April 8, 2006

Arthur comes across the bridge

Three astronauts returned to Earth Saturday, ending six months aboard the International Space Station (ISS) for one crew and a historic first spaceflight for the country of Brazil.
ISS Expedition 12 commander Bill McArthur, flight engineer Valery Tokarev and Brazil’s first astronaut Marcos Pontes smiled for cameras after their Soyuz TMA-7 spacecraft touched down on the steppes of Kazakhstan in Central Asia.

First notice Expedition 13 went up and Expedition 12 returned with MARCOS PONTES on both FLIGHTS ..

12 and 13 bridge .. I talk about 12 and 13 a lot but lets just say 12 * 13 = 156 = 911
and 12 = Hanged Man/Drowned Man 13 = Death
I also compare to Ocean 11,12, and Ocean 13 .. Ocean 13 is in the works right now .. Are you in or out ? you may have noticed pitt and clooney with a 'vegas plan' ..

anyways .. this harkens back to apollo 11,12,13 as well

but most important is MARCOS PONTES which is MARS BRIDGE .. and I would now say MARS VIKING RAINBOW BRIDGE ..

note today also MRO first Images from MARS wowed Nasa
and the Pluto New Horizons passed Mars today as well

all of these things tying together .. Bill McArthur coming home .. denotes Arthur ..

let's look at how he described the ride home

“It was a heck of a ride,” McArthur said after landing, comparing it to an amusement park ride. “It was like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, you’d love it.”

you don't say>>>
Mr Toad .. Wild Ride .. another Frog ..
in Eugene's piece .. he will analyse the songlist of a man who was FROG MARCHED after playing london calling and immigrant song and nowhere man ..
[and a toad may be a little different than frog .. but basically same thing]

but .. with Mr Toad we have more ..
The ride is well known for its ending, where the vehicle collides with an oncoming train, taking passengers to "Hell," actually a scene in which small devils appear and the room is heated.


The first album by psychedelic rock group Pink Floyd was called The Piper at the Gates of Dawn after Chapter 7 of The Wind in the Willows. The songs on the album, written largely by Syd Barrett, are not directly related to the contents of the book.

this is imcomplete and relates to the other pieces .. but here it is to stimulate ideas and observations .. kind of a starting point ..

Expediton 13
connects MARS BRIDGE , ARHTUR , FROG [toad] , DISNEY

I connect Apollo 13 to Expedition 13 ..
Apollo 13 is a movie with tom hanks and ron howard .so i am connecting to da vinci ..
the da vinci code connects to the church is paris with the blue apples and the clue of job 38:11 which is near job 38:32 which refers to the belt of orion and bootes and ARCTURUS
this involves the apple and steve jobs , paris and jobs riots .. etc
meanwhile .. apples just started running windows .. and window = he = Aquarius = STAR

Expedition 13 with toad and arthur connects in with the france job concept

the disney reference ties in with the other disney to d'isney in normandy references ..

and coincidently .. the Mr Toad connects to Pink Floyd and Piper at the gates of dawn ..

This connects then to the darkside of the moon and wizard of oz which is the rainbow bridge again and also the 2 themes of the PIPER and the GATE

If London was calling for the Viking Immigrant Mr nowhere man .. then has Arthur Descened from his nowhere place .. kind of mr toad in reverse


Pontes rode up to the ISS on March 29 with the space station’s new crew, Expedition 13 commander Pavel Vinogradov and flight engineer Jeffrey Williams, which will spend the next six months aboard the orbital laboratory


This started on Mar 29th the Solar Eclipse day from Brazil


The astronauts became the first space station crew to dock a Soyuz spacecraft at every available Russian-built port, and had the fortune of being in orbit during a rare solar eclipse, in which the Moon’s shadow was visible on Earth.
“I was desperate to see it and it was certainly the opportunity of a lifetime,” McArthur said. “All I could see was a dark shadow below the station…it was pretty darn big.”


so this mission is closely associated with the eclipse which I relate to Arthur


McArthur, 54, and Tokarev, 53, staged two spacewalks since they arrived aboard the space station in October 2005. They also tossed an unmanned Russian spacesuit into orbit as part of a radio experiment.


they also released the space suit called suit sat ..

there is a lot to that .. but the idea of 'clothes in space' connects to "clothed in space" which is a title of Kali or the Scarlet Woman. This was THE theme of the Superbowl .. which could be subtitled Nuclear Football

"It was a heck of a ride"


additional I've added the bird flu 'german strain' to "untitled' changing it to swan song german strain


Harry, 21, watched dancers at the Spearmint Rhino nightclub in Slough, southern England, during celebrations marking the end of a year of study at a military academy, the Daily Mirror said.

note the odd sounding Spearmint Rhino ..

Spear and rhine = German Spear = Spear of Destiny


Blogger jim said...

mars and pluto together

this needs to be developed as well

but the Mars bridge analogy I made with Expedition 13 .. together with Mr Toad points to the wild ride that collides at the end and ends up in hell

hell sometimes is called hades and hades is greek version of pluto ..

April 8th marked Mars and Pluto Lined up with Pluto still at galactic center where it went retrograde the day of the eclipse mar 29th ..

that , together with the nasa mission to pluto 'passing' by Mars on the same day .. seems important

any insights or other meanings/angles appreciated

also , late night April 8th .. the Bush Nuking Iran story seemed to break ..

Sun Apr 09, 06:31:00 PM CDT  
Blogger amj said...

Heck of a ride,huh! Well check out how this Mann fared (haha) on his ride.

[btw, I was certain that you'd posted about The Clash, London Calling, and Zepplin's Immigrant Song, but now can't locate it, doh! So I'll post it here.]

I found this on Sympatico.ca news page today:

07/04/2006 12:00:00 AM
The Clash gets man in trouble

(KP International) A man aroused suspicion from a taxi driver taking him to the Durham Tees Valley Airport in northern England after the man requested the driver play music that sparked terrorism fear.

Harraj Mann was headed for the airport to catch his flight to London, when he asked to listen to The Clash's punk anthem 'London Calling' and began singing along.

Some of the lyrics from the song, including "War is declared and battle come down," along with Mann's demeanor made the driver apprehensive so he notified police who arrested Mann while he was on the plane. (Mann also reportedly sang along to Zeppelin's 'Immigrant Song' that includes the line "The hammer of the gods will drive out ships to new lands, to fight the horde, singing and crying: Valhalla, I am coming").

Mann was escorted from the plane, had his luggage searched and was put through rigorous questioning.

After a thorough check under the Terrorism Act, Mann was released, but his plane had already taken off.

"Safety is paramount and we respond to concerns from members of the public in the way they would expect us to," said a spokesperson for the Durham police.

"I was laughing about it," said Mann. "But all my mates are absolutely furious. It's just left me bemused."

Mann said, "I mean obviously the political climate these days is like walking on egg shells, but I mean there's caution and then there's taking it to the point where it's absurd and ludicrous."


Mon Apr 10, 02:39:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

Just reposted today the article on Mr. Manns adventure...enjoy.

Glad your here Amj.

You too jim.

Mon Apr 10, 03:41:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

thanks :)

Mon Apr 10, 04:50:00 PM CDT  
Blogger amj said...

Salut eug! thanks :)

Mon Apr 10, 05:32:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

ok Lions ..

if the Denis Donaldson Murder was connected with the Royal Arch Degree

then that is about Osiris and Isis ..

the Expedition 13 could be similar with Osirian ressurection ..

looking at how the 19.5 and 33 degree marks with nasa usually point to orions belt and the star regulus ..

I am curious about what the line ups were for the latest trip home ..

even what was happening at the face of mars right at the moment of departture ..

I don't think i can figure that out .. but if you find anybody that did let me know ..

anyways ..

the paris job 'youth bill' ..
could connect via youth as in child and JOB .. that would be a child related to those stars .. like ORION's Belt ..

the exchange with exedition 13 was 13 becomes 12 .. that mapping to Tarot .. is moving in reverse from 13 death .. so that could relate to some sort of Rebirth ..

also Apollo 13 related to SCORPIO I think and Scorpio relates to the 13 card and Death ..

This relates to the DC SNIPER case which is currently in news getting ready for trial

keeping in mind the connection of this mission with the eclipse .. and brazil .. that eclipse from natal brazil went across Africa ..

3 stories from africa ..
-Brad And Angelina Jolie in Namibia giving birth guarded by Lions

-Kenyen Plane Crash - muliple leaders killed



Funeral for Ghana's beheaded king

A new ruler of Dagomba can not be chosen until the old one is buried. It is said that the body of Yakubu II is not complete, the murderer(s) has taken the head, a hand or a foot of the late Dagomba king to insult the tribe.

so this is an Lion King beheaded in Mar 27 2002 .. waiting till now for buriel .. associated with missing body parts ..

so Lions and kings .. death and birth .. africa and brazil .. mars and pluto .. Solar Eclipse and Nasa ..

this expedition 13 came 'down' on april 8th .. the one year anniversary of 4-8-2005 which was another Solar Eclipse and featured the "mugabe handshake" at the funeral of John Paul II ..

switching back to the Canada Biker murders .. which are now being descirbed as 'internal cleansing'
[kind of a T4 program for bikers]

this is connected to BANDIDOS [NOT HELLS ANGLES]



this is of course an isolated incident and has nothing to do with anything .. but if it did .. it might line up like this ..

the 5 and the 8 relate to Venus and Da Vinci Code ...
that connects to Da Vinci Paperback , trial victory , and Venus


Venus Express orbit insertion 9:17 tuesday

my first instinct was to relate this to the solar templars and their suicides ..

but of course this is unrelated ..

but the 5 and 8 connect to the Priory which does connect to the circle that the Solar Templars circled in ..

the 5 and 8 aspect coming the same day as Venus Probe makes news Splash ..

but .. what is even more theoretically interesting is the bandido logo .. if you come across it is like speedy gonzalez ..

now this is interesting because it relates to Mexico in Canada

This solar Eclipse featured the 3 amigos Harper , Fox , and Bush at the Solar Mayan Temple ..

The theme is making one county of USA MEXICO and CANIDA ..

this connects to the mexican MARCHING .. which is ALIENS and MARS again

and .. although I don't have the reference .. a few weeks back there was a murder mystery in cancun


anyways .. although there seems to be a merging of mexico usa canada connected to the idea of murder and solar temple .. it is just a biker gang ..

but .. interestingly .. if the April 8th Solar Eclipse from 2005 with the Mugabe Handshake connects in ..

then the idea of making One Africa and making One North America .. involving 'cleansing' [murder] and some sort of Solar Temple or King ..

Mon Apr 10, 05:51:00 PM CDT  
Blogger amj said...

Cleansing and making one North America (the long-planned United States?) strongly evokes Manifest Destiny.


The phrase was coined in 1845 by journalist John L. O'Sullivan, then an influential advocate for the Democratic Party. In an essay entitled "Annexation", O'Sullivan urged the United States to annex the Republic of Texas, not only because Texas desired this, but because it was America's "manifest destiny to overspread the continent". Amid much controversy, Texas was annexed shortly thereafter, but O'Sullivan's first usage of the phrase "Manifest Destiny" attracted little attention.[3]

O'Sullivan's second use of the phrase became extremely influential. On December 27, 1845 in his newspaper the New York Morning News, O'Sullivan addressed the ongoing boundary dispute with Great Britain in the Oregon Country. O'Sullivan argued that the United States had the right to claim "the whole of Oregon":

And that claim is by the right of our manifest destiny to overspread and to possess the whole of the continent which Providence has given us for the development of the great experiment of liberty and federated self-government entrusted to us.


Evoking (manifest destinies) divine rights/God's will is also a favourite ploy of George W. Bush.

So perhaps the time is ripe? Now that Canada, with it's right-wing (neocon?) government is openly, actively fighting in America's 'war on terror', in Afghanistan. Along with the Mexico angle...

Read today that some feel that the illegal immigrants, particularly Mexican ones, who are now fighting for citizenship/rights, may get it; but at an enormous cost -- that they could be among the first ones drafted (if there's a draft) into America's "perpetual war".

All this "cleansing" could indeed "unite" the people of these 3 nations in blood.

3 amigos in Cancun, or 3 blood brothers celebrating their plans and victories over the fresh blood of the 2 dead Canadians? And those throat-slitting murders has *sacrifice* and *mysterious* all over it!


Updates (many links) on Canadian Realtor and his wife murdered in Cancun area resort.

Also note the top story on this page, click link to read a "related" article; earlier throat-slitting murder:

Cleaner convicted of realtor's murder
Apr. 8, 2006. 09:22 AM

A jury has convicted Nelson DeJesus in the vicious 2002 sex slaying of Yorkville realtor Lisa Posluns, unleashing tears of relief from her family along with a blast at Canada's criminal laws...

Note all the language of this article, deJesus was a "cleaner"...

Mon Apr 10, 06:56:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

also Sunday was Day 1671 after 911 ..

6-6-6 is 1729 ..

and 1671 is day 58 before 1729

1636 Oscars

1671 Sunday april 9th

1729 June 6 2006 [666]

this is the 93-35-58 breakout ..

keeping in mind that 58 * phi = 93
then 1671 was a special day in relation to 93 and 666 ..
it was the Phi day .. the 5/8 58 day ..

also .. Ontario Police ..
that ties to the Paul is Dead Hoax .. with OPP

another OPP HOAX making the rounds is 677

I mentioned that Paul has been in Canada recently with the seal cull .. a seal is a phinped .. feather foot .. as is a walrus ..

so the idea of Paul , Walrus , Cull , and Canada .. is in play

and that ties into the Paul is Dead Hoax and OPP .. Ontario Police Department ..

not sure how the 677 would connect .. just noticing it ..

Mon Apr 10, 07:58:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

The Phoenix Connection:

Brazil as emergent , connecting with Boys from Brazil .. denotes Nazi Third Reich Rising from its ashes

During the Expedition 13 [ 13 Tarot Card = Death = Phoenix ]
There was a plane crash on April 1 2006 .. I mentioned this earlier because the instant headline was “Blackbox Found”


Brazil Plane Crash “LET 410”


RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (AP) - Emergency workers yesterday recovered the black box and the bodies of the 19 people who died when their plane crashed and exploded on impact in a mountainous region outside Rio de Janeiro.
The LET 410 double-propeller plane owned by local TEAM airline, which was carrying 17 passengers and two crew, exploded after crashing Friday night in a remote area near Saquarema, some 100 kilometres (60 miles) east of Rio. The cause of the crash was not immediately known.
Four employees from Brazil's state-owned energy company ,Petrobras, were among the victims, airline director David Faria said, adding that none were high-ranking officials.
There were no reports of severe weather where the Czech-made plane disappeared. Authorities said, however, that it could have been raining lightly and foggy at the time of the crash.
The aircraft disappeared from radar screens about 20 minutes after leaving the city of Macae, 180 kilometres (110 miles) east of Rio de Janeiro, said Roni Alberto de Azevedo, a spokesman with the Rio de Janeiro State Civil Defense Department. It was due to land Friday night in Rio after a flight of

I note the Brazil Energy connection as that connects to Paul Dana Crash from Eugene’s Star Collides Article


Name`s Origin

There is no doubt that the origin of Macaé's name is indigenous. But some studious individuals say that it comes from 'Maca-ê', which for the native people means 'Sweet Macaba', or 'Sweet Coconut', produced by the Macaíba's palm tree which is abundant in the region. Others say that the Goytacás Indians used the word Macaé to name a river whose real name was 'Bagres' River'.Nowadays, there is an agreement among the studious individuals that this word comes from a popular and delicious kind of coconut (called Catarrh's Coconut). It means the Macaíba's fruit, the imposing "Phoenix Dactylifera", which is one of the items that, over a blue space, adorns Macaé's flag.

What I found interesting was the connection of the origin of flight with this “date palm” or “phoenix Dactylifera” which adorns the Macae Flag

The parallel of Brazil , BlackBox, Flight and Crash , and Pheonix .. tied in with “DATE PALM” .. seemed to reinforce the idea of NAZI PHOENIX RISING



This is an interesting story from last June which ties in ..


Kibbutz Ketura, Israel -- It has five leaves, stands 14 inches high and is nicknamed Methuselah. It looks like an ordinary date palm seedling, but for UCLA- educated botanist Elaine Solowey, it is a piece of history brought back to life.
Planted on Jan. 25, the seedling growing in the black pot in Solowey's nursery on this kibbutz in Israel's Arava desert is 2,000 years old -- more than twice as old as the 900-year-old biblical character who lent his name to the young tree. It is the oldest seed ever known to produce a viable young tree.
The seed that produced Methuselah was discovered during archaeological excavations at King Herod's palace on Mount Masada, near the Dead Sea. Its age has been confirmed by carbon dating. Scientists hope that the unique seedling will eventually yield vital clues to the medicinal properties of the fruit of the Judean date tree, which was long thought to be extinct.
Solowey, originally from San Joaquin (Fresno County), teaches at the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies at Kibbutz Ketura, where she has nurtured more than 100 rare or near-extinct species back to life as part of a 10-year project to study plants and herbs used as ancient cures.
In collaboration with the Louis L. Borick Natural Medicine Center at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, named in honor of its Southern California- based benefactor, Solowey grows plants and herbs used in Tibetan, Chinese and biblical medicine, as well as traditional folk remedies from other cultures to see whether their effectiveness can be scientifically proved.
In experiments praised by the Dalai Lama, for example, Borick Center Director Sarah Sallon has shown that ancient Tibetan cures for cardiovascular disease really do work.
The San Francisco Chronicle was granted the first viewing of the historic seedling, which sprouted about four weeks after planting. It has grown six leaves, but one has been removed for DNA testing so scientists can learn more about its relationship to its modern-day cousins.
The Judean date is chronicled in the Bible, Quran and ancient literature for its diverse powers -- from an aphrodisiac to a contraceptive -- and as a cure for a wide range of diseases including cancer, malaria and toothache.
For Christians, the palm is a symbol of peace associated with the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. The ancient Hebrews called the date palm the "tree of life" because of the protein in its fruit and the shade given by its long leafy branches. The Arabs said there were as many uses for the date palm as there were days in the year.
Greek architects modeled their Ionic columns on the tree's tall, thin trunk and curling, bushy top. The Romans called it Phoenix dactylifera -- "the date-bearing phoenix" -- because it never died and appeared to be reborn in the desert where all other plant life perished.
Now Solowey and her colleagues have brought this phoenix of the desert back to life after 2,000 years.
The ancient seeds were found 30 years ago during archeological excavations on Mount Masada, the mountaintop fortress on the shore of the Dead Sea where King Herod built a spectacular palace. When the Romans conquered Palestine and laid waste to the Temple in Jerusalem, Masada was the last stand of a small band of Jewish rebels who held out against three Roman legions for several years before committing mass suicide in A.D. 73

This ties in with the Eclipse – Brazil – Expediton 13 – Nazi’s etc
It also has compents of the “tree of life” and “immortality” theme
And also has the Nazi vs Jewish theme

And during this timeframe there is indeed a strange situation developing in Israel and Palestine

The Israel Election timed with the Eclipse.
Sharon Skull Surgery [Ariel = Lion]

Mon Apr 10, 09:36:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

the ghost of aldo moro


the berlusconi-prodi election has come down to the wire ..

this seems important and what caught my ear was a refernce by berlusconi refering to Prodi being part of a seance or something to try to contact aldo moro .. back in 1978 ..

as the case may be the closeness of the election with counting votes and declaring victory made me think of bush-gore and 11-7-2000 ..
a quick check .. and it so happens that 11-7-2000 was 1978 days prior to Sundays Italian Election ..

does that mean anything ?? who know could be just a coincidence .. good thing V is not on this case :)

Mon Apr 10, 10:05:00 PM CDT  

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