July 27, 2006

Conquering Heart Beat

white of eye - base of mountain
color of eye - slope up and down
black of eye - pinnacle of mountain
eclipse moon - throne on the mountain

eclipse equals change or block in frequency
this is pulse, lub dub lub dub_____________dub lub dub lub
pulse is wave slope, break and ascend, break and decline
pulse is kairo
kairo is chi-rho
chi-rho is sign of throne on the mountain
chi-rho is 'back of head'
chi-rho is hammer of initiation
chi-rho is skull and bones
chi-rho is qoph
qaf is the mountain of God
chi-rho is tav-resh
sun is tent, moon is dweller
one must be blind to see

http://www.horusmaat.com/hecate.html - and the triple is the one on the throne of the moon, capstone, eye in triangle

http://www.experiencefestival.com/qoph - around about

http://www.psyche.com/psyche/autiot/qof.html - dead on

"Qof is beyond space-time, beyond the duality of the two towers."



Constantine saw the light and was converted -



Once again, in over reacting fashion ... lights out? Or at least in synchronous fashion...

pulse is porridge, gruel
prey sees from on high
but only after passing
the predators teeth
teeth are the universal movement
shit happens
do we see or do we pass
after initiation, will tell


Blogger eugene said...


Quaint little meeting of the minds.

Hellllloooooo in here?

Tue Aug 01, 10:18:00 AM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...


Remember this from the roundtable? I had developed this weak peak oil, ace of spades, etc.

Fits perfectly with Floyd Landis.

Tue Aug 01, 03:29:00 PM CDT  
Blogger amj said...

one must be blind to see

Funny you should write that. Was just talking about the movie, The Village, how it was the blind girl who got to see past the manufactured village/life, past the illusion.

Wed Aug 02, 06:32:00 PM CDT  
Blogger anji said...

Nice post Eugene!!!

So much to absorb, the eye in the eye is such a great topic. Visuals are intertwined with very cryptic codes in the movie plots -

The idea of higher intelligence taking us over or reshaping our consciousnes via technology is indeed true on many levels.

Qoph - yet another thread linking together the ideas of old. We are the same soul inside different shells forgetting we are one and thinking we are seperate because of the 3D boundaries that we believe to be true...mirage is so vivid in the desert

darkness allows reflection of too intense light(via moon) thus enabling better absorption of certain frequency by another(sun) anoints in it's diffusion....leads us home:)

Mon Aug 07, 07:07:00 AM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

What a "deal". What happens to "joe common" also "happens" to the "cream" ...well at least this is what one is led to believe -


This episode Diana/Charles/Camilla is also playing hard in news against Macca/Paul.


And "Joe Independent"



Lindsey and Hillary off to visit troops?! Lindsey wants to emulate Marilyn "the sex kitten" -


Hillary bares bust at Sex Musuem and Janet bares bust in Vibe.

What is the underlying symbolism of bared busts? Isis naked or unveiled? Horus nursing?

Wed Aug 09, 04:57:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...



The same drink Mel had at "Moonshadows" is the same drink the keeper of the moon pics had...

Are we all about to take a giant quaf of Moonshadow Madness? Paps moon ribbon beer?:)

Wed Aug 09, 05:05:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

pulse is porridge, gruel
prey sees from on high
but only after passing
the predators teeth
teeth are the universal movement
shit happens
do we see or do we pass


Snarls = grow teeth

Good porridge. Maybe a snarl, or two or more, will save on oil! Novel.


Chertoff says "suggestive of Al Qaida plot" ... gee arent they all?


"Chertoff said the alleged plot appeared to be engineered by al-Qaida, the terrorist group that carried out the Sept. 11, 2001, attack against the United States."

This article (or Chertoff?) says Al Qaida carried out 911. Like the following never even happened...


FBI says "no evidence".


Dick Cheney says "weve never made the case".

Tim Osman says "not responsible".


But later video tapes, as if these dont come out often and on time, Tim Osman is said to have said.

Qof says it wants to exist and its beyond the "the two pillars" and these must come down to go beyond.

61 years ago there was mass murder from the sky.

One fat cow,
one lean cow.
With this sew,
I rule see?
Sea saw shell,
I control hell.
Pseudo heart center,
till remove splinter.

Until we become Cain and remove the vanity of Hevel (and is he/it not so vain, so callous, so hollow?) we cannot be free. Cain shatters the illusion Hevel weaves. Hevel is told "your the good boy, your sacrifice is in line" and one can see how vain this is. To toe the line, march in order, salute the flag, die for the lawful cause, ad infinitum.

Cain is not Cain till he by his presence, that is when He becomes outwardly what he seedlike is inwardly, dispels the spell of Hevel. Cain once he becomes has face downcast no more. Why? Cain will have built a reality that is not of the spell, of Hevel. Hevel travels freely, nay parades arrogantly, amongst waiting to be slaughtered lambs. Cain until Hevel is popped, will believe his work is no good, he a sinner, sinner, sinner. This until one day his Father says, as if he didnt know, "Why so downcast, why so angry? Dont you know you must master your MEMbrain?"

And with this question pop goes the weasel in sheeps clothing!

Hierolysoma est Perdita!

Then and only then will we live!

Thu Aug 10, 11:23:00 AM CDT  
Blogger anji said...

speaking of the splinter, how I love synchronicity(this came thru days ago):

That sliver
of a splinter
was holding tight

Penetrated my skin
in an image of yin

Forgotten songs lingered there
as I sat in the chair

Watching you pinch me
with tweezers
pushing my splinter further in

Close those beautiful eyes
sea the colours
enter the center whole
into the fields of
green island mist

This is the other side meshing
into this open eyed view
how nice is it
to see 'myself' in you:)

Fri Aug 11, 08:19:00 AM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

did you catch the 'highlander' train - the PRIZE is before us all.

are you gonna start a forum or what? tired of the HM. i am at stargate until i get further information. I am not gaming.

Fri Jan 04, 02:46:00 PM CST  
Anonymous frogger72 said...

hundreds of walrus'
shaping their tusks
along the rockie shores of Moor

Pidder patter sounds
from beyond the crested land
filled our ears as we sat
awaiting the ship's sails to appear

you played the fiddle
i solves the riddle
the only thing missing was a kiss

mid night yonder calls
the echo of shadows crawling on your walls

has he found you
did he ground you
ever winding up for bat
commoners will always sit to chat
widdles away your grae grae day



P is for the loop
hoola hoops
allow to entry or exit

Wed Apr 23, 09:25:00 AM CDT  

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