June 30, 2006

LOVE is the beat of Tophet's Drum

http://tinyurl.com/fx2j5 - "LOVE"

Cirque de Soleil's debut in Las Vegas of "LOVE", the Beatles set to music is TODAY! We had noted this show earlier and now it comes to play.

Could this be the real DIVINE STRAKE?

The tag line to this article is "Beatles' extravaganza is a magical mystery tour you'll never forget" ...

coupled with Peter Allen's "The Boy from Oz" musical tag line "The Entertainment Event of a Lifetime", it makes for a nice La Petite Morte!:) Any show of course is going to say its the best ever, but the magickal current that underlies METAMORPHOSIS of the beatle to its winged flight...these taglines are not so hyped up.

And as usual the synch doesnt stop here...another devilish English beetle rides again -

http://tinyurl.com/g7m8s - CAPRICORN beetle

Liber OZ is the book of the Goat afterall!

and Superman saves many with "suspiciously Aussie accents" - "Boys from Down Under" -


other news yesterday that theme these spiderthreads -

http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=54415 - Zakk on Dimebag

http://www.therockradio.com/2006/06/ozzfest-begins-with-part-time-ozzy.html - 11th Ozzfest kicks off in Seattle

http://www.suntimes.com/output/news/cst-nws-ozzie30.html - Ozzie and Gay Games

http://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/tourism/orl-bk-disney06292006,0,5996099.story?coll=orl-home-headlines - Rock and Roll Roller Coaster will kill ya

"Look to the ant, thou sluggard, and be wise."


"Do as Thou Wilt, the Law is Love, Love under Will."

Since Love is under Will and will is "the power of the air" aka fin, foil, strake, this collusion is not far off.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Interesting road you are taking here...

Fri Jun 30, 11:39:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

While there is most interesting angles in Thelema/Crowley...not a Thelemite. That Crowley has tremendous influence in what is happening is obvious...the how and why not so.

Mon Jul 03, 11:47:00 AM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...


A review of the opening of LOVE.

Mon Jul 03, 12:25:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whatever man disrupts may come, remember another just as powerful will naturally a rise as a means to balance the situation.

Collusion is not to be feared as forces much more powerful are in the 'wings'.

I do agree that 'winds of change' are present. Amazing transformations of the natural kind will emerge 'x-men' are in the making as I write this:)

let the fire ignite you
become more of what you
have always been
'they're here'

Wed Jul 05, 08:18:00 AM CDT  
Blogger jim said...


Wed Jul 05, 08:40:00 AM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...


Hod's color is orange and Mercury does indeed clarify communication...on the other pole it can also 'let us go down and confuse them'...

Thanks for the words Anji!

Hi Jim .... whats cooking?

Wed Jul 05, 11:10:00 AM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of Orange


Hi there Jim. I have not seen your name since Goro eliminated the blogger comment option on the old site. Good to see you. I look forward to reading your super-sluething:)

Thank you Eugene:)

Wed Jul 05, 09:31:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


shedding to reveal


tadpole to frog:)

Thu Jul 06, 10:08:00 AM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...


Putin says his kiss on boys stomach is like stroking a cat!

What is up with this one? Cross tie with "Louis" the cat, the one who would attack the neighbors?



Helter Skelter is still in focus.


Drudge pic of Discovery mating with Isis reminds me of ark with overshadowing angels.




'Daniel' is about a blind Vietnam war vet returning home and a dog named PAUL.

Thu Jul 06, 12:24:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...


"Stroking the cat" is the "trademark" of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, head of SPECTRE.


Spectre works off a hegalian pincer...

"The goal of the organization is extortion and world domination. To achieve this, their basic strategy of the organization is illustrated by the analogy of the three Siamese fighting fish Blofeld keeps in an aquarium in the film version of From Russia with Love. Blofeld notes that one fish is refraining from fighting two others until their fight is concluded. Then, that cunning fish attacks the weakened victor and kills it easily. Thus S.P.E.C.T.R.E.'s main strategy is to instigate conflict between two powerful enemies, namely the superpowers, hoping that they will exhaust themselves and be vulnerable when S.P.E.C.T.R.E. finally moves in to seize power."

Pure history of the twentieth century on full display. With Ronnie, the great communicator, ridding the world of communist USSR, the final Superpower is about to be knocked off. Goodbye USA hello NWO!

Remember discussing EON Productions at the old roundtable? They figure into SPECTRE -


EON or aion, ie 'an age' productions. Time is a circle, not a straight line!

Thu Jul 06, 04:20:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

anji ,
thanks .. glad you found us ..

Eugene .. sorry i've been busy with beach and stuff and now work

but .. nonetheless .. reading your initial comments .. i am reading my thoughts :)

i was going to say .. hey that picture of discovery looks like the ark of the covenant ..

then i was going to say the putin stroking the cat reminds be of blufeld ..

.. thanks .. you bring a smile to my face

.. the other key things are the same themes .. which tie back to aug-sep 2004 ..

dan rather


republic convention .. zeb miller, rudy , arnold, bush , cheney .. michael moore ..

genesis crash 9-8
dan rathergate 9-8
north korea mushroom cloud 9-9
note 9-9 is Nkorea Independence day

clinton heart surgery 9-3-04
hurricane frances 9-4-04
dubbed 'hellstorm' by drudge

Sept 4 2004 .. day 1089 ..
sept 4-6 2004 .. is what i called wicker weekend based on wicker man concept .. release of wicker park [chicago] and burning man festival

the other key thing that caught my eye .. was the timing of the release of the columbine stuff ..
this suggests a connection to the space shuttle columbia .. because of the 'discovery' shuttle ..

the columbine massascre was 875 days prior to 911 ..
the Janet Jackson Superbowl .. which goro relates to columbia .. was day 873 after 911 ..

so 911 is pretty close to being in the middle of columbine/columbia +1 year ..

also .. and this is important i think ..
the jantet jackson columbia superbowl .. at 873 is actually day 1492 after y2k ..

873 + '555' = 1428 which was aug 9th 2005 the day discovery landed .. which in turn was 1492 days before 2920 .. which will be 9-9-9

so the davinci 911 thing which connects 911 and venus ..etc ..

2 main days in that are y2k
and then 2920 days after 911
1-1-2000 and 9-9-2009

the janet jackson superbowl is 1492 after 1-1-2000

the discovery landing on 8-9-2005 is 1492 prior to 9-9-9 ..

so '1492' , columbus , columbia , columbine , Venus , 911 , the millenium and North Korea's Independence Day .. all entwined

and why not throw in the tsunami ..

the tsunami was day 1202

the july 4 2006 day is day 1757 which is 1202 + 555 ..

911 + 508 days = columbia
694 (arnold total recall day_ + 508 = 1202 = tsunami

873 + Jackson Superbowl + 555 = 1428 = Discovery Lands

1202 + 555 = 1757 = Discovery takes off

and interestingly .. goro was able to relate the janet jackson superbowl to the venus transit which he then used to highlight the dec 2004 days where venus crossed a certain line ..

Thu Jul 06, 08:02:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

one other aspect is the casino ..

the vegas - casino .. always reminds me of goro and vega-cassini

but if you read the comment in the eyes wide shut piece about new years 2005 .. basically that period of days from the tsunami to newyears day 2005 ..

I mentioned the spiderman and north korea apsect .. with drudge having jan 1 2005 .. north korea nukes ..
also .. it was new years eve 12-31-2004 that 4 vegas cassino's had blackouts .. at the time i think we [goro forum people] had connected it to the oceans 11 plot .. anyways ..

right now we have the new jersey govenor and the atlantic city casinos being shut down ..

this coincidently ties with the north korea and vegas casino blackout from newyears 2005 ..

also .. going back to august 2004 .. tieing in with storms and athens was the nj gov / gay scandal ..

and today .. we have the new nj gov with the casino thing .. and also 2 gay rights things with new york and ga giving the the gay rights thing a reversal of fortune ..

and that is important too ..
the idea of reversal of fortune ..

during last years lead up to discovery launch .. we had the whole issue of LUCK coming up .. and 7-13-2005 which was a day the shuttle was scrubbed .. was a jupiter day .. i can't remember exactly what jupiter was up to but it was special that day ..

jupiter is associated with fortune-luck- and the 10th tarot card

also .. this reversal of fortune theme .. from last year with london going from joy to terror ..

noted that the world cup has turned france to joy this year when last year they were sad ..

Thu Jul 06, 08:10:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

one more thing.. as you noted eugene .. DANIEL ..

Danny Ocean .. Dan 11 and Dan 12..

so the Daniel Reference right now .. makes me think Daniel chapter 7 and map that to days of July .. .. and Dan 7:4-7 .. that is the the leopard beast .. that ties to REV 13

i've been taking a breather from some of this stuff .. enjoying the light so to speak .. watching the world cup and walking on the beach and swimming in the ocean ..
so i'm a little out of touch with the daily barrage ..

take care

Thu Jul 06, 08:13:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

one more thing .. funny talking about columbia and sounding like colombo

the 6 pointed star .. or hexagram ..

.. the super torch ritual as goro calls it ..
in my opionion .. he has discovered some things about a ritual that is based on aleister crowley's stuff .. the main thing is the idea of 5=6 or uniting the pentagram and the hexagon ..
this is lighting the torch so to speak in his system ..

back in 2004 when I was in the goro forum .. i mentioned this concept .. in connection with north korea

the bush-kerry debate that was held in miami on september 30th .. for which kerry showed up orange .. was centered around a prolonged discusion over north korea and whether one canidate or the other supported the 5party talks or the 6party talks ..

this 5party or 6party talk should reheat at this point ..

also .. the dan rather north korea factor can not be understated ..

he went to north korea in oct 2005 .. i want to know exact dates if possible .. along with new mexico gov richardson.. [los alomos?]

anyways rather reported on 60 minutes .. on jan 15th 2006 the north korea piece title hermit kingdom ..

jan 15th .. was that stardust reentry ???

if that is the case then ..

sept 8th/9th 2004 = 1093/1094

genesis re-entry / rathergate / north korea

jan 15th 2006 = 1588 ..

stardust reentry / dan rather 60 minutes and north korea ..

I need to check into this more .. but when stardust happened .. I am pretty sure it was 1588 ..
I connected it to 1093 .. based on Russia and Putin .. interesting

also .. along with the stomach kissing cat stroking putin did you see the 'minute man' putin ..

about not remembering his first time .. but knowing his last time to the exact minute ..

where is gravity's rainbow ? crying in lot 49 for V for Vendetta ?

Thu Jul 06, 08:44:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

Minute Man Putin! I saw that and said theres something there...You however grabbed the brass ring!

Minute Man missile.
Minute Man patriot.

There is no shot heard round the world...cause we shot our load on Guy Faux Day!

SPECTRE has it all sewed up. With busting wannabees for 'intent' and 'for talking' we truly are in the age of 'minority report'. A new dark ages has come and it is a full blown war on heretics aka 'questioners' and 'dont want to go alongs', etc.


'aspirational rather than operational'

'did not have the explosives or other materials it was seeking'

'homegrown terrorists' who 'view their home country as the enemy'

Narseal Batiste as you noted earlier is the newly elected sherriff ... off with his head.

This is a big dupe.

'Its an example of the PHILOSOPHY OF PREVENTION. These arrests were made during the TALKING stage, long before any bomb making stage...while they MAY BE seen as bungling wannabes, they ARE POTENTIALLY dangerous wannabes who, based on the allegations, were pursuing extremely dangerous plans.'

And who is it that makes allegations? The Man can say anything he wants about wannabes. Allegations are the real bomb and the real crime. Whatever tha Man says is true...right?

Criminal discussions? Is this blog filled with criminal discussions? How about the 'declaration of independence'...its loaded with criminal discussions!


And on the rainbow note...MJ, the ultimate black is white, white is black... "shocked at gay porn" and he wondered what moms would think?

Har dee har har.

Did he wonder what moms would think about molesting kiddies at Neverland? Piles of heterosexual porn he had collected? Plying kids with alcohol?

This is reversal of fortune by using the lowest of the low as pseudo reference point of 'these are even lower'. "If I only had a Bahrain"!

V nailed it to a tee. Politician and Priest paedophiles are the real scourge not consenting adults, gay, straight or bi.

"He said the money went to someone he labeled "Mr. X" in Argentina."

This quote from the end of the Jacko news is also pure SPECTRE...

"BLOFELD: [stroking cat] Good. – Hans? – You will see that my piranha fish get very hungry. [stroking cat] They can strip a man to the bone in thirty seconds. [stroking cat] I have decided to ask for a little money in advance. I want the sum of a hundred million dollars in gold bullion [stroking cat] deposited in our account in Buenos Aires."

Buenos Aires Agentina!

Blofeld lines from - http://www.geocities.com/pleasence/film/youonly/youonly-3.html

"Despite his willingness to murder millions to get what he wants, Blofeld has a few professional scruples. For instance, in the novel Thunderball he learned that during a standard fundraising kidnapping mission of a young girl, the responsible agent had sexual relations with her. Although Blofeld says that the relations may have been "voluntary or involuntary on the girl's part," he had the agent killed as punishment and returned the girl and half the ransom to her father as compensation. His reasons had nothing to do with morality, but rather with the importance of S.P.E.C.T.R.E. being known for keeping their word to those they did their "business" with."

Business with? The article on the wannabes ended with this line...

"A Sears Tower representative said that it was "business as usual" at the building on Friday."

Business as usual is 666 with children at 60606 Wacko Dr. LOVE at Tophets table is all about 'we love our god so we sacrificed this child and ate it'.

Buenos Aires is also the 'Paris of the South' and considering Goros great circle lines...there is more here than meets the eye.

As noted recently on orange as hod/mercury/communication and its play with increasing heat/light/fire...

Gilad Shilat = 398 or 'book'


and 'book' is totally Mercurial.


June is 121 ... as Goro said!

Glad your here Jim.

Fri Jul 07, 10:18:00 AM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

lot of stuff there eugene .. good work :)

busy at work but quickly

omen 6-6-6

When the Jews return to Zion / And a comet rips the sky / And the Holy Roman Empire rises, / Then You and I must die. / From the eternal sea he rises, / Creating armies on either shore, / Turning man against his brother / 'Til man exists no more.

i saw this movie last night .. and it featured the columbia as a torch in the sky ..

couldn't help but think that the past few days lines up ..

"When the Jews return to Zion"

this ties into the theme trumpeted by the leprechaun marathon interruppter Cornelius Horan
and recently highlighted by the Israel-Gaza conflict
this connects to Deep Impact Nasa because the comet was temple-1 .. so ref to templars and the jerusalem temple
and the 2 triangle star

"And a comet rips the sky"
deep impact mission hit on 7-4-5
followed by an asteroid fly by on 7-3-6 .. with cbs running 'deep impact' on 7-1/or 7-2 ..

"And the Holy Roman Empire rises"
?? maybe world cup with Italty Germany France teams all rising up. Joy on the champs. Rome lit up with glory. and flag waving in germany , the likes of which was not seen for 61 years.

Then You and I must die.

"From the eternal sea he rises"
this is Rev 13 which is Daniel 7
Danny Ocean
which by the way is deep impact again .. the messiah comes as a ROCK which Destroys ..

"Creating armies on either shore"
emphasis on the Armies of North Korea and missiles reaching the shores of America .. armies across the shore ..

"Turning man against his brother"
"Til man exists no more."

hinting at the world war III .. Extention level event of nuclear war

Eugene .. as you have noted with the sex stuff lately ..
there is a connection with the male organ and the missile concept ..

even Failure to Launch ... which just hit DVD [and failure = deception launch = lance .. lance deception ]

with the Nasa Discovery and failure to launch .. and the north korea and failure at lauch .. etc ..

now check this out ..

I have been bothered by the rush limbaugh viagra story ..
it is kind of like .. why do i even need to hear about this .. why is this story #1 for like 5 days running ..

then it hit me .. RUSH is RUSH ..
and the London 77 terror was the RUSH HOUR attack .. and I have done a lot of connections around the concept of RUSH and SPEED and TIME WARP etc etc .. connected to the band RUSH as well ..

RUSH and Viagra .. is Rush Failure to launch .. type of thing ...

and lo and behold .. check out wiki and shuttle columbia ..
there is a bigtime RUSH [the rock band] connection with the SHUTTLE COLUMBIA ..

the the RUSH VIAGRA ..
connects right into this whole thing ..

also .. Eugene .. you bring up MJ ..

go back to Jan/feb 2003 .. and the Columbia Shuttle ..
three things
1) Jan 31st 2003 .. MJ stuff begins .. that Berlin Video I think
2) the Columbia has an Israeli Astronaut on it .. he looks at the mid-east from the columbia and says it looks peaceful ..
3) the shuttle explodes ...

here we are now
MJ , ISRAEL and PEACE , and Columbia stuff ..

Fri Jul 07, 10:48:00 AM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

Two ben ben stones make the inversion of all things and the first is last and last is first.

"God caused to come forth out of his womb the two heavens and the earth."

Two pyramids with one point at the center. Malkuth is Keter by a different way.

Watch the birdie...




"In 1999 MEChA adopted a document entitled The Philosophy of MEChA at Phoenix College during the 1999 National Conference that was held there, which affirmed the more moderate view that "all people are POTENTIAL Chicanas and Chicanos", and that "Chicano identity is not a nationality but a PHILOSOPHY". According to MEChA, no one is born "Chicano". MEChistas (or members of MEChA) consider themselves neither Americans nor Mexicans in terms of ethnicity, but descendants (either genetically or spiritually) of the indigenous pre-Columbian nations—hence, the Chicano Student Movement of Aztlán."


Goro has todays Strug as a race war, HELTER SKELTER, in the black ploughman's state - "Kali's fornication". And we know the rift is ready to go! Shes primed as in fuse, literally MEChA!

Mecha is also mechanized, robots.

Fri Jul 07, 11:57:00 AM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

race wars ..

coincidently .. the columbine kids were into manson

coincidently .. looking for a connection to the bill clinton COLUMBIA hospitalization from sept 2004 .. lo and behold .. Colin Powell hospitalized .. while dinning with Bill Clinton ..

Colin Powell drove the PACE CAR at the INDY 500 in 2005 .. which was the

Powell also "dropped the ball" at Times Square on newyearseve 2004/2005

-checking latest drudge

China "failure not to stop launch"

Justin Timberlake [from the columbia superbowl] dateline Paris new album Lovesounds/futuresex set for sept 11 release ..

lovesounds future sex .. may relate to love and rockets theme with the space shuttle 'docking'
at the space station

the RACE WAR concept also connects with the Genesis project .. via wrath of kahn

also .. the london terror event ..

i am too busy to see everything out there today .but

1) the TIMEBOMB concept is big on cnn and fox .. this reinforces my concept last year that the london underground attack was a timemachine or a RUSHHOUR

2) the 7/7 as 77 connecting to 911 and the crowley oz stuff .. bang !! Fire at OZZY OSBOURNES TODAY .. OZZY AND CROWLEY ON 7/7

3) the harry potter at kings crossing .. which goro noted .. today author JK ROWLINGS reseaves award from university ..

Fri Jul 07, 12:24:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

where are they now ?

2012 olympics

New York
Moscow ..

London - remembering with the haunting moment of silence at tavistock square while the timebomb video from the lad from leeds is released

Paris - Sad last year with the the long and winding RAINBOW landing
in London for 2012 .. this year Paris is full of Joy in a reversal of fortune that may see their multicultural RAINBOW CONNECTION Soccer team bring home the cup ..
which would put unity and rainbows in the streets instead of race wars

Madrid - ready to bid for olympics again

new york - holland underground attack plot foiled ..

Moscow - the minute man strokes the cat while the spectre of moonraker hangs over the G8

belly kissing above - belly kissing below ..

Fri Jul 07, 12:29:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

Good stuff Jim! Such tight threads!



Fri Jul 07, 12:56:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

thanks eugene

red shoes .. interesting concept of shoes with lifts ..

very mercurial .. which should maybe bring to mind the idea that there will be a mercury transit right around the nov election

Fri Jul 07, 01:47:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...


Ukraine Orange Revolution falls apart ..

since I just touched upon mercury ..

I just want to restate something that may have gotton lost ..

Around the World in 80 days ..
with Arnold released June 16 2004
'79' days later was Sept 3rd 2004 .. day 1088
'80' days latr was Sept 4th 2004 .. day 1089 ..

Day 1089 or Sept 4 2004 .. was a major day for me ..

1) the tribute in light from 3-11-2002 to 4-13-2002 was twin towers of 88 lights each ..

2) the 3-11 madrid bombing brought the tribute in light to mind ..
the 3-11-4 bombing was 912 days after 911 ..
taking the idea of twin 88's as being a gate
I added 88 to 912 and got 1000 + 88 = 1088 ..
But since 1001 was June 6 2004 the Venus Transit .. I thouhgt of this

3) Madrid Bombing -912
+ 88 Days
Venus Transit - 1001
+ 88 Days
Sept 4 2004 -1089 ..

4) 1089 has 2 propertys ...1st it is 33*33 .. second .. if you remember or have ever seen the 911 and twenty dollar bill connection .. then if you buy something for $9.11 with a twenty ..you get $10.89 change

Now I took the Around the world in 80 days and came up with Around the World in Mercury Days .. based on 80 being atomic number for mercury ..

in the movie they speed or rush around the globe ariving in 80 days .. just missing the mark .. only to find out that what they thought was day 80 was actually day 79 ..

and 79 is AU or Gold ..

So Around the World in 80 days .. is a hint at a process involving a Revolving and timewarp which relates in 80 becoming 79 ..

or Mercury becoming Gold

on one hand .. this points to around the World in 80 days at making gold or using speed to alter time and matter .. to make gold .. the philosopher stone or elixer of life .. fountain of youth etc etc

This Mercury Revolution was also the Ukraine ORANGE Revolution .. because the whole orange thing .. when combined with Poison .. was mercury poisoning or carroting ..

you may remember the leader for the unkraine was poisoned .. and had his face scarred .. [at the time we compared this to the JANUS character in GOLDEN EYE Bond movie .. with the actual GOLDEN EYE being stolen at almost the same time ]

back in goro at that time .. afredo and goro came up with Around the world in 80 days = revolution in 80 days .. and on September 4 2004 we had the Hurricane FRANCES REVOLVING ..

there was also a TOUR D France as well

anyways .. right now is 7/7/6 which is day 1760 and 7/8/6 is day 1761

there is a lot of france stuff right now .. but
1759 * .618 = 1087 = sept 2 2004
1760 * .618 = 1087/88 = sept 2 2004
1761 * .618 = 1088/89 = sept 3 2004
1762 * .618 = 1089 = sept 4 2004
1763 * .618 = 1089/90 = sept 5 2004

so it is not exact .. but right about now should pertain to day 1089 .. which should connect
911 - Madrid Train Bombing - Venus Transit - Wicker Weekend .. which was highlighted by
Sept 2nd = BESLAN
Sept 3rd = Clinton Columbia Hosptial
Sept 4th = FRANCE HELL STORM : French Revolution : wicker park etc

so we have that whole set up occuring on the anniversary on london bombing while discovery is on mission ..


so the Orange Revolution coming Apart .. ..

that translates to Mercury revolution coming apart ..
something that is revolving and coming apart is moving away from the center .. or experiencing a centra-fugal force .. flight from the center ..

the idea of the mercury revolution and centerfuge .. plays into the idea of the philosopher stone ..

since we have the ARNOLD and CALI and MERCURY and and SHOES concept here .. and since the cali gov race will touch upon the MERCURY TRANSIT ..
it is worth noting the connection again ..
last year OCT 12/13 was day 1492/1493 ..
that means OCT 12 2005 was 1492 days after 911 .. that is COLUMBUS COLUMBUS day ..
OCT 13 as day 1493 .. was also a big hit on 2 other schemes ..
somethime I add 619 days to track from the millenium .. other times i add the 356 days suggested by the 911 flight number total 11+77+93+175

Oct 13 2005 = 1493 = 1493 + 619 = 2112
Oct 13 2005 = 1493 = 1493 + 356 =
1849 ..

so that Oct 12/13 from last year brought in 3 concepts together ..

1) 1492 and columbus
2) 1849 SF California GOLD RUSH
3) 2112 RUSH

around this time there was an anti-gold rush as californias rushed to file for bankruptsy and on that exacpt day the band RUSH released a CD

anyways .. the idea of GOLD and RUSH or RUSH HOUR .. this ties into the concept of the LONDON TERROR ATTACK .. being a part of the philosopher stone or 5=6 or torch ritual ..

the idea is that of the TUBE where by some people are sacrificed .. to meet the demands of judgement day .. but during this RUSH speed and matter are warped .. and some can escape justice by obtaining the stone ..

anyways .. there is a lot more to it that all that .. but the key things is that those numbers all joined together on Oct 12/13
the 1492 , 1849 , 2112 .. to combine the COLUMBUS GOLD RUSH concept ..
2112 having the pentagram on it.. pointing back to venus as well

these concepts are all back now .. with arnold .. with mercury .. with San Francisco ..

and the 619 and 356 scheme .. is used ...

the Katrina storm was on day 1448 or 1448 + 356 = 1804 ..
in other words katrina struck New Orleans Precisely on day 1804 .. the year or time of the Lousiana purchase

the other big storm RITA hit on day 1474 from 911
but 1474 + 619 = 2093 which is 666 * PI

so I was following this scheme before those storms struck and had already pinpointed Oct12/13 for the 1492/1849/2112 Perfect Storm .. but of course nothing happened that day .. but the connection is still there and is playing out now

Fri Jul 07, 02:30:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...



check this stuff .. out .. cnn was totally gushing over this story early am today ..

The setting for Bush's rare out-of-town news conference was the rotunda of Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry. He stood in front of a large photograph of Chicago skyscrapers. The setting underscored the lengths the White House went to to pose the president outside of Washington.

Bush gave a rambling 15-minute opening statement in which he talked about Chicago's vibrant economy, the war on terrorism and the war in Iraq.

this building is the surviving building from the 1893 world fair .. known as the world COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION

this is also the famous WHITE CITY which was the inspiration for FRANK OZ ..

so OZZY has the FIRE .. and BUSH goes to OZ .. "hey ozzy mom loves your stuff .. especially the charlie manson homage .. bloodbath in paradise .."

interestingly enought it is called the COLUMBIAN EXPO because it was celebrating the 400th anniversary of columbus and 1492

so Bush is in Chicago today !!!!
connecting OZ , COLUMBUS .. and CHICAGO SCIENCE .. talking about missiles and North Korea .. that should evoke the manhattan project

there is going to be a lot of 'there' there when we unwrap this one !!! ..

and he moved the time to be exactly 10:50am ..
that was the buzz as i left for work ..
Bush moved 10 minutes .. "why?" "oh he is very precise with time " "oh yeah .."

if I had goro skill I would want to know what was in the sky above chicago at 10:50 am on 7/7/2006

Fri Jul 07, 02:51:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

another wierd angle .. why aspen ?

Clinton and Powell dining together in Apsen ?

Powell takes the trip to the Aspen Valley Hospital ..

in September 2004 .. clinton had the HEART BYPASS surgery .. at COLUMBIA in NEWYORK

now i've been saying .. where is clinton .. bill clinton must show up right about now ?

and bang here it is .. its KEN LAY!!!

KEN LAY dies of MASSIVE CORONARY on 7/5/2006 at SNOWMASS , COLORADO and is taken to ASPEN VALLEY HOSPITAL .. pronounced dead ..

7/6/2006 Columbine Diaries released .. Columbine Discovery !!

7/6 2006 - 7/7 Colin Powell and Bill Clinton Dining .. Powell taken to ASPEN VALLEY HOSPTITAL ... just a precaution ..

apsen : 39.19N -106.82E
snowmass : 39.21N -106.9452E
Columbine : 39.58N -105.07E

pretty close ..


and ASPEN was a SILVER RUSH town ..
so as opposed to
we have

Fri Jul 07, 03:10:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

and why not .. ??? lets just freak out a little more ..

the whole North Korea 1776 fad we are experieneing .. actually connects to ROSWELL CRASH which is why GOV RICHARDSON went to NORTH KOREA LAST OCTOBER !!!

now the ROSWELL CRASH .. if you remember the DAVID FLYNN STUFF .. was 33.33N and -104.56E which is 104.56/33.33 = PI

now I was just mentioning the 1089 day and 33*33 = 1089 in connection with Clinton .. and thinking that Clinton should show up here .. but .. and this is so intense .. he shows up in aspen ..

those coordinates I just rattled off .. I decided to check em ..

and 39.21 and 106 .. instead of 33.33 and 104 .. gives us 2.72 instead of 3.14 ..

but 2.72 is E
2.72 is an approximate value of E

so APSEN is LIKE ROSWELL .. this is just stunning

Fri Jul 07, 03:16:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi all,
I just wanted to say hI. I haven't seen nor heard from the likes of you since Goro went ppv.
I found this from an email AMJ sent out a few weeks back. I tried to come here last week and this link (from her email) resolved to some porn stars page complete with full color photos (no circles and arrows however ;) )
Anyway, Hi and I hope to read and possibley contribute here.
BTW, has anyone checked out Goro's pay forum? What's it like?


Mon Jul 10, 11:51:00 AM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

williambob , welcome :)


death of russian 'bin laden' .. this is the mastermind behind the beslan attacks ..

this would tie into the BESLAN REDUX I thought would occur

also .. the latest train bombing in INDIA is a RUSH HOUR attack

.. also .. I have been following the world cup .. as a fan ..
and anyways .. the zindane french team was like a 'dream' that had the 'rainbow connection' .. which came crashing down at the final with the revealing of Zindane's "DARK SIDE" ..

this had me thinking DARKSIDE OF THE RAINBOW ..

now today it is revealed that SID BARRETT has passed away .. which very much relates to Dark Side of the Moon ..

also Pot and MUSHROOMS in the news today as well .. more pyscheadelic 'trip' type of stuff

also .. ITALY ON TOP OF THE WORLD .. would be ITALY = NORTH POLE .. which occured AT BERLINE ..

so the idea of the AXIS SHIFT with BERLIN AND ROME .. followed monday by JAPAN talking about a pre-emptive strike ..

that is the AXIS POWERS back in action ..

north korea launching the missile on the 4th july .. which was aimed at hawaii ..

this is a reference to astrology i believe ..

I am pretty sure that the moment of the pearl harbor attack was designed based on america's astrology chart from july 4th 1776 ..

Tue Jul 11, 09:25:00 AM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

the leiberman thing is interesting ..

Joe Leiberman seems on his way out ..

I am trying to figure out his name ..

leib seems to be LOVE .. so maybe he connects to the LOVE theme

not sure ..

but he does connect to the Ukraine ..??

the idea of the center disintegrating ...

if you followed the drama in the senate "the revenge of the frist" .. and Senate Wars ..

there was a senate drama from May/June 2005 that was a parallel to the Star Wars Movie [which had the main action taking place in its senate]

This revolved around the upcoming Justice nominations and the so called NUCLEAR OPTION ..

the resolution came when the so called "GANG OF 14" came together..
This group of seven and seven formed an agreement that gave them control over the process denying the extremes on the right and the left ..

This combined all of these ideas of "holding the center", "balance" , "fulcrum" , "counterweight" etc .. and this was the opposite of the "NUCLEAR OPTION" ..

Sen Joe Leiberman is the ICON of this "CENTERWEIGHT" ..

so his falling away signals the same theme as the ORANGE REVOLUTION FLIGHT FROM CENTER

lets call it FISSION POINT

Tue Jul 11, 10:44:00 AM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...


Pink Floyd also JUST released DVD on Dark Side of the Moon. As noted Syd Barret was the very source of the Bands madness. Before he got the boot he was out of control and his descent into madness was the fodder for many of the Bands highly maddened themes.


No doubt your Rush hour theme is at play here! Very much so.

Zidane and rainbow collapse is as Goro has 'Paris' Judgement'. Question is which Paris? Buenos Aires or Paris or other? With your find on Aspen like Roswell ... it may mate to something else.

It is afterall one mirror ball. Some pieces may be bigger or less dusty than other but its still one mirror ball. The dark pillar is often mounted with an orb that is cut into latitude and longitude and the light pillar an orb that is zodiac or the empyrean. These compliment eachother...the stars come down and live, macro to micro. Which reminded me of this interesting news bit -


World cup with Golden Ball is also interesting as Goro alluded to. The shape of the ball was also new with the figure eight like sections. I remember when HB did the football as 6.66" in diameter and wondered what he could come up with on this one. HB, if you read this .... we miss you here. Same with all the knights and even to Goro :( Etem was alot of fun!

And HI TO WILLIAMBOB! Glad to see you here...feel free to share the waters.

Tue Jul 11, 12:49:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

Another death that happened couple days ago and is making news now...go figure, was June Allyson at 88.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Wedding - This one is interesting cause its where Juday Garland got canned by MGM.

Another movie of hers was called 'Too Young to Kiss' for which she won a Golden Globe.

"Eric Wainwright (Van Johnson), a busy impresario, is besieged by hordes of wannabe concert stars, eager for their big break. One of them is Cynthia Potter (June Allyson), a talented pianist... but she can't get in to see him. When she learns that Wainwright is auditioning young musicians for a children's concert tour, Cynthia dons braces and bobby sox and passes herself off as a child prodigy."

88 years, 88 keys. Do I know my name child prodigy?

Yesterday I saw an entertainment article on AOL called "Pirates Connect Thru Kiss" that had this list:

Johnny Depp kisses Sarah J Parker in 'Ed Wood'...
Sarah kisses Antonio Banderas in 'Miami Rhapsody'...
Antonio kisses Katherine Zeta Jones in 'Legend of Zorro'...
Katherine kisses Brad Pitt in 'Oceans 13'...
Brad kisses Angelina Jolie and 'has a baby'...
Angelina kisses Billy Bob Thornton and 'gets divorced'...
Billy Bob kisses Halle Berry in 'Monsters Ball'...
Halle kisses Pierce Brosnan in 'Die Another Day'...
Pierce kisses Rene Russo in 'The Thomas Crown Affair'...
Rene kisses Dustin Hoffman in 'Outbreak'

Pirates kiss! Yikes! Johnny of course is in PC2 and Dustin was Hook. Does it mean a damn thing? No. But hey the associations and persons are all woven in themes we see.

Baby Suri deal..no ones seen her...birth certificate turned in late and not by parents...super odd. Thoughts?

The AXIS back in action is also a good one jim!

Tue Jul 11, 01:15:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

judgement of paris .. that is amazing ..

I will have to search my notes .. but I had July 9th related to the actual day of July 14 , 1789.. and was looking for a French Revolution Tie in .. Storming of the Bastille

I was thinking that it meant that France would win .. which was bumming me out because I was rooting for Italy ..

anyways .. judgement of paris .. that fits with both France Losing and the Revolution ..

ABC was making a lot about the French coach and his obsession with astrology .. he refused to have ANY SCORPIO or LEO on the team supposedly .. [ I would have to actually check birthdays of the roster to see if that is true .. however it was reported by Brent Mussberger several times ]

"He does everything by the stars , lays out the tarot in his hotel room" ..

The Fortune theme and Luck and Reversal is at play here as well ..

France Went From joy to sorrow last year with 2012 .. then to Joy with France Cup team .. then to Saddness again ..

Zindane .. is a classic Fallen Star ..

the hype was .. if it comes down to a Team .. Italy will win .. but if an Individual Star is to SHINE .. then France will win ..

regardless of whether Zindane was told his mother wears army boots .. he had a moment of FATE when his header was tipped away .. it would have been a CLASSIC FAIRY TALE FINISH to his outstanding carerr to Head in a spectacular goal in OT in the World Cup Final at Berlin Olympic stadium ..

BUT it was blocked and Zindane was litterly screaming with all his force after that happened .. I'm sure the desire for that glory couple with watching it sail away was intense .. and led to his 'snapping' at the provacation of Materazzi ..

not only is this the 'dark side' of the 'rainbow' but it is madness .. Zindane 'snapps' the 'moment of madness'

this couples with BARRETT so well .. who had already died ... but it was just revealed today ..

ZINDANE in the MEMBRANE .. etc etc ..

France was in the midst of ZINDANEMANIA ..
and then came MARCOMANIA ..

also .. the emphasis on MARK .. as in MARK of the Beast ..

the most popular song in France during this DREAM SEASON was a little tune about ZINDANE leaving his MARK .. meaning he was going to make a big Mark at the CUP .. which he did by the way .. just that crazy finish .. ruined it .. or marred it ..

the French press noted that he left his MARK on the Chest of Materazzi .. not exactly what they had in mind ..

-- anyways .. Mercury just went retrograde .. and this French Revoltion/or Judgement of Paris .. type of stuff .. has the element of MADNESSS .. and that actually ties right back into the around the world in 80 days .. and the idea of the MAD HATTER or MERCURY POISONING ..

If the French coach was afraid of scorpio .. ANTARES just occulted with the moon .. the emblam of madness ..

speaking of the moon .. the triumpth of ROME .. happened on the same day that the POLES went with leadership by TWINS ..

this ties back to POLES/AXIS etc and TWINS = Castor and Pollux,gemini .. or Remus and Romulus .. the founders of ROME
so that is a little strange ..
and those polish twins were childhood movie stars in some 1962 movie about the moon [i'm not making this stuff up .. it is really happening ]

also ... relating this to the end of ORANGE .. is the beginning of RED ..

OR ANG to ANG OR .. from my previous threads ..

ZINDANE turned ANGRY .. it was his ANGER that turned him to the darkside .. resulting in the RED CARD ..

and the question on everybodies lips is "what did materazzi say to him" ..

my own opionion "With you as my visible partner .. we will rule the world "

sequee into the shuttle discovery ..

have you seen the updated pink panther .. ?? it is about MURDER involving the FRENCH SOCCER TEAM .. and BEYONCE [DESTINY]
this was followed by an very visible INVESTIGATION by inspector Closoeu ..

the original pink panther movies involve PETER SELLERS .. who is doing the SPACEWALK that AINT NO CAKEWALK ..

yes .. that is astronaut PIERRE SELLERS .. up there .. which is the same as PETER SELLERS ..

so enter instantly ..

speaking of destiny ..how about ken lay

he is judged on May 26th . the "day of destiny" which was suppose to involve the world being hit by an asteroid ..

then as a another 'near hit' asteroid .. swings by the planet on July 3rd .. Ken Lay is 3 days away from his exit ..

also July 3rd .. sees the 'suicide' of benjamin Hendrickson from AS THE WORLD TURNS ..

that is an AXIS POWER SUICIDE ..
benjamin plays a character named HAL on the SOAP OPERA

his last episode will air 7/12 .. thats tomorow
also .. can the BIG ONE be far away ?
today in the news
THE BIG DIG in boston, the BIG BANG DIVORCE in NYC , and the BIG SHIFT at gitmo

Tue Jul 11, 01:25:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

Also yesterday was "Iraq at the Gates of Civil War" = "Piper at the Gates of Dawn" = Iraq is the crucible of the NWO.

As Goro also said in yesterdays STRUG...this is way bigger than an Illuminati NWO conspiracy.

Tue Jul 11, 01:25:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

piper at the gates of dawn . that is good ..

bigger that nwo conspiracy .. hmmm

well the nwo conspiracy is bigger than the nwo conspiracy :)

also .. another set of lip reading experts are sure that materazzi said "your mother is a jackal" .. Zindane .. thinking he was being accused of being the son an assasin who tried to kill DeGaul .....

Tue Jul 11, 01:37:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

Wow JIm that is some heavy notes you got there!!!

Mark on (DEAD MANS) CHEST = Coffin and of course Pirates of Carribean.

I also heard Musberger say the Scorpio / Leo /Tarot deal with the coach and said this is clues...awesome!!!

The phrase 'son of a terrorist whore' smacks of 'one born by scarlet woman' and the work of Jack Parsons (Sex and Rockets) and father of American Rocketry with his 'babalon working' with Marjorie Cameron and L Ron Hubbard.


The missile / penile deal we had going last week and it not reaching also plays to 'whore' as in do we tax them? Pimps and prostitutes!

Son of a jackal is Damien Omen.

Tue Jul 11, 01:39:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

son of a jackal is damian .. yeah .. and that is a joke on my part .. perhaps i should clarify that .. because i am usually not joking .. but .. the 2 quotes i mentioned "with you as my visible partner " and "your mother is a jackal" .. were jokes ..

however .. the mother concept and the jackal joke .. it does bring in the paris judgement theme ..
Zindane is ALGERIAN ..

and the ALGERIAN PROBLEM is part of french history of 50's 60's type of thing ..

and the ALGIERIAN CONCEPT had a hand in katrina .. because there was a section in new orleans named algiers or something like that ..

also .. Eugene .. you were saying that LOVE is the real DIVINE STRAKE ..

well check this out .. today has the Nuke/Nuclear Option/how I came to LOVE the BOMB type of thing.. at the same time that SID BARRET dies .. at the SAME TIME that MAGIC MUSHROOMS are big news !!!

now think hard .. how many days is MAGIC MUSHROOMS in the top 10 stories .. since we've been sluething .. not too many

where does Nukes and Psychadelics meet ? THE MUSHROOM !!!!!

THE MAGIC MUSHROOM .. or the magick of the MUSHROOM CLOUD ..

and where does the MAGIC MUSHROOM meet the MUSHROOM CLOUD ?

In Las VEGAS .. Divine Strake MUSHROOM CLOUD EVENT .. and the beatles pshycadelic 'trip' called LOVE

Tue Jul 11, 02:06:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

And as Sublime would say in 'Caress Me Down' 'she took out my mushroom tip' and this is missile/penis/obelisk.

The mushroom reference as nuke coupled with psychedelic is rare ... and very ominous. Weve been at this game for awhile now...I get yah...the big one.


I bet you he goes to buy weapons from Israel now.

Tue Jul 11, 02:41:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...



Tue Jul 11, 04:12:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...


yeah the cruise thing is interesting .. need to think of that

btw .. the beatles lost tapes thing is going to connect to the Bombay Blasts -

also .. the big one theme .. i am thinking it may be the giant theme ..

several other giant stories out there today ..

giant TV
Giant Rogue Waves

but most important is the breaking news that barry bonds will be indicted ..

this is coming with the allstar game in pittsburg ..
and on 7:11

this brings in Genesis 7:11 and Judgement Day which is connected to Nephalim and Giants ..

the SAN FRAN GIANTS .. Judgement Day .. Project Genesis

also ..

the 'weird thing' about the French team is that it is suppose to be about equality and inclusion .. hence rainbow .. and non racism ..

which ends up with a quasi-race incident at the berlim olympic .. ie jesse ownens 1936 olympics - stadium ..

the world cup embraced zizi's message of inclusion and non racism..

except .. what about that french team and no scorpios no leos ..

in other words the idea of RACIAL EXCLUSION is that because of your BIRTH you are excluded .. based on your parent or country or bloodline .. you are excluded ..

so here is the French team which ZIDANE EMBRACES .. with its RAINBOW MESSAGE that EXLUDES 1/6 of all people based on the TIME of their BIRTH ..

and no one mentions that it is a little odd

Tue Jul 11, 05:01:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...




A 1976 'gimmick' wine contest between Kalifornia and France, set up as commemoration of 1776, and called 'Judgement of Paris'... France lost.

And in 'revolution style' todays news on grapes being adversely affected by global warming is timely -




In this round Kalifornia loses. The computer simulation for this was sponsored by NASA and Purdue University.

And of course if you remember Route 66 and Kern County is the end feature of John Steinbeck's "Grapes of Wrath".

This also fits nicely with the one who shows up in RED to fix the feast of God and to tread the winepress of God. These very actions are in relation to the consumation with the bride. This of course is hymen, moon, sin. Well unless your mushroom is holy!


Tue Jul 11, 05:02:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

So true on racism and compare to not allowing Scorpios or Leos in...WHY though? What could be the underlying tie with these two signs?

Another little tidbit from Bush's Chicago visit last week -


"hasnt been paying attention" my ass!

Tue Jul 11, 05:15:00 PM CDT  
Blogger amj said...

Hallo All, and welcome WilliamBob, nice to read you here. Porn site eh? [Emphatically] I did not engage with that porn site! LOL. Glad you finally made it :)

Good God, there's so much to absorb here, and I definitely can't keep up with you guys. Not even close. Still...

Eug wrote: "The phrase 'son of a terrorist whore' smacks of..."

How about Mary Magdelene? The "whore" of Biblical fame and Brown's Da Vinci Code which is currently "terrorizing" the Roman Catholic Church?

Jim wrote: "and where does the MAGIC MUSHROOM meet the MUSHROOM CLOUD ? In Las VEGAS .. Divine Strake MUSHROOM CLOUD EVENT..."

Hate to repeat meself, but isn't or wasn't there supposed to be a bunker-buster, nuclear-like test in Nevada, near Vegas this summer? I know y'all have heard of this. The test's been rescheduled, and I'm unable to find links to the articles. Sorry 'bout that.

And more on that Pink Panther/World Cup connexion:

Zidane is the Captain or Head of the French National Team. That was not only the French team's final match in 2006 world cup, but it was Zidane's final game of his career.

PP movie: Yves Gluant (actor Jason Statham, of Transporter fame)who's murdered in the opening scenes plays the Coach of the French National Team. Statham is NOT credited on IMDB for his role in the Pink Panther movie; a Major "oversight" IMHO. Zidane however will forever be "credited" for this loss.

Coincidence/trivia: Both Zindane and Statham were born in 1972.

Nickname of the French team: Les Bleus.

Nickname of the Italian team: Azzurri. From Wiki:
The traditional colour of the national team (as well as of all Italian teams and athletes, except in motor sports) is sky blue (azzurro, in Italian), and therefore national team members are nicknamed Azzurri.

Blue versus blue? Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the Bluest of them all?

...that's it for me...

Super Sleuth I'm not. More of an accidental one, a la Clouseau? teehee

Take care ever'body. Right on. Write on...

Tue Jul 11, 05:17:00 PM CDT  
Blogger amj said...

Eug !

that Cruise/Shields baby story with nurse Dorothy Rork is weird. Just freakin' weird I tell you.

Why was I just yesterday thinking about Cruise's baby, Scientology, how Cruise and Kidman didn't have any kids of their own, had to adopt; now there are rumours of Kidman being pregnant with her country singer/husband...and then I had this strange thought...what if TomKat's baby was born with a defect, and what if someone switched TomKat's baby with another, a healthy one. And now I read this. I realize that's not what the article is saying or implying. It's just that I have too much imagination; am just too conspiracy minded I tell you. ;)

Tue Jul 11, 05:32:00 PM CDT  
Blogger amj said...

btw, I didn't miss the obvious Cruise/Shields symbolism. Cruise missiles, shields/defence systems. North Korea/Kim versus America/Bush, etc...jaysus I need a siesta. adios...

Tue Jul 11, 05:36:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

Hi Amj ... nice one on Zidane and PP coach tie. You answered your own question ... DIVINE STRAKE



Leo' first ecliptic degree is 120
Scorpios is 210 ...

1221 or 2112, and the later is RUSH. Multiplied together and they come close to the Platonic great year. Added together is 330.

Both are fixed signs and would mark the year at 1/4 vs 3/4. Leo is Sun, Scorpio is Mars (or other).

Leo is heart/chest and Scorpio is genitals and may play as missle and chest.

Its something more subtle methinks!

Tue Jul 11, 05:39:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

.. the connection between the world cup and the pink panther movie i was mentioning ..

which connected to Zindane and the dark side of the rainbow ..

here are some more weird connetions ..

on one of the italy soccer sites .. it seemed they were already selling shirts with the picture and the caption "ZID VICIOUS" .. which brings the SID VICIOUS aspect in .. that was
the other SYD

but .. Syd Barrett himself .. supposedly appeared in the pink floyd studio during recording for shine on you crazy diamond with eyebrows shaved ..

whether this is true or not ..
1) Syd did shave his eye brows and this is incorporated into the "pink" character in the movie the wall .. which is about a Nazi-like rock star ..
2) Syd is associated with the "crazy diamond" ..

put it together and you get Crazy Pink Diamond ..

and that is exactly what the pink panther is .. it is a PINK DIAMOND which GOES MISSING at the SOCCER MATCH in the new pink panther movie ..

Eugene .. the dark side of the moon dvd you alluded to ..
well that is very interesting .. actually it is not darkside per se .. but PULSE

this is pink floyd without waters playing live in 1994 .. "division Bell" tour .. in which they performed dark side of the moon for 1/2 of each show ..

check into it .. and the cover of PULSE also fits into the Pink Floyd - Wizard of OZ connection ..

look it up ..

but all of the little icons on the album pertain to pink floyd songs .. like BIKE and CAREFUL with that AX .. but things like the BIKE and the AX are also in OZ ..

also .. SYD's biggest hit was called ARNOLD LANE .. which was just played by gilmour live for the 1st time supposedly (???)

this is on the same day that the actual street PENNY LANE is in the NEWS ..

which goes back to LIVE 8 .. and the cast of the SGT PEPPER GROUPING ..

2 of the KEY figures on the screen behind BONO and MCartney were ARNOLD Schwarzenegger and Abraham Lincoln ..

I think at the time .. and i'm not sure if i made this comment or to who .. but I had the connection of

with LINCOLN on the PENNY ...

this connection of LIVE 8 with Arnold and the beatles and PENNIES and PINK FLOYD .. tied right back to DAMAGE PLAN COLUMBUS ..

which had the PENNY concept .. with the NATHAN HALE 1/2 Penny
the ARNOLD -OZ aspect of it ..
the December 8th Lennon aspect ..

and then there was the TECUMSAH thing ..
this goes back to the indians and TECUMSAH ..

and that is the INDIAN who put the CURSE on the AMERICAN PRESIDENTS so that every 20 years the prez dies in office
1840 - harrison
1860 - Lincoln
1880 - garfield
1900 - mckinnly
1920 - ?
1940 - fdr
1960 - jfk
1980 - reagan [lived .. but was shot ]
2000 - W .. [ or al gore who channels lincoln ]

this idea of the Pennys and Tecumsah .. was reinforced by "W" on the day Danica came in 4th .. memorial day weekend 2005 .. when at annapolis he recommended the students "throw pennies at tecumsah" ..

anyways .. for whatever reason .i've been following this arnold layne - penny lane thing for a while .. which pertains to columbus and the damage plan ..
and yesterday the writer of Arnold Layne , syd barret is revealed to have passed away on 7-7 ..
and Penny Lane is in the news .. in regards to Slavery .. which is an issue associated with the pennymaster Abraham Lincoln ..

Wed Jul 12, 12:05:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...


Putin reignites Cheney Whittington hunting episode. As we know this is more 'theres a new Sherriff in town' of St Johns Feast Day. SPECTRE is really priming the big one up. The little fish that waited swallows the last superpower whole ...

bANG or whimper?

Avatar, a cartoon series premiers a movie this week called "The Fury of Aang". Aang the Avatar is the 'last airbender' and with OR ANG makes the reversal to fury as in 'I lost my head' butt of Zindane and 'Paris Judgment' all the more tight.


Aang's teacher is an earthbender named TOPH -

Which is so close to TOPHET, the drum and morsel, that relate to the sacrifice in Valley of Hinnom. Toph is also blind ... which reminds me of God in reply to Israel's child sacrifice "I never thought you would do this" or "I never saw it coming". This single subject in Jeremiah is why God turns to fury and sends Nebuchaddnezzar in to destroy the temple, land and people. ie 'theres a new Sherriff in town'.


Very orange torch like this pic.

Orange as the color of Hod which is the foundation of the pillar of severity and the sephiroth of communication, Hermes is big with this.


PortoKALI :)

The red/orange war banner of French kings. St Denis was the first Bishop of Paris and was the cry that accompanied the Oriflamme. In pic below it has none other than the Anu cross as its centerpiece...this is MARK of Cain, destroyer of cells/shells and 'the builder'.






The last having "much as it was at one time regarded as the banner of the very Lord of Hosts" ...

Again the one who wears RED at his coming!

Last week had a bunch of articles on smell and while looking at Oriflamme this element came to view, Osmium, from gk. osme "smell"


Another rabbit trail is the little golden statue Oscar which finds it namesake in Oscar Pierce, wheat farmer and fruit grower (oranges maybe:))

"The Oscar statuette weighs 6 3/4 pounds, and stands 13 1/2 inches high. It was named by Margaret Herrick, the Academy librarian, who remarked in 1931 (upon seeing the statuettes), "Why it looks like my Uncle Oscar!" Her uncle's full name, by the way, was Oscar Pierce."

from http://www.seeing-stars.com/Awards/OscarTrivia.shtml

Any books in that library?

And pierce is pearce or spear, which is literally 'gods spear'


In most erratic fashion this entry sews it up nicely:


"Gonfalon (the late French and Italian form, also found in the other Romanic languages, of gonfanon, which is derived from O.H.Ger. gundfano, gund, WAR, and Fano, flag, cf Mod.Ger. fahne and English VANE"

War-flag or War-vane. Vane as 'wind indicator' = divine strake.


Airbender, Aang, Toph, St Denis, Oriflamme all add up to the lope around the pole in Opel is the spiral road of Liber OZ.

PS - heres another from the rabbit that wont die -


Pierce redux, Giants, Chicago, baseball (pure square and compass as we discussed so long ago with HB and company) and one big bone headed play by one Fred Merkle...Merkles Boner! (Wink its Freddie Mercury) Which led to BONEHEAD! And this is JOLLY ROGER to a tee.

"Ruthlessly pricking our gonfalon bubble"


As an aside...in the very moment I was looking at source of bonehead ... someone walked into my office and said 'such and such guy apologizes for being a bonehead' ... dude its all plastic!

Do you think Syds last album had anything to do with this? ;)

Im overwhelmed!

Wed Jul 12, 12:20:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

"Blue light was my baby, but the Red light was my mind."



No wonder Train is a river of tears on the way the Tau crossroads. Oh to be beyond the Lethian river...

Wed Jul 12, 02:23:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

interesting .. the last album .. that is OPEL ?

this is damage plan by the way ..

damage plan was 882 days after 911 .. yesterday was 1764 or damage plan * 2 ..

what is weird .. is I was talking about the RUSH and COLUMBUS stuff in relation the COLUMBINE and the constant E which is 2.718 but rounds to 2.72

there is acutally a lot to this .. but one thing and i'm not sure if i mentioned the 1764 day or not ..

but 1764 is 1492 + 272 .. or Columbus + "E" ..

the columbus damage plan .. which connects with OZ .. as I said earlier goes way back .. and I would include DOROTHY HUNT plane crash at Chicago ..

OZ , COLUMBUS , CHICAGO .. that is the 1893 world fair known as the COLUMBUS EXPO ..
the location of that fair .. is where university of chicago sits now .. that is tied to the manhantten project etc ..

The Psychadelic and the nuclear meet with the music at columbus with the damage plan Mushroom cloud album over type of thing ..
the damage plan involved the apparent manucharian canidate brain wash assasin type of thing ..

so three things
Nuclear Weopons
Mind Control
Rock and Roll = psychadelics ..

these 3 things are connect with tavistock institute, MK Ultra - milton Keyes .. and "eyes wide shut" by the way ..

and yesterday we had twin events

BOMBAY and CHICAGO Train "RUSH HOUR" incidents ..


and BOMBAY is where India BHABHA Lab that was part of their nuke research is located ..

in other words BOMBAY = CHICAGO = DAMAGE PLAN .. traces back to TAVISTOCK

and that is london ..

2 more things .. back with goro and target chicago i did a bunch of research about chicago transit and how it could tie in ..

for the London 7/7 anniversary .. the group known as "the cloud" released the video of the bomber which was desribed as a "TimeBOMB" .. in which he said "it's only the beginning" ..
immediately I was thinking .. its only the begining .. that is CHICAGO .. ya know DOES ANYONE REALLY KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS , DOES ANYONE REALY CARE .. etc

the band chicago was initially called the chicago transit authority ..

and if goro has chicago mapped to TAURUS and the bulls eye and the venus transits .. and I do think Venus was just lined up with ALDEBARN .. then Chicago and Transit is important ..

ALSO .. I had mentioned these several days would map back to what i called WICKER WEEKEND ..

this was day 1089-1090 or SEPT 4/5 2004 ..
this saw the release of a movie entitled WICKER PARK

WICKER PARK is in Chicago ..

so yesterday I thouhgt would relate to WICKER WEEKEND and they have this train thing which was connected to the WICKER PARK SERVICE..
I have the fox coverage .. and shep mentioned WICKER PARK a bunch of times and they had WICKER PARK on the screen as well ..

and the PULSE DVD that was released monday .. was recorded on OCT 20 1994 ..

If you take the PHI relationship from OCT 20 1994 to July 10 2006 ..
You end up with April 13 1999 ..
which was 7 days before columbine !!

but was 882 days before 911 ..

so the Pulse concert and DVD release which ties to PINK FLOYD , SYD BARRETT "DEATH" , and OZ , and hence DAMAGE PLAN ...

using the golden spiral pinpoints 882 days before 911

pulse golden spiral pink floyd oz day Apr 13 1999
+ 882
= 911
+ 882
= Feb 10 2004 Damage plan
+ 882

that is interesting ..

and too bad goro didn't still play

but if you remember his piece from before damage plan he had this whole thing about the titanic and the no pope thing which was the number 3909 04 .. which he used to pinpoint 12/ 09 / 04

the PULSE album came with the flashing LED which is run by a circuit 3909 ..
that is weird

also .. the whole columubs thing was tied to the idea of the flood ..

and right now i would also map back to wicker weekend , FRANCES , RATHERGATE , BESLAN , and PROJECT GENESIS ..

the Genesis flood is Gen 7:11

and the whole idea of the judgement day for the giants relating to Genesis and the FLOOD ..

and yesterday being 7:11 Judgement day ..
was tied into the breaking news that BARRY BONDS would soon be indicted ..


also keep your eye on BART
BART is the SF transit system ..

BARTHA is the name of the doctor who blew up the town house

BARTEZ is the name of the french goalie

and the ST BARTHOLOWOMEW day MASSACRE was a massacre in PARIS or JUDGEMENT OF PARIS .. that was connected to the star ANTARES .. from SCORPIO

this ST Bart's day massacre was overplayed Aug 23 2004 during the olympics .. and it was the same day that 2 RUSSIAN PLANES CRASHED ..

RUSSIA and PUTIN are the real players here ..
the RUSSIAN GODFATHER so to speak ..

also note that Russia just had 4 plane incidents
2 at Irkutsk siberia and 2 at simerpol ukraine

Wed Jul 12, 02:33:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

currently on drudge under picture of a woman with a cell phone


feds unveil emergency alert system for cell phones ..

"The US government unveiled a communications system that in case of emergency should soon allow it to send SMS alerts to Americans' mobile phones and computers"

the key words are 'in case of emergency'

I was actually looking for exactly such a tie in ..

when London Rush HOUR hit .. the cell phone story was out there .. with the victims all having cell phones .. but who to call on the cell phone ..

this led a big push calling for people to list in their CONTACTS a listing under I.C.E which would stand for In Case of Emergency ..
this way .. if you are blown up and are unconcscious .. the person finding you will know who to call ..

anyways .. that story came out last year in connection with london ..

and the 2 things that stood out to me were CONTACT and ICE

this has two apps ..


but DEEP IMPACT is CONTACT with an asteroid which is often made of ICE ..


and since this BOMBAY and CHICAGO ties to that .. then i was looking to see if they would mention the ICE and CELL PHONES ..

one better .. unveiling a new system for IN CASE OF EMERGENCY .. contact thru Cells ..


the DEEP IMPACT NASA MISSION CAME OUT 1219 days after 911 ..

the DEEP IMPACT MOVIE was MAy 8th 1998. which is 1222 before 911 ..

INDIA NUKE TEST OF 1998 .. OPERATION SHAKTI .. that was MAY 11 and 13 1998 ..
the same time as DEEP IMPACT .. in fact May 11 1998 was 1219 before 911

so DEEP IMPACT and INDIA NUKES go together

and BOMBAY and INDIA NUKES go together ..

Wed Jul 12, 04:04:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...


You dont say. Revelation 8:7, 11:19 and 16:21 all involve hail as judgment. The last verse is intensely bad.


Ozzian oddities!


Gorby is a noted student of philosophy.


Enron related.

Wed Jul 12, 04:51:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...


ha !! I am citing the same gorby link .. and I just had a bonehead moment.. [i'm sure i have a lot :)]

last weekend .. I found an old pinball machine I used to play called taxi .. in which you could pick up various customers .. one of which was gorby ..
with the russia thing heating I was just thinking "where is gorby? where is my gorbie pickup?"

funny .. anyways he warns of americans disease .. "arrogance" and "winner's complex" ..

interesting because that ties to the ZINDANE thing ..
I heard one announcer describe his 'chip' shot as the height of arrogance .. and Materazzi supposedly reacted to being looked up and down with a look of supreme arrogance ..

the ZINDANE thing which centers on the MOTHER .. when tied to PINK FLOYD .. brings in 2 other concepts

2) Mother "do you think they'll drop the bomb?"

also ..

with the french coach and astrology .. thinking FRANCE and ASTOLOGY .. that has to bring in NOSTRADAMUS ..

and that involves the 3 world wars and the third antichrist etc etc

the GORBY article sites his partnership with george bush and bringing down the wall ..

which I was going to mention .. with PINK FLOYD and BERLIN and with SYD "PINK" dying ..

that brings up the WALL and Roger Waters playing the wall in BERLIN ..

TEAR DOWN THE WALL .. that ties back into the UNITY theme

anyways ..

From Mar 1974 to July 2006 .. From Dark Side of the Moon to the Dark Side of the WALL

the 1/2 point is roughly Nov 1989 .. when the wall came down ..

Wed Jul 12, 05:14:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...


So loaded with relevant words and themes we have going its not even worth dissecting.

911 as a trigger for 'you need us to protect you' and is being woven into every nook and cranny =

"In case of emergency" ... you know like the ones we keep perpetrating here there and everywhere. Its raining bombs and we cant seem to stop the leaks but were gonna shut up whistleblowers thats for damn sure! So go along with the program. This is all so see through.

The winners complex is 'lusting after the fruit' ie a no no by Krishna, a no no that results in Paris Judgment, a no no in Genesis.

The grape theme I had yesterday and lusting after result fits this story nicely -


He could have read Jesus' words on new wine and old wineskins or the new wine to follow old wine in Canaan wedding story, etc.

Kinda all like wanting those beautiful women in Genesis 6 and coming down to sigma sigma sigma with them. Uhhh Ohhh time to look up, you know what is right around the corner.

Wed Jul 12, 05:37:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

also .. rolling stones kick off in milan with materazi ..

this is the stones superbowl = nuclear football redux

with the ties to Kali and India ..

Wed Jul 12, 10:00:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

china - russia introduce un resolution .. on north korea

check it out .. the talk centers on the elimination of chapter 7 ..

chapter 7 genesis or chapter 7 daniel ?

Wed Jul 12, 10:03:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

Heidi Klums "Project Runway" kicked off yesterday -


"Teutonic ... pregnant ... SEAL"

and wallah bombs away on Beirut Runway! Pregnant contractions for sure.

This also popped out of the "Project Runways" debut -


It will air on the show in a couple of weeks. Oh boy ... more blood in the echo?

Naughty =




boils down to "no creature" or "no baby", ie "wheres baby Suri/peace"

"Gone daddy gone, love is gone away"


The rainbow shares the sky with lightning is so relevant to mass conflict and the dissolve of the promise not to destroy the world.

Bombs away. What other conclusion is there to draw from this?


"LOVE as the beat of Tophets Drum" was the Divine Strake that signaled the deal. No doubt about it. He does indeed come to the temple swiftly with fullers soap in hand.

Last nights 'Nightmares and Dreamscapes' second show had a reoccuring theme "sixty dead in underground horror" -

Bush turns 60, Syd dies at 60


60 bolts and the "Big Dig" ie "underground horror" or tunnels, tubes, subways, etc.

Can the birth be a C section? Caesarean would be fitting for the arrival of the "bad apple" the AC. Always more blood to spill and we wouldnt expect a normal arrival afterall, oh no, blood blood blood.


This was the part of the payload being offloaded to ISS from Discovery.


As if there was any doubt that a new Malleus Mallificarium was the operating manual of the new aeon.


PIERCE resistant, ie Oscar cant enter is the just inflated GENESIS.

When you think each day could be no more crazy than the last, wink.

Thu Jul 13, 10:01:00 AM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...


Rosemarys Baby.

Thu Jul 13, 10:09:00 AM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

the tomcat mystery continues ..

tomcat is a union of 2 movies ..

war of the worlds and Batman ..
creating tomcat .. which is the name of the f-14 from topgun ..

the topgun movie is very important and tied into the 666 stuff ..

if you are thinking "gun" and "bat" .. then that is the crowley devil card ..

this is the 15th card which features the bat wings and the "gun" ..

this is expounded on in book of lies chapter 15 and 51 ..

one of which is titled "gunbarrel"

which gets back to the phallic weopon concept ..

the tom and katie romance .. which was like promo for the war of the worlds and batman .. took its place on top of the eifal tower ..

so devil and tower again ..

the tomkat/suri conspiracy timeline is interesting ..


that ties to Sept 2004 again ..

the Genesis Probe crashing and then the sky captain movie ..

the sky captain movie .. which is mega important .. that has the zeppelins .. over the rainbow .. the doomsday machine .. and the noah's ark concept .. which ties to the Genesis concept ..

the sky captain movie btw was costumed by STELLA MCCARTNEY .. who is now front and center in the mills-macca divorce ..

switching gears to the g8 .. and the da vinci code ..

the da vinci bloodline stuff ..

anyways .. last year bush went first to Marienborg in Denmark near copenhagen .. then to scottland ..

this year he has stopped off at stralburg Germany before going to st petersberg ..

these 2 cities are only 100 miles apart .. 54 12 and 55 13 or something like that ..

anyways it points to the treaty of stralsburg and 1370 ..and the hanseactic league ..

at the same time .. the russian plane crashes were at 2 cities that were centers for scythians on the one hand and taters on the other.

with the attack in India leading into this G8 .. it brings in the Indus factor as well ..

what is the relationship between these bloodlines and groups ??

how does Russia and St Petersberg connect to Roslyn and Scottland ?

I would guess that the mero's in the know .. like W are saying it involves that area around Denmark and Germany ..

.. which gets back to the cheny duck shot remark ..
that cheney thing connected into the graal legend .. so I would say Putin is saying he is the bloodline ..

which would make a lot of sense ..

and the tomcat baby .. refering to topgun .. involves the death of "goose" which is very graal like ..

the Bombay Bombings .. with the columbus connection ..

columbus was intially trying to discover trade route to INDIA

and back around the superbowl .. the bombay stock markey topped 10,000 which was described as the "christopher columbus moment" in MUMBAI .. whent the rest of the world discovered the mumbai stocks

also .. william bob .. hope you reappear .. but you asked about goro's ppv ..

Eugene is part of it .. and he likes it .. goro gives daily or almost daily little snips ..

i haven't yet joined .. but for me the previous goro thing was great ..with the forum and comments .. the current goro setup has no interaction with the rest of the people reading it .. so that is too bad ..


I had just read goro's latest front article ..

one point .. the trojan war was not a world war .. it was one city. and it was between 2 peoples

Thu Jul 13, 12:54:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

Which is a perfect mate to yesterdays 'killer kangaroo' and 'demon duck' reference from Oztralia. One is motion up, boing boing, the other is motion down, to stoop, and this could hint at the rise of SPECTRE. Ie the hidden fish which is really the Boyz from Brazil or Mr. X in Argentina, as bloodline or hidden thread that went underground after WW2. So then it would be Bush and Co are the fake momma (your pouch doesnt incubate) vs Putin's 'stroking a cat'.

To compare against Judas as in 'kiss on the mouth' and Judas Gospel..hes the man as in Christs words 'so when it comes to pass, you will know that I am he' and this is John 13 right after Judas walks out the door to the grocery store...wink wink. So its then a struggle in the one city between the factions over who is Cain/Nimrod/Neb's lineage, ie the city builders. And of course in Revelation the entire thing is the war of God against the city, whether its 'virgin' or 'whore'.

I read Goro because hey who else is delving into material like this? And then since theres virtually none who are...how many or who is reading what we as a type of material present? Other boards like what Goro use to be all go to ppv or invitation only or dissappear...what gives? I would think this would be the hottest cakes on the griddle.

Thu Jul 13, 02:10:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

The Devil Card is also 'about to hatch out a secret plan'. Its the pierce that inserts a foreign DNA code, ie the gun. In comparison to Cain as the shatterer of illusions this is also 'the kiss' or point at which ones previous sovereignty is g o n e ...

Man of Steel Rothlisberger says today he was seconds away from death as slit in mouth or throat was filling stomach with blood. This also is tied to Putins kiss on boys stomach/mouth.

And with the inflation and "now you cant penetrate me" stance of Genesis, would say its an open invitation to

"Ruthlessly pricking our gonfalon bubble"

No shit Freddie Merkle! With the Feds wanting to screen everyone for HIV and Gorby saying "your disease ..winners complex ...worse than AIDS", again its clearly pointing "needle away" ie the Bush/Blind journalist remark a few weeks ago.


And its use as kiss my ass most likely comes from Millers Tale which we saw in 'Whiter Shade of Pale' and this was pure reversal, ie the Devil. And the adverserial current does indeed change the entire paradigm.

Pucker up this is ride with the Devil.

Thu Jul 13, 02:58:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

did you see the snake and bird power outage in new mexico .. at las cruces ..
and then the whites sands test ..
which was right next to the lightning rainbow

interesting ..

Haifa is MT CARMEL btw

Thu Jul 13, 03:04:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

also ..

did you see the photo on drudge of the israeli flag burning with the mosque in the background ?

it looks life a bunch of scaffolding on the mosque ..

with the fabric burning to reveal the metal frame .. it looks like the hindenburg

Thu Jul 13, 03:06:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

Yes sirree. Like you said before "Drudge is like handwriting on the wall" and these days its also like spotlights on the handwriting which is in 40 font and bold.

I read the missle test article but hadnt yet the power outage. Snake and bird is pure Holy Spirit, ie the SHEKINAH, SHAKTI, they always come in threes! Again super ominous.


A read of reads the above is.

Scorpio and Leo from Suares:

Scorpio -


"Toleh (Aries) and 'Aqarav (Scorpio) are responsibile for the contrary qualities of Meadim/Mars -- wisdom or folly -- as responses to our future"

Leo -


"Then the ambivilance of Shaur/Taurus, where Sheen couples with Raysh and the image of the Cosmic Androgyne resides leads us back to the beginning, where the "folly" of Mars projects Aleph into the Universe."

The folly of Mars projects Aleph into the Universe! Goosepimples.

BOMBS AWAY...theres no getting around the big deal is here.

Thu Jul 13, 03:53:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

eugene ,

again ..interesting stuff as always ..

one thing to keep in mind .. and this is my own slant ..

but i don't think this is the real wwiii ..

wwiii started on 911 like bush says .. but it will unravel over time .. the athens olympics and sept 2004 were very important for the themes ..

and we are in the Phi of that now .. but this may project farther into the future ..

i am thinking more line 2009 but .. who knows for sure ..

Font 40 with spotlights .. that is good ..

speaking of drudge .. he had the barbaro story front and center again .. it is 68 days since the derby ..

also .. if we are still mapping days to rev per apocalypse 10.5 .. then right now we are around Rev 13:13 or so ..

you mentioned project runway ..

the shuttle lands at 3 place .. only once did it use the whitesands runway ..

at lot of action at 33 32 paralell ..

whitesands at 32 i think ..

Phoenix is 33 and phoenix is like scorpio .. they have the double serial killer thing with the baseline rapist and a sniper ..

dc also has crimewave

Haifa is near 33 as well i think ..

everyone seems to feel it in the media ..
the big G8
Korea , Iran , the middle east ..
and there is a lot more as well ..

the volcano thing which is the jose padilla dirty bomb thing .. which will relate to possibly iran and saddam should climax around July 29th ..

possibly involving Georgia and Atl .. who knows ..

Thu Jul 13, 05:59:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

speaking of aleph don't forget omega .. and flight 800 back in the news in connection with IRAN

Thu Jul 13, 06:00:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

remember guys, in order to cross the finish line into the next plane:

one must resonate with both sides, thus cancelling out the opposites and settling inside the big O aka. a paler shade of grey:)

Thu Jul 13, 07:39:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

hi anji

eugene ..
i see the lieberman judas kiss .. interesting

also ..
there seemed to be a setup with paul dana , barbaro , and danica .. which is why i thought richmond would be important .. but as i watched that race .. it seemed to me that danica was being kept down ..

now barbaro is suddenly taking a turn for the worse
and danica back in the spotlight with 1) possible move to nascar ..
which saw postive support from ed carpenter who said that danica can trade paint [ie will be rough and tough for nascar ] if you catch her at the right time of the month ..

Ed Carpenter was the "judgement" car that hit by the "Star" car driven by paul dana ..

also .. in the tour of france .. there is a driver called "floyd" ..

so with the disovery mission .. that ties to 2010 and 2001 which features "dr floyd" and is also part of the pink floyd thing with possible "meddle" set to the star child sequence

Landis Floyd is associated with Armstrong who last year was team Discovery ..

and of course the Discovery Pierre Sellers while the Syd "pink diamond" Barret passes .. is more Floyd and Discovery ..

the Peirre sellers was reported with "losing his tool" and also "being untethered"

being untethered .. evokes the 2001 scene .. where Frank Poole I think is untethered ..

This all brings in the Stanley Kurick Overdrive ..

1) Dr Strangelove
Peter Sellers .. and the "end of cowboy diplomacy" .. ties to the July 9th Time magazine with the cowboy hat and the bush doctrine

2) 2001

3) this is all happening at the climax of the Mercury Poisoning theme connecting with projecting the around the world in 80 days
hence - clockwork Orange

4) tied in with MK ultra and mind control - .. which connects to Eyes Wide Shutt .. which was filmed in Milton Keynes ..

Fri Jul 14, 08:39:00 AM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

Got ya ... will ramp her down. Need to think over the one city with two peoples idea and think about Paris Judgement. Goro also has often stated that a perceived future event or trauma is bled off or lessened by making waves or parts of it making waves before its manifests big. The shadow of a hammer is threatening but not even comparable to when Maxwell really flexes.

Too excitable sometimes. As Anji so noted BALANCE and the MIDDLE is the key. So noted and thanks.

Upon hearing on the radio about Floyd the cyclist I grinned at the hip joint problem ie shades of Jacob who in the disjointed act becomes Israel. The Crowley Death card has the skeleton laying sickle to its own leg ... and the Lord can swear by none other than Himself, ie to lay hand on His own seed to seal the promise ...and thus to project change.

When looking at Pink Floyd on Wikipedia found this very interesting -

"Pink Floyd evolved from an earlier band, formed in 1964, which was at various times called Sigma 6, The Meggadeaths, The Screaming Abdabs, and The Abdabs."



Abdabs is "terror" -



The plural 'habdabs' could almost be shorthand for (h)abracadadra, the word of the aeon -

And in fashion this goes straight to the heart of SPECTRE ie "SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion", a group who uses great slight of hand to manipulate two superpowers to fight till one is "weakened victor" and then pounces.

Weakened Victor = "Winners Complex"

The sign on SPECTRES door says says "Gone Fission" :)

Fri Jul 14, 10:33:00 AM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there Jim:)and Eugene:)

Sgt Pepper



Mcartney is 64 as of June 18, 2006



Mr Kite = AIR
Date on poster 2/14=
valentines Day - US = LOVE
Fastelavn - Children DRESS UP, much like Halloween in Denmark



movement and size

One of the last images of world trade center August 13,2001 issue of Sporting News -

Milton Keynes

And finally,

Fri Jul 14, 11:11:00 AM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

anji:) thanks .. nice work ..

and eugene .. again .. interesting

sgt peppers' ..

I have the Live 8 dvd and in it .. the great 8 .. are all dressed up as Sgt peppers costumes ..

also .. good to remember that when sgt pepper 1st came out on June 1 1967 .. it was immediately followed by the 6 day war .. in israel ..

the '6 day war' .. can be seen in terms of new genesis as well .. this peristant idea to have a war or judgement which followed by new creation ..

I have the movie of sgt pepper .. with Billy Preston ..
and that movie starts with the history of sgt pepper which is all about World War I and World War II .. very interesting ..

yeah .. good angles .. you guys have ..

Fri Jul 14, 11:55:00 AM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

I just heard on cnn that Bush made a remark about "let's get some vodka and relax" ..

.. interesting .. I'm not sure if he ordered it with rainwater ..

.. which reminds me ..


this is the guy who commited suicide from as the world turns ..
last episode aired 7-12 ..

-- check this out ..
Hendrickson also acted in feature films. His credits include Dreams Don't Die (1982), Manhunter (1986), Russkies (1987), Regarding Henry (1991), Consenting Adults (1992) and Spanking the Monkey (1994).

a strange collection .. but
manhunter .. that is red dragon and hannibal

and i'm not sure what "russkies" is .. but that is what they keep saying in Dr STRANGELOVE ..


also .. I keep hearing the cnn and fox people say .."can we put the genie back in the bottle?"

this is interesting .. because I was working on the djinni concept and the aladins lamp and 3 wishes concept last summer ..

with one of the three most common wishes being eternal life .. or never dying ..

the discovery was suppose to launch last year on july 13 .. but the mission was scrubbed ..

to SCRUB means to RUB HARD ..

so the SCRUBBING of the Shuttle .. for me was lining up with the concept that it was the aladins lamp .. and that they were RUBBING IT HARD .. in order to get the wishes out of it ..

anyways .. I had a lot of stuff on this .. and it connected to timetravel , live 8 , livestrong and lance armstrong , the london underground , aruba , and aladin ..

the SCRUBBING of the mission centered on 2 other events .. 1st the falling of the window .. which was like an eye cover of the shuttle .. and then the fuel tank indicator with the dry/wet problem ..

aruba is like the hebrew word for window used in gen 7:11 ..

the wet then dry . dry then wet .. that is part of the philosopher stone process .. wet then dry .. heat then cold .. hard then soft ..

anyways .. the discovery scrubbing .. was on 7-13-2005 .. a year before 7-13-2006 .. which is being played by fox and cnn as the djinni and the bottle thing ..

today-tommorow is also 666 days since IVAN hit USA ..

and this is interesting .. but as I mentioned the athens 2004 connection ..

Hurricane FRANCES as JUDGEMENT of PARIS .. in Florida ..
then Hurricane JEANNE .. which was compared to DJINNI by some goro members at the time
and then IVAN ..

there was also sept 14 2004 which was day 1099 .. and a feast of trumpets in israel .. a temple judgement day .. on 1099 which relates back to templars and 1099 ad ..
anyways .. 1099 + 666 = 1765 which was July 12th ..

its strange .. that we are talking about Judgement of Paris , Djinni in a bottle , and Russia
and that somehow lines up with hurricanes from 2 years ago ..

then where is bonnie prince charlie?

also .. tommorow and sunday should correspond to Sept 8 2004 .. day 1093 .. genesis crash

Fri Jul 14, 12:40:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...



just yesterday I was mentioning that the volcano thing .. which connects to jose padilla should come to a climax on or right near July 29th ..

here is jose padilla back in the news yesterday .. he gets to see the "SECRETS"

and 2 volcano's .. one in columbia and one in phillipines .. called mayon


Fri Jul 14, 12:43:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...


"To avert or to cause" when in catastrophic circumstances or a person who has his finger on the "big red button" ie nuclear weapons.



Red Buttons dies at 87 -

"Catskills cutup"

"the only Yiddish leperchaun"

"Winged Victory" a US propaganda film

"Sayanora" in which he kills himself when being forced to abandon his Japanese love - wins OSCAR for this one

catch phrase from his show "strange things are happening"


and "They Shoot Horses, Dont They"


Fri Jul 14, 02:08:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene .. nice .. red button ..

and the yiddish leprechaun .. that fits in perfectly with the marathon marauder .. cornelius horan ..

and Leprachaun ties to Mars because of little green men ..

Israel Mars .. Israel War .. Red Button

Fri Jul 14, 03:21:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

"The phrase inscribed on the Golden Apple/Apple of Discord/'Orange' that put in motion a series of events that led to the Trojan War:

'To the fairest of them all'

One of the meanings of 'fair' being 'light in color'.... i.e. 'white' - which then relates to Lebanon presently pounded by the Israeli military:

The name Lebanon (also "Loubnan" or "Lebnan") is derived from the Semitic root LVN, meaning "white", a reference to snow-capped Mount Lebanon.

Iran (Aryan) is another 'fair' - if not the 'fairest' (from a Nazi 'Aryan' viewpoint) - nation..."

from latest STRUG and Goro also has tied to a commercial called "Operation Crossroads" ...

Katrina is Hecate from "Kotharat" aka Katherine...see

"Archeology: The doors of shrines and temples; the gateway to heaven, or the land of the dead.The gate of a city was near the marketplace.

Meditation: Defense, protection; escape, the way in-between, and the way within and without.The door from the womb. Temple door. Initiation; the liminal state- the place of transition.

Mythology: [Phoenician] The Kotharat, Swallow-like daughters of the crescent moon, Goddesses of the womb.They are the wise midwifes who bless a marriage.
[Ancient Egypt] A barrier, a crossing point; a dual symbol of defense and entry; associated with lions to protect those within from typhonic forces; gates through which the dead passed in their journey to the next world. High Gate; Gate of Nut (the Gate of Heaven). [Hebrew]: [Genesis 4:7] "[I]f you do not do right/Sin crouches at the door."; [Psalm 141:3] "O LORD, set a guard over my mouth,/ a watch at the door of my lips."

[Sumeria] The Goddess Inanna passes through seven gates of the underworld to confront Ereshkigal, the Queen of the Dead. A myth from Nippur presents the sacred marriage ceremony of the Goddess Inanna who greets the Shepard God Dumuzi: "The young lady stood waiting Dumuzi pushed (open) the door, and like a moonbeam she came forth to him out of the house,
he looked at her, rejoiced in her
took her in his arms and kissed her." The opening of the door is a central ceremony in the Sumerian wedding ceremony; by meeting him at the door she accepts him. This commences the marrage, and is immediately followed by it's consummation."

end quote, from this site -


Have shared above numerous times, even back at roundtable.

Daltu was Katrina the Delta Kiss. "Door...a Poor man...lifted up...elevation" aka lifted up on crosses after kisses that pierce sovereignty.

Telling bits from above:

Innana completes the ascension through seven viels (which she descended through when she took the bait if you will aka the fruit) and is now getting married aka the CONSUMation with Dimuzi. This is the wedding feast of the bride and her groom dressed in RED who Himself sets the table with flesh of all men and wine from the winepress of God. Consumation got one to 'fall' and consumation in symmetry is also at found at the 'rise'. Nadir is foundation stone of the ones rise.

The use of door is first found in the riddle of CAIN and what is crouching outside his CELL and smells or senses him through it and wants to have or CONSUME him, he has no choice but to pierce the membrane, aka open the door. The Lords setting up of this is what leads to breaking that which is HEVEL or VAIN aka Abel.

In Egypt could symbolize a lion against typhonic forces. Have you seen the rampant lion with the BEE in its mouth? Bees are "order out of chaos" or the worker state of drones, headed by Queen or the City over the Waters who trades in souls.

Kotharat as swallow like daughters of the crescent moon and Goddess of the womb, hymen aka crescent, break, bleed, consumated. Hecate.

The moon is Lavanah. Goro has so noted semitic LVN, loven:)

Can do no better than to read Suares on Lavanah:


Lavanah is in Cancer, the very station of Typhon, the very point at which the light begins to decrease to observer, Solstice, and St Johns Feast Day, ie its off with lights head, or it doors to dark loop. Gemini has external pairs and Cancer has one with two claws or the two have crossed over into one wiht two appendages, almost like the light switch of the Solstice, a subtle inversion that one doesnt notice till fall, ie Scorpio. Relation by shells? Cancer and Scorpio as exoskeletal?

Was struck by the phrase "Memshelah-Abadot" which is "Freedom and Slavery". The latter as slavery is so close to the obscure ABDABS 'terror'.

As Suares notes Lavanah is the center which weaves its way through contraries "hard/soft" and this mates to the Alchemical process Jim noted.

"The process that started at 5/Hay/Aries/Toleh has reached an end and a new cell is required and provided when Tayt appears for the last time as the formative of 'Arieh/Leo, where the complementary cell of physical energy if formed. This is the end of the sequence 5-6-7-8-9 and the basic requirements for existence have been met and will culminate in the next sign, Betolah/Virgo, where existence 10/Yod will be fulfilled: a partner for Aleph in the game of life."

LEOS motion culminates in VIRGO ...ie the virgin partner for ALEPH, groom and bride. The maw of the the lion and the seizing of the bee is many diadems aka 'have you seen my mane'! KING OF KINGS! Aleph and Tav his dwelling, not house as in Bayt, but as in Temple. Ones wife can be closely associated with ones house but in type ones passage as groom is through the door, ie ones bride.


And following quote from above url, see the pie pic that starts in Aries to Cancer and then LION

"Life starts out at 5 as Hay forms Toleh, Aries: 9.30.5 or cell.movement.life, the "archetype of all beginnings." Continuing, Waw/6 forms Shaur: 300.6.200 or cosmic-breath.copulation.cosmic-container (here we have Sheen representing Aleph in an analogue of Aleph-Waw-Raysh, light). Then Zayn/7 (indetermination) forms Teomaim/Gemini: 400. with Tav/Aleph fertilizing the Waters. The sequence concludes with Hayt/8 (unstructured energy) forming Sartan/Cancer: or female.cosmic-container.cell.indetermination. Tav blends with Aleph in Gemini and then fills Sartan, residence of the double Tav of the Moon. Energy has developed far enough to have the cell of interior, psychological energy. In the next sign the cell will emerge as exterior, physical energy."

The last sentence is "next sign (this is LEO) the cell will emerge as exterior, physical energy."

Cancer as Typhon is the DOOR by way of the moon and this opens and LEO comes out, LION RAMPANT. In this act the wedding, the feast and the wine are all consumated.



Killer huh? Here She is and this came from Orange Communication, which Goro also had going in same Strug.



Heres love the bomb jim just had going!



which mates nicely with this -


Fri Jul 14, 05:53:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, now I am really trippin'. The cube of space - I have seen this before.... major image I saw was that of gas and what looked like the birth of a new star inside a clear cube. This was in a meditation that related to my akashic record in the library room of my past lives. I was interacting with a cloaked figure who shared that all the books in the room were each a life that had been lived. Then the figure picked up one book and openned it. The book was a holographic 3d image similar to a film that gave more info, including the above description of the cube.

Jim, the genie in the bottle theme - interesting, what do you suppose the 3rd wish is?

Sat Jul 15, 10:37:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

Cube of space is found in lots of places ... the trick is which faces, points and axes have what for meaning. The overall idea would seem to be nested cubes or hypercubes, the inner is the outer by way of same axes projection, thus inside is outside. LoVeN is NoVeL, ie the genius at the center of the box. Novel is the breakout word in McKennas Timewave theory at which conformity and repitition of forms, ie times prison, is busted out of by genius/novelty.

And of course the 'adversarial' current is the one who doesnt want to go along. Once one prisoner makes it to the ocean of freedom, others follow, hope is too strong a bird to stay in a cage. Shawshank is the lot of forms till a new identity is forged from the fiery trials, an identity that can swim the river of shit, because it knows the ocean is there, it knows.

Mon Jul 17, 10:51:00 AM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...


Mon Jul 17, 11:29:00 AM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

third wish = world peace

Mon Jul 17, 04:48:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...


have you seen the "lord levy" thing?

check this out.. the lord levy is arrested July 12th .. in the midst of the breakout of this israel war again palestinians..

[it is occuring in lebanon .. but israel is attempting to wipe out the palestinian element .. in gaza , the pa , the hamas , and hezbolah .. ]

Lord Levy is connected to support of Israel ..

an English Lord supporting Israel .. should bring to mind the Balfour Declaration of 11.2.1917

which was the promise of england to walter rothschild to form an jewish homeland in palestine ..

checking out the Lord Levy scandal .. check out the names of donors listed .. and you will find victoria katherine rothschild ..

She is daughter of Victor who was son of Walter ..

.. this balfour agreement .. out of the midst of world war I .. leads to formation of Israel out of midst of world war II .. which occurred may 14 1948 .. from which point the various islamic countries have tried to iradicate it .. which is important because according to koran israel is gone .. so can not exist [ if mohammed is true prophet ] hence very important from that perspective that it disappear
nonetheless .. on the cusp of world war III .. it is precisely this palestinian-israeli issue that seems unsolvable ..

and this LORD LEVY thing is like a little signature .. going back to Lord Balfour- Lord Rothschild ..

and Putin makes explicit mention of it at the G8 ..

on a different note ..

did you see mickey spillane passed away .. ? inventor of Mike HAMMER

what about that cbs egg thing ?? weird

Mon Jul 17, 08:08:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

The carrot for Rothschild was lower portion of Ottoman empire, ie what was to become Israel. The carrot for Balfour was to gain banking nexus from Germany to England. This would entail the view that the Balfour declaration was really the capstone in a plan that was already 15 to 20 years old, or even older, in 1917. All the nations heaved at this and all have been turned over by this hand.

A good read -


and David Duke on the subject -


In order for the "33" Hairy is the Trueman to arrive at the momentous Atomic pillar of fire, goyimish UN, Roswellian 19.47 and the Inner Court of "the Prince" during the span of 33rd el Presidente, it is by design. The threads that had to be woven to arrive at these years, these subjects, this number of presidency, the man himself, is mind boggling. A long ritual drama is being carried out imho. Balfour is the tip of the iceberg as the iceberg itself, as described above, is in plain view and yet remains the hidden axis, the temple around which the tribes of the earth revolve.

Bel's four square game, all play whether they like it or not. Balfour as Bel four is "master/lord of four" and the pyrimidal ascendency of this should not be overlooked, at least per Enki. Enlil be damned.



Tue Jul 18, 09:34:00 AM CDT  

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