April 17, 2006


April 20th addition - these 2 pictures .. I am making connecting to Nov 21st 2005

Here is Bush in China where he invited Hu to come to washington ..
remember he said "the spirit is strong in your church" .. like "the force is strong in this one"

the falun gong woman .. connects to Buddism and the Rainbow or HU at the WHITEHOUSE ..

Nov 21st was also "DAYS ARE NUMBERED" for Zarqawi in IRAQ

here is a new article with no theme .. so you can throw any random observation into it ..

for starters April 17 2006 is day 1679 after 911 ..

1679 is a significant part of the Seti Contact message and it is 23 * 73

I mentioned that 1184 is 32 * 27 ..

1184 was Dec 8 2004 which was the Dimebag Columbus day ..

today is also the midpoint between 1346 = may 19th 2005 "Revenge of the Sith" and day 2012 ..
so be on look out for anything pertaining to Star Wars .. Revenge of the Sith type of stuff .. Turning to the DARK SIDE etc


This is alink from Nov 21st .. involving Zaqari and "days are numbered" ..

this same day featured the Boy Budda and bush in China


Blogger amj said...

I'd like to hear Eugene's take on the recent discovery of that Gospel of Judas since Eug has oft' mentioned Judas (if memory still serves me correctly).

Please and thanks?

On another note: is there something occurring in 2 days from now, on April 19? I get the most foreboding, ominous feeling that it is. And I feel like I'm sinking in quicksand. Far, far more than ever before. Anyone else feel this too, or am I losing it? The latter is also a possibility...

Mon Apr 17, 04:30:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...


Mount Merapi

supposedly it means mountain of fire ..

but Merapi is close to merope who is one of the daughters of atlas


Greek Mythology. The seven daughters of Atlas (Maia, Electra, Celaeno, Taygeta, Merope, Alcyone, and Sterope), who were metamorphosed into stars.
An open star cluster in the constellation Taurus, consisting of several hundred stars, of which six are visible to the naked eye.

In Chinese constellations, they are 昴 mao, the hairy head of the white tiger of the West, while the name of the Hindu God Kartikeya means him of the Pleiades.


Giant Mao statue in Tibet ..


train crash




and more


the island zakynthos is named after zacynthus who is a son of dardanus ..

dardanus is a child of zeus and electra ..

electra is daughter of ATLAS .. ie one of the 7 sisters or PLEIADES

so action centered around greece and also the Mount Merapi Volcano in Indonesia both connect to the PLEIADES ..

this is further development of the PLEIADES THEME from last week via the JOB theme JOB 38:31

interestingly MAO is said to be the Chinese name for the constellation and a huge statue of MAO is in the news .. on top of TIBET ..

this idea of HEIGHT or mountain top with the PLEIADES brings in DEVIL TOWER theme ..

that also involves the bear ..
the bear again ties to Arthur .. but we also have recently

"the peta bear" that follows Prince Charles
the chinese man attacked by a bear who just became face transplant #2
the 6 year old killed by the bear in america .. with the suspect bear caught and shown with bags of ice yesterday ..
special 'bears' moving from denver

and more bear stuff lately ..

there is also a current greenpeace polar bear artic thing

and Prince Albert of Monaco is currently just travelled to North Pole

anyways .. contact theme with devils tower and pleaides as seeming theme ..

Mon Apr 17, 04:50:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

amj ,

no idea .. although I would keep an eye on that saddam trial ..

Mon Apr 17, 04:53:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...


GVC ... as in Golf Victor Charlie? The Natalee Holloway missing in Oranjestad, Aruba...just keeps on making its story felt. Odd...what think ye?


Judas is the capstone. He is the looking glass apex of the Jesus pyramid. The thing that should not be...but is. His appearance is timely on time and intriguing. He is like a ruler that measures out "do you know me?"

Judas is not a sudden anamoly...its all heretics that have said..kiss this:)

They may not know who they are embodying but nonetheless he is there. Waiting to be born, to be felt inside. Such is the *life* of the one who "it would be better if he were never born"...but in saying this a) how could the scripture be fulfilled if he were not, b) how could Jesus chose him if he were not, and c) how can the powerless sovereign effectively pierce the barrier unless he wield this dagger...?

Jesus himself will not be born, that is to cross the door, unless the marriage is sealed with a kiss. His birth is the crucifixion in time, his death is the release of time's bond. Judas is the key to inversion of forms.

I think the appearance of Judas is BIG x BIG and heralds great things. Namely the change of all things to their timeless quintessence. We approach the party of parties...will all get invitation on death's letter head? Seems this is a yes. Or maybe a different spirit of sorts will come and possess us all with its infusing wisdom and all our shells will pass as dust. Next years soil it would seem.

As the spelling of Aleph is


We being driven to be wholly one!

"Nothing lasts, nothings lost" is the trick of kissing oneself goodnight so as to wake up in the morning. And the early bird catches the worm which would entail the one who would not goodnight kiss, slept in...like worm food.

Cock a doodle do!

Tue Apr 18, 12:37:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Garfield said...

Okay Jim. I got your email.

Welcome back Anna Marie! :)

Tue Apr 18, 02:41:00 PM CDT  
Blogger amj said...

Hallo One&All :)

Jim, thanks I'll keep one eye on that trial.

Eug, you punk! Are you trying to tell us that it's time to "Rise and Shine!" ;)

Garfield, you pussy cat you. Thanks, it's nice to be back amongst this crowd.

Tue Apr 18, 04:02:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...


"I'll eat my baby's placenta." says 'Mission Impossible Star'

Now compare that to this...


Uhhhh can you say over the event horizon, through the looking glass, through the small door of ones skin to consume thine tail? Through the veil, fold up the box one came out of and eat it as one's first meal in coming new...universe!

Tue Apr 18, 05:47:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

AMJ ..

Saddam trial 3 hrs and out and then wait for a few days ..

but this latest turn of events involves 'handwriting' analysis and today they testified to Saddam's SIGNATURE .. for the death sentence

this plays into the concept of Daniel chapter 5 and the handwriting on the wall

also yesterday was 2 stories about babylon on drudge .. 1 about the destruction of the ancient sites and relics
2nd above a planed theme park ..

I would say this is all connected .. and I am still viewing saddam as one who is going to return to power in iraq at some point

Garfield , Hi :)

HB where are you ?

Eugene ,
I have to admit that when I heard the latest tom cruise thing I was kinda like "that is gross" ..

but you make an interesting connection ..

they named the baby suri because it means RED ROSE
and I've also seen "little pickpocket" mentioned ..

I checked Placenta and it is Latin for Flat Cake

so combining FLAT CAKE with RED ROSE and I think it is some ROSICRUCIAN reference ..


Wed Apr 19, 08:55:00 AM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

Flat cake ehhh. This could play on unleavened bread, that is without yeast, ie without the leaven of sin (and we cant have any of this at all, ever), and the Passover. Passover just happens to be coincidentally right now.

Wiki on Peschal or Passover:


The present feast days by April Calendar:


'Mission Impossible Star' reminds me of the language in gospel of Judas -

"Look, you have been told everything. Lift up your eyes and look at the cloud and the light within it and the stars surrounding it. The star that leads the way is your star."

aka "Mission Impossible Star"

To read gospel of Judas on line see this url -


and for history of how it came to be found, bantered about and published see -


What is the little pickpocket reference? Suri as 'red rose' is also tight in association and 'princess' in Hebrew has 'daughter who touches the shells' written all over it.

The Exodus has "a great cry went up out of Egypt" and Israel eating the roasted lamb has no room in its mouth to cry out. A play on of silence during birth of a nation and crying out in the first-born death of a nation.

Tom as 'twin' and Katie as Katharine, ie 'the destroyer who violently lifts up, making poor men' is a potent set of parents.



http://members.tripod.com/~davidmyriad/phoenician.alphabet.index.html#d - A MUST VIEW

Delta as Daltu, Kotharat as Katherine, "sin crouches at the door" and this is CAIN as barrier breaker/master, Door is Daltu, womb, Hecate, etc. VERY TELLING

Above reference came up at Katarina and the Delta...

Wed Apr 19, 10:52:00 AM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...


A long read but seeing its nature...worth it in context of placenta

Wed Apr 19, 11:42:00 AM CDT  
Blogger jim said...


Tom Cruise has become a father again after his fiancée Katie Holmes last night gave birth to a healthy baby girl, weighing in at 7lb 7oz.

A publicist for the celebrity couple revealed that the baby is to be called Suri, after the pair fell in love with the name in a book of baby names. It means "princess" in Hebrew and "red rose" in Farsi. It also means "pickpocket" in Japanese.


Wed Apr 19, 11:48:00 AM CDT  
Blogger jim said...


this is Indiana Governor Daniels and his IRAQ visit ..

today he was at whitehouse with bush .. failure in iraq not an option ..


also a signature is a 'mark' or 'seal' and this gets into the mark of the beast concept ..

the crime saddam is accused of is the murder of 148 people ..

148 denotes 666 via the sunsquare

so taking the 148 as a 666 reference .. and the emphasis on Saddam's SIGNATURE ..

Wed Apr 19, 11:54:00 AM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...


Jedi Mind Tricks! What a coincidence of themes.

Pickpocket is also tight to Judas having the purse...and this is sows ear, the knowledge of ISIS and the relation of the moon to blood flow.

Wed Apr 19, 11:57:00 AM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

there seems to have been a lot to the 1679 contact day ..

its hard to explain it all .. but it ties to the Aquarius theme ..
and seems to point to 1st week of may

it seems as if the Eclipse timeframe and the day 1665/1666 both point to like may 2,3,4,5

this will be very significant I think and there is a guy named david blaine ..

he is actually very important to the 911 stuff .. I haven't really mentioned him yet ..

this will tie in with 911 and 666

but he did both "frozen in time" and "vertigo" ..

now he is doing 'drowned man' .. for the 1st week of may .. and he will have a special tv show on may 8th ..

how does this tie to April 17th and 1679 Contact day ? ..

well .. check this out ..

On Drudge on April 17th .. the headline was OIL . GOLD SILVER
I would maybe research the exact numbers .. but

OIL = 70
GOLD = 606

this got my attention because I've been working the 538 number lately ..

7/13 = .5384615
also taking 70/13 = 5.38 ..
* 606 = 3264/ 2 = 1632

Day 1632 was Mar 1st .. a big day tied to the patriot act etc.

later in the day ..
OIL = 72 GOLD= 612 SILVER = 13
72/13 = 5.53 * 612 = 3385 / 2= 1692.5

1692.5 .. that will be May 1st

now May will be
April 30th = 1692
may 1 = 1693
may 2 = 1694
may 3 = 1695
may 4 = 1696

may 8 = 1700
now the days 1692-1694 etc

1694/ 3.141593 = 538
538 * .618 = 333
333 * 2 = 666

so this may seem a little odd , but follow it ..

the sin of 666 = .809 which is 1/2 Phi ..

666 * [sin[666]] * pi = 1692.67 etc

and this involves the number 538 ..

666 * .809 = 538
so again the drudge oil-gold-silver game ..

highlights the 7/13 = .538 number which points to 1692-1694 ..

and using the later numbers of 72,612,13 .. that also points to 1692.5 via = ((72/13) * 612)) / 2 = 1692.5

now 1693 * .538 = 911

so using these concepts the 1692-1693 day on the 911 timeline relates to both 666 and 911 via this .538 technique ..

now look at David Blaine .. he has chosen this timeframe to go into an aquarium ..
this should tie in with our Aquarius Judgement Theme ..
[and as Eugene .. just pointed out Mission Impossible STAR = May 5th Aquarius as well ]

so this week in may .. covering the aquarium time [aquarium age]
should be important ..

Blaine will attempt to break the record for holding his breath underwater on May 8 .. that is that 5/8 date
but he will break or try to break a record that is an astonishing 8 minutes and 58 seconds ..

8 minutes and 58 seconds is indeed
480 seconds + 58 secons = 538 seconds ..

so again .. the focus of the Aquarium week itself .. while happening later on day 1700 ..

points to this same fact because 5 and 8 .. are part of the fibiaci sequence which points to PHI
and the time itself .. 8:58 consisting of 5 and 8 .. but equating to 538

and again 538 = 666 * .809 or (sin[666] or 1.618/2

so both 911 and 666 kind of come full circle into a golden moment that will manifest aquarius age

Wed Apr 19, 01:39:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

also .. eugene .. taking the MI III slant ..

if you see the poster ..
the 3 is III

MI: III 5:5:6

taking the III = 111 that is the sunsqaure for 666 again ..

and close is 111 + 556 = 667


also .. I forgot .. I was interested in the 1694 date of May 2nd because that will be 35 days prior to 1729 and 6-6-6

I think I mentioned this but I will again ..
93 breaks into 58 and 35 ..

This whole plan , which from my point of view is the plan of aleister crowley , depends on the key numbers of 93 and 418 ..
93 = 418 because of the name aiwaz being 418 in one kabalah and 93 in another so 93=418
418 in turn is code word for 666 .. which means again that awaiz is satan ..
so 93 juxtiposed off of June 6 2006 will be a big part of this scheme

1636 = Mar 5th = Oscars

1694 = May 2nd

1729 = June 6th

this set up it twined by
1636 3-5-6
1671 4-9-6
1729 6-6-6

[4-9-6 being the date NG ran Gospel of Judas by the way ]

so that puts another angle on the 1694 day ..

that is also why flight 93 and the moussai trial are big right now ..

very very important is the idea that the movie 93 united is coming out on 4-28 because it is coming out 39 days prior to June 6 2006 ..

so 93 comes on 39 before 666 ..
for crowley 39 and 93 meant the same thing .. and in fact in the book of the law .. aiwaz revealed the 'word' to be thelema .. which = 93 and that was given in the 39th verse ..

Wed Apr 19, 01:54:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

the daniel thing i talked about yesterday is happening today ..

the chinese leader is at the rose garden and heckled by a woman .. it is top story on druge 4-20 10:50 timeframe ..

what did she say ?

Your days are numbered ..

this is from Daniel 5:26 and I have talked about this a lot ..

what is interesting is that Daniel 4:20 is another verse we have talked about [eugene and i] regarding the tree and cutting it down ..

and I am also looking at Saddam and Daniel 3:13 ..

Thu Apr 20, 09:57:00 AM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

check this out ..


HU was in seatle yesterday where he tasted starbucks ..

anyways ..

HU means TIGER


and in Chinese Astrology .. the TIGER = AQUARIUS
---- from wiki ------
Tiger Attributes
Zodiac Location 3rd
Ruling hours 3am-5am
Direction Northeast
Season and month Winter, February
Gemstone Sapphire
Roughly equivalent western sign Aquarius
Polarity Yang
Countries Russia, Romania, Spain, Tibet, El Salvador, North Korea

roughly equivalent western sign .. Aquarius ..

meanwhile HECKLED derives from HOOK ..





and there has got to be a lot more to this ..

Thu Apr 20, 10:18:00 AM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

meanwhile .. running over my scheme from yesterday involving the aquarium

remember .809 = phi/2 = sin [666]
.538 = 7/13

666 * .809 = 538
538 * .538 = 289+

although not exact ..
289+ * PI = 911

and 289 is 17*17

17 is the STAR which is the AQUARIUS which is also traditionally the fishhook

thus , to me it seems , that 911 is related to 666 via these different relationships involving PHI, PI and 538 .. which point to the idea of Aquarius Judgement

and all of these factors are present in the 1st week of may 2006 ...

The moon will actually be in the ORION TORCH KILL POSITION on May 1st

Thu Apr 20, 10:23:00 AM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

note also the chinese blackout feature highlighted by drudge ..

[also .. I haven't even mentioned the beijing sand storm and rain making .. and the falun gong protests of death camps etc .. but as I said the China factor needs to be analyzed ]

the blackout theme is connected in my opinion to the Moon in the Torch of Orion ..

so this ritual on the grass today may again point to may 1st somehow

Thu Apr 20, 10:25:00 AM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

Really good stuff on 93 and 418 jim. You have shown this to be most important and reoccuring proof. I think one day the truth of the numbers, as underlying language development, etc. will reveal their neter like power and how they underlie archetypally all things. This will unhinge the door of seperateness.

"Heckler tells Hu 'Your days are numbered'"

Hu is pronoun for 'he/she or it' in Hebrew and is he+waw+aleph


Hu as a developed idea per its component letters of he+waw+aleph is life+intercourse+spirit and is a reverse of how it should develop. Shown in that 1, Aleph, wants to move past 2, Bayt, on its way to 5, He, or life and that Hu is a 5 goes back to 1.


The EXACT same play on of the reversion of He - Life - is found in the naming of Sarai ...Tom and Katies child. Sarai is the unchanged name of Sarah. In Sarah YOD goes to HE, 10 becomes 5 or the Hand playing against Aleph becomes Life. Abraham's name change is the almost the same except his name gets a He added between R aysh and M em. Both name changes show that the Lek Lekha 'go and find yourself' is finally fulfilled when they both get life...they become five! This produces 'laughter' after God 'does' Sarah, not Sarai, in the same likeness as God 'does' Mary.

Since Sarai is the base form or the regressed state of Sarah and since Hu is also the regression of life into its seed...coupled with 'days are numbered' seems to be a 'you have been found wanting' judgment, ala 'mene mene tekel upsharim' and the finger on the wall of Daniel.

The Hu incident occured when Bush was saying in a speech that 'China should listen to the people'. At this exact point the heckler speaking as the people was removed by security and thus showed the words of Bush to be as hollow as can be. Hu is Bush and Bush is Hu.

(Jim would it be possible to make this post something like 'My daughter is a monster!'...this is a super huge concept that could be way better set up...?)

Thu Apr 20, 11:00:00 AM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

Heckled from Hook is really interesting as well since Hook is none other than the Waw, or copulation, that takes He and regresses it to Aleph. The play on of regression (suppressed copulation/motion) in the leaders vs the agression, read 'free speech' (motion to freedom) in the Heckler...is perfectly spot on.

This is a big one as you say Jim.

The words of Tom Cruise yesterday "our feet do not touch the ground" is pure end of Pisces. Question is whats next? Crowley had an inversion of ages with Aquarius as Aries. This would make to the 'gymnosophist' picture of feet to head. A sort of back to the future idea.

Thu Apr 20, 11:26:00 AM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

good observations.

you seem to be on top of the cruise holmes baby situation

HU is also HUE and in Color ..
going to Emerald City and then White house .. the rainbow again

Thu Apr 20, 12:29:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...


what do you make of the brook shields thing ..

first off , that is just plain strange ..

the whole tom cruise saga with the oprah jumping and shouting .. and then the matt lauer thing .. centered on brook shields ..

and then she actually gives bith at the same time at the same hosptial same floor ..

here babies name is grier hammond

grier seems to be from gregory which is alert and watchful

and hammond seems to be homeland protection or high protection

interesting juxtaposition ..

did you want me to change the title of anything and everything to my daughter is a monster ??
I can do that .. let me know

with anything and everthing I was trying to open up the discussion to be unlimited .. I felt Like I had pigeon holed the last few by being very specific .. and was afraid i was cutting off discussion ..

also with the cruise baby ..
there is the war of the worlds and batman factor ..
the eifal tower etc

then you have the brad-angelina baby
the moses baby .. which ties in with the passover theme ..

Thu Apr 20, 12:51:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

actually as I'm writing this .. I can see that this ties ..

the hebrew connection and all things exodus and moses etc ..
with the current theme being passover which is currently taking place ..

but tie that in with the eifal tower and goro's paris = mars analysis ..

then you have exodus terms being used to desribe more of a martian thing ..

this ties back to Katrina and TEXODUS ..
in fact , Texas tied of refugees is currently in the news as well ..

the whole refugee status .. is in the news ..

now , again i am open to all opinions and discussion , but the way I look at mars thing is like in the Arrival .. where exodus to mars is really code for earth being terraformed for mars ..
martial law ..

the refugee and exodus concept applied in this manner .. would connect to the concept of an exodus from the old world order into the new world order ..

that is just one line of thought and I throw it out there ..

anyways .. changing gears again ..

back to HU
Drudge has a mini headline
"HU at Whitehouse" ..

and that theme
overlaps with the recent gay parents wearing rainbows at the whitehouse for the easter egg hunt ..


Thu Apr 20, 01:04:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...


falun gong ..
interesting logo with the swastika which is 45 degrees and opposite the nazi swastika ..

this is a form of qigong ..

so this ties into the star wars theme .. which I was thinking would connect to 1679 .. but perhaps it is bigger than just a day ..

remember Revenge of the sith has to do with turning to the dark side to use the force to obtain life ..

that is again the stone, the elixer , etc .. which in chinese connects to the yellow emporer and QI-GONG .. which again is the name of Aniken's mentor ..

this process of Turning to the dark side is described as MANIFESTING DESTINY ..

so there is a lot going on here ..

Thu Apr 20, 01:13:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

also .. the OZ troops had to go into the Solomon Islands ..
that ties to China as well

Solomon connects to the Temple etc
and means peace

also , most people don't make this connection , but the number 666 in Revelation is acutally a reference to king solomon ..
meaning that the antichrist would be like king solomon ..

Thu Apr 20, 01:17:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

Themes are so tight as you noted.
So much to 'see and hear' these daze...packed...ramped up...steroids...hormones...moon...CRAZYVIllE via Death Valley on pirate ship captained by No Name Maddoxes e v e r y w h e r e.

Humans, what a dimensional thing we are. So mutli FACEted on the whirling cube of infinite space. Inside outside up sized down clown.

The whole Eiffel Tower thing...area 51sh as Goro would say!


wandering dreaming consciousness is the dervish that lives
each eye its own

fly be free

am I 3

or 6

or 9?

Thu Apr 20, 01:18:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

Australia OZ..'most satisfied' sex
Beatles..cirque de soliel..sun..semen..666...pentrating word, code

Solomon was a reversal of his father, David, Gods beloved, amount of gold as 666.

The LA AL LA AL cross of Duke Blue Devils. Liber AL is more like it. One suspect already having an anti gay related act as crime.

Out of Egypt and passover is also huge. Plagues, etc. The 10 dollar bill Yod, 10 as an effecting plague. Money death, spell death. Emerald City, all a glitter, comes crashing down allah the hammer of the bent hand of khaf, 11 as in 911. Patriot Act. And the closed fist of Cynthia McKinney striking the Mr Mann Copper, so Khaf like.

THERES A NEW WITCH IN TOWN. She is east west. BUSHUniversity.

The dead sea is dead!!!!

West is gone. Drougt. Mars and terraforming. Soylent Green Men war on the world in twin cruise ships.

Sithro the Lord's secret hiding place.

http://tinyurl.com/krdy5 - how many magic trick like articles are more loaded than the above piece?


Thu Apr 20, 01:57:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

Jesus Christ Superstar at Death Camp.


This brings up a golf T

Get it...Heckler was carrying a T , Tav is Alephs supreme container box, the cross she bears (Oh bald man) is oh say 400 lbs. 400 is Tav the 22nd.

I once saw at tshirthell.com a T shirt that has Jesus on the cross, winking at the viewer, with thumb up saying "I did it for the chicks!"

Like say a chicken who cross gendered. Peter like, Judas like. Cock a doodle switcheroo.

The big fish fry at the death star. LOADED.

Speaking of where the fishy superstar will be playing:




Quite the girls for a party, no? NO.

Hermine Braunsteiner died April 19th 1999 = check out this list of events


A HEAVY LIST OF ECHOES. Time is such a related to itself deal.

Lublin has a famous son...


Check out the paragraph on his death! Ninth of AV = Temple

Thu Apr 20, 02:45:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...


Queen's 99 exact twins ..
that jives with Boys from brazil and hitlers 94 clones ..

Thu Apr 20, 02:58:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...


London - A school exercise book in which future Beatle John Lennon drew a walrus as a 12-year-old fetched 126,500 British pounds (226,000 dollars) at auction.

The picture illustrates Lewis Carroll's poem The Walrus and The Carpenter, which Lennon later cited as the inspiration for the band's 1967 song I am the Walrus.

The book, entitled My Anthology, features some of the late Beatle's earliest thoughts drawings and poems on 10 illustrated pages, the British news agency Press Association reported.

An unidentified private collector from Britain outbid offers from the US at the auction Wednesday night in London.

Lennon's engraved silver christening bracelet sold for 27,000 pounds (48,000 dollars), PA reported.


-- another headline I spotted was
Lennon's on sale again as Beatle memorabilia goes under hammer

these tie to the London 1666 day theme of the Rainbow Bridge involving both the Beatles and the Walrus theme with the viking theme

Thu Apr 20, 03:36:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

are you saying the heckler at the whitehouse was carrying a "T" ..

I can't find any reference to that , where did you hear it ?
did you see it on TV ?

and the 400 .. are you citing the madeline albright 400 lb leg lift ..
that is a good catch ..
admittedly , I was simply stunned when I read that , like that is really strange .. but I didn't even think to make the 400 = Tau connection ..

If the woman was carrying a T then that would be interesting because that little symbol the falun gong have is to represent the mini universe .. and the T is the Universe Card following Shin and Judgement

I think we could go over and over this stuff and miss tons of it .. so many thanks for all of your observations

Thu Apr 20, 03:40:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

the Budda in the Tree with the rainbow colors connects to the theme ..

in Norse myth .. the ASH TREE is the place where one is safe from the fairies.

it is the place that is not moved ..

the idea of the budda connects to the brer rabbit concept

this connects to "to be a rock and not to roll" the stairway to heaven theme

this in turn connects to the idea of the rainbow bridge

and Eugene .. you mentioned tom cruise feet not touching the ground ..

I will look it up .. but I think the budda concept concerns keeping the feet on the ground .. not being moved

Thu Apr 20, 04:37:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

Its on the Drudge newsflash and it reads

"The incident occured right after Bush urged Hu to allow Chinese to 'speak freely'. The woman, had a temporary pass with a big 'T' on it, also unfurled a yellow 'Falun Gong' banner."

Wenyi Wang a woman. When I googled the name, one option was this -


A guy who specializes in Helicopter gear boxes...as in the President was grounded yesterday to helicopter problems! What a co inki dink!

Heres articles on our girl:


http://www.theepochtimes.com/news/5-5-29/29116.html - the original has her photo, address, b-day, etc.

Fulan Gong:



and quoting from this article:

"One of the most explosive issues linked to state censorship of the internet in China is the allegation that leading Western companies are contributing to the problem through the sale of technology that is used in surveillance and censorship."

Uhh gee Mr. Gates no wonder your speaking in cryptic, read pseudo, warnings!

and this article is also interesting:


and a quote:

"Another interesting feature is the positioning of the commonly used Buddhist symbol for movement of cosmic energy, the swastika. The Buddhist symbol turns counter-clockwise whereas the Nazi symbol turns clockwise. Amazingly, so does the Falun Gong symbol used as a primary practice form. To claim mastership over these elements and not understand the esoteric meaning of moving chi energies towards negativity (clockwise) or towards positive energy (counter-clockwise) must be questioned."

Swastikas and helicopter blades! Whoda thunk it was related? Wiki has the fulan gong symbol at top. I also cant help but draw parallels to Scientology and Fulan Gong, ie the 'subversive cult' or as 'terrorist group against the state'. Not judging these per se, the paralells are there though in 'against the state'.


"We have been rehabilitated."

Did you read below article? It has almost all we have touched on in one piece...way way intertwined.


Thu Apr 20, 04:58:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene .. thanks excellent work again :)

yes the helicopter relates big time .. I saw that yesterday but I hadn't factored it in .. nice

and that was "bye scott"

the falun gong - scientology analogy is also good ..

the other thing is the double nazi thing ..
the falun gong was protesting china and death camps and organ harvasting .. which in a way is using people as objects so that the powerful can obtain longer life ..

this maps to star wars ..

and also falun gong and the qiqong route and the swastika turning opposite .. very interesting ..

as is the concept that the leader of the cult LI claims he is basically the messiah

the beatles .. yes it is intense indeed
what I hadn't noticed myself .. was of course the Circle and SUn which is 666 and Pi which is exactly what I just got done explaining .. and then walk right by it , dud !!

the word LOVE connects to 93 because crowley denotes 93 = thelema and also agape .. will and love ..

I will need to figure more out about the cirus ..

Sigfried and ROy .. that is again the man killed by the TIGER .. TIGER JUDGEMENT or AqUARIUS JUDGEMENT

nonetheless that whole sigfried and roy thing is big .. I remember it was a big part of the Sep 11 2004 weekend .. if i have notes somewhere

nonetheless Oct 3 2003 is day 752 and the LOVE show will open JUNE 30 2006 day 1753
that is 1001 days after the death the love show will open ..

1753 .. again is 1083 * .618 ..
the athens olympics is basically
1067 thru 1083 ..
and 1067 * phi will land near 1729
and 1083 * phi will land near 1753

so the 666 period from June 6th to June 30th will equate to the athens olympics .. and culminate on June 30th which should relate to the athens closing ceremony ..

now the Beatle LOVE circus De Solais fits into that real nicely ..

Thu Apr 20, 07:45:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

What a deal, this life, what a deal. Faustian.

Found the answer to when Sqeaky tried to whack Gerald Ford and at the same time found the namesake of Muhammad Ali, one Cassius Clay the Lion of Whitehall. I found the selling of his name to some company interesting last week too.

San Francisco 1975: attempt no.1 by Ms. Fromme on the 5th and by Sara Jane Moore on 22nd.


This site was first shown to me by none other than HUMAN BEING...WHERE OH WHERE ARE YOU HUMAN BEING? HELLO HELLO HELLO. Please everyone send an email to HB saying...get your ass in here...at least say your alright at a minimum.

Sarai (affectionate object of 'your daughter is a monster') is quite the story line. You noted the Eiffel Tower, Brooke Shields and Grier, etc. The below article also had some points worth noting:

Katie Holmes is starlet of Dawson's Creek and Dawson is derivative of David, ie Solomons pappy, see:


The placenta eating was an empty boast, a joke ie hocus pocus. The tie is that Brooke, read creek, was post natally depressed. And what is the cure amongst so called primitives and animals for this very thing? Eating the placenta! So its a creek...a tributary and this also ties as the use of Sarai as princess in the Book of the 66 is found in Lamentations 1:1 and is that Israel has become a 'tributary' for the nations. This angle is perfect mate for 'time rivers'. This is how the death of the dead sea comes to play. It is not being properly nourished and will hence die.

Judas has the morsel with wine in it, the Shell eats a divided host and is found wanting! Pika encribbing leads to eating hollow things = revenge of the elementals!! No honor for Hecate at the crossroads and whammy the earth refuses to give you what you need.

This quote is also heavily tied

"A rota has been drawn up, with everyone given different responsibilities, he said. "I don't think this kid's going to be able to walk until they're about 15! Feet aren't going to touch the ground!"." - per the proud new father, Mr Mission Impossible Star

A rota..is the wheel, the law of dharma...the swastika...the very heart of Fulan Gong. Kid not walking until 15...??? and then the line "Feet aren't going to touch the ground."

As you noted...!

Fri Apr 21, 11:38:00 AM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...


Missing letter on the Kryptos cipher, at CIA in Langely VA, is X, and this is TAU, 400, the mark, the cross. The cosmic container of the thing itself, Aleph.


And so related to 666 as mark or who has the light and who does not. This letter is the very door or end to space time and change to the finals.


Aleph + Tau makes a very very telling word ET


Chills, my fellow streamers, chills.

Fri Apr 21, 12:03:00 PM CDT  
Blogger amj said...

swastikas and helicopter blades reminds me of this:

an aerial photo of San Diego Naval Base


because I just read that Sailors (Navy) are being trained for ground combat

this seems related, look at that photo, there are others on google. do you se a swastika!

and btw, what's the significance, if any, of those 2 buildings (twin buildings) just below that swastika-shaped one?

Fri Apr 21, 01:46:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...


eating the placenta is a remedy for post natal depression? I never heard that .. but the whole thing is so unreal ..

thanks for the squeaky fromme stuff .. and muhamed ali name selling seems interesting ..

remember .. i also need the exact date that squeaky tried to get to jimmy page .. from memory Zep was in LA and squeaky was rebuffed by Richard Cole ..

the Jesus Christ Superstar at the concentration camp has to be major .. I mean what were they thinking ?

Let me focus just on the camp ..
the camp is majdanek in lublin as you mentioned yesterday ..

I want to go a little stranger ..
last night was also a show on pbs about the death camps ..

I am curious about the angle of NAZI and UFO in connection with the death camps ..

In the midst of all this Scott Crossfield famous test pilot crashed and died in georgia ..

scott crossfield was the first man to go mach2 .. this was roughly 2337 days after roswell

2337 is the number of days before 911 that the okc building was blown ..

so hang on here ..

as I mentioned April 19 was day 1681
2337 + 1681 = 4018 [notice the 418]

4018 is roughly 11 years .. for instance .. Bush 41 speach on Sept 11 1990 came 4018 days prior to 911 .. or 1681 prior to okc building ..

now .. and of course this is way way out there ..

but roughly 4018 days before scott crossfield broke mach-2 speed barrier was Nov 19 1942 ..
that is the day that PROJECT URANUS began at Stalingrad .. the TURNING POINT OF WORLD WAR II ..

noting again the Age of Aquarius tieing to Nazi's and Uranus ..
this makes this 11-19-42 day a big day ..
11-19-42 ussr-nazi operation uranus

7-3-47 roswell

11-20-53 scott crossfield

gives us 4019/4018 day pattern broken into 1682/1681 and 2337

okc - 911 - scott
4-19-95 okc building terror
(9:03 am)

9-11-2001 911

4-19-2006 right now ..

so I am thinking roswell ya know .. anyway have you seen the drudge page with the gas pump .. it has been the highlight after the china-falun gong thing .

21488 caught my eye ..
if you subtract 21488 days from yesterday you arrive at June 21 1947 .. like wow ..

that is the day the UFO flap started at MAURY ISLAND PUGET SOUND

not quite roswell but definitely related .. and if you move that 21488 figure over to roswell
that maps to 1689
but the roswell thing happend for like a week ..
so it actually would point to the first week of may .. the aquarium time ..

so i'm connecting all these dots ..
ww II - nazi - death camp - ufo
roswell - flight and speed - nasa
uranus and aquarius

okc and 911 ..
and then everything that is happening now in light of that ..

also .. we hadn't talked about it , but did you see the bigfoot malaysia story ?

and this ties to the budda idea ..
budda and the immovable spot ..
the budda pictured beneath the tree .. he suddenly left and went into the forest ..

that maps to the budda story where he must leave and go into the forest to encounter the ogre .. the hairy beast which is realy same thing as sasquatch or bigfoot ..

ok so this doesn't make any sense .. but at least it is what is on my mind

Fri Apr 21, 02:13:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

amj ,

interesting photo

Fri Apr 21, 02:14:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...


"There are many reasons listed for eating the placenta, including it helping stem postpartum depression and it supposedly helps to contract the uterus after the birth. We know that many animals eat their own placenta, including as a means to hide the scent from predators."


Saw both Scott Crossfield (taus everywhere) and Bigfoot Baby in Malaysia...your on it!

also today the Solomon Key by Dan Brown gonna be delayed a year


Fri Apr 21, 03:14:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...


This kinda has overtones of return of the Sith. Themes therein MI3, Lost, etc., Nemesis was a Bomb, etc. etc. all at play.


"Suri is a hot topic in Israel"

Seems TomKitten has taught the old dog a new trick...name!

Fri Apr 21, 04:01:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...


you making me think eugene :)

the helicoptor connection involved scott mclellen and the headline

interesting Scott Crossfield also said "BYE" ..

this double scott departure made me wonder about the other scottie

James Doohan .. He died July 20th 2005 .. but the story of his ashes was in Oct and then November

It was delayed .. and then was supposed to go on the Falcon in March but that one delayed a couple times .. so this event keeps getting delayed and maybe is something to watch .


this is sending the ashes of a whole bunch of flight type people up on a falcon rocket .. this is a major pheonix event ...

Fri Apr 21, 04:14:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...


How you keep track of the numbers and day thing is awesome! Practice, practice, practice and maybe a little program!

Shiite...there is so much to relate, it gets deep in the pool FAST!

Hey is that a babyruth?

It is a head spinning affair. How to ride the spiral rather than get caught in the whirlpool. Sometimes it hits me harder emotionally as in I get dragged in and other times I stay light hearted, even knowing...bad things.

Hey is that lemonade?

The alchemist lives! Does this mean that if your self born...you get to eat your own placenta?

Later my brother, ciao sister!

Fri Apr 21, 04:48:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...


Vice President and Secretary of State caught sleeping together!

Meanwhile on the other hand...


Where is hear no evil?

Fri Apr 21, 04:59:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

going back to the november 21st timeframe ..

There was also a storm GAMMA ..

GAMMA , I have discovered is related to the swastika ..

the swastika arms supposedly look like gamma's ..

so a swirling Gamma hurricane would actually be a swastika ..

Sat Apr 22, 04:12:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

check death of hitchcock actress from third man ..

any thoughts on 3rd man and the concept of mcguffin?

Sat Apr 22, 10:21:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...




Dr. Stuart Appelle notes that Sagan "wrote frequently on what he perceived as the logical and empirical fallacies regarding UFOs and the abduction experience. Sagan rejected an extraterrestrial explanation for the phenomenon but felt there were both empirical and pedagogical benefits for examining UFO reports and that the subject was, therefore, a legitimate topic of study." (Appelle, p 22)

In 1966, Sagan was a member of the Ad Hoc Committee to Review Project Blue Book. The committee concluded that the U.S. Air Force's Project Blue Book had been lacking as a scientific study, and recommended a university-based project to give the UFO phenomenon closer scientific scrutiny. The Condon Committee (1966-1968), lead by physicist Dr. Edward Condon, and their still-controversial final report, formally concluded that there was nothing anomalous about UFO reports.

just kinda noticed this .. sudden emergence of stuart appleby

are all related to Da Vinci code and Merovingian

stuart appelby is similar to stuart appelle .. ufo and abductee author ..

he writes about sagan author of contact and comet .. both having a nazi element to them

meanwhile .. checking out this swastika thing .. sagan came up in connection with theory that comet is swastika's orgin ..
the specific comet is ENKE ..

this is interesting because Enke , schwassmann-wachmann-3 , and d'arrest are 3 comets intended to be visited by contour which was lost ..

Sun Apr 23, 12:09:00 AM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...


Bush says massive deportation is not going to work.


Couple Bush's 'no expulsion' with with modern Israel's meaning of Suri as 'get out of here' or 'expulsion' and we have ourselves a real game of who is the rightful heir...here, there and everywhere! Does this mean we are getting to play possessed and dispossessed worldwide? The play on here is obvious...but what is greater context?

As noted above with Suri as Sarai as 'princess' in 'old' Hebrew and its change to Sarah showing that Yod the hand at play against Aleph becomes He, the life and that this game is also at the heart of Abram to AbraHam...we have a context!

Who is the real inheritor? Who is the real possessor of the land?

Considering the rhetoric of Iran's President about 'the fake Zionist state' and 'wiping Israel off the map' and that Palestinians are the real possessors of the land...

coupled with

the rhetoric of Mexico and others about who really owned/owns the west and southwest US and that its not the new-comers from Europe...

and the great game of Exorcist is revealed! Its War of the Worlds, its Helter Skelter, race war, cartoon Route 66! Both sides are playing the same concepts from opposite poles!

What will end this 'mission impossible'?

Only the monolith knows and its not telling. Coincidentally on searching for McGuffin this comes up, scroll down to mcguffin:


and from a masters mouth:



Ancestry has it from McGiffin as 'black' and 'fair' and this would lend to black madonna, black bride, the Shulamite woman who is the garden of her lover, etc.


Also plays to Ciphers and this is also in the news today and last end of last week, as referenced above with the missing X of the Kryptos Cipher at CIA HQ's.

Themes all have the same variable:


What a head cracking question! So dark and so lovely, this sole, real possessor. Not to be moved an inch. Meanwhile the earth shakes it back and down go all the pseudo monoliths mouthing:

"Its me, Im the man!"

"Its me, my blood is from the man!"

"Its me, we have the power!"

"Its me, we voted and I won!"


McGuffin is the third man!


Calloway - "Go home Martins, like a sensible chap. You don't know what you're mixing in, get the next plane."
Martins - "As soon as I get to the bottom of this, I'll get the next plane."
Calloway - "Death's at the bottom of everything, Martins. Leave death to the professionals."
Martins - "Mind if I use that line in my next Western?"

This film is all about death from a car wreck!

Co inky dink? Cartoon Route 66 says no way!

Mon Apr 24, 03:48:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

To match the numerical oddities you listed earlier with prices on gas, silver and gold...as in more than meets the eye...

check out the drudge top of the page line from 4/25:

"On way to speech, Bush motorcade passed the EXXON station next to the Watergate, where gas prices were $3.29, $3.39 and $3.49 a gallon..."

With Jim's great ties in above comments to Aquarius this line seems more than meets the eye!!!

Watergate..WTF! What is the context for this odd reference. I checked the other news clippings on the Bush speech AM 4/25 and didnt see anything that would give this context.

Ideas Jim, others?

Tue Apr 25, 05:14:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

good eye

yes add them up and it is 1047

day 1047 = July 24 2004 .. Judgement day from the T3 movie

1047 * Phi = 1694 ..

and 1694 is the Aquarius Day I have been talking about ..

that is May 3rd .. although I think the first week of may will be the same type of thing ..

also .. that Eric Julien guy with the may asteroid ..

to read his stuff .. it is a little .. ??? he connects the idea of an asteroid with the Bush regime Iran talks ..

so either that is really some new age thinking or that is code ..

now Eric Julien is not just anybody .. he is connected with the canada exopolitic stuff that relates to Paul Hellyer ..

so I would say that it is a code to be deciphered ..

that is why I am looking at the comet as one of the 3 that were to be seen by CONTOUR .. one of which was ENKE .. and the other D'arrest ..

D'arrest is named after an astronomer that was connected to GALLE and the finding of Neptune in the sky ..

Neptune = connects to Merovingian ..

go the Mars Smily face is GAlle Crater ..

so Mars + Neptune = Merovingian
and D'arrest ties to Galle and NEptune ..

then that ties back to Neptune and Uranus ..
Right now Uranus which rules Aquarius is in Pisces
and Neptune that rules Pisces is in Aquarius ..
this is somehow important to the people that follow this stuff ..

But Iran and Uranium . and don't forget on the Solar Eclipse day they tested and UNDERWATER MISSILE ..


anyway ..
the gas prices yield to 1047 ..
and that is a whole interesting Phi sequence
It is in fact
400 - 647 - 1047 - 1694 - 2743 - 4437

the last 2 involve fractions ..

but this is the 4437 number I keep talking about ..
it is John Lennon's Phone number from Hell .. obtained through much effort by his loving wife KISS KISS KISS

I am busy for right now .. but don't miss the John Lennon connection for Monday ..
that was day 1686 and that is basically 9 days from 1695

1686 when they played the Spirit of John Lennon ..
1686 is a Phi of 2727 ..
if you obtain and read NOWHERE MAN [which was a major clue from that taxi ride ] it talks about the obsession with the number 9 and 27 and 72 ...
the movie CHAPTER 27 is based on this idea from that book ..

anyways .. the 4437 number breaks down by Phi to 1694/1695

so I was thinking of Monday as "number 9 is going to get you day "

Wed Apr 26, 09:50:00 AM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

oh .. I got lost on a tangent ..

so the gas prices point to 1694
and that should connect to the John Lennen stuff and the Immigrant Song because the immigrant bill is 4437 as well ..

also May 5 is mexican holiday

but notice that 400 is also in there ..
there has been a lot of 400 action as you noted ..
and EXXON and the 400,000,000.00

this X and 400 I think is your T idea
this connects to the judgement theme .. in that T is the Omega of the trump cards .. the Universe card ..

this ties right into our Aquarius Judgement ..
and of course the 1047 itself was JUDGEMENT DAY via Arnold T3 movie ..

James Cameron also made the drudge on Monday .. although mentioned only as the 'director of the titanic' ..

Wed Apr 26, 09:54:00 AM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

forgot to mention the obvious

and 1694 is may 2

but april 30th is 1692 ..

april 30th/may 1st is the mayday thing that we have been following since february .. in various forms ..

1692 is the year that the salem witch trials happened

so look for salem witch and 1692 around april 30th - may 1st .. connections

and in fact Ken Lay just talked about Enron and the WITCH HUNT

Goro had made the Enron = Norne connection and I think that is exact ..
because the NORNE are the FATES and this is the FAIRIES ..
this is exactly the FAIRY JUDGEMENT that I was thinking was the OSCAR clue ..

so Ken Lay mentioning the ENRON as WITCH HUNT .. is again EXACTLY PINPOINTING

APRIL 30th - May 1st which is day 1692 [witch hunt day] .. with the AQUARIUS JUDGMENT or FAIRY JUDGEMENT theme connected with the MAY QUEEN ..

this ties back to Immette St Guillen Murder and Dana Reeve

I notice Teri Hatcher and an Eye Injury ..
Teri Hatcher played lois lane so she is an equivalent to Dana Reeve who was Mrs Superman ..
and again the Mr and Mrs Superman as fairies and fairy godmother and fairy godfather theme .. combin with the April 30th hit ..
connect to HITLER and NAZIS
Hitler and EVE were like a NAZI ADAM and EVE ..
MR and Mrs Superman ..who 'died' on April 30th/May1st ..

This adam and eve theme runs with the genesis project and the eugenics .. and this would be another factor to look at for the period we are in right now ..

the recent spate of Columbines or columbine like plans around the country at multiple schools reference April 20th .as Hitlers BIRTHDAY ..
But perhaps they are pointing to APRIL 30th .. Hitlers Death day .. or perhaps a second birthday is his mind

Wed Apr 26, 10:17:00 AM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

just checked goro site and he has note mentioning the dahab bombing ..

he makes gold and alqueada connection which is good ..

dahab does mean gold ..

but I was taking it in a different angle ..

I was busy monday .. but I will go back and get the headlines ..

the key is that this is the sinai
which is the location of Moses after crossing the red sea ..

so I was thinking this is a big peice of the exodus theme .. which has been passover theme just recently ..

what I was thinking with dahab as gold was more of Sinai and Gold .. which made me think Golden Calf at the base of the mountain ..[gold and base but a little different take]

anyways .. I want to develop it from that point and I am out of time .. but also
check out this connection

resturants Aladin , Nelson , Al Capone ..

Nelson and Capone .. as in Babyface .. keep an eye on BABYFACE ..
but Valentines Day Massacre that AMJ and I were discussing back in 04 ..

that manifested as the Harari killing on Feb 14th .. and that is also in the news today as bush freezes assets of those involved ..

for dahab one set of coordinates I found was 28 31 and 34 31 ..

the ST Valentines day massacre was 2-14-29 and at 2122 Clark Street ..

as weird as this is .. in Chicago on Monday there was a Sale of 3131 Clark ..

it struck me that 31 31 is centered from 28 31 and 34 31 ..

kind of weird .. what ya think ?

Wed Apr 26, 05:00:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...


I also noticed that story about the novel and plagarism .. her name is opal .. made me think of your 10 dollar bill

Wed Apr 26, 09:52:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

Did you read my comment about four up on McGuffin, etc?

Help with the math on adding the fuel costs up on the "Exxon..watergate" quote above.

Opal as Opel lope(s) the Pole ...sure enough Route 66. "Shouldv'e taken a left at Albuquerque"

Thu Apr 27, 10:08:00 AM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,
yes I did .. excellent and thanks .. and the concept of the land and exodus .. via passover .. that I believe was very well put together .. I meant to indicate that on monday .. but I was busy .. sorry :)

the gas prices = 3.39 3.49 and 3.59
339 + 349 + 359 = 1047

1047 is .618 of 1694 .. and 1694 is the key number for the aquarius may week and the david blaine stuff ..

1047 is already an important number on the 911 timeline as it is July 24 2004 .. which was the judgement day in the movie ..

724 also being equivalent to "End of Days" as I mention sometimes ..

the 1047 and 1694 line of Phi ratio numbers
goes through 400 647 1047 1694 etc .. and it converges [with rounding] to 4437 [john lennon's phone number]

exxon is the tiger and i was mentioing the tiger in chinese zodiac is aquarius ..

but I was thinking of the X itself and the 400 as you mentioned ..

anyways .. it turns out that there is a general ARTHUR EXON who was involved in Roswell so that is another possible angle

and yes the mcguffin seems to be a big thing ..

Thu Apr 27, 11:33:00 AM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

Sorry for the math mixup...I see now. I was adding as cents and dollars and was 30 cents short! Now that you made that clear, Im still a day late and dollar short but thats another story! :)

Your tie of numbers and the context = IMPRESSIVE and connects oh so well in the stream!

McGuffing Man is the monolith in action.

Check out this little goodie:


and on General Exon:


Thu Apr 27, 12:21:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

thanks ..

the 3 month profit and 8,400,000,000 .. i haven't figured that out .. but the numbers aren't alway going to meansomething ..

but like you noticed ..
bush drove by the watergate building and the gas prices at the exxon were .. is just not a natural headline ..

But Exxon itself and the logo or double x .. is supposedly a cross of Lorraine .. like in V for Vendetta ..

this idea of Lorraine and the cross ties back to the duke of lorraine and also rene anjou ..these are characters involved in the templar- da vinci type of thing ..

anyways .. starring at the exxon logo .. [not advised :) ] I noticed it was a lot like Eon ..

this idea of the new age or new aeon is the aquarius or crowley idea ..
and the movie AEON FLUX with CHARLIZE THERON just came out on dvd on Tuesday ..

Aeon is Aeon of course .. but THERON is very close sounding to THERION ..which is crowley word for beast .. actually greek word for beast .. but it is a big part of the crowley thinking ..

also following the egypt attacks , it is supposedly bedouin ..

how far back do they go and what is their connection to a concept like templar or lorraine ??


Thu Apr 27, 12:52:00 PM CDT  
Blogger amj said...

400 you say?

400 dead dolphins near Madagascar.
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: dolphins leaving the earth before the planet is destroyed along with a blatant Madagascar reference.

haha jokes' on us!

Aquarius. Water. Mammals. Sonic (sonar?) possible cause of death? Sound waves. T = terminator, destruction. Capital T for Tsunami? Armageddon, Taste of armageddon? Test-run? Trial? Test-drive? Dolphins know what's coming?

Sound = words. In the beginning was the Word. So shall it be in the end. Words/sound in the beginning (creation). Words/sound in the end (destruction)???

Choose yOUR words very carefully?

Sonic technology now being used in all sorts of "cleaning" gadgets/devices??? Our new dentist very excited about,very impressed with using sonic (sound vibration) technology to clean our teeth. New/s to me! And I've had far better cleanings, the traditional way, fwiw.

Bought a new sonic toothbrush. Decided to not use it after the irritating, noisy and uncomfortable vibrations. And no measurable differences in cleaning. Actually seemed less clean than manual, regular toothbrushes. Shoulda' known better, but wasn't paying sufficient attention/care. ;)

hey what do i know about anything!

Tue May 02, 07:35:00 PM CDT  

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