August 30, 2006

An Enemy Without Name Who Becomes Thy Friend


"Lowell's greatest contribution to planetary studies came during the last 8 years of his life, which he devoted to the search for Planet X, which was the designation for a planet beyond Neptune."

This is the reason for crossover contribution of PLuto as PL with PERCIVAL's name. PERCIVAL's search for a planet X beyond Neptune led to later finding of PLuto by Clyde Tombaugh. PERCIVAL had quite the imagination about other things as well ... namely that Mars had water on it due its pattern of canals and that those canals were built by intelligent beings! Hoagland's articles on "John Carter" the fictional traveler to Mars in Edgar Rice Burroughs books are intriguing as tied to Hoagland's thesis "weve been there before or at least someone has". Edgar Rice Burroughs most definitely had his mind and imagination tweaked by none other than PERVICAL Lowell!

"Lowell published his views in three books: Mars (1895), Mars and Its Canals (1906), and Mars As the Abode of Life (1908). He thereby instigated the long-held belief that Mars had once sustained intelligent life forms. His works include a detailed description of what he termed the 'non-natural features' of the planet's surface, including especially a full account of the 'canals,' single and double; the 'oases,' as he termed the dark spots at their intersections; and the varying visibility of both, depending partly on the Martian seasons. He upheld the theory that the canals had been constructed for the purpose of 'husbanding' Mars's scanty water-supply."

As an escapee from the chain gang, Mickey figures a dog is on his trail...

Mickey thinks it may look like this...

its bark may be like this...

or this, which is a "here it is good master" type of bark...

but its bite is like this!

A dog who is first an enemy, without name, who becomes Mickey's friend!?

These dots in most wacky way connect as:

"What were-or-are you?" asks warlike face to the fool. A most devouring question.

"Percival may know" hints the eater.

"Oh by the way heres a dog to help you find the answer" lies the eater.

The fool follows a dog who leads here there and everywhere. First to a club, to of course protect him on his way. Then in search of better protection, the fool makes his way to a Fat Man. Who is most assuredly the supreme protection or so he muses. And oh does he muse on this road through the land of enchantment. Eventually since he didnt get that this dog was blind and-or-a blind, a winkedy wink wink double blind experiment, he winds up ... where?

The ore in this last lies with the answer. Either the fool finds himself or VULCAIN answers. Dont listen to the bark. Remember that the root of fire is inside, burn your own trash or it may attract stray pups!

With the "death" or "demotion" of Pluto, you can bet that the Plutocracy wants Mickey Q Public to think "their no longer after me" or "I'm almost free" and in doing so ole Mick has set the stage for the new dark ages. Planets historically have served as markers of enlightenment. As we stand at the precipice, in so many many ways, less light makes for more chances to fall...

Willing to step off? For it is written "He will command his angels concerning you, and they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone." - Psalm 91:11,12

Thus here we are in the Temple time loop, ready or not, its a Mickey Mouse trap! And you know what they say about "the best laid plans of mice and men"?

Especially when the dog cant talk and the Goofy one can!

Its indeed a "Long Fall From Innocence"!

August 17, 2006

Get Your Genuine "evil love evol live" Lollypops Here!

See it before the vultures get it and it disappears from view. Step right up! Wanna lolli before the show?

"I fell into the script, errr book"

From thighland BANGkok to Turner Maine (is this close to BANGor...where Stephen King lives?) the "mutant hybrids" are loose. Compare: A) One day normal people, the next obsessed with child killers or child killing OR B) One day normal people, the next "homegrown terrorist". These stories just so happen to TITillate the well worn groove on the American tongue. Cops, Best of Cops, Super Cop Highlights, CSI take your pick city, NSI, on and on, on and on. They produce, we watch, we obey. Pavlov did afterall bare a certain set of paps to his beeloved "mutant offspring" daughter and wallah "Lemming". You afterall my dear reader to them are the "beeloved beauty queen" and like all good Papas they do have such "sweet love". Tell us how the dialectical paps work Barney... "Lets sing a song"

Meanwhile back at the Perp Ranch...

1600 Transylveinyou Avenue

...and you do remember these guys dont you? Sometimes the spell of the lollipop does make one woo woo. These fellas say "brown is the new purple" and "brown is dead" and "you cant touch us, were above the capo".

Brown is Bruno

Bruno is Dead

All in the Family

Regime M.O.

"In the Mafia, when a boss makes a decision, he passes instructions down through the chain of command, rather than issue orders directly to the soldiers who carry it out. This ranking system prevents the higher levels of the organization from incrimination if a lower level member should be captured by law enforcement."

"Psst, you cant see Daddy" warns the narc

Kapo says the kindergarten is still the nizast campground there is. He makes those pops in the lolli and tells the soldiers "just do your job" and "police your neighbors" and "snuggle up to daddy's backside, you'll make it farther along in ole Daddy's camp". This whole thing when you get right down to it is nothing but "chili from Texas". We do so fall for free lollipops to watch this movie over and over. Will this bridge deliver us to a new world or will we jump off into the same ole abyss, staring at the hocus pocus swirl?

One more look at the lollipop before we gooooooo.............

The Great Deicider

August 11, 2006

Liber Neo Con: Mater's Paps taste like Pater's Prick

Funny how areola also look 'eyeish' in nature. Not so funny that so does the meatus from top down (and this is so Crowleyish) and that Penile Patriarchy is shoving this down the worlds collective throat. Quite the eclipse dont you think? Being so simple, so infantile that one doesnt know Mater's pap from Pater's sword. Is this supposed to cure our cloven tongue?

Hillary and Janet's paps made the news this week to go along with the meme of open and swallow. Gulp content was indeed 'Divine Strake' ie the foiled 'mass murder by air'.

Paps, taps, the 'mothers milk' to the present human condition. We seem to love it, this red tincture from Paters uni-nipple.

Paps =

"soft food for infants"
"over simplified idea"
"watered gruel"

"Women with infants dabbed baby milk on their wrists to prove it was not a liquid explosive."

Paps in the "The Book of the Heart Girt With a Serpent" :

"They are gathered together into a glowing heart, as Ra that gathereth his clouds about Him at eventide into a molten sea of Joy; and the snake that is the crown of Ra bindeth them about with the golden girdle of the death-kisses.

So also is the end of the book, and the Lord Adonai is about it on all sides like a Thunderbolt, and a Pylon, and a Snake, and a Phallus, and in the midst thereof he is like the Woman that jetteth out the milk of the stars from her paps; yea, the milk of the stars from her paps."

A rider on the road is drawn to stumbling block
entranced by the pulse drone "lub dub lub dub".
A maddened dirge this clockwork orange rythym
engulfing his enthorned heart with interest.
Dollar bills wadded up and jammed in hollow eyesockets
steer this rider on the path, every jot, every tittle.
Excrement as perfume and rotting flesh as lipstick,
this golem king of Jerusalem wears hell proudly.
Atop Atoll donkey he must save the world,
he is worthy, so worthy, so worthy.
Donkey dragging untold corpses afixed by their hair,
carries the rider forward, incorrigibly.
Lured by carrot of democratic freedom, dangled by
a hand, left then right, the donkey cannot stop.
The path is lined with eyeless, mindless beings
who wave prophetic jumbles written on human skin paper.
They like their king are drawn to feast of fools,
and on arrival the lot finds an empty pot.
Their hunger, insatiable, rings in their ears
the cry "your worthy, your worthy, your worthy".
King and peon all fling themselves with abandon,
head covered in cooking oil, into the pot.
Oh great morsel, how we worship thee!

When will the Black Mother,
not "he that is like a Women
that jetteth out the milk of the stars, from her paps",
rise with soft heart and love?
To quell, to sheath this sword gone so awry, so afar?
To raise children on vast fertile plains
who love the sky, all stars alike, not one sun more or less?
Who know not falling bombs and mushroom clouds?
Who know there is only one heart that beats under all the skins?
Who know the whole earth is the same stone and dont stumble?
Who know the paps of milk and honey,
not the paps of ilk and money?
When does the wisdom ascend in out heart,
and the pseudo tincture of blood leave our taste?
When oh Mother do you bare your beautiful teats?