May 24, 2006


This is Taylor Hicks .. possible victor in american idol
his nickname is the SILVER FOX

This is a picture of the new nike apple sneaker

nike = victory
nike apple = apple victory = beatle victory = RED SHOES = VICTORY = RUBY SLIPPERS

Beatle Victory = Sargent Pepper Victory


at the same time today .. in the mexican Immigrant song .. which I connect to Normandy and D-day .. UTAH BEACH is invaded by VINCENTE FOX


very much like SILVER VICTORY


at the same time JIMMY HOFFA is being searched for on HIDDEN DREAMS farm in Mich ..

he was last seen at the RED FOX RESTURENT ..
the MACCUS resturants were actually 2 .. a RED FOX and a SILVER FOX ..

so I would connect the hoffa hit to SILVER FOX as well ..

the HIDDEN DREAMS connection also ties in with the DREAMS theme from American Idol

A Silver Fox is a wily person ..
this connects with the sgt pepper trickster idea ..
and furthermore .. it connects to Odysses and the TROJAN HORSE ..

so this connects to Archilles Last Stand which is developed out of the Mighty Arms of Atlas ..

Hoffa disappeared 7-31-75 .. and the Mars Face was first released 7-31-76
note , if you can the overhead camera shots of the HIDDEN DREAMS ranch .. and think MARS


Blogger jim said...

the hoffa thing is interesting

a barn came down .. that ties with oz ..

also 2 meanings of hoffa .. one is owl and the other is farm

so hoffa as farm and barn ties to oz and his name from german hofer = farm

the owl is interesting because
that makes him an owl chief ..
and the head of WHO just died as well
and of course Charles was at WHO summit peddling SNAKE OIL

Wed May 24, 05:02:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

also hoffa = red fox

red = mars
fox is like wolf .. wolf and mars is remus and romulus

this connects the idea of mars with sgt pepper

which is 2 ideas that merged with mexico immigrant song

so this goes back to 1665 and London Rainbow bridge day

this ties back to the expedition 13 etc etc

Thu May 25, 09:05:00 AM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

"Human life is more important than climbing a mountain peak."

This is peak oil and the march of mechanized zombie civlization past 'the man lying on the side of the road' ... you know the one, the priest and the Levite passed him by, the Samaritan stopped ... this is also the same as 'when did you see you like this' at the sheep and goats judgement, to which the man replies 'thus as you have treated the least of these, you treated me.'

We have walked passed the body of God to the judgement.

Thu May 25, 10:58:00 AM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

thanks .. saw that story ..
ya know .. there was also a story about a woman dead on a flight going unnoticed .. it reminded me of kitty genovese .. wasn't she the woman lying in the street ..

here is one thing going on ..
there is a connection back to June 26th last year ..

that day was the day Billy Graham had his last crusade .. which i connected to the lost ark and temple of doom ..

at that event he declared Hillary should run the country and basically baptised .. Clinton

This day was also the day for global warming show on CNN sunday night June 26th ..called the MELTING POINT ..

the melting point is the point in the wizard of Oz where the water is poured on the wicked witch of the west ..

now check out the connections ..
ya have global warming making its Pheonix comback ..

ya have the hillary for president ..

but ya also have William Jefferson with the 100$ in the FREEZER

William Jefferson equates to William Jefferson Clinton ..
and COLD CASH ..
that is MONEY the Emerald city .. and the Melting Point ..

Thu May 25, 12:05:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

SOCHI is the place where the 'thorny' issue of energy crowns the new Russian and EU deal! Check out this quote -

"'If our European partners expect us to admit them to the HOLY OF HOLIEST of our economy, our energy resources ... then we expect steps in return in the areas most critical to our development,' he stressed after talks with Schuessel, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and EU Foreign and Security Policy Chief Javier Solana."

Is this then the fuel of the EURion torch that burns the ten dollar bill/us economy seems so!

This little crown (of thorns) also dealt with immigration -

"As expected, the Sochi summit cemented a new visa deal under which EU and Russian citizens will have to pay about 35 euros for travel documents, almost half the cost of EU visas for other countries.

The travel measures applying to students, journalists, entrepreneurs and science and culture workers should come into effect by the end of the year, according to Putin.

The agreement was a step towards the full abolition of visa requirements between Russia and the EU, he said.

An agreement on the mutual exchange of illegal immigrants was also signed."

Soul Patrol is so SoCHI as in 'chi' as 'life force' and the playon of Chicago as in Chi-Ka-Go as in life-soul-road ...aka Route 66, Chicago to LA.

The Terminator and the Fox get together to sing Immigrant Song! This is a direct parrallel to above. The Immigrant Song is flying high on the radio waves today, from Black Sea to Pacific Ocean! Except its set to Money by Pink Floyd or the Beatles or the Rolling Stones...take your pick!

Nowhere Man is unable to figure this out. He's been crowned the Idol...but really he's merely a 'woven simpleton'.

"Hig(s) or Hick(s). The son of Hugh. Hig or Hick being a common nick-name for Hugh. Hick, in the Dutch, signifies a simpleton."

A woven simpleton. This is the suit of clothes Jesus wears when he asks Judas to 'hand him over' so that the soul being inside may be set free per the Judas' good news.

Since Goro has the 'last supper' of DaVinci with the Grail to be revealed...the oh to drink my blood and eat my flesh division is soon to come. Judas and his path are of one morsel, wine and bread together, Peterfied and his path are of bi morsel, wine and bread seperate.

Right in two. Say goodbye to the simpleton....he has no chi!

Thu May 25, 03:26:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

“Feel free to work out your own guess at an estimated time of arrival based on our recent progress … but I’m not making any predictions! Mars has fooled us too many times before,”

Rover is getting ready for VICTORIA's crater and on the other side of the planet from ROVER ...SPIRIT is in need of some dental work! POW! Thats right in the kisser as Sheen is tooth! SPIRIT is in wintertime at McMurdo Pan...

McMurdo as in 'dry valleys' what used to be called 'Taylor, Beacon, Pyramid' in VICTORIA land Antarctica!

McMurdo was a lieutenant on the ship called TERROR! Pan terror and damage plan. Odd and yet so fitting.

Thu May 25, 03:56:00 PM CDT  
Blogger amj said...

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the posts.

Nice to see you back in kick-ass form Eugene :)

My wee contribution -- seems like the energy wars/crises are heating up fast (yet agin!)

Mucho coverage in Canada regarding our neo-con PM and his energy plans, compliments of the Toronto Star:


Tory ethanol plan waste of money — and energy
May 24, 2006. 07:03 AM

Was Stephen Harper a corn farmer in a past life? You'd have to think so, given the trained economist's sudden interest in ethanol, a supposedly eco-friendly gasoline additive derived mostly from corn, one of North America's most heavily subsidized crops...

...Corn Cob Bob [does that sound like a simpleton name or what]is the mascot of Canada's corn industry, whose perpetual picking of taxpayer pockets might otherwise offend Harper's sensibilities. But that was before a leaked report on the weekend revealed the Tory government's determination to retreat from Canada's Kyoto commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Which put Harper in the need for a diversion, given the majority Canadian support for Kyoto and the predictable unpleasant fallout of yet another Harper policy in apparent lock-step with a Bush administration that repudiated Kyoto in 2001.

Enter ethanol, hastily seized upon as a cornerstone of Harper's "made-in-Canada" response to the global-warming crisis, whose manifestation in above-average sea-surface temperatures will, the U.S. National Hurricane Center warned Monday, result in a 12th consecutive year of unusually brutal storms.

Presenting herself as a furiously busy champion of global environmental protection, Rona Ambrose, the federal environment minister, emerged from a meeting with her provincial counterparts in Regina yesterday with the happy news that, despite the appearance of relative inactivity at the conclave, Ottawa and the provinces have agreed to require the use of ethanol in gasoline.

If the Earth didn't move for you, consider that mandated ethanol-blended gasoline was already a Tory campaign plank last winter; that Ontario, Saskatchewan and Manitoba glommed onto the ethanol panacea long before that campaign; and a chorus of scientists and environmentalists are poised to denounce the initiative for what it is — an enriched farm subsidy program, and not a solution to the global warming dilemma.

For many experts, ethanol is a long-running eco-hoax...

link here:

Seems related to those conversations we had some time back about The Jolly Green Giant, remember? ho, ho, ho!!!


Related story on Harper's scrapping of our participation in Kyoto Treaty, and positing his own "made-in-Canada" plans:

Kyoto deals abandoned?
Hundreds of millions promised to provinces for climate change redirected
May 25, 2006. 05:49 PM

OTTAWA — The federal government appears set to walk away from agreements worth millions of dollars that the Liberals had negotiated to help provinces cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Thu May 25, 05:29:00 PM CDT  
Blogger amj said...

Speaking of foxy! just found this:

Bush pitches plan to expand nuclear power

By JENNIFER LOVEN, Associated Press Writer
Wed May 24, 6:51 PM ET

LIMERICK, Pa. - Calling nuclear power an over-regulated industry that needs a jump-start from Washington, President Bush on Wednesday pitched his plan to expand nuclear power generation by dealing with radioactive waste, lessening regulations and reviving nuclear fuel processing...

The backdrop for the president's effort was the Limerick Generating Station, a nuclear plant operated by Exelon Corp. about 40 miles from Philadelphia. Bush donned a white hard hat for a brief tour, then spoke to employees in a sweltering tent set up in the shadow of the plant's two enormous cooling towers.

Bush argued that nuclear power is abundant, affordable, safe and clean.

"For the sake of economic security and national security, the United States of America must aggressively move forward with the construction of nuclear power plants," Bush said. "Other countries are."

Thu May 25, 05:36:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

Except if your Iran!,8599,1198331,00.html

Condi was rooting for 'woven simpleton'...imagine that! Well after second thought its not a hard stretch. She also watches Law and Order...this is the show that referred to the 2nd amendment right as a "privelege".

Privelege is conferred individually say like knighthood...whereas right is each in the collective, regardless.

Fri May 26, 09:41:00 AM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

coupled with this

IDENTICAL TWINS. One gets message from ETs psychically, the other gets message from YHVH in ear during prayer. Message content is on the same WAVE length! The difference is that Morroco said to ignore him vs good Christian America swallowed more bait from 'the Apostle'.

Betcha Eric Juliens is wishing he had the cash flow Pat does! The latter stayed in PT Barnum U longer!


Fri May 26, 09:57:00 AM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

But then again with the ability to create earthquakes via scalar weaponry...its an easy sell. This points to collective unification from perceived exterior threat, real or wont matter all go along anyway! Goro did mention the 'Pacific Peril' drill which goes along with this very boo!

Maybe when it happens they will respond with the same professionalism displayed at Katrina. I mean really how long has the National Security State had to prepare for this that and the other? How much money has gone into infrastructure and personnel development that could respond? You know like when multiple planes flew across dozens of military bases, made precision flight manuevers that defy small engine flight training, and gave us 911! You know that kinda of preparation...the best money can buy, bar nun.

As the Wizard would say "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain." For afterall "He is a horse of a different color." and "no one gets to see him ever."

Can you say Tezcatlipoca?

Fri May 26, 10:23:00 AM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

wow .. thanks for all the posts :)

I don't have time to respond right now just want to dump a few quick observations

1) Condi has been described as Talylor Hicks Number 1 fan ..
remember condi was part of the beatles thing went she went to BLACKBURN [note today is RAYBURN day]
Condi Also made special mention of SGT PEPPER LONELY HEART CLUB BAND >> her FAVORITE ALBUM

so it is just plain funny that I made the connection of Taylor Hicks to Argent Pepper .. and Condi comes out as saying hes her favorite ..

just for ha ha's ... the SUN ECLIPSE day featured a TAILOR named charles taylor ..

which we at that time identified with the tailor concept with the 3 furies or fates .. [ using the thread .. spinning , measuring , and cutting ]


ok .. and here is super weird .. in case the WILLIAM JEFFERSON COLD CASH = OZ MELTING POINT wasn't weird enough

the return of LONG DONG SILVER ..

out of the blue Judge Thomas said bush could be in trouble ..

this should immediately bring in the idea of high tech lynching ..
but also such items as the 'pubic hair on the coke can' and 'did you ever see long dong silver?'

The SILVER connection seems significant ..

now .. check drudge for Charlotte Amilie PORN ..

Charlotte Amilie is famous pirate haunt for BLACKBEARD which is like the fictional pirate of treasure island known as LONG JOHN SILVER

the past several days on the 911 count are 1715-1718 [1718 is today 5-26)

check out BLACKBEARD died in 1718 .. and was principly active
in 1716-1718


why PIRATES ..
1) the connection of piracy to the current bloodline theme
3) the Jonny DEPP pirate movies are mega important
the CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL CAME OUT 666 days after 911
the next one is coming out 7-7

Fri May 26, 12:06:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

today is also a key date ..

the elipse was day 1660

1660 + 93 = 1753
1660 + 111 = 1771

1771 = 7-18

the 718 is imporant .. it is the value of stele 666 with stele = 52

From 1660 .. taking Phi
93 [ 58] 1660 + 58 = 1718
111 [ 69] 1660 + 69 = 1729 [6-6-6]

so the 6-6-6 setup is tied to the Solar Eclipse ..

today .. 1718 is also 93 days from 1625 which was 2-22 when they blew up the golden dome

so from 1660 solar eclipse ..
and 1729 are similar days ..
so today is a day similar to 6-6-6

and it is pointing to June 30th which will be another alter ego of 6-6-6

also .. I just want to mention again .. this may period seems to be fear and threat and false alarm ..
I am thinking the real deal will be July 29 - Aug 2 and Aug 7-11

the Goro thing with SF .. I am thinking that is to be informational only .. like I believe he is correct in his analysis .. but that the endpoint will actually be the clue as to another time sequence .. based on other factors ..

One thing I am thinking though .. is that June may be a big hurricane month ..

there is nothing fancy to my thinking .. just that the hurricane is often presented as a big 6 so three big hurricanes in June would be like 3 big sixes ..

this is far fetched of course .. but if there manifested 3 cat 4 hurricanes in June .. it would make sense ..

one of the things that happened that was related directly to 6-6-6 was the death of JUNE POINTER .. of the POINTER SISTERS

so the multiple pointer sisters .. and JUNE and POINTING TO JUNE 6th 2006 .. seemed like an overt hint ..

also today relates to Sept 1st 2004 ..
.. amoung other things .. today is actually pointing all over the place so it is intense .. but Sept 1st was BESLAN AND 'mass casualties- no nothing at all' in Washington DC at K and 19 ..

that was the PEPPER SPRAY .. incident which I mentioned when i first joined goro on Sept 11th weekend 2004 ..

the SGT PEPPER connection .. on 9/1 at K and 19 which is 11 and 19

and that was the day of Russia's 911 - Belsan ..

today the Beslan terrorist is JUDGED and another 'hight alert' at the capital

.. this may seem a little odd .. but this is another 2/5 set up ..

sept 1 2004 = 1087 PEPPER SPRAY

May 12th 2005 = 1339 DC RED ALERT

today May 26th = 1718 DC HIGH ALERT

this is
9/1 to 5/12 = 252 days
9/1 to 5/26/6 = 631

252/631 = 2/5

so these events refer to each other ..

one of the key things .. if you want to look at the dc map and the masonic compass and set up etc etc .. draw a line from Rayburn to k_19 street ..

I believe it goes through the white house and is at an angle to one of the compass legs coming out of the capitol ..

so what is the fractional breakdown of the whitehouse and what is that angle ..

also today is 5:26 which has been a Daniel 5:26 writing on wall .. weighed in the balance .. days numbered .. judgement day for at least 2004 and 2005 ..

it is also esp associated with AL GORE .. whose movie comes out today i think

Fri May 26, 01:22:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

Lets not forget that the character Jack Sparrow (read wise as serpent, innocent as a dove or if a sparrow falls to the ground) played by Johnny Depp was based on Keith Richards.

Keith is set to play Jack Sparrows pappy in POC2!

"Johnny: Oh yeah. Part of it was that Keith was the sage, the wise, unbelievably smart guy. It's kindof like Hunter Thompson, who is a brilliant writer and a great man, I've seen it happen where people, because they look at Hunter and they think he's out of it, so they just assume that he's just burnt and he's not lucid, and they've been kind of disrespectful in a very round about way, and Hunter being incredibly smart, he'll pin-point, and I've see him just level them verbally, just decimate them, and I think Keith is similar. Yeah, people just assume Keith Richards - oh yeah, the junkie years in the '70s, and he's out of it and all the stuff, but no, no, no, he's one of the most well read, brilliant people I've ever come into contact with. He knows everything about everything - a history buff, history to the letter. It wasn't an imitation of Keith or anything like that. It was just like a salute to him, and beyond the fact that I think that he's the greatest rock and roll star of all times, I also think that he's an incredibly interesting man beyond the rock and roll, beyond The Stones. He's unbelievably wise. He's really a wise man, a sage, a Buddha or something."

Skull and Bones is about the letter Qoph and is the Mason rite of initiation where one is knocked on the back of skull with wakes up on the other side of the Qoph as a new man.

Hows your coconut?!

The hammer is none other than the tool of VulCAIN. Smith, initiator, master of the stones from heaven, master of fire, builder of kingdoms ie the metals and the quickener of ores in and from the 'takes the place of time' by accelerating heat and fire to make all perfection, ie gold, quicker than the mother does or could.

Humanity is being initiated and this is the only result = "Vanity of vanities all is vanity" or "Hevel of hevels all is hevel" and "hevel" is Abel, the blood bag. Cain, QYN, is the needle to all blood ballons, ie the ones who do not contain the mastery of the door.

Qoph is the cosmic marriage of Aleph and Yod, the emanation of 1 and 10 as 100.

I have some tidbits I need to get online from a book written over a hundred years ago on 322 and Skull and Bones, etc. etc. Will have posted on Image Shack soon...

Yesterday's Enron Verdict had a play on of stories -

"Enron Founder Lay 'Shocked' at Conviction"

Norne as Enron anagram + SHOCK at verdict, ie the judgement point or mark if you will.

Norne is 'to warn secretly' as in to speak openly to those in the know and not to those outside the circle.

Norne are also the three fates (as Goro points out) or "was/is/and is to come" (read similar 'the wounded head') as "They are called Urd (the becoming), Verdandi (the becoming thing) and SKULD (the being supposed thing), ie the past, present and future. The name of the last Norne, "SKULD" (literally = "debt", and/or "skal" = are) is also well-known as the name of Walkure." - excerpt from above url

Get the last fate as SKULD as in Skull and Cross Bones, the terminus due to debt owed. This is bigtime the spell of money and its "In God We Trust" as we kill all for it mentality. We have again walked passed the body of God on the way to treasure at the mountain top.

Walkure as in Valkyries, the ride of the NORTHERN lights as shown in this quote:

"The Wikinger saw an indication of the presence of earth in polar lights, and that in the world a large battle had been struck somewhere: if the women rode over the battlegrounds and selected Einherjer, the light of the moon in their golden arms was reflected and zauberte the 'north light' to the sky."

from -

Light of the moon is SILVER.

VS...the secret warning of

"Voyager 2 could pass beyond the outermost layer of our solar system, called the "termination SHOCK," sometime within the next year, NASA scientists announced at a media teleconference today.

The milestone, which comes about a year after Voyager 1's crossing, comes earlier than expected and suggests to scientists that the edge of the SHOCK is about one billion miles closer to the Sun in the southern region of the solar system than in the north.

This implies that the heliosphere, a spherical bubble of charged low-energy particles created by our Sun's solar wind, is irregularly shaped, bulging in the NORTHERN hemisphere and pressed inward in the south.

Scientists determined that Voyager 1 was approaching the termination SHOCK when it began detecting charged particles that were being pushed back toward the Sun by charged particles coming from outside our solar system. This occurred when Voyager 1 was about 85 AU from the Sun." quote from

Looks as though the termination shock is the ride of Valkyries! A hammer blow to one's northern head, lights out.

Once the bubble bursts...everyones on the other side of initiation...ready or not.

The cup of space with its solar contents. Little speck boat of observers, with opposable thumbs, in undertow. Inside out, upside down..and as above so below...

The northern bubble gets its termination shock. This cant be good for Whitey on his white horse.

Fri May 26, 02:32:00 PM CDT  
Blogger amj said...

Speaking of horses and birds, that quote used above "horse of a different colour" made me think of this weird expression:

Horse of a different feather.

Yup. So I scroogled it et voila:

CATACHRESIS (Grk. "misuse"): A completely impossible figure of speech or an implied metaphor that results from combining other extreme figures of speech such as anthimeria, hyperbole, synaesthesia, and metonymy. The results in each case are so unique that it is hard to state a general figure of speech that embodies all of the possible results. It is far easier to give examples. For instance, Hamlet says of Gertrude, "I will speak daggers to her." A man can speak words, but no one can literally speak daggers. In spite of that impossibility, readers know Shakespeare means Hamlet will address Gertrude in a painful, contemptuous way. Sometimes the catachresis results from stacking one impossibility on top of another. Consider these examples:

"There existed a void inside that void within his mind."
"Joe will have kittens when he hears this!"
"I will sing victories for you."
"A man that studies revenge keeps his own wounds green."--Bacon
"I do not ask much: / I beg cold comfort." --Shakespeare, (King John 5.7.41)
"His complexion is perfect gallows"--Shakespeare, (Tempest 1.1.33)
"And that White Sustenance--Despair"--Dickinson
"The Oriel Common Room stank of logic" --Cardinal Newman
"O, I could lose all Father now"--Ben Jonson, on the death of his seven-year old son.
"The voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses" --e.e. cummings

Catachresis often results from hyperbole and synaesthesia. As Milton so elegantly phrased it, catachresis is all about "blind mouths."

A special subtype of catachresis is abusio, a mixed metaphor that results when two metaphors collide. [found this interesting, and made it bold for emphasis] For instance, one U. S. senator learned of an unlikely political alliance. He is said to have exclaimed, "Now that is a horse of a different feather." This abusio is the result of two metaphors. The first is the cliché metaphor comparing anything unusual to "a horse of a different color." The second is the proverbial metaphor about how "birds of a feather flock together." However, by taking the two dead metaphors and combining them, the resulting image of "a horse of a different feather" truly emphasizes how bizarre and unlikely the resulting political alliance was. Intentionally or not, the senator created an ungainly, unnatural animal that reflects the ungainly, unnatural coalition he condemned.

Purists of languages often scrowl at abusio with good reason. Too commonly abusio is the result of sloppy writing, such as the history student who wrote "the dreadful hand of totalitarianism watches all that goes on around it and growls at its enemies." (It would have been better to stick with a single metaphor and state "the eye of totalitarianism watches all that goes on around it and glares at its enemies." We should leave out the mixed imagery of watchful hands growling at people; it's just stupid and inconsistent.) However, when used intentionally for a subtle effect, abusio and catachresis can be powerful tools for originality.


I'd have sworn that I heard it first in the 70s in reference to some song. Can't find any info on that though.


Take care All :)

Sat May 27, 05:02:00 PM CDT  

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