April 7, 2006

Blue Apples



This seemed to fit in well with the BLUE URANUS theme .. a rare Blue Ring around Uranus

also this week ..
Samsung BLU-RAY technology delayed
Duke Blue Devils scandal

Gene Pitney dead in Cardiff .. wrote the B-side of Roy Orbison's Blue Angel ...

there also was a BLUE connection with the discussion around the bond character Blufeld which means Blue Field

--- added comment 4-8-2006 ----

the Mckinney thing which I noted for its hair and the age of aquarius .. reinforced via wash post and drudge


Why a Hairstyle Made Headlines
By Robin GivhanWashington Post Staff WriterFriday, April 7, 2006; C01
When Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.) summoned the media to Howard University last week to tell her side of the story in an altercation with a Capitol Police officer, she assumed the traditional news conference position behind a podium and a bank of microphones.
She stood there wearing a coral-colored jacket and dangling earrings and raising the serious issue of racial injustice. But it was impossible not to stare at her hair. As your plainspoken mother might say, it appeared to be standing all over her head.
McKinney, perspiring lightly, talked about having been stopped, touched and disrespected by the officer. The congresswoman, who is African American, suggested that the police officer, who is white, had engaged in racial profiling. He has alleged that she struck him with her cellphone.
The incident evolved into a hullabaloo. By yesterday she had apologized on the House floor, expressing her "sincere regret" over the incident. She still may be prosecuted for her part in the dispute.
Aesthetically speaking, it was not one of McKinney's better moments. Her hair, which she had for years worn in thick braids, seemed to be in a limbo between a polished Afro and a head of funky twists. Had the humidity gotten to it?
In an investigation into her personal styling techniques, a call went out to her Washington office. McKinney started wearing her hair loose in January, according to spokesman Coz Carson. When asked whether the new style had been done by a professional or by the congresswoman herself, Carson shouted, "That's a woman's question!" Which is to say, he did not know the answer, nor did he respond to a subsequent e-mail assuring him that the question was asked in all seriousness.
Hairstylist Christine Kendrick, who does not work with McKinney, provided a few general insights. As far as she could tell, McKinney's new style is a "twist-out." "You can keep the look for about three days," says Kendrick, who owns Artistic Expressions Natural Hair Salon in Camp Springs.
"But if it gets wet, it's just all over. . . . And when it hits the elements, it dries out." At the news conference, it looked as though McKinney's twist-out had passed its expiration date.
In January, at a commemoration of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in Atlanta, McKinney was at the pulpit in Ebenezer Baptist Church. Her hair was loose and a flattering shade of brown. It spiraled out and away from her head in a mane of tight coils. It was an example of the kind of controlled chaos that defines a fresh twist-out. It looked good.
Everyone has a bad hair day, whether it is straight hair that goes limp, curls that turn frizzy or kinky hair that becomes unruly. So it would be reasonable to think that McKinney's hairdo should not have elicited anything more than a shrug or a knowing and sympathetic whisper among black women, "Girrrl, did you see her head?"
Instead, talk turned ugly on blogs about her news-conference hair. It became the impetus for all sorts of racially driven insults about her locks and their natural texture. A black woman's hair is an easy, timeworn source of racist mockery. It has become an exhausting cliche of self-loathing whether it is kinky, hot-combed, braided, locked or chemically relaxed. (Indeed, plenty of black folks see all kinds of dire race-traitor undertones in Condoleezza Rice's smooth, controlled cap of hair.) A black woman's hair is a bottomless source of inspiration for essays, books and documentaries.
But for McKinney, hair is part of her politics.
And dismissing queries about it seems a bit disingenuous, since so much of her public persona, from the moment she arrived in Congress in 1992, has been based on her hair. Up until this year, she wore it in two thick braids wrapped around her head -- often held together by a large bow -- despite suggestions from her own advisers to change it. It was a hairstyle sometimes seen on elementary school girls, but rarely on professional women. The braids made her look as though she should be hiking up the Alps wearing a gingham dress and carrying two milk pails.
Most women tend to choose a hairstyle based on some combination of its flattering effects and ease of maintenance. Susan Taylor, editorial director of Essence, for instance, wears braids that suggest sophistication and polish. McKinney's agenda seemed to combine ease with something else entirely. The style seemed calculated to portray her as the underdog. It was purposefully out of fashion. Aggressively not slick. Ostentatiously humble.
Anyone who has the smarts and the tenacity to be the first black woman elected to Congress from Georgia clearly understands the visual politics of wearing milkmaid braids and gold tennis shoes into the corridors of power. Her choices drive home the point that she is exceptional. She rolls hair, clothes and race into a tight ball. And it becomes impossible to talk about one without getting tangled up in the others.
Among the many talking points repeated over the past week was the suggestion that the police officer did not recognize McKinney because she had swapped her signature braids for a loose -- and much more flattering -- style. She countered that even though her hairstyle was different, her face was still the same.
"Katherine Harris, Nancy Pelosi changed their hair. The thing that doesn't change is the shape of your nose, your eyes, your forehead," Carson said.
It doesn't require much of a leap to think that the police didn't see the details of McKinney's face. To think that they saw only blackness and braids. Without the braids, the "blackness" didn't belong; it wasn't familiar. It was undistinguished and suspicious.
But McKinney also made her hairstyle into such a symbol that it was hard to see the person behind it. Who could notice the cheekbones, the nose and the smile with the loaded distractions of that washerwoman crown of braids?

also there is a tie in with expedition 13 and apollo 13 so watch for anything unusual or dramatic during Apr 8,9,10 .. with regards to that


Blogger amj said...

First a big "HALLO!" to ever'body. Thanks for inviting me to swim in the stream :)

Some things of note:

Gene Pitney's song, Town Without Pity, was also a movie of the same name.


Film about 4 American soldiers who are accused of raping a German girl. Kirk (name means 'church' in Gaelic) Douglas is the defence attorney, and Robert Blake (of In Cold Blood fame, Truman Capote was the author of that, his most famous novel) is one of the four accused. Recently Blake was acquitted of murdering his wife. Blake and the other 3 soldiers in the movie were not sentenced to death, as per the law for their crime; rather they were "acquitted".

The Blue Angel angle is very interesting:

Evokes the films, first one made in Germany starring beautiful, sexually ambiguous Marlene Dietrich (her famous quote, "I want to be left alone.") Dietrich's early life in her biography on imdb reads uncannily similar to the description of The Blue Angel. Her last noteworthy film was Judgement at Nuremberg, where infamous Nazi war criminals were tried. That performance was preceded by a cameo in the movie, "Paris, when it Sizzles"; film described as being full of inside (as in Hollywood insiders) jokes. Just last week I caught this obscure flick btw, and couldn't get into it, found it too droll, or something. The movie's female lead is Audrey Hepburn, who was also known as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Hepburn's leading man is William Holden who co-starred with her in Sabrina; Hepburn's most famous film. Sabrina is also the name of Samantha's mischievous, dark-haired cousin (alter-ego?) in the tv series Bewitched. Samantha and Sabrina were both played by Elizabeth Montgomery.


Der Blaue Engel, 1930, deals with humiliation and breakdown of an inhibited, overbearing sexually repressed instructor at a boy's prep school. Professor Immanuel Rath (wrath, as in anger?)falls for the sexy cabaret singer. They later marry, and it's disatrous. Dietrich's character name is Lola Lola.

L.O.L.A. Lola, remember the song, by The Kinks?


Lola of the song is a deceptive character who seduces the confused, weak singer and whom the singer describes like this:

"I met her in a club down in old soho
Where you drink champagne and it tastes just like cherry-cola [lp version:
C-o-l-a cola
She walked up to me and she asked me to dance
I asked her her name and in a dark brown voice she said lola
L-o-l-a lola lo-lo-lo-lo lola...

...Girls will be boys and boys will be girls
It’s a mixed up muddled up shook up world except for lola
Lo-lo-lo-lo lola

Well I left home just a week before
And I’d never ever kissed a woman before
But lola smiled and took me by the hand
And said dear boy I’m gonna make you a man

Well I’m not the world’s most masculine man
But I know what I am and I’m glad I’m a man
And so is lola
Lo-lo-lo-lo lola lo-lo-lo-lo lola
Lola lo-lo-lo-lo lola lo-lo-lo-lo lola"

Also note that Lola has a "dark brown voice", indicating that s/he's black. Also evoking a black wo/man and kinky hair??? Cynthia McKinney. [this stuff is too crazy for words]

Btw, sometimes when I read "woman" I hear woe man, as in woe, misfortune, misery to man. Yikes!

And in the case of the Blue Angel(s), there is much woe/misery brought to the men who fall for them.

Also the colour "blue" regarding people evokes cold; as in low body temperature from loss of heat, or turning blue, or asphyxiated from loss of oxygen.

Blue blood connotes royalty.

And there's some connection to "blue blood" and Rhesus monkeys; also they were the first primates to be rocketed into space, fwiw. Would that make them "blue angels"? lol

Another Blue Angel movie made in America, 1959, is a remake/clone of the German original. This time the Lola character is played by May Britt. She was married to Sammy Davis Jr. (singer, actor, dancer of Rat Pack and of the original Ocean's 11 fame). Recall that O11 came out in 2001, post 9/11; that 012, the sequel, came out in 2004, around the time of the Tsunami.

Btw, Davis' and Britt's marriage happened when America was highly segregated/apartheid, thus making it a highly unusual, even dangerous or threating match. Dangerous to them, and threatening to the status quo, and the laws.

Hair? The musical is playing again in Toronto, as you know. In the Hollywood film, 1979, Treat Williams was a lead actor. His character name was Berger, the hippie. Berg (different spelling) means town or village in German. And Berger (different spelling) means Mayor.

Last thoughts on this- Cynthia McKinney's recent hair-raising experience where a DC cop did not recognize her (was he confused as to her identity?) has left her (and perhaps others) feeling blue? Let's not forget where the music genre, the blues came from, from black people, former African slaves. Ties into how we all feel confused, blue about our origins, etc...

Pretty Woman. Crying. Blue Angel. Three of Roy Orbison's greatest hits. Gonna' go listen to him now :)

Hope that this is in keeping with the objectives here. Pls let me know if it isn't.

Take care, amj

Sat Apr 08, 04:40:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...


welcome .. all good observations

detriech is interesting.. thanks

in addition check out these graal issues

Apple and Steve Jobs
Paris and Job riot

that is Paris Apple Job
as in Davinci code JOB 38:11

in addition check out this attack rabbit


this is a scene right out of monty python on the holy grail ..

also check out space.com


notice the job reference

So a story was built around the fact that the 1933 fair would be opened by light that had started its trip while the 1893 fair was still in progress. A footnote to this interesting story is that our more accurate measurements today place the light-time distance of Arcturus at 37 years. So it was really starlight that started toward Earth in 1896 that turned on the lights of the 1933 fair.

In addition, Arcturus was one of the few stars—including Sirius and Procyon—whose positions shifted enough since ancient times to enable Edmond Halley, in 1718, to discover the proper motions of stars moving through space. Arcturus appears to move toward the constellation Virgo by about one degree (which is about twice the apparent width of the full Moon) in 1500 years. Some suspect, however, that Halley was not the first to notice this phenomenon. In Job 38:32 is this intriguing statement:

" . . . or canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons?"

Could this refer not to the star's nightly travels across the sky but to its proper motion, which during the millennia spanning ancient times was certainly great enough for careful observers to notice? We may never know for

Sat Apr 08, 08:36:00 PM CDT  
Blogger amj said...

Apple, Jobs, and Job...
so I looked up Job 38 and read 38:2,

"Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge?"

Apple (the corporation) also evokes Issac Newton, his theories of GRAVITY-- the physical law as well as the connotation of "seriousness". And 38:2 is a most serious question indeed!

Also I worked at Apple for almost 5 years in the publicity dept. Started out in 1983 when they were launching their then biggest sales/marketing program called "An Apple for the Teacher." Marketed and sold discounted (off retail prices) Apple 11s to individual teachers. Brilliant strategy to get "personal" computers into the hands of those with wide-reaching influence. Imo, this program is what "made" Apple.

A little later, the Lisa (based on Xerox technology, a copy of the most copied??) was the machine which "birthed" the Macintosh, the pc which is Apple's longest-standing and most famous brand. Mac and Apple are practically interchangeable. The Mac was widely regarded as the anti-IBM; the upstart competitor that would "personalize" the computer, and empower "the rest of us".

Recall too that Steve Jobs' preferred tag line for the Mac was "Insanely Great!". He was advised against using it by some stuffy/serious types as they said it would undermine the seriousness, the business potential (the gravity) of that computer.

Recall too that Jobs, one of the original founders, and later head of the corp. was later "demoted" and ousted (betrayed) by the bean-counter John Scully (formerly of Pepsi Co.), whom Jobs had enthusiastically recruited and befriended.

Of course things changed; Jobs later made his comeback. But all of that is really "ancient" history. Right ;)

Also the Apple computers, first the Apple II, later the Mac, were widely touted as the machines which would empower ordinary people; so that 1984 would not be like 1984 (recall the one-time-only SuperBowl ad)!

Oh, that Jobs was/is such a dreamer. Or was/is he merely a clever joker? ahahahahaha

And so the question remains, as it ever did, "Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge?

Or as Dietrich, German "bombshell" actress of silent film and later talkies fame put it, "I want to be left alone!"

Oh, speaking of "blue", found this yesterday:


Mount Weather: Primed for Martial Law

by Patricia Neill
ParaScope Correspondent

Few Americans -- indeed, few Congressional representatives -- are aware of the existence of Mount Weather, a mysterious underground military base carved deep inside a mountain near the sleepy rural town of BLUEMONT, Virginia, near the border with West Virginia, just 46 miles from Washington DC. Mount Weather -- also known as the Western Virginia Office of Controlled Conflict Operations -- is buried not just in hard granite, but in secrecy as well.

Mount Weather contains a working DUPLICATE of the Executive Branch of the Federal government, ready to swing into action at a moment's notice. Mount Weather personnel also maintain a database of information on U.S. citizens. But relatively little is publicly known about this facility. Join ParaScope as we peer behind this veil of secrecy to probe the purpose of this ultra-secret installation. .

© Copyright 2000 ParaScope, Inc.

Click the link for much more info.

Sun Apr 09, 04:03:00 PM CDT  
Blogger amj said...

More on Blue, Apple(s), and Jobs:


What's really behind the Apple-Intel Alliance?

Published: June 11, 2005
SAN FRANCISCO, June 10 - Nearly a quarter-century ago, Apple Computer ran a snarky ad after its onetime rival encroached on its territory: "Welcome, I.B.M. Seriously." This week, however, Steven P. Jobs had a different message for Big Blue, which had since become a chief ally: "Goodbye. Seriously."

Mr. Jobs, 50, a co-founder of Apple, is famously brash and mercurial. Even so, the Apple faithful - not to mention I.B.M. itself - were caught by surprise by Apple's decision to end its 14-year relationship with I.B.M. and team with Intel for its computer chip needs.

The buzz that began Monday among developers, bloggers, analysts and Apple followers trying to guess Mr. Jobs' true designs has not let up. After all, Mr. Jobs is a legend in no small part because he defied the monster combination that is Wintel - as the digerati call the Windows and Intel alliance - and lived to talk about it.

Apple's decision in the 1980's to use a different chip from the one put in most personal computers "fit in with the idea of Think Different," Stephen G. Wozniak, who founded Apple with Mr. Jobs in 1976, said in an e-mail exchange. "So it's hard for some people to accept this switch."

So what could a Macintel possibly hope to accomplish?
"There is going to be a long wait," said Mark D. Stahlman, a Wall Street analyst at Caris & Company. The power-conserving 64-bit Intel chips that Apple is counting on to rejuvenate its laptop products will not be available until early 2007, he pointed out...

Remember that IBM is referred to in the industry as Big Blue.

Also thought that there was something reported about the Intel chip being referred to as a "blue" chip (not necessarily meaning the stock market though); but I can't find it.

Sun Apr 09, 04:49:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

amj ,

thanks ..

yes 1984 and apple ads that year .. that will be important

big blue .. interesting as well.

all of job 38 is important ..

job 38:11 is cited in davinci ..
and I think the orion and arturus is more like 38:32 or up in that area

Sun Apr 09, 06:24:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

also , have you seen cat 6 day of destruction ..

I may rent it again .. i've seen it but i want to remember if that was the ids tower in minnesota in that was where 'lexor' was ??

Sun Apr 09, 06:25:00 PM CDT  
Blogger amj said...

Gwyneth Paltrow has a boy:


This is the second child for Paltrow and her husband, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, who welcomed their daughter Apple in May, 2004.

Amid Hollywood's bustling baby boom, Paltrow announced her pregnancy last January at a Screen Actors Guild viewing of her film 'Proof.'

Speculation ran rampant as to what the couple might name their new bundle of joy in light of their much-scrutinized naming of their firstborn, Apple names such as Capone and Mortimer made the rounds. The pair have yet to announce the new lad's name.

[Apple names such as Capone?]

In other Paltrow news the Oscar-winning actress allegedly received a whopping US$3.6m for a cameo in the film 'Infamous.'

Her three-minute appearance marked Paltrow's first time on screen since giving birth to Apple (how much will she get after coming back from this birth?).

Because she's only seen for three minutes it also means she pocketed more than one million dollars per minute.

"No actress has earned this sort of money for just one day's work," said a source in the British magazine Heat. "When you're talking about someone as beautiful and iconic as Gwyneth making her film comeback after having her baby, then it's the performance that counts."

'Infamous' is another film about writer Truman Capote, this time played by Toby Jones, with Sandra Bullock as Harper Lee. Sigourney Weaver, Jeff Daniels, Isabella Rossellini and new Bond actor Daniel Craig round out the star-studded cast. The film is due out this fall.

We watched Proof this weekend. Didn't care for it much, as it seemed to be very dis-connected, not coherent. Was supposed to be about a mathematical proof that was discovered by the Paltrow character, Katherine, daughter of a celebrated math genius who'd gone insane; played by Sir Anthony Hopkins. Didn't find that angle satisfying or clear, but did feel that the real *proof* in the film was the proof of Hal's (Jake Gyllenhall's character) love for Katherine.

Also HAL was the name of the computer in 2001, a space odyssey. And it's a coded reference to IBM.

The new film, Infamous? Well that seems (at first glance) to be a curious title for a movie about famous writers since infamous also connotes Evil.

Paltrow's famous actress mother is Blythe Danner. Blythe means gay, joyous, also careless (carefree?) and casual.

This children's rhyme is connected too:

Monday's child is fair of face.
Tuesday's child is full of grace.
Wednesday's child is full of woe.
Thursday's child has far to go.
Friday's child is loving and giving.
Saturday's child works hard for a living.
But the child that's born on the Sabbath (Sunday),
is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.

Mon Apr 10, 03:08:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...


the child apple is interesting .. good catch .. if you find the new name .. let us know

saw Angelina Jolie Child is guarded by lions .. that is LIONS GATE ..

anyways .. something called BLUETOOTH was released May 20th 1999 and this was 2 days before Bret Hart the BLUE BLAZER fell to his death ..

just thought I would mention it ..

also AMJ .. any info on that canada 8 person homicide ??

My intuition is that it is related to the Solar Templars ..

it sounds like a bike-gang type of thing ..
but the timing of it .. makes it suspicious .. esp one of canada's worst murders ..

Mon Apr 10, 04:56:00 PM CDT  
Blogger amj said...

Was thinking of posting about this, so here goes. This was the 1st article about the mass murders reported in the Toronto Star:


Eight found dead near St. Thomas

'At this point we’ve called in all our resources,' investigator says
Apr. 9, 2006. 12:52 AM

Forensic investigators in the tiny London-area hamlet of Shedden are continuing to piece together clues in the worst mass murder in Ontario history, discovered when a local resident went to investigate strange cars parked on his farm overnight.

much more now at thestar.com; including speculation that it was a Gang/Biker Killing. Hells' Angels have been discussed much, along with other outlaw biker groups.

Here's the latest (breaking) news about it:


Basically 5 have been arrested...

Funny you should mention the Templars:

First Knights Templar are discovered

April 10, 2006

LONDON: The first bodies of the Knights Templar, the mysterious religious order at the heart of The Da Vinci Code, have been found by archaeologists near the River Jordan in northern Israel.

British historian Tom Asbridge yesterday hailed the find as the first provable example of actual Knights Templar.

The remains were found beneath the ruined walls of Jacob's Ford, an overthrown

castle dating back to the Crusades, which had been lost for centuries.

They can be dated to the exact day -- August 29, 1179 -- that they were killed by Saladin, the feared Muslim leader who captured the fortress.

"Never before has it been possible to trace their remains to such an exact time in history,' Mr Asbridge said. "This discovery is the equivalent of the Holy Grail to archaeologists and historians. It is unparalleled."


Mon Apr 10, 05:13:00 PM CDT  
Blogger amj said...

How the elite plays God
Like a cat toying with a mouse, the elite teases us with fleeting glimpses of our true predicament. One such peek was the 1998 movie "The Truman Show" directed by Peter Weir.

Truman Burbank, played by Jim Carrey, is unaware his life is a live reality TV show. Everyone, including his wife, is an actor, and everything that happens is staged...

...People find the Illuminati to be an abstract and elusive enemy. Look no further than your television, your iPod, your radio, movie or newspaper.

Coleman says 450 of the Fortune 500 companies get their marching orders from Tavistock. This may explain why TV commercials seem more concerned with social engineering than with selling a product.

I saw this gem recently. A little boy besieges a little girl with gifts. Each time she rejects him. Finally she accepts a vase full of flowers but slams the door in his face. She dumps the flowers in the garbage and uses the vase to gulp McCain's Kool-Aid.

Is this the cultural message to send to children? They are messing people up so we are too divided and dysfunctional to resist them.

Like Truman Burbank, more and more people are recognizing the plot. They are testing the elite's story line and finding it mendacious and perverse. They are walking off the stage to seek an authentic life.

by H. Makow, posted at Rense


Mon Apr 10, 05:28:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...


excellent work ..

and I just added a similar comment to the Arthur Bridge piece ..

and finding the templar Bodies ..

well I just can't say enough how important this timeframe is right now ..

this story of finding the templars is like finding the holy grail ..

keep your eye and ear out for that ..

the killer rabbit that is Holy Grail .. obs the Da code and Trial

but also .. different Technology and Sciene is being described as Holy Grail type of stuff ..

Mass USA Romney state wide health care bill "THE HOLY GRAIL OF HEALTH CARE COVERAGE"

Mon Apr 10, 05:56:00 PM CDT  
Blogger amj said...

This should have been posted, but I accidentally truncated it:

"This discovery is the equivalent of the Holy Grail to archaeologists and historians. It is unparalleled."

What is also unparalleled is that killing of 8 in Ontario, as it's unprecedented. Another synch!

Health care, as in Nation-wide, tax-payer funded health care is definitely Canada's "holy grail" san gral, or sacred "cow", meaning it's virtually untouchable. Many Conservatives hate this program, even though they also benefit from it. They prefer privatized health care, a la what the U.S. has. Even though it's grossly inadequate.

For those who don't know, this type of socialized health care was first introduced here by the late Tommy (T.C.) Douglas, NDP politician from Saskatchewan. Douglas btw is the father of Shirley Douglas (mother of Kiefer Sutherland, and she's an activist, actress), and ex-wife of Donald the actor and sometime anti-war activist.

Mon Apr 10, 07:10:00 PM CDT  
Blogger amj said...


Paltrow's new baby boy named 'Moses'.

Tue Apr 11, 06:36:00 PM CDT  

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