July 27, 2006

Conquering Heart Beat

white of eye - base of mountain
color of eye - slope up and down
black of eye - pinnacle of mountain
eclipse moon - throne on the mountain

eclipse equals change or block in frequency
this is pulse, lub dub lub dub_____________dub lub dub lub
pulse is wave slope, break and ascend, break and decline
pulse is kairo
kairo is chi-rho
chi-rho is sign of throne on the mountain
chi-rho is 'back of head'
chi-rho is hammer of initiation
chi-rho is skull and bones
chi-rho is qoph
qaf is the mountain of God
chi-rho is tav-resh
sun is tent, moon is dweller
one must be blind to see

http://www.horusmaat.com/hecate.html - and the triple is the one on the throne of the moon, capstone, eye in triangle

http://www.experiencefestival.com/qoph - around about

http://www.psyche.com/psyche/autiot/qof.html - dead on

"Qof is beyond space-time, beyond the duality of the two towers."



Constantine saw the light and was converted -



Once again, in over reacting fashion ... lights out? Or at least in synchronous fashion...

pulse is porridge, gruel
prey sees from on high
but only after passing
the predators teeth
teeth are the universal movement
shit happens
do we see or do we pass
after initiation, will tell

July 18, 2006

The Light of the Body is the Eilat

http://elyon1.court.gov.il/eng/siyur/index.html - Index of pic tour of Supreme Court



First pic above is todays news item on Drudge, except when you click on link it sends you to article "Britain Sizzles"...hmmm? Love that remark from George to Tony the other day 'Thanks for the sweater", ie when the real fire is lit its gonna get hot. Pyramid is 'fire pillar'. The pic shows lightning strikes to LUXor Casino and Hotel "during thunderstorm in Las Vegas". Hey like when and why post this today, err what the hell does it have to do with anything? Except maybe more love for divine strake? Nice capstone ehhhh, light up and light down. I put this together because of the oddity of the pic on Drudge...this is not saying much is it?

Second pic is the "blue pyramid" IMAX theater in the Red Sea town of EILAT..a port and gateway city to southern Israel. Remember theres another 'blur pyramid' and 'Walters Pyramid' in Long Beach.

Third pic is pyramid by "Solomon's Pillars Lodge No. 59" also in EILAT - see southern area lodges at http://www.freemasonry.org.il/alllodges.html

Fourth pic is the Supreme Court of Israel building with a small greenish/blue pyramid. See the index above for a pic tour of this building.

Jeremiah 11:
9 Again the LORD spoke to me and said, "I have discovered a conspiracy against me among the people of Judah and Jerusalem.
10 They have returned to the sins of their forefathers. They have refused to listen to me and are worshiping idols. Israel and Judah have both broken the covenant I made with their ancestors.
11 Therefore, says the LORD, I am going to bring calamity upon them, and they will not escape. Though they beg for mercy, I will not listen to their cries.
12 Then the people of Judah and Jerusalem will pray to their idols and offer incense before them. But the idols will not save them when disaster strikes!
13 Look now, people of Judah, you have as many gods as there are cities and towns. Your altars of shame--altars for burning incense to your god Baal--are along every street in Jerusalem.
14 "Pray no more for these people, Jeremiah. Do not weep or pray for them, for I will not listen to them when they cry out to me in distress.
15 What right do my beloved people have to come to my Temple, where they have done so many immoral things? Can their sacrifices avert their destruction? They actually rejoice in doing evil!
16 "I, the LORD, once called them a thriving olive tree, beautiful to see and full of good fruit. But now I have sent the fury of their enemies to burn them with fire, leaving them charred and broken.
17 I, the LORD Almighty, who planted this olive tree, have ordered it destroyed. For the people of Israel and Judah have done evil, provoking my anger by offering incense to Baal."

Amos 3:
1 Listen to this message that the LORD has spoken against you, O people of Israel and Judah--the entire family I rescued from Egypt:
2 "From among all the families on the earth, I chose you alone. That is why I must punish you for all your sins."
3 Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction?
4 Does a lion ever roar in a thicket without first finding a victim? Does a young lion growl in its den without first catching its prey?
5 Does a bird ever get caught in a trap that has no bait? Does a trap ever spring shut when there's nothing there to catch?
6 When the war trumpet blares, shouldn't the people be alarmed? When disaster comes to a city, isn't it because the LORD planned it?
7 "But always, first of all, I warn you through my servants the prophets. I, the Sovereign LORD, have now done this."
8 The lion has roared--tremble in fear! The Sovereign LORD has spoken--I dare not refuse to proclaim his message!
9 Announce this to the leaders of Philistia* and Egypt: "Take your seats now on the hills around Samaria, and witness the scandalous spectacle of all Israel's crimes."1
10 "My people have forgotten what it means to do right," says the LORD. "Their fortresses are filled with wealth taken by theft and violence.

"I am caught in my own trap," he (Wotan) says when he realizes this has to happen. "I am the least free of all that lives!"

Above quote excerpted from http://www.krusch.com/kubrick/Q35.html , which has a cool Kubrick film area at bottom. And this article has Ring of Wagner, goldeneye, etc. etc.

"See my forms in their hundreds and their thousands, O son of Pritha, various, divine, and of various colours and shapes. See the Adityas, Vasus, Rudras, the two Ashvins, and Maruts likewise. And, O descendant of Bharata, see wonders in numbers unseen before. Within my body, Arjuna, see today the whole universe, including everything movable and immovable, all in one, and whatever else you wish to see. But you will not be able to see me with merely this eye of yours. I give you an eye divine. Now see my divine power." - Lord Krishna to Arjuna in the Gita "Lords Song"

Regardless of the suffering and death on the whirling absurdity we call dust speck earth, there is only one vision. Times of trial and the great jarrings of life, especially when the earth is full and when a news flashes captivate from anywhere to anywhere, are as nothing if we do not see the one thing. Will the event known as 'the end' open our eye to what we are? And in doing so will 'what we are not' fall away? Cross eyed is what we as a species are and as TOOL would sing "Jambi eyes".

God wears a monocle so as to not run into "Memshelah" or "Abadot" ie "Freedom" or "Slavery"!