June 6, 2006


Billy Preston aka 'fifth beatle' has died .. the report of this has come on 6-6-6
I went to wiki and wiki had him as dying 6-5-2006 .. and as i was looking at it, it was refreshed to 6-6-6 as date of death .. so It is still up in the air as to when he died ..

Most important is that he actually played SGT PEPPER in the SGT PEPPER MOVIE


Blogger eugene said...


Quite the tie.

"Around the time he had the first inklings of "Get Back", McCartney was inspired to satirise the "Rivers of Blood Speech" by British Cabinet minister Enoch Powell, in which Powell used a reference in Virgil to the river Tiber foaming with blood to describe what he thought would happen if the tide of Commonwealth immigrants was not stemmed. McCartney jammed what has become known as the "Commonwealth song" loosely based on Powell's speech. The lyrics included a line "You'd better get back to your Commonwealth homes". However, as evident from bootlegs, the "Commonwealth Song" has no resemblance to the final version of "Get Back", but is good insight into the creative process that developed the song.

Around this time (probably the same day) The Beatles jammed another take of what was to become "Get Back", this which has become known in Beatles folklore as the "No Pakistanis" take. The chorus includes the developing 'get back' refrain, but "No Pakistanis" is more racially charged, satirising the right wing attitudes like - (we) "don't dig no Pakistanis taking all the people's jobs". However, most of the song was random screaming and vocalizing with random lines."

from Wikipedia on Billy Preston and the song 'Get Back'. This 'immigrant song' is another seeing the coming struggle of blood, races and nations, Helter Skelter.


'No Pakistanis' lyrics:

"...don't dig no Pakistani's taking all the people's jobs.
Oh, get back! Get Back! Oh, get back to where you once belonged.

... was a Puerto Rican... living in the USA. Get back! Oh, get Back! Get back to where you once belonged.

Oh, get back! Oh, get back! Get back to where you once belonged.

...was a Pakistani...don't dig no Pakistanis taking all the people's jobs. So, get back! Get back! Get back to where you once belonged.

Get back! Get back! Get back! Get back!"

Like the flow of lava on this beast day...it cant be stopped. Like a genie from a bottle on a day of wishes (or perils) it cant be put back. Like a contract with the Devil, the blood ink cant be blotted out.

Its sister song "Commonwealth Song" is also ripe with immigrants:

'The Commonwealth Song' lyrics:

"Paul:...Immigrants, immigrants had better go home, Tonight Commonwealth/Wilson said to the immigrants, You'd better get back to your Commonwealth homes,
Yeah, yeah, yeah, he said you'd better get back... home!

Paul: Now Enoch Powell said to the folks, He to the colour of your skin, He said he don't care what it's... So Ted Heath said to Enoch Powell he said you better get off...Enoch... Enoch you better go home!

Paul: So Wilson said to the Premier, come on we gotta swing,
We gotta go back to the summat or the other, So Enoch Powell said to Wilson/Heath by...the Commonwealth!

Paul: Commonwealth! John: Yes!
Paul: If you don't want trouble then you better go back to home!

John:...I went to India, I've been to old Calcutta and I've had enough of that, John: I'm coming back (Paul: Yeah?) to England-town. (Paul: Yes, welcome!)
John: And dirty Enoch Powell and he's had enough of coloured men.

Paul: Commonwealth! John: Yes?
Paul: Can you hear me Commonwealth?
John: Yes! Paul: Well Enoch Powell you gotta go back to home!

Paul: Well I to Australia and I said to New Zealand, You better go in with us because we're gonna have some fun, We're going out to India, we're goin' to Pakistan,
We're going...(starts laughing)...gonna...alright,
I hear that Enoch Powell...he said he's gonna...

Paul: Commonwealth! John: Yes?
Paul: Yeah, Commonwealth!
John: Yes? Paul: Can you hear me talking Commonwealth?
Paul: Yeah the Commonwealth but it's much too wealthy for me
John: It's too common or me... much too common for me, oh yes.

Paul: I went here in New Zealand too, I went up to Pakistan and India too, I came back to West Indies and I had a cricket match,
I went into South Africa and... match, Oh Commonwealth, you're much too common for me.

Paul: Everybody sing! Commonwealth!
John: Yes? Paul: Yeah, Commonwealth! John: Yes?
Paul: Oh Enoch Powell, Commonwealth!
John: Yes? Paul: Immigrants, Commonwealth!
John: Yes? Paul: Well I would join the Common Market, but it's much too common for me. John: Yes."

Billy Preston got out of his sick bed to record for this one by the Chili Peppers - "Warlock" lyrics:

"All we are, All we are, we are
We are all, all we need, All we are
All we are, we are, We are all, all we need

Theres beauty in the heart of the beast, Fear behind the eyes of the thief. I know you know were all incomplete. Lets get together and lets get some relief.

Stronger than a mountain of steel
Faster than hell on wheels
Weve got weve got all the power we need
Lets build a playground on this old battelfield

Now were stronger
We no longer want you bringin us down
Weve got the magic
So were gonna spread the magic around yeah!

Now were stronger
We no longer want you pushin us

all we are, We are all, all we need"

Having purchased this album over the weekend...this song is really good...I like the both Jupiter and Mars in Stadium Arcadium.

And with beast day this month leading to St John the Baptists feast day shortly...Sans Phrygians Culottes are setting table-



Route 66 Sign says "Blow Your Top Ahead".

Tue Jun 06, 03:42:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

thanks eugene ,

interesting connections with the immigrant theme

of note .. i had mentioned that i thought today would see some sort of kurt waldheim redux ..

well in fact .. today it is revealed that the cia knew adolph eichman was alive in argentina with the name clemens ..

that also is an intense day to release that info ..

also richard rimerez .. night stalker makes appeal today

also the toronto thing

Tue Jun 06, 06:44:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

the toronto thing .. to blow up the CN TOWER .. that is intense ..
and today the '17' were in court .. and it was revealed that they wanted to storm tv stations and behead stephen harper ..

very "V" like

anyways I was just looking for a CN TOWER tie in to the 6-6-6 day ..
and here is this toronto terror ring ..

why CN TOWER .. because it OPENED on June 26 1976 .. 1 day after the Omen came out

the CN TOWER and the OMEN go hand in hand ..

Tue Jun 06, 06:46:00 PM CDT  

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