April 24, 2006

Fulcanelli Revealed

Dear Streamers:

please read this article - http://www.alchymie.net/english_version/critiques/fulcanelli_uk.htm

and, if you read french ... help with these two -




the latter have lots of information, but hey ... it might be worth it considering the subject matter :) and I cant read French :(

thoughts and ideas about 'the end of the glory of the world ... in a wink.'


Blogger eugene said...

"The end of the glory of the world ... in a wink."

A wink entails observer and observed. Glory is coming and going, always. One minute a king, the next minute, a fool, running after some cute girl with a nice bottom.

A momentary close of the eye and the light that just gloriously glittered on some such thing, moves on, and so does the eye, ever searching for beauty. Beauty is fleeting so fleeting, and yet for that moment so rapturously artful, to die for.

The moon 'just happens' to be the perfect size for an eclipse, moon in front of sun. No more, no less, just right. This entails observer and observed.

With the eclipse equation of eye---moon---sun, which one is the real eye? Sun? Eye? Moon? All?

Playing man in the middle...

We surely are in the middle with infintesimally minute whirling rings below, infinite large whirling rings above. Between these two book ends it 'just so happens'...an infinite bandwidth of 'normal' observation in the middle!

And this middle world the world of beings, small to large, is a perfect place for observing beauty. The top of height and the depth of bottom are too 'big' to see, lending one to stay in the middle. Why? Its just right for the eye of the beholder and wallah, in accompaniment, such beauty.

The man in the middle is then the man on the moon. The one in the middle of the just right equation of eclipse of moon in front of sun. The moon just so happens to keep its white eye fixed on the observer below and its black eye on the observer above. This forms a complete stereo view, without too much right or too much left. The 20/20 view, center of box looking containing box, is looking through the small eye and the large eye from the middle as one view. A moon view.


What would such a viewer want to view? Beauty. There is only fleeting beauty and how beautiful She is, ever changing by the moving of the light and by the winkers eye. These from a small eye, large eye, equation... are the same thing. When you wink the light changes. The King on this journey falls for the bar wench, serving endless flagons of wine.


But where to find beauty in say an ass? Well, God never shows his face, only his back parts and the cosmic winker of course, is a great mooner...

What a great ass you have God!

Oh and please fetch me another glass of that wine? You look better and better...

Tue Apr 25, 12:09:00 PM CDT  
Blogger amj said...

Grassy-ass Senor Eugene! ;) ;)

Btw, do y'all know that the expression "May day", an international distress signal comes from the French words "m'aidez", which means "Help Me!"

Just thought I'd mention it since May days are just around the corner...

hasta luego mes amis :)

Tue Apr 25, 06:40:00 PM CDT  
Blogger amj said...

Almost forgot, silly me ....

Eug said: "Oh and please fetch me another glass of that wine? You look better and better... "

In vino veritas? Yupper my man! Brandy, vino, et al... loosen the tongue, and the truth will 'pour' forth. It must.

The truth must be free. The truth is free. Ergo, it must be "set" free. It is, in fact, free. It can only "be" free. nudge, nudge, wink, wink... We are the truth, and we must be free...

God, yes!

Cheers :)

Tue Apr 25, 06:48:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Les Visible said...

Going through my comments list and thanking people for contributing and you are on that list so... thank you.

Love your site.

Answer your letter soon. I am deluged with last minute efforts prior to The Italian Job. (grin)


Thu Apr 27, 05:24:00 AM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

Les Visible,

Letter? What letter?

And are you really 104 years old?

Also since you speak French...maybe you can help with the Fulcanelli related above...please and thank you!

Being a student of Hermes...what say you about the glory of the world in a wink? Hhamah as the Sun, and this is Leo, has two fold light, one bakes the other makes!:)


Thu Apr 27, 10:16:00 AM CDT  

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