December 20, 2006

Fauxian Redux

It deserves a second look in light of some new PIERCING information! The focus on the bigger picture is coming clearer!?! What a Revelation this would be...ehhhh?

"and the V's have it"

double cross

more here...

and here

how the seed spread to...

Marvin Pierce

Pauline Pierce/Robinson

Satans Spawn?


Baby Monarchs are born..often by what is done to close siblings

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign...but can we see it?

The truth of it is that its quite a stretch...considering the days it?


Blogger amj said...

nah, t'aint any stretch if you got any eye-magi-nation ;)


Wed Dec 20, 03:00:00 PM CST  
Anonymous catnapping said...

thank you for all those links. I read the different sources, and then followed their links. i've also passed the info on, via email.

i hope yours was a merry Merry, and a cool Yule.

and i pray that the next 13 moons are all very bright and shiny.

Wed Dec 27, 05:39:00 PM CST  
Blogger amj said...

hallo cat :)

yeah that eugene, he is one helluva' super sleuther.

nice to see you found your way here. must make my way back to your site to see what you've been doing lately.

happy new times to you and yours.

ta, am

Thu Jan 04, 03:41:00 PM CST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

twinkle twinkle little star

how i wonder where you are

oh , thanks for explooding 17P::::)

Wed Oct 31, 03:01:00 PM CDT  

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