November 22, 2006

Double Entendre

The Chestnut story... a "venerable joke"

Its where the victim of one becomes the doer of another. Remember the odd line in "Princess Bride" at the gate where "holocaust cloak" comes to play? The giant pulls it out of his shirt as if by magic and presto the ruse to get past the castle gate is assured.

"ARCH"ie Bunker kinda funny... a dangerous place to live.

"BOWMAN signs of the future".

"If I did it".

Knock knock at Malkuths door. "They shot her down like a dog"...

92 = Geburah/PChd "Terror", mud, litter and "Lord thy God is a consuming fire."

Helter Skelter looms.


Blogger eugene said...

"jims from the equinox" ...:)

"funny .. i just finished the last email and went to check drudge .. and the new headline about the russian spy is "polonium 210" ..

if you remember .. "210" is what I call the damage plan .. I don't think goro ever got what i was talking about .. but the damage plan release date was "2/10" .. but I was seeing the whole thing as crowleyian .. and the importance of "210" as NOX .. or the night of pan etc etc .. which tied in with the moonchild and arnold etc etc ..

so the 210 connection with the russian spy .. is possibly significant "210" damage plan reference .. which ties again to 007 - golden eye - Janus - ukraine - russia - and the whole mercury poisoning scheme ..

which btw .. that connects to Kerry who is still a major player here .. being MERCURY POISONING himself .. his campaign ties to the launch of mercury messenger

Kerry made a strange appearance right around election time .. with a poison message .. about staying in school to avoid ending up in iraq .. which I thought at the time was a veiled reference to an upcoming "DRAFT" ..

so , it came as no surprise that rengal was mentioning the need for a draft to prevent war ..

so .. people vote democrats in because they think they want to end iraq .. but the dems i am thinking are going to put the draft in .. to 'prevent war' .. this is total slight of hand ..

... so with the russian british spy poison thing .. connecting to casino royal .. which i will need to see .. the russia giving missles to iran .. thing .. ties directly to this damage plan stuff .."

Fri Nov 24, 11:44:00 AM CST  
Blogger eugene said...

Democrats and the draft...a full on Leon Washington (a kind of happy christmas present as birth/death of washington) kind of play. A double entendre fu to the max!

210 is "Adam Primus, choice, pass on, decide, determine, cycle, generation, to conceive, joining of words, sword, NOX, giants, rushing water, to bloom, hawk" per Liber D.

Considering there are only two men, the first Adam and the second Adam. This plays to Horus and Osiris through the gene of Isis. Pisces as the two fish/two men are the feet which bear the brunt of the bodies happening in Malkuth. Adam Primus is also 607 "span, palm, the little finger, AUM". All which highlight the hand of the doer. Seems mene mene "ish".

Fri Nov 24, 12:04:00 PM CST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

interesting that the echo of this post has come thru in under a year - a hair under 10 months.

Pretty good Eugene - most of the trails from before were a solid year in my work, not that I have any hard copies{[.

Goro -- I wonder what the echo timeline is for he/r...

Mon Sep 17, 08:29:00 AM CDT  

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