January 20, 2009

In AUGUR ation Day Hooray!

On this festive In-AUGUR-ation day Grandma I thought we'd spend some time together. Its all for the children you know!

What's that Grandma? You went to the Doc yesterday for an auguration?! No Grandma not that kind of thing, on no.

What's that Grandma? You went to the Priest yesterday for an auguration?! No Grandma not that kind of a thing either, on no, not on this fine day.

Let's throw a little party, you know Grandma spin some tunes, eat some goodies, invite all the children over. I "Hope" it doesn't go bad! How can it with this new Prez?

We'll have to make some room for the above 45 record to fit this 44 size day. Wallah music fitting the new Prez.

Peanut Butter news seems to tie into this festive In-AUGUR-ation day so lets make some sandwiches and make some room in the ole tummy. Wallah a feast fitting the new Prez.

What's that Grandma you dont like peanut butter? Some book you read along time ago made you think of too many people and starvation! That's not fitting of this fine day Grandma. You need to think positive Grandma! Wallah an attitude fitting the new Prez.

Hey you know what Grandma, since were speaking of taking bad and making it good...did you know that PB as in Peanut Butter is also the same as PB in lead? And that guys called puffers used to change lear ore into gold? Just like our new Prez can! Money out of thin air Grandma. No joke. I hear in California their passing it out like candy.

What's that Grandma you like men who give you orgasms!? No Grandma its not that kind of a day either. People fall in love for love, not money.

What's that Grandma, god you dont say!? You used to use that hour glass figure of yours to lure all kinds of men!?

What's that Grandma you say you and the new Prez look alike? Gee what big teeth you have Grandma....


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