April 4, 2006

1666 Great Fire of London

April 4th 2006 is day 1666 after 911 ..

Great Fire of London Day ..

Great Fire of London involved a fire started in Pudding Lane that quickly spread because of Straw Mattresses and involved the London Bridge

This 'destruction' was seen as completing what the 1665 Plague had started and led to a great "REBUILDING" of London ..

1) I pointed out how 4-3-2006 was connected to 5-26-2005 ..
One of the Items from 5-26-2005 was the man rescued from the THAMES river and pulled out covered in MUD .. MUD MAN

2) Yesterday for 1665 there was stories of Mass Grave Fear in England over Plague and compared to 1665 Plague ..

3) 4-4-2006 London Bridge Rebuilding Project gets the OK .. connected with HALAB investment group .. Haleb connects to the Saddam GENOCIDE story today because that 1988 event was in HALABJA which connectst to word HALEB and the meaning of "fresh MILK" .. which connects to the discussion of AQUARIUS

4) in Vancouver a piece of LONDON BRIDGE dating from 1176 , and mentioning the Great Fire is going on auction .. This piece of London Bridge is described as a WALRUS TOOTH

5) Tony Blair Unveils the BLUEPRINT for the 2012 London Olympics ..
This connects to the Live 8 concert with Paul and the Rainbow Bridge - Long and Winding Road theme .. to the July 6th 2012 London Olympic Day .. where the 2012 Rainbow theme matches and then to the July 7th Subway Terror .. [at the time I compared Live 8 to the Walrus Cull and the London Subway to the Magical Mystery Tour ]

6) the London production of CHICAGO in news today new cast anticipating 4-17 opening .. CHICAGO also known for GREAT FIRE in 1871

7) Connected to the Sgt Peppers and the Walrus is the "day in a life" song which recently was in the news because Lennon's handwritten lyric sheet is currently for sale
This song features the words "4000 hole in BLACKBURN , Lancashire"


He blew his mind out in a car
He didn’t notice that the lights had changed
A crowd of people stood and stared
They’d seen his face before,
Nobody was really sure if he was from the house of lords

this line about "he blew his mind out in a car" is a big part of the Paul is Dead Hoax
This Paul is Dead Hoax touches upon Lewis Carroll and the Walrus and the Carpenter
This connects to the IRL race crash of Paul and Carpenter

8) Blackburn , Lancashire .. the names and places will tell a story .. maybe a looney tune for that matter :)

But this connects to Condi Rice and Jack Straw ..

The whole Condi and Jack show is a major piece .. and we can develop it .. but for right here ..I just want to connect it to the great London Fire

Rice as in Rice Pudding, Condi also had 'pudding' while at Blackburn
Rice and Jack and what is called BEDGATE .. the issue of Straw's Horror over Condi sleeping on an AIR MATTRESS ..

PUDDING STRAW MATTRESS .. that is the great fire of London .. Pudding Lane ..Straw Mattresses .. boom

so all of this connects the 911 timeline and day 1666 with the July Live 8 concert , the 2012 Olympics , the London Terror attack with these past 2 days ..

This ties in with the walrus and cull theme developed from LIVE 8 .. and now tied in very tight with the London Bridge that looks like a Walrus tooth ..
This is further connected via the Condi and Jack show which made contact at Blackburn,Lancashire which refer back to the Beatles and SGT PEPPER

This also touches upon the USA and Britain in IRAQ and Genocide and Saddam ..
This idea of destruction and culling as part of creating a new world order ..

and the Overall Bridge theme may be applied to the Rainbow Bridge concept which 911 , Live 8 weekend , London Terror , the Mar 29th - April 4th week , and 2012

-- original endpoint ---

this is a story about 2 crossing the beiring strait

MOSCOW - Russian authorities have detained an American and a British citizen in the far east after the pair made a rare crossing by foot of a frozen 56-mile stretch of the Bering Strait, officials said Tuesday

this concept of walking on an 'ice bridge' relates to Rainbow Bridge as BiFROST Bridge


Blogger eugene said...

Bridgwater is the annual home of the Guy Fawkes Celebration -



Guy Fawkes as we have initimated was a strawman. In some recently looked at evidence a note says 'Guy Faux'...false fella. Burning an effigy each year may rob the angry mind from actually carrying out a 'terrorist act' and this may be a blind itself.

In taking anger and using it in mindless actions...say sporting events for example...and thus the real conspiracy races ahead. No body raises an angry finger cause they already *magically* spent their wad!!!

Parliament set up the fifth of November as "the joyful day of deliverance". Considering AC's "the key of joy is disobedience" as an inverse of Parliament's intended use and you see what I mean...FOOL'S WILL MISDIRECTED!

The lantern of Guy Fawkes in kept in the Ashmolean Museum which was designed by Christopher Wren...whose many designs were implemented after the fire of 1666.


Elias Ashmole was first (at least first documented) Freemason in England, an Alchemist and came to have John Dee's diary-


The ties and threads say there is a different recipe for gunpowder. Considering that Roger Bacon invented it, Europe side that is, while trying to find the Philosphers Stone, seems as though the creation of this weapon of mass destruction is a play on!

Intrigued by the play on of words in the Remember remember fifth of November - of "holloa boys, holloa boys" and Gwen Stefanis lyrics -



Your mention of sex recently use may come to play here...as in I got over on you! or I am tired of your moves/advances.

Also the news today with HOLLOway dissappearance creating ARUBA as 'stigma' and stigma is purely derived from final sigma, which is close to looking like X. Greek sigma in look alike letter form is S E X. Stigmata is all about nails as in VVVVV and spear as in CAIN and crown as curse of nature!

Something smells like a 'Shaved Fish'...another Plastic Ono band number.

Tue Apr 04, 06:17:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...


I hear these songs on my radio as well. There is more than meets the ear hear. Will check this out.


A bigtime persona says 911 an inside job.

The killing of the double spy in Ireland is also a big player in the Peace talks going on now.

Wed Apr 05, 09:51:00 AM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

good stuff keep working it ..

the ira-spy .. bigger much bigger

Wed Apr 05, 11:39:00 AM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

yes immigrant song and london calling .. this connects with the london 1666 very much ..

london and vikings ..
london and normans ..

the bowman thing is interesting and the excerise thing the same morning .. i think that is true

bowman himself is one of the presidents men .. under ford and carter .. and also 'father of star wars' or something ..

so he actually fits in with the Star Wars and Water gate theme ..

which connects back to the Indy 500 Race ..etc


Wed Apr 05, 02:19:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...



In 1961, Gene Pitney began a collaboration with songwriters Burt Bacharach and Hal David that resulted in the recording of his first hit single, "(I Wanna) Love My Life Away", followed by his first big hit, "Town Without Pity" that same year


this is the death of Gene Pitney
wierd connection to both London 1666 Fire Day ..
is London a town without pity ..

and also the Looney Tune and Blackburn Lancashire connection ..

The Looney Tune , Disney , Normandy , Bond theme connected Burt Bacharach and Hal David .. "all the time in the world"

Gene Pitney was assocatiated with Hal David and Burt Bacharach ..
that is weird timing ..

just for add in ..
Lancashire is derived from the Lune River

Lune river could be moon river ..
and moon river won best song in 1961 ..

Wed Apr 05, 02:37:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

town without pity was also an OZ episode that aired 8-23-2000

this would also ct the London OZ theme .. Rainbow bridge Olympics

and , now that I think of it ..
that is exactly what Immigrant song and London calling is ..

Immigrant Song and viking reference is Bifrost

Wed Apr 05, 02:39:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

TIME .. all the time in the world ..

check out this 'chronological oddity'


Stare at the clock for something unusual
WASHINGTON: Call it a coincidental sign of our digital times or a reason to stay up late and stare at the clock. Either way, early today morning the time and date in the United States will be 01-02-03-04-05-06.

At 1:02am and three seconds on Wednesday, April 5, 2006, it will be the first hour of the day, the second minute of the hour, the third second of that precious minute in the fourth month of the fifth year of ... uh oh.

It's not really the sixth year.

It's actually 2006 - only in our shorthand is it '06.

"It just happens to be a chronological oddity," said Geoff Chester, spokesman for the US Naval Observatory, an official world atomic clock timekeeper."

You do have to bend it a little if you want to make it work. That's what you call 'Finagle's Law of Best Fit'.

For much of the world, especially Europe, this odd line-up of numbers doesn't really happen until next month. That's because many countries put the number of the day first, then the number of the month. So for many places, 01-02-03-04-05-06 happens at 1:02am on May 4.

Even numerologists, such as Rob Ragozzine, who runs the SimplyNumbers.com website, dismiss the 1-2-3-4-5-6 moment as merely 'a neat coincidence' because of that pesky 2006 thing.

"People are interested in numbers," said Jack Horkheimer, 67-year-old host of the Star Gazer public television show and executive director of the Miami Space Transit Planetarium.


keep in mind that this 1666 London Fire day .. and this time oddity .. could point to May 4th ..
which is day 1696 and could be important

this time stuff fits in with london who last year had big ben time stuff ..

had big ben in play with London Terror

the idea of the Time Machine as part of the London Underground attack


anyways the Dante Culpepper trade to miami was the 'end of a viking era'

yesterday Katie Courice goes to cbs .. this was all over drudge and he referenced Mary Tyler Moore .. from Minnesota home of the vikings ..

so again "end of and ERA" and VIKING

Katie was the TODAY show .. so her leaving .. connects with END OF TODAY ..
which connects with NO MORE DELAY

this is the world of TOMMOROW ..



Orlando Unit Stolen Secrets .. that connects to Disney and Tommorow Land and Werner Von Braun and Nazi Secrets ..

also back to Brazil .. there was a plane crash saturday ..

the main headline .. almost immediate was

BRAZIL BLACK BOX FOUND .. is roughly the same message ..

and then connect the ORLANDO SECRET and BRAZIL BLACK BOX ..

VIKING and 'ERA' ..

and we have BI-FROST ERA = ICE AGE = Time Machine = stargate

= hammer of the gods = Immigrant song = london CALLING

Wed Apr 05, 03:01:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...


My piece 'as a result of information received'...I canned.

I had it perfect except the title. I went to republish it...and it whacked the last 3/4 !!!!

ARRRRGGGGGGGGG! Intense bummer. Should have left well enough alone.

Oh well will redo! Sorry.

The poem at the end as mine.

Wed Apr 05, 03:39:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

bummer indeed .. it was a good piece :)

I had 2 comments in there as well .. can you save those ?

Wed Apr 05, 04:56:00 PM CDT  

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