 .. and it parented the ADL .. which fights against Nazi and other neonazi or racist types ..

so this community having a bus plunge from the mountain in the junction of chile-peru-bolivia .. is at least interesting on the anniversay + 1 day of the Red Lake Massacre by the self stylized Todenengel .. which was mengele's nickname ..

Fri Mar 24, 01:42:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Fri Mar 24, 01:43:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

oh no .. double post .. sorry ..

continuing ..

Chile - Bolivia - Peru .. this was the site of a total solar eclipse on Nov 4 1994 ..

The current Eclipse of 2006 .. Mar 29 will Start on the tip of brasil and then shoot across africa thru the middle east into turkey then central asia and russia ..

The Queen mentioned Brasil as an "EMERGENT POWER" in her trip to OZ ..

The expedition 13 trip to the space station , features a Brazilian Astronaut named Marcus Pontes .. which can mean "warlike bridge" ..

the London 'soft' bombing of July 21st .. also involved the shooting of a 'brasilian electrician' by accident at stockwell station

this incident may be included in the new BOND movie ..

stockwell station itself is interesting in that it harkens back to WWII and stockwell name means 'stock' = tree stump .. and well .. and a tree stump that is also a well figures in the creation myths of Brasil .. ???

But the Tree Stump and Well themes also are in other myth as well ..

The Rolling Stones , who have become a big part of this current set up , .. following their kali 1/2 time show of rough justice ..
went to south America .. and in particular .. a concert in RIO .. during the Olympics ..
I thought maybe they would call it the boys from brazil .. but i guess not ..

anyways .. these are just a few of the little things with the brasil theme .. ohh .. also Danica Patrick and the 'boys' .. a bunch of them .. her teammates last year were 'brazilian' ..

But the idea is that , this current timeframe has to do with Nazi Re-emergence.. and I would even say .. perhaps they never lost .. but that the hitler thing was planned .. and now WWIII is ready ..

if the 2006 eclipse is important .. and I think that world war II was planned based on this Eclipse ..coming up in a matter of days .. then the path from Brazil across africa and the middle east into russia could be important .. a WARLIKE BRIDGE

Brazil can mean STRONG or Brave .. and it can also relate back to Irish Myth ..
we [Eugene,HB, and I] talked about this last year with Dimebag .. but there is an Aryan theme that relates Iran , Basque , and Eire .. Ireland .. and then Brasil ..

anyways .. these are some of the idea I was hoping to develop for Untitled .. involving the Queen , Led Zeppelin , the Sex Pistols , adn this Eclipse ..

The Idea of the Sacrifice of the Fairy Queen .. which played out with Dana Reeve .. and Christopher Reeve .. connects with Adolph and Eva at the 'end' of WWII .. they sacrificed on April 30th .. as a Superman and Superwoman .. Robin and Gillian .. Robin and Marian .. Little John and Gillian .. Robin and Gillian .. etc etc New Adam and New Eve
This connects with the idea of creating a new world .. Hitler's dream .. as talked about in StarTrek and Project Genesis .. and also Sky Captain and world of Tommorow .. .. the Noah Project ..

anyways .. if WWIII were to occur .. it may involve Israel .. who has an important election on Mar 28th ..

and I mentioned the importance June 1967 and SGT pepper .. but that was also the time of the 6 day War .. in Israel .. in which the USS LIBERTY was attacked ..

a 6 day war denotes the 6 days of creation .. and perhaps a hint that the creation of the new world order .. [the new gold] .. will involve the sacrifice of USS LIBERTY ..

This ties back into the Rock and roll hall of fame ..

Sex Pistols .. no show .. could = God save the queen no show ..

Blondie .. = Blonde theme associates with Nazi Eugenics .. and Blondie had song about Atomic Bomb ..

Black Sabbath = oh well ..

Lynard Skynard .. Plane Crash from Hell .. soul survivor in the flames .. the pheonix .. free bird ..

Herb Albert - Trumpet Player ..

The Trumpet theme was perhaps most important because the day after the rock and roll hall of fame Israel attacked Jerico . in what was called the battle of Jerico ..

Jerico was attacked in the bible by the Ark of the Covenant and Trumpets ..

as an additional event .. we have the sinking of the North Queen Ferry ..

that again is a Ferry Queen Sacrifice .. and a north one ..

Fri Mar 24, 02:11:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

also ..

The jerico concept I've mentioned in the past ..

The book of Revelation chapter 11 and 12 .. relate to the crucifiction of Jesus .. and his victory of the red dragon ..

In Revelation the language is in a multitime context .. but the reference in Chapter 11 is to the battle of Jerico .. with the trumpets and earthquakes etc .. this leads up to Rev 11:19 and the temple of God opened in heaven and the ark of His testimony was seen..
Then starts Rev 12:1 .. A great sign appeared in the heaven's a woman clothed with the sun .. moon under her feet etc ..

This woman is the Virgin Mary who is the Ark of the Covenant .. and that moment of the crucifiction is the moment of Jesus's destruction of Jerico .. the strong city of the devil .. namely sin

this is important because this theme is reversed with the new world order ..

In the satanic concept .. the Red Dragon would be the Ark .. gaining victory ..

so this concept becomes important ..
one of the things i mentioned before is the counting of the days for the 1260 days .. 3.5 years 42 months .. the so called tribulation ..

for instance George Bush was named winner on Dec 13 2000 .. and 1260 days later on May 26 2004 Al Gore reemerged and Judged him .. and then on 6-13-2004 .. 3.5 years later his father 'jumped' out of a plane .. that is just one example where the concept of the 3.5 period and then 'judgement' or escaping judgement is part of the ritual ..

Last year on 2-22-2005 was 1260 days from 911 .. the Iran Earthquake ..

but counting backwards from 9-9-9 .. the 1260 day mark is 3-29-2006 ..

This means that in regards to the 911 plan .. 3-29-2006 takes on real big importance to Rev 11 and Rev 12 ..

Then check out the diagrams I copied that show the sky as a scene out of Rev 12 .. and this becomes real important ..

notice that Mars , Venus , earth , sun , moon are all jammed together

I will develop this more .. but these are a few threads of thought

Fri Mar 24, 02:27:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

1 correction is I mentioned the Total Eclipse in 1994 was on Nov 3rd .. I had mentioned it was November 4th 1994 but it was actually Nov 3rd 1994

One interesting thing .. which I hadn't thought of until just now .. it was Nov 5th 1994 that it was announced that Reagan had Alzheimer disease ..

strange .. because of the current 'remember remember the 5th of november' and the fact that alzheimer makes you forget ..

Fri Mar 24, 02:55:00 PM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

Stump idea is found in Daniel when the tree is banded and cut down, ie when Nebuchadnezzar looses his marbles and chews grass as the cows, naked and bestial. He is reborn after seven years, that is regains his senses. The band on the tree is removed and it ascends again in the praise Neb gives God for the lesson. Since he is the head of gold it could in much bigger pic be the end of iron age with gold age anew. Iron age is brittle as the iron tries to merge with the clay, an impossibility... establish foundation permanently? And this spot is where the stone cut without hands strikes....

Ozymandios like!

Stockholm syndrome...Is this comparable of Evey when she is on the Bishops bed about to be molested? She trusts him inspite of him being a paedophile...and starts to rat out V...inspite of fact shes just about to be molested...which she seems to be oblivious of! She shows she is still under the conditioning which will not be broken until the (judas like) ruse of V which leads to 'I would rather die'. She comes to her senses...Nebuchadnezzar like!

Fri Mar 24, 02:57:00 PM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

Nebuchadnezzar and the seven years is also the seven veils of Inanna or the seven planets that must be mastered in ones rise to the Empyrean. These would seem to be the levels of disconnect between the image of God mirroring or not mirroring God.

Fri Mar 24, 03:36:00 PM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...

Has V quotes!

"This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is it vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished, as the once vital voice of the verisimilitude now venerates what they once vilified. However, this valorous visitation of a by-gone vexation, stands vivified, and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin van-guarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition. The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta, held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous. Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose vis-à-vis an introduction, and so it is my very good honor to meet you and you may call me V."

VVVVV ... nails in the coffin! Simply awesome :)

Fri Mar 24, 05:20:00 PM CST  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

I have aquired the V comic novel .. so I will read thru that and then maybe see the movie again .
thanks for the link of v quotes

I noticed a sad story about Race Car Driver Dana .. killed yesterday ..

interesting .. could be a bad omen for danica

Mon Mar 27, 09:18:00 AM CST  
Blogger jim said...

This race was another part of the 'brazil' theme I was following .. as I mentioned .. several of the racers are brazilian .. and this was kind of a theme from the Indy 500 last year ..

Danica's teammate .. Vitor was one of the 'boys' usually associated with Danica .. in the Danica and the 'boys' promos ..

I can't remember right now , but last year at Indy 500 there were 2 injured drivers that switched places right before the race .. was it Paul Dana and Buddy Rice ? ..

anyways .. this race was themed as 'carnival of speed' with a special Brazil fan section ..

'Dana' is the name of Chris Reeve wife who I talked about as a 'superman' and 'superwoman' concept ..

This Superman-theme was a big theme at Indy 500 last year .. including the group called 3 doors down .. opening with "superman" song
and there was a lot of play in the booth about the 32 supermen and the 1 supergirl ..

anyways .. this tie in with boys from brazil and superman .. is something I followed from the Indy 500 last year ..

The GodFather- Apocalypse now - Superman theme running from Marlon Brando - Ray Charles and Chris Reeve deaths .. into the Oscars ..
should tie ..

The idea of a crash of a vehicle revealing superman ..

and this idea of the Golden Appollo being revealed .. should connect to the idea of an Eclipse .. where the Sun is both concealed and then 'revealed' ..
Mel Gibson's Movie Apolalypto .. features the Sun Eclipse in the promo pictures etc

And the Eclipse this week starts in Brazil ..

Also worth mentioning is the Cinderella Man theme ..

I mentioned how Dana means Mother of gods ... and how I was connecting Dana to the idea of fairy godmother and the idea of the mayqueen .. or fairyqueen

that theme intersects with Cinderella

This Cinderella Man theme comes from the Crowe Movie last year ..

Crowe showed up at Indy 500 doing a big promo for it .. wearing the Toronto Maple Leaf ball cap ..

anyways at the time of the Indy 500 .. one of Danica's lines .. was that it was a 'Rookie Mistake'
I can't remember the specifics .. but Rookie and Crow both connect to the same word root .. and there seemed to be this connection between Crowe and his movie and Danica .. with crow , rookie , and Rook in Chess is a Tower , like the 16 car. and also the added idea that a rookie is 'green' .. and the interplay with the Green Team of Andretti

The Cinderella Man .. which was about the Depression .. and about a girl who terms into 'supergirl' with magic chariot .. to capture 'prince charming' .. seemed important at the time ..

I think there was even a red alert in DC and their was this big thing about ?? Nancy Pelosi ?? losing her shoe and then some of the men holding the shoe and trying to find her .. right out of cinderella ..

This seemed to coincide with Tropical storm CINDY ..
A Tropical storm is a 'depression'
so 'depression' and 'cindy' .. seemed to resonate ..
Cindy itself meansing Ashes .. so that connects to both the phoenix idea and the idea of ash wednesday and also the idea of the ash tree

so it is kind a weird day with this tragic accident with the race car and then this basketball game with Uconn getting beaten by the Cinderella Men .. I watched the game and they actually showed a person with a golden slipper in the audience .. Cinderella was a big theme .. and the headline in one paper I saw was "Cinderella Men"

as weird as this may seem .. cinderella men meaning little ash men ..and little fairy men ..

when tied to the other themes of Superman and Boys from Brazil .. may actually connect to the nazi the end of WW II .. which I am thinking was timed to coincide with this Eclipse .. 2 days from now .. arising out of Brasil .. and then cutting across africa .. into the middle east and russia ..

Brasil .. here using the Ireland concept of Bres .. and Brasil being a type of Magic Island or 'fairy land' ..

Mon Mar 27, 02:01:00 PM CST  
Blogger Eugene said...


please cut and paste the last comment to a post I worked up on the wreck

Mon Mar 27, 03:06:00 PM CST  

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