May 28, 2006


May 23, 2006 — A dragon-like dinosaur named after Harry Potter's alma mater has performed a bit of black magic on its own family tree, say paleontologists who unveiled the "Dragon King of Hogwarts" on Monday in Albuquerque.
The newly described horny-headed dinosaur Dracorex hogwartsia lived about 66 million years ago in South Dakota, just a million years short of the extinction of all dinosaurs. But its flat, almost storybook-style dragon head has overturned everything paleontologists thought they knew about the dome-head dinos called pachycephalosaurs.
"What you knew about pachycephalosaurs -- you can chuck it," said Spencer Lucas, curator of paleontology at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History.
"Dracorex hogwartsia is a rather fantastic new dinosaur," affirmed paleontologist Robert Sullivan of the State Museum of Pennsylvania


the ALIEN is from a DUCK X-RAY in SF

The Duck theme is something we have delt with before .. going back to April 2005
But Duck and Alien together bring in Daffy and Marvin .. and the Mars Rovers .. tied in with the idea of the ALIEN FACE ..

The new 'DRAGON' is from DAKOTA .. and ties to Harry Potter .. and is on display at ALBUQUERQE .. living 66 Millions years ago ..

this ties to RT 66 and ALBUQUERQUE .. which ties to LOONEY TUNES BACK IN ACTION .. which is on TV Memorial day on ABCFAMILY AT 1:00 pm

Eugene had put all of this together .. in relation with Jerry Goldsmith and the Omen theme song .. [looney tunes being his last work before he died]

The concept that the dragon is from DAKOTA .. connects to JOHN LENNON and ROSEMARY's BABY

and how does this tie to INDY 500 ..

last year was DANICA MANIA where DANICA = LUCIFER

This year is MARCO-MANIA .. Marco Andretti .. where Andretti = MAN
This connects to Lucifer Mania .. as the MARK OF THE BEAST MANIA .. because MARK of MAN = REV 13:18 = the number of a man = the number of a beast = 600 three score and six .. =666

so Lucifer MANIA = 6-6-6 MANIA

these themes tie in with the above two stories

the race was won by Sam Hornish Jr .. with HORN JR .. again pointing to the idea of omen666 and devil's child

Sam Jr .. denotes son of sam which i was just looking into as connected to right now but i forget why ..

the Charles = Man .. Connection to Charles Manson again via Rosemary baby - helterskelter - dragon dakota .. but also through the new abc anchor Charles Gibson ..

interestingly enough .. this ties in again to the Silver Inferno Idea .. via alittle richochet ..

The Rayburn Office Building incident involving the Pneumatic Hammer
Rayburn is named after Sam Rayburn .. known as "The Sam" ..
The Sam and The Hammer .. play right into the Frodo and the Baggins and the Shite and the Mount of Fire and The one ring .. which grants INVISIBILITY

I would guess that the Rayburn building HAMMER event is tied to the SILVER QUAKE ..
This in turn .. this rayburn building is at the OWLS HEAD .. or the OWLS HORNS ..
so the idea of the OWL and WISDOM .. ties to the MOON .. and WISDOM FROM LUNA .. etc

and since that incident ties to the Silver Star Inferno .. SAM HORN JR ties to the SILVER STAR INFERNO .. by richochet

the theme of INVISIBILITY which is rampant .. also points to ERIS and the GOLDEN APPLE

SILVER STAR INFERNO by the way also equates to REV 8 and WORMWOOD .. , thus Chernoble etc

SILVER INFERNO also brings in the idea of JUDAS who traded Jesus for SILVER and then was lost .. thus in the inferno

one more thing about the silver torch goes back to something goro came up with .. the moon in the position of Orion's torch ..he highlighted this for the TSUNAMI ..
and this moon in ORION TORCH = Moon = Silver .. SILVER TORCH

911 , the Tsunami ,, and katrina all occured with the moon in that exact spot .. which it will be agin I think either monday or tuesday

now .. the ARGENT 17 car .. the ARGENT STAR CAR .. It crashed

But for Danica .. she had a good race ...

But .. one OMEN was Brent mussberger saying how this race was like last year and how Danica CRASHED INTO THE TOP 10 ..

10 is FORTUNE .. or FATE



Blogger eugene said...

"Police went door to door inside the buildings as an FBI SWAT team ordered House members to put their hands on their heads and FROG MARCHED them out of a committee room and through a metal detector."

Can you hear the song 'Nowhere Man' playing over the loudspeakers?,10117,19267380-23109,00.html

Last weeks story about marching passed a dying man on the way to Everest's summit is followed by the 'Emperor has no clothes'. We as a species have defiled the mother.

Suri, a play on of the Tom Kats new baby, makes the rounds wearing a skull (and bones) necklace, remote controlled no less. Someone got the idea to cause panic with a little hocus pocus...any Neocons or MI5 or MI6 in the area? :) MI5 or MI6 is a play on joke in or beast?

Jim's mention of invisibility has been making the rounds with UK and US scientists saying they 'in theory' have cloaking/invisibility shield. Mates with the ring of Niebelung and its cursed maker and whoever happens to be wearing coming to a volcanic end. As if one with invisibility would use its powers for good in this world!

Scroll down to read the blurb on 'Iran, Edom and the "Messiah" of Judaism' ... interesting!

Tue May 30, 10:40:00 AM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...


Tue May 30, 11:57:00 AM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

Godspell in one hand, sword in the other. Malleus Malificarium makes the video game circuit...oh boy! Tell me we are not fomenting rabid outbreak of helter skelter. THIS is the ANTICHRIST...that is totally against what the message is. Love one another as though it were me even if the other doesnt acknowledge it, respond to it, etc. Instead its oh no you dont see it our way...get out the hammer and nails. Im thinking the astral influence of 6/06/06 is about man becoming as beastly as he gets. Mars on steroids! As Goro notes we must revolt against the revolution. I get this. It is a personal thing to hold oneself in check while the remainder is led to slaughter while wielding the sword of judgment. Led to wield it by 'zeig heil' and 'got mit uns' aka 'we love our fearless leader' and 'god is with us'.

Tue May 30, 02:32:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

Another awesome site!

Wed May 31, 10:27:00 AM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

"Rayburn coined the term "Sun Belt" while strongly supporting the construction of ROUTE 66. It originally ran south from Chicago, through Oklahoma, and then turned westward from Texas to New Mexico, Arizona and California before ending at the beach in Santa Monica, California. During one of his many arguments for the project he stated famously that America absolutely must connect the "Frost Belt with the Sun Belt.""


from -

None other than Dick Cheney and his wife wrote a book (THE NINE) "KINGS of the Hill" which included among the nine, Sam Rayburn. - Cheney Book - Sam wielding gavel ie hammer of the house.
Sam was the longest Speaker of the House...check out the film footages he appeared in and you get the gist of the "history" he was around.

“Knowledge is power. Do your homework.”

from -

Wed May 31, 01:12:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

eugene and amj .. hi ..

thanks for the posts .. i've been busy .. just throwing in a few loose comments over the weekend when i had a chance ..

euguene .. good work with the rayburn . and the hammer .. do you know that the incident was started by a 'hammer'

and the rt 66 thing is pretty present .. also , as i mentioned the looney tune back in action ran on memorial day and i have been told that casino royal was a preview for the dvc

so eugene .. your analysis back in march about casino royal = looney tunes .. and remember seems to be in play ..

Wed May 31, 04:02:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

also .. today new diana crash witness ..
and lindsey lohan .. story about asma attack when diana died ..

this kinda confirms the diana-lohan-danica crash connection

the top picture on drudge today was the submerged car ..

this ties in ..
diana as torch or liberty submerged and then rising .. this is the point i made about the statue of liberty in a day after tommorow .. the lady in the lake .. associated with Arthur
the idea of the car submerged .. and rising .. this is in psycho ..

i have a lot of observations but no time .. the barry bonds stuff is big and that connects to alot of the stuff eugne , hb, and I did in the 'baseball thread' on the goro forum fall 2004 ..

also the tiffany souer murder seems to be important ..
maybe just random but i was just saying about apocalypse 10.5 and to map the days to the verses ..

the souer case maps to 10.9 10.10 which is about eating the scroll which is SOUR or BITTER ..

this BITTERNESS then actually relates to the Silver Star that makes the Waters BITTER in Rev 8 ..

they are calling it the bikini murderer ..

bikini is an island where the 4th and 5th Atomic bombs were exploded ..

Wed May 31, 04:09:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

.. coin date update ..

TOM NOE the coingate man from ohio back in the news ..

This is intersting ..

as I have been mentioning MITT ROMNEY ... he is Mass governor and is a mormon .. also just found out his family is connected .. his dad was george rommney .. 3 time gov of michagan .. almost ran for pres in 68 but said he was 'brainwashed by the generals about vietnam'

anyways this mormon family goes back to the early days when it was in MEXICO

Romney you may remember was 'called back to mass' about the time of the mccartney superbowl because of the threat of Nuclear OXIDES crossing the border from MEXICO and going to BOSTON

recently .. Rommney has gotten national exposure because of the Mass FLOOD which he compared to NOAH ..

the Rommney family is closely associated with the Joseph smith family and the TAFT family from Ohio ..

just yesterday foxnews had a special with MITT ROMNEY about IRAQ .. he just went to IRAQ .. [the mass gov in iraq???]

But this is interesting because the idea of NOAH can also tie into the idea of babylon ..

the last time Eugene and I discussed this it was in regard to TOM NOE and COINGATE from OHIO and gov BOB TAFT

the word coin comes from the word for WEDGE and connects to the idea of CUNEFORM writing .. like first appeared in BABYLON

so .. and i know this is weird .. but here is TOM NOE today .. and these families connect ..

and the idea of FLOOD and BABYLON .. also has a second meaning .. which connects with the age of aquarius stuff from last year ..

the water gate or flood gate of aquarius and the idea of the whore of babylon ..

this same equation was just seen with the PROSTITION RING at the WATERGATE building ..

Wed May 31, 05:38:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

Eight new species found in Israeli Cave!

Watery depths, no sight. World lost for millions of years on a cave. Womb state, about to be born.

Suares has Cancer as Sartan and comments are most enlightening:

"The sequence concludes with Hayt/8 (unstructured energy) forming Sartan/Cancer: or female.cosmic-container.cell.indetermination."

Note Cancer as 8 and as female container cell, ie cave...more...

"Energy has developed far enough to have the cell of interior, psychological energy. In the next sign the cell will emerge as exterior, physical energy."


The 'cell of interior' ie Sartan/Cancer is followed by "emerge as exterior, physical energy" as Hhamah/Sun or Aries -


This is full on Crowley reversal with Aquarius as Aries (play on Ramle, Israel where cave was found?). The representation of man with fish feet as Pisces/Moon is followed in gymnosphist fashion by Aries, head of Gold. - clearly showing crayfish as symbol of emergence from waters - relating to transition and initiation

This find is indicative of 'Silver Argent' as Murder, Madness and Mayhem...Cancerian House of the Moon.

"it was often considered "Dark Sign", quaintly described as black and without eyes"

Kircher said it was "station of Typhon"..."the power of darkness". Cancer relating to breasts and belly ties nicely with atomic theme of Bikini Islands (showing belly, covering breasts) and the unfortunate bikini strangling murder. - This movie, L'Argent, has interesting setup about madness and mayhem related to Money or MOONey...mates with TEN DOLLAR BILL and the US economic collapse.

Silver as 47th element heralds Roswellian implications or breakthrough from 'lost worlds' and may also hint at aforementioned Qoph to back of head by Pirates who sail by light of the full moon.

And with that the double TAV, that is double cross found in Sartan/Cancer, Moon becomes "double cross" of Hapsburg Lorraine house, Draculas house, Order of the Golden Fleece -

This last also showing the lance as Hapsburg treasure and its no wonder that Lance is all clear today and that the Roman woman is uncovered!!!


Also found that story about ritual with two goats heads and coconut to be fascinating as related to Keith Richards.

Wed May 31, 05:47:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

The cave was named AYALON...check this out!

AYALON as the valley of the moon is too SPOOKY a tie!

Wed May 31, 05:59:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

wow .. a lot to consider

also clemson has a rock that they rub before football games that is from death valley


i mentioned the connection between mccartney superbowl and 6-6-6

it is 485 days from 1244 to 1729

interestingly enough .. hillary kicked off campain in buffalo today

and it was 485 days ago that she was in buffalo on jan 31 2005 where she was 'poisoned' at the 'saturn club' .. and fell ill

so she has the same offset between buffalo appearances that is between the 1244 superbowl and the 1729 6-6-6 date ..

the superbowl was tied into the bushclinton 'marriage'

buffalo is very important in all this ..

buffalo is where bill started his 92 campaign ..

which always made me think of 'buffalo bill' from silence which is from 92 as well

with the tiffany bikini case .. i was watching nancy grace and she was saying 'did the perp know her' ... 'i always say you covet what you see'

ok , timeout ... i will occasionaly watch nancy grace .. i don't know if she says that all the time .. but it was the first time i've heard her say it ..

but .. 'covet what you see' .. that is EXACTLY the HINT that Hannibal LECTOR gives to CLARICE STARLING when she MAKES CONTACT in the LABYRINTH

also ..

if you take the superbowl as 1/2 time then

'777' to 1244 is 1/2 to 1711 DVC

so that ties '777' the superbowl and dvc together ..

and just to reinforce that idea .. today the tallest building in i think kuzestan burnt down .. a 32 story building called the 'cigarette lighter'

if you remember goro made the point that the windsor tower fire was a midpoint as well ..

well taking today 1723 and 1250 [the windsor tower ] points back to '777' as well

so DVC Movie - 1244 Superbowl - '777'


and .. admittedly sometimes i forget if i have mentioned something or not .. so i apologize in advance if this is the first time for this ..

In 1979 Iran hostage crisis lasted roughly '444' days .. connected to that 'event' was bush 41 .. and 'ahmadejine'

Back in the goro forum .. I mentioned the Bush OVER THE RAINBOW theme ..

on April 13 2004 bush gave a press conference .. i watched it live .. and i thouhgt it was out there .. that bush was hinting that saddam would come back to power at somepoint .. amoung other things .. it was known for his 'rainbow tie'

without getting into everything .. that kicked off an intense OZ theme i was tracking .. [this is pre-goro for me ]

this is day 945 ..
connected to this day is the iran election from june 2005
a funky election with several fits and starts and recounts and runoffs and contesting .. that culminated on sunday june 26th .. and then i think again on thursday or friday it was kind of officialized .. or conceded and iran had their new president ..

right prior to that Bush spoke at FORT BRAGG and gave a speach that was basically VERBATIM of the APRIL 13 2004 speach .. causing me to wonder what was up ..

well it so happens that the thurs/fri when the Iran prez was really decided was '444' days from the '945' press conference ..

anyways .. there is probably more to this than i can explain .. but i have been tracking the bush/ahmadajine 'game' and they are basically teammates ..
anyways .. yesterday was day '777' of the over the rainbow with iran game .. and today was the day that we had a 'change of heart' with regard to iran ..

this will be getting more intense soon .. and now that the stones have postponed their tour dates .. the hitler hotel room may be available for bush .. since today marked the day that the USA joined the EU in its talks with IRAN the joint EU-USA June 21st conference will possible involve iran now ..

and this connects to 1938 and hitler

and this brings up the world cup and IRAN and this guy is going to go to germany to one of the stadiums associated with hitler ..

Wed May 31, 10:17:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ... i know this is out there .. but back at the time of the superbowl [05] ..

I had made a bunch of comments on the monday after the game ..

did you ever make a copy of that timeframes comments

almost all of the things i said that first monday are important now .. from the 6*6 Square to the Hammer .. to the Merovingian factor ..

also I had broken down the live and let die movie with its ties to both new orleans and the UN ..

also .. a bunch of the stuff i said back in april 2005 is important now ..

I know back then .. I had focused on april 18th .. and goro had focused on the pope .. so when the pope came in on the 16th ... there seemed to be an effort to show how there was this balance thing that connected the 16th to the 18th ..

but I stayed focused on the 18th ..

just a couple of key themes from that time were HADITHA and NEGROPONTE [and with him HAYDEN]

also .. i know i probably seem crazy with the hoffa thing .. but i assure you it was major ..

i believe there was a 14 day map made ..

if you take the 14 days .. they 'searched' for hoffa and map them to his death ..
then you go from july 31 1975 to aug 14th 1974

you end up at the release date for the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW ..

you may have noticed the worldwide release yesterday of the BATWOMAN with LIPSTICK and LESBIAN ..

[which reminds me i forgot to mention in connection with silence/buffalo bill] there is a murdered in mass that wants a sex change ..]

Rocky Horror is a set of lips .. with LIPSTICK and
with the tagline 'a different set of jaws'
that actually connects to the rolling stones and KALI .. which we were connecting with JAWS ..

interesting is that the day BARBARO showed himself to be ACHILLES .. making his last stand
actually maps to Aug 4th 1975 .. you may know that date better as the day that ROBERT PLANTS CAR CRASHED on the isle Of RHODES ..

the very place of the PHAETON MYTH and the sun god APOLLO

BAT WOMAN .. is interesting .. and with the lipstick it connects to ROCKEY HORROR PICTURE SHOW which STARS MEATLOAD who is best known for his album LIKE A BAT OUT OF HELL

MEATLOAF also was featured on the AMERICAN IDOL FINALE ..

the BAT which is the CARPICORN DEVIL CARD .. the GOAT HEAD features significantly in the hidden meaning of PSYCHO which i have talked about somewhat as being connected to 911 along with the movie VERTIGO ..

one of the major movies i talk about is SCARFACE which is based on PSYCHO AND VERTIGO

[as a side note .. today bbc had story on voltaire and the old hermit .. the hermit relates to psycho and virgo ]

SCARFACE also made a splash on april 18th 2005 as it was the day that the scarface video game was released ..

in scarface .. where tony quits the hotdog stand .. there is a spanish sign that reads ..
which is very similar sounding to

and since you mentioned cancer ..

when hillary was ill at the 'saturn club' .. saturn was in 'cancer' ..

and the Bradpitt and angelinajolie baby was born at Walvis bay , namibia .. which is right at the TROPIC OF CAPRICORN ..

CAPRICORN BEING THE BAT again .. The GOAT .. but in crowleys deck the 15 card has the BAT WINGS ..
and i don't know if you've seen it but the 5-31 evening drudge page features a phot of anderson cooper with the headline "photo finish"

not a good omen for anderson .. if you have seen the omen .. then you know that when someone if going to get offed .. a blur appears in the photo ..

the picture of anderson seems to have a bunch of red dots on the wall behind him .. like a blood splatter ..

maybe just a joke between drudge and cooper ???

Wed May 31, 10:41:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

I was going to mention .. mussburger '' with 'danica crashed into the top ten' .. equating to FORTUNE

and DANICA herself also mentioned that she had 'used up all of her LUCK' ..

and connects to the idea of FATE

the USA today article also says that is was BITTERWEET ..

BITTERWEET is real imporant because that ties to REV 10:9 and 10:10

Wed May 31, 10:57:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...,,2-2006250101,00.html

ok .. this is a reporter sneaking onto a british warship ..

this reminds me of the da vinci judge and his little code about the hoax about the warship .. that involved virginia wolfe ..

and liz taylor was on larry kind 5-30 .. she was in whose afraid of virginia wolfe ?

any connection ? who knows

Wed May 31, 11:10:00 PM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

The locations of Lara's latest adventure have been revealed as (in order):

Tiwanaku, Bolivia. Here we learn about how Lara's mother died.

Paraíso, Peru. Lara revisits the dig site where she once lost many friends.

Tokyo, Japan. A piece of the sword is in the hands of the Yakuza boss and Lara wants it back.

Ghana, Africa. Another piece of the sword is located in Ghana, in the hands of James Rutland.

Kazakhstan. Lara's search brings her to a secret testing facility, now abandoned, or is it?

Cornwall, England. Beneath a ruined museum lies King Arthur's real tomb along with a deadly sea serpent!

Himalayas, Nepal. The artefact that can reforge Excalibur lies in the plain wreck where Lara and her mother once crashed.

Bolivia Redux. The final confrontation between Lara and Amanda, now a hideous monster...

Croft Manor Training Level, England. Here you can explore Croft Manor and behold its many secrets!

i don't much about this .. but
lara croft is angelina jolie in the movie ..

the 1st movie talks about the alignment in may 2000 .. and there acutally was an alignment in may 5 2000 .. which is acutally the day jolie married billybob ..

anyways ..

the search above goes through ghana to kazakhstan to cornwall england .. to himalayas .. for excalibur

i am linking the kazakhstan towering inferno to windsor ..
and look at this game .. kazakstan to Cornwall England and King Arthur .. which connects to the solar eclipse from 1999

and then to the himalayas ..

they have been in the news as well with the climber who was dead and then alive

Wed May 31, 11:32:00 PM CDT  
Blogger eugene said...

Change of heart yesterday with Iran also came to my mind as reversal of fortune.

I agree that Bush and Ahmadinejad are playing on the same team. They play tit for tat in the escalation of this. With Iran as the crucible of the NWO could it be anyother way? This stone will be used to rearrange the whole deal much like Israel in 48. With the coming Oil Bourse and the recent currency switch rumblings of already is.

The 'covet what you see' line plays perfect with the sightless crustaceans in the cave. A new or old lost world, depending on how you take it, with denizens who are sightless means they dont covet. Materialism is all about seeing and wanting without be satisfied. Tell us Mick what cant you get?

Bitterness could play on with Ezekiel and God in judgement of Israel. God shows Ezekiel a scroll with the judgement on it. Seeing a scroll then eating the scroll. Sweet in the mouth, burning bitterness in the stomach. Revenge of the elementals! Like drinking saccharine or aspartame and getting cancer.

Marines in HADITha is a reversal of Hadit in Nuit, the point in the waters, with Nuit in Hadit, as waters in the point. Marines of course as water and Hadit as point. The reversal of fortune of this is evident. That it happened almost 6 months ago and makes its splash now is timely.

CRASH and reversal of fortune. This one is not whose your daddy? Its whose your daughter? Tragic and yet timely.

Thu Jun 01, 09:47:00 AM CDT  
Blogger jim said...

Eugene ,

how funny .. as you were writing this comment .. i was putting the new post together .. which is about hadit and nuit just as you are saying ..

Thu Jun 01, 09:57:00 AM CDT  

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