February 12, 2009

Cuticle Accident

MARred? No acting to be sure. Its not daylight, its moonlight. Subtle images above. The hand with fire in it is also the hand with exclamation point on it. Journalism asks the hard questions (well at least they used too) of "what, when, where, why" and "who". The former are four under the fifth. Without "habeus corpus" as actor or acted upon, the four before are not. It is the fifth who makes, creates, encapsulates. He is, top down.

Letterman upon being asked about his "thumb accident" says "its a cuticle accident". The thumb is the point of five, the spirit, the one who in resisting four makes the four work, ie the pinnacle of the pyramid. The pyramid as "the altar at the middle and border of Egypt" is the open window of the STONE. To see through, to behold this hidden capstone one must split open the iron side (26) of IHVH, erect the fifth of Shin fire, to form the final arrival, IH Sh VH. The golden son of mother father who is without mother father. He is 333 as She is 40 as He was 266.

Celtic Rebel in his last piece showed the circle game. In the You-Tube video of this interview, the circle/line game does make an maritime appearance. The video is no longer available in its original form. When David, read love apples, takes a commercial break, it panned to skyline and bay with a boat named "circle line". Synch wink.

King of the Slaves once Nebbuchadnezzar comes to town. = Bye Good, Good Buy. On Brighton Beach We Own the Night! being the where and why of Phoenix.

741 is the last of the permutations of 147, ie the last of the .266666666. This being IHVH as 26, 10+5+6+5 = 26, the iron one, or Mars/Vulcain.

147 369 258
174 396 285
417 639 528
471 693 582
714 936 825
741 963 852
--- --- ---
2664 + 3996 + 3330 = 9990, the one thing
.2666 + .40 + .3333 = 1
26.66% + 40% + 33.33% = 100%
father + mother + son
line + circle + phi = this is all there is going and ever has been!

741 is concealed IHVH. Joaquim is Johoiachin/Johoiachim and this is "God establishes" ie the loin fruit...

741 is tree or fruit ... and so is Phoenix.

When she had born the man fruit she said this very thing. He is the possessor of heaven and earth, it only cost 30 pieces of silver, its a "good bye". "Our God is an all consuming fire" and when the thickets and thorns have captured too many horns and locks in airey palaces, the MOMent inon the cross box of 40 kisses you. Only Aedipus Rex lives! Hail Eris.

Another sign this week was a red headed waif, Philly cheese steak, who sang a little pyromaniac song "the fire department will be mad at me". She in her name game just wants a little love. She and Joaquin share the same flame. A flame bought with 30 pieces of silver. It may feel like betrayal to most, to others its a paradidimi, a handing over. Laterine lateralus style parabola parabol. Its all 6's and 7's. Hear the 13? Another sign this week was a 13 year old father with 15 year old mother, with a new baby son. His "financial" trial fun just begun.

Only the "who" will stand up. E Pluribus Unum.

This return is always a surprise. But its not ever far away, its right under the skin. The blood in the skin grape has an four fold stew that must be cooked with fire, trial of 40, to unlock its lovely aroma. An aroma that ascends to Mount Olympus luring Zeus to those depths, depths He cannot but step into and out of again. Each time he is new, a window that has all the past in it, all the presents delivered by the adversary in the nick of time, and all the future that could be seeded.

C m b d i's?

C m verdant dig it?

He does say he loves the smell of burning flesh and Napalm in the morning!

E P U!

Aleph from 1 to 1000 is indeed Alfie's Patte(r)n! Ohhh Zeus were are you my love?

(R)aysh does lead to fire, the great BBQ of IHVH is Set.


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